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  1. Thought I'd give this mod another shot... Right now I'm sitting outside the wind temple trying to figure out who should get what classes. I didn't see any mention of what the green squares mean in the classes file - what are they? Also, this is probably nit-picky but the blue (purple?) guy in the beginner house still claims that passives equipped are replaced with certain actives in battle even though passives are equipped separately now
  2. How do you defend against Shocker? Boywer is killing one of my characters every single round with it and I haven't had a successful defense against it yet. Edit: Won on my 3rd try.... managed to block Shocker 2 times in total. X_x Also, I don't know if I'm messing up the timing on Geno's star gun or if he just only can do ~200 damage unarmed.
  3. Seems like the problem was with Mednafen. I tried PCSXR instead and it seemed to work.
  4. When I first start up the game, Orbonne monastery is glitched out. The first fight plays out perfectly fine (as far as I can tell) after that, but then it freezes at the loading screen. Is it possible that the .bin+.cue files I have are slightly off somehow?
  5. The thing is, if I managed to steal a potion it then adds ice on top.
  6. Noticed something odd. Steal adds an element to the field. I think it's either the item stolen or the... bottle-element? if it fails. Seems pretty fun so far. In the ship graveyard running with a Knight, Tinker, Thief, and Black Mage so far. Only died once, because I had run straight to the wind temple without going to town and fought the boss with Bartz wearing a ruby. Not the best idea.