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  1. You have to go defeat smithy and once you do you willgo to the usual places like in version 8 of this mod.
  2. I like the different armor you win for defeating certain hidden monsters. Sadly most of them are pretty meh. I tried the forest girl and got destroyed wearing 3 ribbons and 3 demon mails. I like the fact you have to beat smithy first before being able to go for these hidden monsters. I wish there was a heads up as I spent 5 or 10 min trying to get a enemy to fight me in the sea with no luck. Now I know why.
  3. So peach never learns ultima? My theory is I have to go win the ice cave battle vs peach boss to win ultima. Also I am at level 100 with everyone and just defeated bowsers keep. I was able to beat the 3 shy guys. I see the random boss battles are not as plentiful as before. Are all the mails out of this game? Or have they all been moved away? I also have the theory I must defeat smithy for the final fantasy bosses to then become eligible battles. We shall see if I am right on that.
  4. This was an awesome addition to the game.
  5. The other rom was the same rom I was using but it was already patched with v8. My theory is I had to go get a fresh rom that was never patched and patch that with version 9. I will see if I have any other issues as I play this some more tomorrow but have work all day saturday and football is all day Sunday. I wish this verison 9 could have come out back in june over the dog days of summer lol. But I am greatful it has finally seen the light of day for the masses.
  6. So I went and got a new super mario rpg rom that I had on my harddrive in a zip file from 1999 and patched it and now snowy works fine. My theory is that the other rom I was using was patched with v8 and trying the same rom to patch it with v9 causes issues if you already patched it with version 8. Perhaps I am mistaken but this is my theory. Now snowy works with zero issues.
  7. Thank you for the answer and can you pm me the link to the discord in a pm so I can join? I have work all day today and will be gone over the next 14 hours but will check when I get home. Thanks for your effort dk and sorry I am having this issue but I just wanted to be honest with you.
  8. Anybody other than me having the problem? Thanks for responding by the way. What rom should I have patched it with?
  9. so yeah everytime I try snowy it locks up. I guess I will try beating the mushroom kingdom boss without snowy but it seems less than optimal. Oh well.
  10. sadly i am having it lock up when I use snowy. I got my rom off the net I forgot the website. Been using in the past. What rom should I be using with this game? Anyone else having lock ups using snowy? I am using snes9x 1.53
  11. Even if I have to wait 5 years for a version 10 I hope one will be made. I still hold to my offer if i ever win the powerball You are getting a portion. The rest I will spend trying to bribe lindsey pelas and tessa fowler lol.
  12. I could not get past the first battle with the magikoopa with rosalina so I skipped the first fight.
  13. Thank you so much. I know you said this is the final release but I hope you will give us a version 10 in 18 months. Take 6 months off and enjoy life. Enjoy the nfl season (if you enjoy american football).
  14. armageddon

    In the last beta that I had demon mail was no diff than diamond mail but some betas yes demon mail is better than diamond mail.
  15. armageddon

    use the galaxy shroom on peach and mario before you attack her. also start off with a chaos grenade from someoen who is equipped with a spped bracker. You get spped bracker for winning the game vs fake mallow when he is trying to peck you to death in nimbus land. Also getting 3 diamond mail to work from the random battle in the sea from the invisble monster (I forget what they are called but its the first room you enter after you fall down. It helps to have the battle mania from beating the shy guy at booster way to have 3 times as many chances. Keep battling until you get 3 diamond mail. I owuld also try to have a magic ring on mario as well and use his ultra flame on the enemy when you are trying for golden flower. Golden flower drops will be rare also so save before the battle and do save state abuse if you want. I will not lie I have done that to just move things along.