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  1. I actually figured out an effective strategy. I beat this shortly after posting, so I may not remember it exactly. I'm pretty sure Galaxy Blast still does 30k damage (or close to it) to the Lumas. so if you have haste on Mario, just spam that and then hit the crap out of Rosalina. I did have to save scum my way through it so that Rosalina didn't one shot any of my party
  2. So i'm guessing this refers to Latias, but the hint from Frogfucius is too vague. I know in previous versions, this was a hidden encounter, but his hint says "Many people say that it prefers larger open spaces." I'm not sure what this refers to. Help!
  3. Yeahhhh I was just hoping to not have to run through the whole boss rush again lol
  4. What attack do you use to kill the lumas all at once?peach only has aoe holy damage, and Mario doesnt deal enough damage with galaxy blast. Or do you just lower them down to a point where a single galaxy blast kills all of them?
  5. it's not a timed block. there is another way to defend. look at all of your buttons and consider every option
  6. You'll need to learn about defending for this game. Most bosses have a pretty obvious tell when you're gonna have to use defend with your whole team
  7. I'm looking for some help with the final boss of the Star Hill boss rush. I'm guessing you want to kill as many of the adds as possible simultaneously, but it's tough when they all absorb a different element. I tried spamming Morning Star, but it was taking me too long to finish the holy add, so they started to respawn before i could really get any damage done on the main boss. part of me is thinking of going all in on magic damage for mario so i can just use galaxy blast for non-elemental damage, but i would have to respec him and do the boss rush all over again. so yeah, any advice on this fight would be incredibly appreciated!
  8. wow never mind. i just loaded up my rom again from a save state and just killed margaret. i guess i was doing it right haha
  9. I'm working on this boss too. does she have a ton of hp, or am i doing something wrong? i feel like i should've beaten her by now, but she periodically heals 9k? i'm just a little confused on this fight
  10. Never mind. I just found the Super Ribbon
  11. Is ribbon in this version? I know you used to get it from turning in the tonberry doll or something like that, but tonberrys seem to fulfill a different purpose in v9. Lazy Shell is so effective on Peach, but it takes a lot more to make it work effectively (i'm using speed bracer so i can cleanse status before my damage dealers have a turn, but i don't need a second action with peach and would like that second action on one of my damage dealers)
  12. are there any differences in level up stats/bonus between the versions?
  13. so before you enter palace of darkness for the first time, rosalina tells you that she can't help you in there due to the power of darkness. the other time we hear her say that was right before the fight with bundt. i know that in PoD, you can't use galaxy star and being wiped causes you to reload your save instead of just being revived by rosalina. but in the bundt fight, you don't even have the galaxy star yet, so that just means that you have to reload if you get wiped. what was the reason for this when every other boss in the normal game allows you to be revived by rosalina?
  14. I did not. Thank you, kind sir