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  1. Status hack seems to be in the latest RC. Only thing missing is the condensed spell menu from what I’m hearing.
  2. Would you be able to confirm everything is in the next RC please? It's really hard to test it if it's missing stuff.
  3. The only one being toxic here is you, @TheRebalancer You were toxic from the very first post and have never stopped being toxic. I locked your thread because it was just you arguing to hear yourself talk. Quite frankly you've contributed nothing but mindless entertainment comparable to watching a YouTube reel of skateboard wipeouts.
  4. I'm thrilled that you've come with us to ngplus. I've always wanted this mod to be fully realized so I look forward to your work!
  5. I'm tired of the forum warrior epeen over 9000 posts. It's getting old and quite impossible to read really any of it. So I'm locking the thread to prevent further shitposts. Bottom line: the OP modded the mod. There's nothing wrong with this, but you're no longer playing the mod and revoke the ability to offer criticism (constructive or otherwise) of the actual mod when you do this. Your points became invalid before you ever tried to make them.
  6. Since everyone is just forum warrioring it up right now and swinging their big epeens around, and this is so far off topic, I'm locking this thread. If you want to have a discussion on forum staff and moderation lets do it elsewhere.
  7. This is completely irrelevant. The bottom line is BNW has stuff hidden, BTB doesn't want the details shared all over the forum, so he deleted the offending part of your post. End of story.
  8. Once upon a time games had hidden items that did hidden things. BNW does this because it's fun. Don't share the details (however you learn what they do) on the forum. It'll get deleted every time.
  9. No it's not a toxic place. Mods won't remove posts unless they're really really bad. We're generally down to earth and logical and we don't mind disagreements and arguments. Those are different than shitposts of course so normal forum etiquette applies here. We still reserve the right to edit posts of course and we'll debate and argue and discuss points of contention and often tell it like is. It takes a lot to get to where someone is having posts deleted. Most of the time we'd rather have the bad posts for posterity sake.
  10. I needed a good laugh this morning, thanks. Real talk: play the game without all that nonsense and then your post will be worth reading. BNW isn't vanilla dude, you can't expect to apply a bunch of vanilla fixes to it.
  11. Reserved for guide.
  12. Shadow Shadow and the term 'Glass Canon' are often synonymous in BNW. However, when utilized properly, Shadow is much less 'Glass' while still very much being 'Canon'. His evasion, both physical and magical is among the highest in the game. His pdef/mdef are fairly low and he has virtually no elemental resistance equipment at his disposal. This means that he benefits largely from Shell and Safe as well as generally trying to pump out as much damage as possible each turn. Surprisingly, he can play a very supportive role, thanks in large part to his high Stamina and Speed, as well as potent support spells. Base Stats Vigor – 42 Speed - 48 Magic - 36 Stamina - 36 Espers Phantom - Vgr +1/Stam +1 Fenrir - Speed +2 Spells from Espers P: Float, Dispel, Haste F: Bserk, Regen, HasteX Character Analysis Offense: Spells - See Throw. Weapons - Shadow has a very unique set of weapons available to him. He can use all normal Daggers, letting him exploit Holy and Human weaknesses. He also gets access to Katanas, some of which have counters, instakill abilities or wind-based magical procs (Aero and Wind Slash). Finally, he gets exclusive rights to Ninja Knives, bringing his physical attacks into the top tier. Defense: Shadow has a small selection of spells, but they're all extremely useful. He's one of two users of Dispel, a very effective Haste and Float caster, and a surprisingly potent single target healer with Regen. Status: Shadow's ability to inflict status comes in the form of Net (see below) and Bserk. The latter is also a buff to his (and others) physical abilities. Handy! Interceptor: This dog is no joke. He adds a second evasion check and when he counters, he uses Shadow's stamina in his damage calculation. He can't hit floating enemies though. Notable Equipment: - Ninja Mask Headgear that grants Shadow counterattack. An amazing physical option, as it frees this up from a relic slot. - Rogue Cloak Fight Always Hits, 25% Magic Damage. This bonuses everything Shadow does magically, and when paired with Ninja Mask, makes an effective Black Belt. It makes his scrolls and Regen spell very strong. - Kagenui Grants X-fight. The damage penalty does not apply to spell procs, so have fun. This also procs Net, aka Slow + Stop. - Orochi Arguably his most damaging weapon, especially vs floating enemies. Hidden stuff. Move along to avoid spoilers. Throw - All offensively thrown items ignore row and defense. - Smoke Bombs - These set Image on a single target. Useful for avoiding physical damage. - Scrolls - Powerful Magic based elemental attacks of the Water, Bolt, or Fire variety. - Stars - Powerful Vigor based physical attacks. Can be split or single target. - Knives / Swords / Katanas - Single target physical damage. These also retain any elemental or weakness hitting properties. Dual Wield and Two-Handed: Shadow can dual wield all of his knives and daggers, or he can pair one with a Katana, allowing for some very interesting combinations. He gains the two-handed modifier just like Cyan, but this is generally a less useful option as Shadow really wants the stats/evasion from his offhand weapon and the damage isn't better than his dual wield options. Builds Tiger Primary: Phantom Secondary: Fenrir This build's predominant role is that of a physical attacker. Either via throwing from the back row, or attacking physically with weapons on the front. The emphasis should certainly be on physical attacks so the EL aren't wasted, but Scrolls are still plenty viable. A secondary, but still very effective role for this build, is that of support. Putting Shadow in the back row loaded with Stamina means he will mitigate most magical attacks and at least survive physicals, especially with Safe and Shell in play. He can then deal out support spells and spot Regen heals as needed while still having Throw as a source of damage. Lotus Primary: Fenrir The pure speed build is unrivaled in elemental damage output and very effective at playing a supportive role. While certainly his most fragile build, Shadow's extra turns will offset many of the downsides. This build favors a magic equipment loadout and tossing scrolls or even breaking rods. While damage per hit will be lower than a pure magic caster, the sheer volume of actions Shadow gets will make up the difference.
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  17. Locke Locke is most often defined by his speed, and rightfully so. His speed rivals Shadow and Gau and he is typically only slower because he has more EL options to choose from. Locke can play the role of one of the best front row Fighters, or an excellent Fire and Bolt caster, an exceptional Tank or one of the best healers in the game. Base Stats Vigor -30 Speed - 42 Magic - 30 Stamina - 30 EspersRamuh - Vig+2 Ifrit - Spd+2 Kirin - HP+30/Stam+1 Phoenix - HP+30/MP+15 Spells from EspersR: Bolt Bolt 2 Life I: Fire Fire 2 Drain K: Cure Cure 2 Demi P: Fire 3 Cure 3 Life 2 Character Analysis Offense: Spells - Locke has pretty limited spell options in Fire and Bolt magic. He does gain access to Tier 3 Fire, which makes this his most potent option. This does consume a lot of MP, so it's often relegated to being more of a strategic option than an every-fight spell. Tier 2 spells are exactly half as strong as Tier 3 spells, but cost 1/3 the MP. The significance of this is when combined with a Sage Stone, Locke can effectively get Tier 3 damage for 2/3 the MP cost from a Tier 2 spell. Drain is a useful self-heal for non-magic builds and Demi is potent against high HP random encounters. Of course, Curative magic slaughters undead, so Locke is particularly effective at this with his Fire and Cure lines of spells. Weapons - Locke's selection of weapons is pretty diverse. Swords, Daggers and Throwing weapons lead to a variety of weaknesses to exploit namely: Fire, Ice, Bolt, Water/Wind, Human, Holy and Floating. He also has access to two defense ignoring weapons in Valiance (dagger) and Atma/Omega Weapon (sword), giving him the exclusive option to dual wield them. Defense: While Locke has no spells from the Regen line, he has all of the major spells from the Curative line, including being one of two Life 2 casters. This cements his role as a top tier healer, regardless of what build he runs. He has no buff spells at all, so he'll struggle to properly support a party by himself. Status: Locke has absolutely no means of setting status effects on the enemy, unless you count setting Sap from his desperation attack. Mug: In short, Mug adds a physical attack to steal. It's marginally useful at best, as Steal is largely underplayed in BNW. See the readme for more specifics about how it behaves with special weapons. Just let it be known that Mug has situational use at best. Notable Equipment: - Ninja Mask Headgear that makes Locke/Shadow counterattack. An amazing physical option. - Sage Stone Relic that grants X-Magic. As I mentioned earlier, this lets Locke effectively get the same power/damage as a Tier3 cast with only spending 2/3 the MP. It also makes him very efficient at healing and reviving multiple targets. - Rogue Cloak Fight Always Hits, 25% Magic Damage. This bonuses everything Locke does magically, and when paired with Ninja Mask, makes an effective Black Belt. It makes his Fire 3 option very strong. Sword & Board or Dual Wield: Locke has a unique equipment option in that he can swap between dual wielding virtually everything he has access to and wearing that weapon with a shield. Celes, Terra and Mog can only do this with throwing weapons. This means he gains back damage he lost from the dual wield penalty, and he trades his other weapon for dramatically more defense. This is significant because Locke has access to every shield in the game. Swapping between these setups can make or break a fight, so learn when it’s good to do it. Builds Vigor Primary: Ramuh Secondary: Ifrit or Phoenix Locke is an exceptional fighter, packing two +2 Espers that support it. He'll push high levels of Vigor very easily and with his excellent Speed he'll have plenty of turns to swing his weapons. He can attack a large array of weaknesses (see above), but his strongest pure physical weapons come in the form of Valiance and Zantetsuken. This is a potent dual wield combo, especially when combined with something like Bserk. Locke wants to splash either Ifrit EL or Phoenix EL to tip him towards more damage or survivability, respectively. Just don't sacrifice Ramuh EL to do it. His only elemental resistance comes in the form of shields or Esper equip bonuses, so he has a sizable vulnerability in that area when dual wielding. Stamina Primary: Kirin Secondary: Ifrit or Phoenix There are two builds worth considering here. One that revolves around playing backup healer and absorbing hits, or one that focuses on attacking with defense ignoring damage in the form of Omega Weapon. For the former, it's better to stack Kirin and splash Phoenix. For the latter, it's better to splash Ifrit for speed. While either of these can play either role, focusing the Secondary ELs a little bit tips the scale slightly towards favoring one or the other. If attacking physically with Omega, stacking as much Stamina as possible is important as this directly bonuses Locke's damage and regen ticks. Regardless of which route he goes, he'll have a very beefy amount of HP. In a very real sense, Locke mimics Cyan's survivability when Drain is likened to Empowerer. Note: This is a rare occurence where stacking Vigor and Stamina works effectively. Locke gets enough Vigor and Stamina from his equipment to do respectable damage with both Omega Weapon and Valiance at the same time even without Bserk. The special weapon properties that affect damage based on life offset to an extent, making the damage very consistent. This is a pretty niche role, and benefits from being paired with a support class. It is never beneficial to combine Ramuh ELs with Kirin ELs. He'll be far too lacking in Stamina for this to be worthwhile. Magic Primary: Phoenix Secondary: Ifrit As a healer and an offensive caster, Magic Locke is very effective at both. He really wants at least half of his EL to be Phoenix so he has enough MP to sustain his expensive spells. After that, he gains as much benefit from high speed as he does more MP/HP, so which one gets added is dependent on playstyle. Every bit of his Magic stat will come from equipment, so it's important to load up on as much as possible. Locke especially likes the Stat Hat (as this is his only helmet that has Magic) and the Crystal Sword. On Rogue Cloak & Sage Stone: The Rogue Cloak is pretty much a perma-equipped relic for Locke as the 25% bonus makes sure he's competitive with other spell casters. The Sage Stone increases his damage and healing output substantially, but at the cost of a defensive or status mitigating relic. It should be used with discretion because of this.
  18. Terra Terra is an exceptionally balanced character and can fill many roles at the same time, regardless of her build type. She will always carry a respectable Magic and Stamina by virtue of her equipment, insuring that her healing and (to an extent) offensive Magic capabilities are always at least reasonably useful. The trade off for good Magic and Stamina means she'll never be able to hit extreme levels of Vigor without total dedication to it - specifically, she lacks Vigor on her end game weapon options. Character Analysis: Offense: Terra boasts the strongest form of offensive elemental magic in Tier 3 Fire, Ice and Bolt. She also has Tier 1 and 2 Fire spells, but since Fire is the weakest of the elemental magics, she'll often get better mileage out of Break due to its defense ignoring properties in the earlier part of the WoB. Storm allows her to hit a Water/Wind weakness and can be useful in the right situation. Terra also gets two sets of undead slaying spells in Rasp and Cure/2/3 since the latter are Holy-elemental. Defense: Terra has an unrivaled selection of curative options of both the Magic-based and the Stamina-based line of spells. In addition to this, being one of only two Life 2 casters, Terra is cemented as one of the top healer/support characters in the game. Terra is lacking the more useful party buff options, only having access to Shell, Rflect and Regen. She can't have everything. Status: Her options are among some of the best in Sleep, Slow, Muddle and Imp. Slow is nearly universally useful on bosses, while Sleep, Muddle and Imp are very potent at shutting down random encounters. Morph Morph is a 50% increase in all damage dealt, both magical and physical. It is also a 100% increase in all damage received. This penalty can be reduced to 25%, scaling with her Stamina. It is a toggle ability that does not persist through death or encounters. One interesting side effect is this also boosts how much HP Regen ticks heal and how much HP Cure spells restore when cast on her. Of course this increase can be stacked with a Power Glove (25% Phys) or Crystal Orb (25% Magic) and Bserk (50% Phys), so her damage can hit absurd levels. The trade off is that she becomes dramatically more fragile, so supporting and protecting her accordingly is critical when wanting to use this ability. Builds Stamina Primary: Tritoch or Unicorn Secondary: Carbunkl or Unicorn There are two big variations to Terra's Stamina build. One of them pushes Stamina as high as it will go by focusing on Tritoch levels and only supplementing her HP with a few Unicorn levels. The other pays no heed to Tritoch and simply takes as many Unicorn levels as possible while similarly supplementing HP with Unicorn. Both are viable. Both builds also want some Carbunkl levels for MP, as this build is primarily a healer and support class. There is a special component to this build called Omega Weapon (or Atma Weapon). This weapon ignores defense and uses Stamina instead of Vigor in its damage formula. It also does more damage when Terra is at full health. When combined with Morph, this allows Terra to hit very hard physically in a build that at a glance, wouldn't appear to have such an option. Something else special about her Stamina build is that her equipment still allows her to get a very respectable 60-70 Magic, so she can still function very well as an offensive caster in conjunction with Morph. As such, this build is by far the most effective user of Morph. Finally, with all the additional status mitigation and magic damage reduction from Stamina, this build is arguably her most survivable one. Magic Primary: Maduin Secondary: Phoenix Tiertiary: Carbunkl + Unicorn instead of Phoenix Terra's Magic build is by far one of her more straightforward builds. She has powerful elemental magic, including an early defense ignoring spell in Break. She gets access to the earliest Tier 3 spell (Fire 3) of anyone in the game. Building her for Magic will simultaneously give her some extra Stamina, which is never wasted. Supplement Terra's hp/MP with Phoenix levels or with Carbunkl and Unicorn. This basically trades a small bit of Magic for more Stamina and MP, and lets Terra gain some HP/MP sooner than she'll have access to Phoenix. This build can also double as a healer, and while not as durable as her Stamina build, still utilizes Morph rather well. Vigor Primary: Bismark Secondary: Phoenix or Unicorn One of the most damaging builds in the game, especially when dual wielding Wing Edges, Terra's Vigor build is the epitome of 'glass cannon'. Whether to go with Phoenix or Unicorn largely depends on the choice of weapons. If Apocalypse is available, she probably wants that all the time, so Phoenix levels become more important for MP-fueled crits. Zantetsuken is an equally viable choice, especially when drawing counterattacks. The biggest question that Vigor Terra faces is whether or not to Morph her. Without it, she can still do plenty of damage with 90-100 Vigor and still be as survivable as anyone on the front row. However, if she is properly supported, her damage becomes rather insane with Morph. It is tedious to set up all of the damage buffs (Bserk + Morph + Image + Haste) because when she dies, she has to be buffed all over again, so use with discretion.
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