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  1. Sorry, I just redownloaded the printme, I guess the first copy I had was missing everything past page 1.
  2. @Ronlyn I did look in the Printme, as I said, I only see the on equip effect, so either it's not there or I missed it in the 3 or 4 times I looked.
  3. I've looked all over in game, readme printme and this forum. If a description for what each summon does exists, I've missed it. Are any of them different, functionally, than the summons in vanilla? Thanks.
  4. That is understandable. Thanks for the confirmation and glad to hear mine is working as intended. Thanks again for the mod. I loved it so much when I played it before and I have converted a number of people to it since then.
  5. I played BNW back in November of 2013 (Ver. 1.3.1) and loved it. I just started 2.0 and was surprised that Whelk went down in 4 Tek Laser blasts before it even had the chance to pull it's head into the shell (All menus, text and everything else looks right). I loaded up 1.3.1, just because I didn't remember that being the case. Whelk put up a bit more of a fight, same with the captain in the "Defend Terra in the Caves" battle. Is it intended to ramp up more slowly in 2.0 or is something wrong with my ROM or patch jobs (I used unheadered default patch on Final Fantasy III (USA) (Rev 1) Thanks!
  6. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence

    Ah, OK thanks for the clarification on the weapons and level cap. That makes more sense. I did find the skill list after I submitted it. Thanks again for creating the mod, I am really really liking it so far.
  7. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence

    I started playing yesterday and I like it a LOT but I wonder if something is wrong or if I have just missed something. Should characters be able to equip any and everything in either hand regardless of job? I just beat the first boss and unlocked the first set of classes and the game has no qualms with a White Mage equipping a shield and a broadsword or a Knight using a whip in each hand. Is this how it should be? (I am on 1.5) Edit: I have played a little more and Lenna is a L5 Black Mage and it says she has mastered the job but the ReadMe says the job level cap is 30. Does that mean I can only gain 30 job levels collectively across all jobs or? Edit 2: Also, is there a list somewhere of what the individual sub abilities do? I can probably guess what some of them do (I assume EagleEye boosts accuracy) but other I have not been able to figure out (Bash, for instance)
  8. This is awesome Keomaa, I have been hoping for an FFX-2 difficulty mod for ages.
  9. Two Questions...

    Thanks for the response! I did try it with the mod and it seemed fine at first, which is why I asked because I didn't want to get way down the road and run into issues and start over. But then things suddenly started getting whacky real fast! lol Excited for the mod though, thanks for creating it!
  10. Two Questions...

    First, about how how many hours does it take for most people to get through Darkness Within. Second, I have grown accustomed to playing FF4 with this mod: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2232/ which claims it should work with nearly any other hack. It basically alows for running on the map, passing turns in battle, show ATB instead of HP. Does anyone happen to know whether or not these to mods work together?