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  1. Welcome DarkKefka good to see you here on the forums. Already talking about a demo thats whats up!
  2. Sounds good to me, thank you for the clarification. I havent done any videos of it yet so ill be sure to include that it is an alpha version if and when I do upload any gameplay.
  3. No not the videos of you streaming man, I have the V9 beta itself. I just dont want to record and post anything on Youtube if Dk or yourself arent okay with it being shown.
  4. I have the version 9 Beta on my cell phone, I can throw up a few videos if Doomsday doesnt mind.
  5. People have been leaving comments on my Armageddon videos asking for the forums/Download. I referred them here to ngplus hopefully others will see it as well.
  6. Nice to see other people from insane difficulty found their way here im late