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  1. Got it now! Reading the README file has made it clear. But now there’s something that just feels a bit unbalanced. I’ve just got to the 8 beasts part and the first beast I’ve tried to kill was Xan Bie (the fire one). It got me 1 and a half in-game days to kill the beast using water weapon augmentations, fire debuffs and the like, and still I was dying as hell... Idk if the bosses scale up with the players’ levels... Cause I got to the boss at lvl 61 while the mobs around it (before the boss fight) were at level 52. In order to grind levels I’ve first used an accessory that increases mobs levels (Earth Bracelet). But I’ve unequipped it before entering the boss... And now I feel like I’ve screwed it up cause killing my second boss (Fiegmund, the ice one) is being just impossible even equipping all the ice-protecting armour, fire weapons, and using wuss difficulty... It’s hit-killing my characters!
  2. Great ambitious project! People must try it. I'm just not sure how the weapon cooldown system works exactly... Sometimes the characters can attack many times in streak w/o cooldown and sometimes I get a reeealy long cooldown time.. Dunno if it's a bug or if it's just supposed to have some RNG system attached to it. I'm having a lot of fun with the mod anyway! Love it! Thx