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  1. Also the rod bugfix
  2. Status hack seems to be in the latest RC. Only thing missing is the condensed spell menu from what I’m hearing.
  3. Would you be able to confirm everything is in the next RC please? It's really hard to test it if it's missing stuff.
  4. The only one being toxic here is you, @TheRebalancer You were toxic from the very first post and have never stopped being toxic. I locked your thread because it was just you arguing to hear yourself talk. Quite frankly you've contributed nothing but mindless entertainment comparable to watching a YouTube reel of skateboard wipeouts.
  5. I'm thrilled that you've come with us to ngplus. I've always wanted this mod to be fully realized so I look forward to your work!
  6. I'm tired of the forum warrior epeen over 9000 posts. It's getting old and quite impossible to read really any of it. So I'm locking the thread to prevent further shitposts. Bottom line: the OP modded the mod. There's nothing wrong with this, but you're no longer playing the mod and revoke the ability to offer criticism (constructive or otherwise) of the actual mod when you do this. Your points became invalid before you ever tried to make them.
  7. Since everyone is just forum warrioring it up right now and swinging their big epeens around, and this is so far off topic, I'm locking this thread. If you want to have a discussion on forum staff and moderation lets do it elsewhere.
  8. This is completely irrelevant. The bottom line is BNW has stuff hidden, BTB doesn't want the details shared all over the forum, so he deleted the offending part of your post. End of story.
  9. Once upon a time games had hidden items that did hidden things. BNW does this because it's fun. Don't share the details (however you learn what they do) on the forum. It'll get deleted every time.
  10. No it's not a toxic place. Mods won't remove posts unless they're really really bad. We're generally down to earth and logical and we don't mind disagreements and arguments. Those are different than shitposts of course so normal forum etiquette applies here. We still reserve the right to edit posts of course and we'll debate and argue and discuss points of contention and often tell it like is. It takes a lot to get to where someone is having posts deleted. Most of the time we'd rather have the bad posts for posterity sake.
  11. I needed a good laugh this morning, thanks. Real talk: play the game without all that nonsense and then your post will be worth reading. BNW isn't vanilla dude, you can't expect to apply a bunch of vanilla fixes to it.
  12. Please be as detailed as possible when explaining your bugs. Also please make sure you're using a clean rom to patch. If you do make a post, please edit your post rather than make a new one. 1) Per Discord - Flails are proccing the wrong thing: [1:26 AM] ClarkThe2nd: in moogle sequence in narshe the flail moogle was setting some kind of web proc with every hit, he attacked 4 times, am I just getting lucky with procs? [1:26 AM] ClarkThe2nd: aren't weapon procs like 1/4 chance? [1:26 AM] BTB: Flails shouldn't proc net [1:26 AM] BTB: Sounds like I muxed up the Kagenui proc and the ITD weapon proc 2) Quicksteal isn't working I stole the Rename Card from the Marshall in the intro sequence and it consumed Locke's turn. - 1.9RC2 3) There's an invisible enemy on the Soul Train - spooky https://puu.sh/xqK7U/1682008b09.avi This is the only place I've encountered this. Everything else seems fine. 4) Items are getting confused. I noticed I had 3 healing shivs and a cat hood in my inventory, and was short an iron helm at Kefka @ Narshe. The likely culprit is the healing event there.
  13. Reserved for guide.