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  1. OK, I discovered the problem. I am a moron. Problem solved now! (For some reason I kept seeing ModDB and thinking NGplus. Sorry)
  2. Agh....dang it..OK, I know I'm doing something wrong. Vanilla ISO -> apply PPF -> can't open PPF Modded ISO ->PPF applies -> No game found on disc or disc is corrupted Checked, this is the US version applying the US patch. Advice?
  3. Oh, I was. So apparently the vanilla version that I usually mod from wasn't playing nicely with the PPF file. Not sure why, modded it to the time stopping rock incident, ppf'd that one, and that seemed to fix it. I haven't the foggiest why, but seemed like it would work, and it did.
  4. Not sure if I'm missing something, but UMDgen is saying it can't open the specific ppf file? Did I miss a step along the way?
  5. Baller, thanks for the rapid fix man, what did it out of curiosity?
  6. I'll test to see if evacuations trigger the dialogue, technically there are revivals, but they're what's there in the lore, so that San Bronsa reaction from Denam upon seeing someone revived finally makes sense. So yeah, revival is possible for generics by zombification and charm of remission, seal of rebirth or ensanguined rood.
  7. Urgent problem. Got a game freeze. Tried out Bayin as a crossbowmancer, he fired at a fairy, missed, got a sort of slow counter rock throw, it went up to him, did nothing, and just stalled out there.
  8. Minor thing, Setan Kober and Canine are swapped in their list order. Also, curious, is there a way to allow for mod fight equipment changes as a skill for some sort, like an Arms Master kinda thing? Not saying it could be called a Risk Breaker, but.. Also, nice to have the Notos doing dragon moves again, intentional KoL reference?
  9. I love the idea, I will finally use these guys. It feels like they actually have a lot more function for their rarity on both of the undead classes. Plus necros can actually range farm tp for their stuff now. But yeah, the mortality update is real.
  10. Oh sweet, I had to do that to get Armored Core to stop graphically eating itself on launch, awesome! (Yes Please!) Also, my god man, just did the part on these updates, and this is friggin BEAUTIFUL.
  11. Woo! Also, how would I use such a code? It would be quite nifty not to go through all that again =P Thank You as always computer genius man!
  12. A magic tank does sort of exist in the form of the Angel Knight, they're kind of late game, but that would be when spells hit their apex. Also, yeah, a warrior hitting two things with a double impact with spears is just bruuuuuutal.
  13. Damage casters are pretty darn amazing. Right now for post game, there's at least a reasonable choice between classes, honestly I don't really see a problem with spellblades, again, aside from the barricade thing, which is a personal preference. I just like the look of barricades everywhere. That being said, the damage ranges are interesting. Actually current rounded min/max damage numbers, including multi-hit numbers are looking a bit like such: Dragoon: 3-1,500 (Cursed Fusil with Dragon Slayer and Instill) Knight Commander: 4-1200 (Cursed 1h Sword, Cursed Spear, Double Attack, Instill) Vartan: 150-1,000 (Cursed Bow, Instill) [Canopus reigning champion of inflicting DEAD] Heretic: 200-900 (Hellhound) Shaman: 150-900 (Salamander) Spellblade: 90-800 (Sylphide) Wicce: 200-500 (Sparksphere) Warrior: 300-700 (Stasis Blade, Double Impact) Berserker: 200-700 (2h Axe, Last Resort) Terror Knight: 150-400, 250-550 (2h Sword, Instill, plus terror) Juggernaut: 100-400 (2h hammer) Knight: 80-300 (Lombardia) Songstress: 2-800 (Cursed Guitar) (holy hell) Archer: 200-550 (2h Bow, Double Shot) Rogue: 50-200 (2h crossbow) Fusillier: 100-350 (Jezzail, standard or course correction shot) (Seems underpowered until mass bewitch causes mass chaos) Hoplite: 50-300 (Sidearms) Warlock: 999999 (Mindblast best move confirmed)
  14. OK, so gotta disagree a bit. I know, that never happens ever. So...soldiers friggin rule. As far as an outright overall excellent front liner, they really take the cake. Vigorous Assault helps them serve a defensive/support role at a pretty cheap cost, and it's saved multiple units more times than I can count. Mighty is just amazing for cliff knocks and damage, and double impact is, as far as I'm concerned, the best damage ability in the game with a two-hander on them. Spellblades may be generalists, but they still can do most things pretty well. Barricade, while I'd prefer it to be a 20-30 cost move, can still provide a good block if they get a good spear stab and pop it in front of them. HP infusion is good for tanking, but again, helps them serve as support, they can use their turn for item heals, and still heal themselves. The MP one is admittedly less useful, but against some lower defense stuff, their summons can one-shot, in turn sense, anyway. Unlike rogues, they can actually take some damage, too, friggin rogues need to be fast to avoid getting 1-2 shotted. (Also, that avoidance thing...armored gloves and a robe on sword masters can be awesome. They still get hit hard by spells and such, and a debuff will always end them, but it's far more mage tanky, and the AI sees the high damage potential and gets themselves prempted over and over and over, it's fantastic. Other than that, with how many hits are flying around, even 25% can't be relied on when one hit can debilitate or disable someone. Voltare had avoidance gear and high armor. Voltare's dead now, because one of those 25%s critted him off a cliff on his last life. RIP Voltare.) Also very glad to hear that we won't be needing to invade heaven to learn how to detect traps! Friggin...detect....coming about 500 battles too late to be useful. Actually, is there a way to change the range of detect to maybe double what it does? Also, it'll be interesting to see the beast changes, really looking forward to this next one!
  15. Dang, now I definitely have to have a whiplock for the Ironman Run. So You said the different hits can have different affinities, is it possible to change their damage type like that sort of omni-spork idea of crush-stab-slash? I assume no based on the no on that earlier, but in this case it was mentioned, so gotta ask (sorry for occasional redundancy). Gotta agree on the above on heavy bows, they do still rock pretty hard. Guns, not so much, having a team comprised or firearm users updated for the mod now, I can safely say that they get overwhelmed a LOT. Actually, if it wasn't for mass Attunement( Which still only effectively works 60%ish of the time with the way Bewitch applies, which is fair.), they would stop being viable. I have Canopus with a 1h bow and dagger combo, and he seems about right, my sidearm sidekick of his seems to take turns every other week some days though, albeit he is a hoplite, so that's likely why. Just to add two more cents on the above, is there a chance of higher range of their empower moves? Damage wise they seem fine, they're not exactly fighters, though it would be nice to be able to rotate their finishers and powers a little more, they can friggin rule with a lightning mage behind them though. Spellblades seem awesome in my book, I'd prefer a little more speed on them to use as light infantry, but that would break stuff. Berserkers are friggin great, though, friggin gotta turn on their invincibility move and go to town while keeping a knight near them. I love the way their moves go together, allowing to go for AoE, high single target, next turn survival and counter damage or just plain defensive. They're easily one of my favorites, especially with axes or fists.
  16. Oh, ok, that makes more sense, never figured that it did anything aside from traps. Guess I'll have to try it more, that's really useful. Is double or triple hitting an effect that can be set as a use ability? Dead Vyce being zombie Vyce? Is there a way to allow recruitable Vyce to be a zombie? I actually haven't seen him yet to confirm he exists, aaaaaalmost there at this point. (Thank You again for making getting to Coda an actually enjoyable prospect!) Did they add a Plot Gun hidden somewhere for fun? That gun Barbas and the presumed Tiger Knight get looks like awesome. Maybe it was just loaded with plot bullets! You mentioned a warlock gun Sprite (I vaguely remember that coming up), who would You add guns on if their sprites were found? (Warlocks and their force push are probably my favorite class now)
  17. Freezing Gust, and the emblem system from KoL. There's no way that's actually in there, said that as a joke, but it still feels like they tried to go for that with the skill ranks. Would have been cool to unlock classes through tricks and achievements again, though. Of Course, Fist Fight might break the game in half, but still. Out of curiosity, is there a Gold or Brown Vyce that looks like Delita? Does it count as a whole other move to add an effect on spells? Like say if the dark version of the poison move wanted to be both poison and hobble?
  18. Sweet, thanks man! Do You think You'll be adding more unique stuff to the steal tables by rank when that's found? As far as I can tell, the only benefit to getting a maxed out thief so far was slightly higher grade healing items and the Reaver Ring at 5. Plus side, they basically speed up crafting in their current state. General curiosity here, but how many different versions of Denam did they make? I hope one of those caster moves can be like the Illusionists from FFTA2. As much as they were pretty much a walking smartbomb, I always expected that to be the Apocrypha, or maybe for it to work like the Scholar from that one, where it basically nukes both teams. But yeah, maybe one of the instrument can whip out those sweet electric guitar riffs that split the sky and bring down lightning for miles. So far the closest I could get was giving lightning summons and a ukulele to Iuria. So...uhh.....get on that! (can't wait to try those others!) Any chance of a 2hander that does the ice hold move? P.s. How awesome would it be if they made the emblem system for this one, and it just needed to be turned on somewhere in there?
  19. True, but they're also the only one to have that bizarre damage scaling tip to where they basically do 1 damage before upgrades, skill ups, and a crap ton of dragon steak. Getting Denam to hurt dudes with that thing on vanilla took several hours of grinding and basically stacking him for offense. Kind of funny to see him go all kingly on folks now, though. Just finally got the Zephyros, is it supposed to have a greyed out background? I thought these all got shiny golden goodness? Is it possible to add a couple more casts to some of the end game weapon spells? That wind god must have gotten tired fast if 1 deadshot tires him out. Notos needs a gym membership Is it possible to add a spell that has the Reeking effect? Maybe a Draconic thing dropped by an Ogre, just covers someone in whatever horrid stuff they cover Abercrombie stores in? Lastly, were there any plans to relocate some of the drop spells from SB (teleport specifically)?
  20. You said adding a casting efffect to an item takes a second slot, right? I was curious if there was an interesting place for a set of bows with Bringer abilities, something to allow for a turn of setup for maybe 2 turns of guaranteed debuffs? Is there a way to limit the different sources of different buffs? Is there a way to make an instill move for racial effects? Random non mechanical note, why do You think they hated maces so much in vanilla? I've been trying to make Denam into an unstoppable mace God on a vanilla Ironman run to set the bar for the modded one.
  21. One more quick question. So once You get there, will You be adding some of the crafted gear into the NPC pool? Say like the Wallister have smaller numbers, so maybe they have a chance of better armor, or the Galgis love their mages, so they have better staves kind of thing? I'd assume plain randos might just invest into weapons and helmets. Is that something You would consider or could do down the line maybe? Might add some spice to the grind fights to find the one random deserter that invented the gunblade
  22. Sweet goodness! Random note, the musical scores are still a thing apparently, I've been picking up a few travelling around San Bronsa. They don't have a Sprite, though.
  23. So....I feel that Charm maybe needs to be a little less strong. Obviously all things have wards and whatnot, but just did a part where I underestimated the sheer numbers of healers one of the San Bronsa fights had (As in every single one having Heal 3 and heavy armor), and seemed to get into a predicament with absolutely no chance to win. Then I remembered Charm was a thing. Over the course of the next half hour, every party member was throwing out 100% charms over and over, with only a couple times where one of their units broke free and full-healed each other. It actually felt a little surreal strangling the crap out of their group like that, inching away little by little, petrifying and sleeping those that didn't need to be charmed yet. Bewitch got reduced to 2-3 turns, but yeah, I had enough time to re-up charm over and over in this case. Is there some way to make it to where debuffs become less accurate when used over and over? It was certainly a fun fight, just can't see why any NPC army wouldn't have a billion Sultry Politicians backing up their front lines.
  24. I know I, for one, like to load the most preposterously heavy armor I can find on my leader on Ironman runs, it usually tends to work surprisingly well. My brother always laughed when I used the Teutons in AoE2....until their lumbering butts made it all the way across the map 3 hours later and burned everything. Even better when a mod came out to give them spears.... I keep forgetting about the AoE thing, sorry, bad memory. The active effect was a self pushback, which I assume wouldn't work, but just had the idea earlier when using my resident Jedi warlock for slashing a guy and pushing them for the next in line. If they could move one tile, could work for a sort of hit and run item. Also useful would be a low attack dagger that allowed for anyone to use Sneak Attack for massive damage. Or, maybe a Lance that gives Dash. Bummer on the Pollaxe, the sheer swiss army stickness of that thing always was cool. It certainly would be nice to have more movement items earlier. I see absolutely no use whatsoever in them where they are and how they are right now. Like...situational doesn't even begin to describe that situation. Never knew about the 4+ thing, are there any that currently don't have a bonus that could fit in that oddly specific hole? So a high racial bonus item wouldn't work as a highly specific anti-whatever item early on? So.....shield ideas -No phys armor or evasion, but maxed out affinity shield, basically a non-crap version of the Mind Shield from Runescape. -Shield, probably using another version of the Pelta sprite, that gives a crossbow bonus -Surfing shield, moderate defenses, gives water walk -parrying dagger, no defensive bonus, preposterous evasion bonus, looks super classy -book, gives an int bonus, evasion bonus, but no defense. Mostly just an excuse to dual-wield books -A Crusty super old cheeto-covered laptop from the 80s, gives charmproof, no one wants to be friends with that. (comes with a free combover) Other ideas: Kheraizen- a reference to a game probably no one playing this would have played, but would be a pistol with a dagger bonus. (It's SOTS The Pit, a small studio Roguelike) Blackjack- staff that can hit with sleep Handcuffs- Low damage 2-range Bola that Shackles Wooden Sword- low damage training weapon that can hit with curse. (emulating weakening as opposed to killing stufff) Pacifist- Fist weapon that uses whatever effect the old bombs used to not be able to kill stuff Lobber bombs that inflict envenom Iron Boots- Steadfast from armor Troutsers- pants that smell like fish and maybe combine with the reeking set to allow water walk? (no part of this one seems like a good idea, actually..) Sniper- 15 range rifle with a massive agility penalty and high RT Maybe the winged shoes can get an RT penalty? I mean...seems like You should be able to run pretty fast in them things. Mortar- A cudgel that can fast Firestorm 3 a few times Can reflect work for all damage? Maybe some armor that grants a use of Reflection? I can probably spout out a few more awful ideas, but maybe something here will inspire some amazing 40x better version of the above. As always, thanks for this amazing mod!!!
  25. So when You're doing more craftables, could You add a few items that could be useful all game through as sidegrades to existing stat bonuses? Let's a shield that gives a massive deflect bonus, but no stats (could be one of them samurai balloon shields), or boots that boost health by 100, give 2 parry, but lower resistance by 50. Maybe a helmet that can cast trueflight, or earlier availability of the different terrain traversing abilities? Ooh, gauntlets that give 4 Overpower, but lower agility significantly. Maybe a Pollaxe that hits with high amounts of all damage types, but has only moderate base damage? How about the Fairy Net, a Bola that gives a massive bonus to Faerie damage, increases sacreology, and just generally deals with annoying fairies, but only has maybe 20 base damage? What about a Dragonslayer, once again, moderate base damage, very high racial damages, but preposterously high RT Is there a way to implement an item effect to show up as an active skill? Say...a self pushback? Moonwalker boots! Maybe a Phalanx Pike that uses 3-3 range, has high racial damage abilities, but high RT. Like a crappy back liner spear for poking at squishies from afar for Hoplites (or just Tamuz). A pistol that inflicts stun and resets RT sounds fun. A distracting, shiny shield that can reset TP when smacking someone! Is there a way to implement a blunderbuss with preposterous scaling damage over an AoE and horrible armor penetration with RT that would make anyone cry? Gag as a secondary weapon for a healer assassin? Moderate damage with 80% silence? Teutonic Armor, just a grossly heavy set of mid game armor with double weight, high defenses, and the ability to fortify? (For those AoE2 references that totally make sense here) I suppose in general just stuff that would scale well, have a unique purpose, and just add some fun variety to the item pool. I was thinking earlier, this kind of stuff, while not implemented correctly in the original, was one of the very few things I liked about how they implemented crafting for the original.