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  1. armageddon

    In the last beta that I had demon mail was no diff than diamond mail but some betas yes demon mail is better than diamond mail.
  2. armageddon

    use the galaxy shroom on peach and mario before you attack her. also start off with a chaos grenade from someoen who is equipped with a spped bracker. You get spped bracker for winning the game vs fake mallow when he is trying to peck you to death in nimbus land. Also getting 3 diamond mail to work from the random battle in the sea from the invisble monster (I forget what they are called but its the first room you enter after you fall down. It helps to have the battle mania from beating the shy guy at booster way to have 3 times as many chances. Keep battling until you get 3 diamond mail. I owuld also try to have a magic ring on mario as well and use his ultra flame on the enemy when you are trying for golden flower. Golden flower drops will be rare also so save before the battle and do save state abuse if you want. I will not lie I have done that to just move things along.
  3. Dude take your times with this. As much as I await the new release for this your own sanity and pleasure should come before a game you release to all of us. If it takes until 2045 so be it. I do wish though that many of the past games that you have made were all available to those who missed them in the past. I would love to replay some of them that sadly I think died with my last pc.
  4. yes the tonberry doll is something you get where it also gives you your coins and exp points and it is random if you get the item at 25 percent. If your inventory is full then you will not get anything. I notice at some point you should not have full inventory. I try to not get all my found illusions right away when I can get them I skip by them and come back later and get them. Of course if yoshi gives me one at mario pad well that is just a bonus out of my control.
  5. so sorry for sounding like a fool but is this the new one that dk was working on for months and months and months? I got the ips but what rom do i attach it too?