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  1. Well I just did the installation/patching process, then patched BNW 1.9.0 over the top. I am happy to announce that It all works so far. Just played the intro and up to Whelk.

    Some of the music choices are a bit jarring on the settings I've chosen. But you can do the OST at FLAC quality if that is you preference.

    So awesome that this works. Will just have to see what happens when you encounter one of the 8 dragons.

    Does anyone have an srm near a dragon?


  2. I recently got a SD2SNES and have tried out the MSU-1 feature on Zelda and Metroid 3. It got me wondering if BNW would be compatible with the newly released open beta of tbe FF6 MSU-1 hack.

    The only issue I can see is that the music has been modified to continue playing through some battles and the dragons now have their own new (old) music.

    Would it be worth trying out, or is it destined for failure?

    I can just imagine 'The Black Mages' playing along with this game.


  3. On 2/26/2018 at 1:55 AM, SpoonyBard said:

    Suggestion: Make Primordite (south figaro cave, locke's scenario) weak to ice or lower their HP to roughly 100

    Reasons: Counters physicals with nasty megavolt, formation with 2x Primordite is very common, and all you can do is use up 2 turns with Celes because MT ice doesn't oneshot them.

    Not only it drags the fight unnecessarily, but more importantly 12 MP in a fight at that point will make you run out very quickly, so you risk being forced to use physicals against them which means nasty counters.

    I think it's a much more tedious fight than it's intended IMO.

    Currently they got 200 HP and are weak to fire/bolt like their cousins, weaknesses you cannot exploit at that point.


    On 3/1/2018 at 0:34 PM, GLH said:

    I'm quoting this post over in this thread as I have to second the request by Spoony here. Primordites are absolute unneeded pains to deal with so early in the game.

    Sorry to be a thorn in the side. But I disagree. Having played through this last night with Locke having 


    Power glove (it's so bad!) And the Black belt from the South Figaro underground.

    I was easily one shoting the Primordites . Leaving Celes to ST ice for instant kills.


    Also there is a recovery spring right before the boss so MP management shouldn't be an issue. 

    Just my 2 cents.


  4. This may be getting a little off topic now.


    But it would be cool if after Shadow has had his 5 dreams, and if Relm has been found that they have a little cut scene where shadow reveals himself as Relms father and gives her the memento ring then identifies himself as Clyde, and from then on you play as Clyde.


    Dont know how hard that would be to program. But it would be pretty sweet.


  5. I applied the patch, and this is what I got.

    I'm using unheadered roms and patches. hopefully that is the cause of this. Because I was looking forward to using this.


    Terra Patch.JPGTerra Patch2.JPG

    Edit: I think that was the problem, I unheaderized the patch reapplied everything and it cleared it up.



  6. When beating the warring triad I was a little underwhelmed when all I got was a bunch of MP.

    The main reason I say this is because at this stage everyone had learnt all thier respective spells, (Even from the espers found in Kefka's tower) and some of the characters have maxxed out EL's.

    Personally I think it would be cool if they dropped some of the weapons found in the colosseum. The Mutsonokami and Gungir come to mind, for Asura and Myria, and maybe make up another weapon item or armour for Isis. You only will get them with practically 1 fight to go so it wont make too much of an impact. Too me it also makes sense that you need these powerful weapons of the Warring Triad to beat Kefka.

    I'm new here so this has probably aleeady been discussed.



  7. I'm not crazy.

    It did it again.

    After seibaby released the new random encounter patch, I applied it along with my changes, and the bug came back.

    I wasn't able to pummel Vargas.

    But a simple power cylce on the snes mini and a restart and I was able to do it and proceed.


    At least I know that i'm not a complete idiot and know my left from my right.O.o

    Edit: I also added the Final Fantasy VI title screen hack from Yazoo on romhacking.net. Just to see what would happen, it appeared to work and I haven't noticed anything to bad yet, aside from the above.


  8. I have been playing around with FF3usme on BNW 1.9.0, mainly because as great as this game is, the spell level naming (i.e fire 2 over Fira etc) is something that gets to me. BTB and Synchisi have explained to me the reasons and I'm cool with it. I thought I'd just have a mess around and see what this 'hacking' lark is all about:-) aka I'm a noob.

    While I was messing around, My inquisitiveness got the better of me and I started renaming all sorts of things.

    One of the main things was Blitz names.

    pummel - rage fist

    suplex - pile drive

    aurabolt - shinkuhado

    and bum rust - ragindemon

    (loves me some sf alpha)

    Along with the cafe - pub patch and the randombattles v3 patch I saved my rom. dumped it on my snes mini and started to play.


    All seemed fine until my battle with vargas when I couldn't get pummel/rage fist to work and consequently died. (hopefully it was me being stupid and entering ><> instead of <><).

    All I want to know is by renaming all this stuff, have I bricked my rom?

    I'm probably way outta my depth messing around with such an extensive hack as BNW, and from now on I'll probably just play what is released.

    I have created an IPS patch if anyone is interested in having a look and helping me out.


    EDIT: well dont worry about it. I'm just a lexdisic f#@kwit. I tried it again and did the inputs real slow like and it worked fine. Guess I was going ><> after all. Sorry for wasting all of your time.


  9. I applied this patch to 1.9.0,but before I tried it out using FF3usME I changed some spell/enemy names for my own amusement.

    The result was that when I got to south figaro the weapon shop had the pub sign and the cafe was still cafe.

    Was this the result of my editing, or did I patch the Rom incorrectly. Or does this patch require a headered rom. (I'm using non headered ax a base for my 1.9.0