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  1. Using Amazyee Dayzee in Rose way works, thats how I found them.
  2. I was able to get up there this time, I have no idea what triggers it however. Once I restarted my game it worked perfectly. One thing to note is that Ive been able to jump on other enemies after running the issue only happens here in Kero Sewers for me.
  3. Okay yeah for some reason when I visited Kero Sewers the first time in the main story, I was able to get up there normally. I'll try it again now before I go to some other bosses.
  4. Speaking of Frogfucious, I know he's giving me a hint about Ultima weapon in Kero Sewers and he's right, I'm having a hard time reaching him since boo jumping isn't working. Not to spoil it but do you know how to get up there?
  5. Yup im about to fight Smithy and all my characters at lvl 100 have the same Specials as you. I have Royal Guard on Mallow because thats your reward for beating the Valentina solo fight as the only difference.
  6. Sorry I forgot one of the changes you guys were working on was making the defense mechanic more viable lol. Extra levels never hurt anyone though
  7. Ok thanks for the suggestion. I also leveled up to about 40 lol.
  8. In my fight, Bowyers arrow rain hits my party for almost 6k damage. Geno starts with only 1200 hp and even at level 30 my Max hp on Mario and Mallow is 2200. Am I underleveled or did I have to put points into magic defense? Has anyone gotten past him?
  9. Ok well that explains it, thanks for clearing that up! Ill just wait till I get the signal ring lol.
  10. Hm I know I'm checking the right spot, were they moved or maybe it's an issue with the ROM patching? Everything else is working fine though.
  11. Thanks DarkKefka, Doomsday and everyone who contributed to the release of version 9. Really excited to see all of the new changes. I just had a quick question, were the hidden chests removed? In mushroom way when you first enter and near the pipe with one of the Pokemon, the usual spots that have them I couldn't find them there.
  12. Good video @Fein-Life, could you tell me what drops the super suit and pixie orb? Thanks.
  13. Hey everyone, having a hard time capturing Groudon in V8 hard. Between fire blast, solar beam and fissure all having a chance to OHKO I can't do enough damage before he kills my entire party. Ive captured Kyogre and have gone through Via Infinito for context of where im at, any advice you can give for those who have beaten him? Thanks!
  14. Welcome DarkKefka good to see you here on the forums. Already talking about a demo thats whats up!
  15. Sounds good to me, thank you for the clarification. I havent done any videos of it yet so ill be sure to include that it is an alpha version if and when I do upload any gameplay.