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  1. How do you defend against Shocker? Boywer is killing one of my characters every single round with it and I haven't had a successful defense against it yet. Edit: Won on my 3rd try.... managed to block Shocker 2 times in total. X_x Also, I don't know if I'm messing up the timing on Geno's star gun or if he just only can do ~200 damage unarmed.
  2. Seems like the problem was with Mednafen. I tried PCSXR instead and it seemed to work.
  3. When I first start up the game, Orbonne monastery is glitched out. The first fight plays out perfectly fine (as far as I can tell) after that, but then it freezes at the loading screen. Is it possible that the .bin+.cue files I have are slightly off somehow?
  4. The thing is, if I managed to steal a potion it then adds ice on top.
  5. Noticed something odd. Steal adds an element to the field. I think it's either the item stolen or the... bottle-element? if it fails. Seems pretty fun so far. In the ship graveyard running with a Knight, Tinker, Thief, and Black Mage so far. Only died once, because I had run straight to the wind temple without going to town and fought the boss with Bartz wearing a ruby. Not the best idea.