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  1. After tens of minutes of testing, I can safely say something is wrong with the Fire spell in NHT. See Discord for details.
  2. Muddling Banshees seems to break their Rasp. They flash, the game says "[dot]Rasp" and nothing happens. Disregard, they must have Muted themselves.
  3. "Balance Notes" or something, "Early WoR"
  4. Got to WoR, notes here.
  5. Relm Sketching Chakra on a Scrapper yields a blank ability bar. (I have no idea. Likely related to the Blitz index. Does it show up properly when Gau uses it? Will probably just remove Chakra from the Scrapper Sketch attacks and call it.) and IAF is hiding his damage. You can see it in this picture. (Yeah, it's a layering issue and this has always happened, even in vanilla.)
  6. Before I post my ramblings, I need to note that Guardian killing Leo leads to a game over.
  7. Got a little more playing in.
  8. Short batch of notes from Opera House to just before Vector. More, now up to Cranes PS: New Threat has a feature that lets you skip long pointless cut scenes, specifically the entire Kalm flashback. Any chance you could set up an event to skip the Maduin sequence? One more thing. Melee counters check the left hand. Full Moon/Scimitar trips them, Scimitar/Full Moon doesn't.
  9. I killed a bunch of Zozoians. Here's some numbers.
  10. Confirming Deschain's reports about Stray. Heals the living, no visible effect on the dead. And that was totally it. Nothing to see here, move along.
  11. Here's my thoughts from another chunk of the game.
  12. Levels: Vargas: All 8 Ultros 1: T/S/E 9, Banon 10 Only other note prior to Locke's scenario is that Repo Men are pretty deadly during Banon's route. Three enemies capable of outspeeding you and throwing Step Mine could easily mean an unavoidable Game Over. Luckily they seemed to be focus firing Terra with those, so that was kind... Gau's Exploder is not functioning as intended. Further notes on Exploder: Used it against 3 Stray Cats and it correctly hit just the enemy and Gau. Then against 2 Liches and a Sewer Rat all by itself and it continued to work fine... One last note: I got the same encounter and started Raging Bomb against the same enemy and it behaved as normal. Still no multiplier on the damage though... Really last note, at least on Exploder: Exploder derps if it's number of targets becomes 1 after it's queued. I'm pretty sure.