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  1. 8 hours ago, Deschain said:

    Unfortunately, the way BNW modified the rom moved a lot of shit around compared to vanilla, especially related to the dialogue, making this very difficult to do, and definitely not something you can do yourself without some significant hacking. My suggestion would be to wait until 1.10, because it will include a Woolsey-ish dialogue patch that will be compatible with BNW.

    I'm pretty sure that TWUE also runs on an expanded rom, which BNW is not.

    The rom expansion moves the text to an entirely different location IIRC.


  2. 7 hours ago, Hapanpappa said:

    Speaking of overleveling, is flat out just reducing exp gains, at least in some critical areas, something worth considering at this point? With overleveling turning out to be such a common problem among players.. At least, many peeps in this community seem to struggle with it to some extent, whether a veteran or not - and even though it gets a bit murky where the difficulty is in the players' hands anyways(turning exp off etc), maybe it could stand to be just a little more conservative?

    In my last playthrough of 1.9.0 I used seibaby's encounter patch v4, and I believe that by the end I was at least 2 or 3 levels lower than my 1.8.6 playthrough. I think I ended up between 28 and 32 for all characters, with EL's from 19 to 23,  I think that this is a good way of lowering levels without messing around with too much else. Also I never had to grind to keep up either. Im not sure if I play faster slower or what not, but  my playthrough was 52-54 hours. Which is a decent game, considering vanilla is usually 32 hours for me.


  3. On 7/3/2018 at 0:23 AM, fatpolomanjr said:

    Nice! I'll dm him on discord later on today after work. Having the link in the meantime would be awesome!

    I thought the link was in an email, turns out the link to the song in on the DM discord chat, around May 8th or something.

    So feel free to get it from there.


  4. I just finished a play through using the patch for the whole game. The only informatuon I can give back that has any revelance is that. Without any purposeful grinding my chatacters ranged from level 27-31 with no-one having EL's higher than 22 I think. I managed to learn all the spells with no worries, and the curse was broken on the shield while fighting the last dragon in KT.



  5. I just had a crazy idea for Gau. That maybe he could learn a rage from the bears in mt zozo or the hobo's in zozo that gives him the steal ability.

    It may be redundant because shadow and setzer can equip the switchblade, but I think it would still be cool.


  6. Insidious said that he was aiming for an end of June release. So I don't think it will be too far away.

    Shoot him a message on discord. He'll probably be more than happy to have someone else test it out. I can probably send you a link for the BNW dragon song aswell, which edale did a black mages version for.


  7. I second that. Praetarius's idea sounds spot on.

    The idea of each of the elements standing on their own in a multielemental attack is genius.

    Does that mean that the power of these attacks will have to be divided by the amount of elemests in the attack, if all the elements act independently.

    I.e. if Merton is a 100 power spell. Is that 50 for wind and 50 for fire. Or is it a 100 pwr spell with some elements added on.


  8. Good news everyone!

    Insidious (creator of the Dancing Mad MSU hack) sent me a patch for testing his fixes on Dancing Mad when Brave New World is Patched over the top.

    Initial tests indicate that BNW is now fully compatible with this MSU-1 patch.

    I'm fairly certain that he will release a new installer soon that will let you create a ff3 rom that you can patch BNW over.

    It is so cool that this works now. Once it is released I encourage everyone that uses Snes9x 1.55, Higan, or a SD2Snes to play this hack, to give Dancing Mad a go aswell. It really adds so much to the experience.

    Edale, (the guy that does the music looping etc), even made me a version of the 8 Dragon Music performed by the Black Mages which also works fine.


  9. BNW has already cherry picked the best lines etc. from the Lina Darkstar and rpgone translation.

    There is still a fair amount of tfhe Woolsey tranlation in it, but it's mostly inconsequential.

    Most of the changes are with un-named NPC's that help point you in the right direction, offer some info, or crack a joke.

    The script as mentioned by Mishrak above can no longer be altered using FF3usMe, but you can alter it with other means quite easily. (Kruptar, Atlas/Cartographer)

    The other option is to submit changes to BTB/Synchisi for them to implement. It is their hack afterall.


  10. In reference to the FC Celes scene, You can edit this easily in FF3usMe. Its under the battle captions which are easily edited under the enemies tab.

    If you want the original script it's in the same location, just look it up using the original rom.

    You can have multiple versions of FF3usMe open at once for quick reference.


  11. I don't think toneing him down is necessary, yes I agree the first few times I fought him I was pulling my hair out.

    But with the right setup and strategy he is a bit of a push over.

    If you search the forum under dadaluma you will find a thread on beating him.

    But, heres my 2 cents.


    In Zozo, on the way up the tower have Shadow and Locke steal a bunch of butterflies off the hobo's (hopefully you may also get a healing shiv).

    I recommend a party of Celes, Shadow, Locke and a Figaro (doesnt matter which one)

    Use Shadow the set image with smoke bombs, and if he is free from that, throw butterflies for big damage. If you run out then he keeps setting image or attacks.

    If you got a healing shiv Locke is your healer, if not he attacks.

    Use the Figaro brother or Celes to set slow.

    Use the Figaro brother to set sap and/or poison.

    Celes is mainly used to revive, heal occasionally, attack and look pretty.

    When he jumps you defend, then get ready to immediately set slow/sap.

    Confuse/poison/kill his cronies as quick as you can, Edgar is better at this than Sabin.

    Hopefully this helps you out in future runs.


  12. 30 minutes ago, Jack said:

    I'm trying to give the mod a fair shake, but adding memes lost any amount of good faith I was willing to give it.  I will try this mod again if the original script is put in place, or even the GBA retranslation but until then it's a hard pass.  

     Well download a script editing program, and have a go.

    Probably take a week or two to change it back, then you can share your hard work with everyone.

    You can even  make it exactly as you would like it.