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  1. Alright, looks like I'll be giving it a go on my N3DS via SNES9X, the standalone emulator made by bubbles2k16. I remember that v8 ran flawlessly on it with 60 FPS, only skipping 1 frame when saving. I never beat v8, on my old N3DS, the buttons stopped working. So, new N3DS, new SMRPG:A playthrough. EDIT: I misplaced the screwdriver, so that is on hold. Instead, I used my backup backup plan. I am playing on the PC. SNES9X 1.56, and just recruited Mallow, and gave him the Ice Ring.
  2. Awww, yeah! It's go time! As I said I'd do, time to inject v9 on my SNES Classic. But, before I do, is there anything I need to be aware of before doing so, glitches-wise?
  3. The new SNES9X update works really good. Both SMRPG:A and FF6:RotDS work as they should. What's even better is that I can just plug in my PS4 controller, set the buttons, and run with it. It seems that I can inject RetroArch on my Classic and use SNES9X on it. I will get into this more when I have time. But for now, all is right in my tiny little piece of the world.
  4. I think I just might give SNES9X (PC version) a try, I heard that it got a big update recently. Version 1.56.2 I think is the name of it. But for now, sleep calls me. Good night, everyone!
  5. Yep, I was using my new SNES Classic to do it. When v9 arrives, I will be one of the first to try it out on my Classic! I still have much to learn about it, this wasn't the only mod on this site to have issues with the Classic. Example: FF6: Return of the Dark Sorceror (latest version) doesn't load past the first screen, which is a jumbled mess already.
  6. ...when I touch the icon on the left. I have to reset when I do. The center icon and the right icon work just fine, just not that one. Is it supposed to do that?