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  1. Good video @Fein-Life, could you tell me what drops the super suit and pixie orb? Thanks.
  2. Hey everyone, having a hard time capturing Groudon in V8 hard. Between fire blast, solar beam and fissure all having a chance to OHKO I can't do enough damage before he kills my entire party. Ive captured Kyogre and have gone through Via Infinito for context of where im at, any advice you can give for those who have beaten him? Thanks!
  3. Welcome DarkKefka good to see you here on the forums. Already talking about a demo thats whats up!
  4. Sounds good to me, thank you for the clarification. I havent done any videos of it yet so ill be sure to include that it is an alpha version if and when I do upload any gameplay.
  5. No not the videos of you streaming man, I have the V9 beta itself. I just dont want to record and post anything on Youtube if Dk or yourself arent okay with it being shown.
  6. I have the version 9 Beta on my cell phone, I can throw up a few videos if Doomsday doesnt mind.
  7. People have been leaving comments on my Armageddon videos asking for the forums/Download. I referred them here to ngplus hopefully others will see it as well.
  8. Nice to see other people from insane difficulty found their way here im late