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  1. I think it's due to the way the in battle character gauge fills up.
  2. Is gogo beatable in this version? I've tried waiting until his script ends the battle and that never comes.. I've tried beating him and obviously he's not designed to be beaten. When time runs out u get Mime but your oxygen runs out simultaneously.
  3. Finishing up the end game quests - legendary weapons etc. Enjoying the hell out of this. I have a lot of feedback if you're interested when I'm done. Is there a farmable location for Kaiser gloves? The monk enhancement accessory?
  4. To be honest, I didn't know u could remove condemn with life, that makes this fight doable.. lol
  5. What's ur discord
  6. What's your email so I can send it
  7. Hilariously Gill toss hits for 800 damage, what's the math behind Gil toss?
  8. Why is exdeath unnecessarily difficult in his castle...? He's neutral and every attack does close too nothing. He starts out by putting a 15 or 10 second condemn which allows for only 2 actions per character. I've tried so many configurations including using 3 blue mages with exploder which each hit for 20k damage, coupled with brave to do it twice each. I've tried dragoon configuration to avoid condemn, but jump does virtually no damage. I've tried killing off my own people and reviving which was my best bet but then he does condemn AGAIN with an even lower timer... Couple this with the item cool down and mp being needlessly low and there's no way to keep that tactic going. I'm way overleveled even, at 63, and I've maxed out my job leveling at 30 abilities. In the original game you would reach this boss around level 25-30 and he wouldn't be this difficult. What changed and WTH?
  9. Can you please explain the battle system? From elemental damage, resistance, the element display above enemies and why it scrolls, why bosses are insanely difficult and immune to almost everything, why damage output swings greatly against a boss?
  10. Damn this leveling system is hard... Does the abp get better? This is the new patch.
  11. Holy shit, just started new file with your new patch; is the below pic right? Kinda looks badass What's the 19 / 5 thing, and why is Faris number so low?
  12. Is there a big difference between the 2 patches? I just downloaded your new one. Deciding on whether to start my game over with your new patch
  13. Lol. I just mastered a berserker for no abilities. And his level 5 ability was "drink"
  14. Ah, gotcha. I'm noticing that the berserker ability doesn't work. Your characters turn red but never actually attack. Bug I suppose.
  15. Are u planning on keeping full equipment selection for all jobs?
  16. Wow, thank you for your in depth response. Well, I love the controllable berserker. The increasing ABP is rough.
  17. A few screenshots from my game. I just got the berserker and it's easily the most busted job in the game. I am putting out over 1k damage a turn and he doesn't even go into berserk (I control actions every turn). He has twin cuts which allows him to double strike and 4x double grip (mastered knight) and I can equip 3 more which all stack properly. I also have a picture of my HP using 3x Bulwark. I'm only level 17 (not sure what the level cap is) and have 5000 hp. Ive also experienced my first game crash. Right after I got the berserker, I put bartz with that job and began grinding right before the next town (I think it's the fire town) and I encountered a 6 pack of wolves, used twin cuts, and my game glitched up and froze. I tried recreating it but was unsuccessful. Otherwise, aside from how busted my characters are, I fucking love this game and what you're doing to it! I'm going to continue updating these posts with my thoughts. There's also many other thoughts and issues ice found in the game but they're all trivial.
  18. Mastered my first set of classes then realized.. there is no freelancer job..? Do all classes gain the benefits of the mastered classes now? I.e. Faris mastered a blue mage and switched to thief, does she now have the innate "learning" ability of the blue mage for free? I noticed also that my black mage had double grip from the mastered knight haha. Nice. Most of the character abilities have random words with no description so I have no idea what some skills do. The item system (at least the early game) is completely busted. Of course I'm still at the wind shrine (or right outside of it)
  19. Just patched this game. Before I stream this, quick questions: Is there bonus content Is this a complete ROM Are there serious bugs What are the major additions to this rom Why haven't I seen this anywhere on the internet???
  20. Can someone randomize me a beyond chaos file please? I'd like 2 files. Going to be streaming them on twitch. Pretty please! I promise I won't grind! 😁 Also: all flags
  21. I keep getting this error... I'm using a MAC: Any advice? Please input your desired flags (blank for all of them): > Using seed: 63..1528496015 Now beginning randomization. The randomization is very thorough, so it may take some time. Please be patient and wait for "randomization successful" to appear. ERROR: Please try again with a different seed. Press enter to delete Final_Fantasy_III_(U)_(V1.0)_[!].1528496015.smc and quit
  22. Is this game as good as Return of the dark Sorcerer? This was my review of that game: https://www.romhacking.net/reviews/3514/#review I'm looking for another game to master, stream, and make in depth tutorials for for the next month. How are the tutorials on YouTube for this game? Is it lacking, could there be better ones? I've done all of them for smrpg Armageddon v.8 and I enjoyed it so much. I would to continue my tutorials journey but I want the "right" game
  23. It's not simply executable unfortunately. It requires the use of Python which is a program used for coding. If there was simply a link where I could drop my ROM in (like final fantasy 4 free Enterprise) then it would be no problem, but there's not. And I can't find any tutorials online on how to randomize roms. I'd love to play the one for this game as I've seen that one was created.
  24. I made YouTube videos on all of this. I made videos on just about everything.
  25. Jeez. Didn't know I would upset so many people by grinding. I didn't realize the level cap was only 50 and that the script adjusts the leveling average. I am enjoying this game thoroughly though. How do you use a randomizer? Final fantasy 4 had free Enterprise which randomized the game for you. I've downloaded Python and I have no idea how to randomized BNW ,nor do I understand Python.. does anyone have a video of this using and Android phone?