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  1. 11 minutes ago, Windows X said:

    He asked me

    "What is the purpose of including abilities that people shouldn't use in a game? Why have that ability at all?"

    That's out of topic question from 1.3 development. It was part of my suggestion mixed with my opinion that I felt that lower RNG isn't something to be used strategically (and everyone in here also agreed from what I read).

    It has nothing about defending when I answer his question that it's my opinion. if Administrator think it deserves down voting due to misunderstandings or whatever, fine. I don't care anymore at this point.

    I literally went back and checked the posts. We don't downvote for dissenting opinions, but rather for the content of said posts. That "I said it's my opinion" post deserved to be downvoted into oblivion.

    Your posts that were downvoted had poor points, and thus poor content. Stop pitching a fit over it. 5 negative rep is very easily regained. It's not that serious.

    Clearly you do care because you keep responding. This is the second time you've said that. :)


  2. 21 hours ago, Windows X said:

    So I got down voted from expressing my opinions and got warned to stop talking about 1.3 updates due to misunderstandings. Nice. I wish you luck from now on. I'm done.

    No, you got downvoted because your logic is flawed, your points were silly, and when pressed, you tried to defend yourself by saying it was an "opinion." Who cares if it's an opinion? We know it's an opinion; that does not mean you shouldn't be defending it. It being an opinion and not fact does not save it from being criticized, which you took to poorly. No, you were warned because you were one step away from insulting someone over a simple disagreement in game tactics. And it wasn't even a warning, it was me asking you to take a step back.

    Your negative rep came from three posts before this one where you threw your hands up like an infant and stormed out. You're not being bullied. If you don't want to be treated like a child, then stop acting like one.


  3. On 12/17/2017 at 2:43 PM, Windows X said:

    Trying to make an easier 1.3 is like a trainwreck version of comprehensive elements. Just play 1.3 original or easy mode. Archer sucks yeah I agree but not far from saving. Faster aim with arm/leg shot makes archer more desirable. Arithmetician is broken yeah I agree and I made him kind of Red Mage variant instead of making OP job with -ja spells like 1.3 (Too crazy for balanced game mod). Dragoon jump is boring I agree but that's how Dragoon works and 1.3 was like that too.

    Specials are broken for special reasons and that's optional for people who want to take them on their own accord. I don't see anything wrong with Black Mage though. He has tons of good spells because he's the master of black magic. 3-4 tier spells has been there since early days of FF and it's tradition everyone is accustomed with. Vanilla is far from balanced and proper but it's not too bad to say it's beyond saving in my opinion.

    I used to play 1.3 for a while and I gotta say I love many things they did there though the game can be too cruel and unbalanced at times. Those broken suitable for easier mode. Wizard with one level spell like Explosion, Chain Lightning will simply abuse its abilities without AI knowing how to utilize it efficiently. Imagine they cast spell and you use those modded Plunder strikes. You think it's cool and all because it's deadly situation and status ailments affect gameplay a lot. If you make that in easier version, it's just abusing and plain boring. And adding broken spells from enemies to Ramza and Arithmetician makes them broken even more in easier mode.

    So let me just say that none of these things are actually a problem with 1.3. As a matter of fact, I would argue that the AI uses the new abilities better than players generally will. The amount of times I've seen someone caught off guard and got three of their units wrecked with a Chain Lightning is staggering.

    The biggest problems with 1.3 are what Quad and Emmy have mentioned.

    Also I'd like to point out something: it seems you're trying to make sport out of Augestein by insinuating he's a bad player.

    You're gonna have a bad time with that, bud.

    You seem to be getting more aggressive as more and more people disagree with you. I would caution you against this, as this thread is going to end badly for you. Nothing being said here is personal, but it looks like you're taking it that way with how defensive you're getting. Take a step back, my dude. It's nothing to get heated over. :)





    Boutta fuck this dude up, fam.


    So, Mega Rayquaza. He doesn't know it yet, but he's about to get fucked up.


    His main move is Dragon Ascent, which hits like a goddamn truck, but like all Dragon moves, it cannot hit Fairy types. :pipeguy:

    Let's see what happens.




    ...Holy shit, he has V-Create?



    Draining Kiss is really strong.


    Next turn!


    Lmao get bent nerd.

    So we beat him up, defeat Rayquaza (for now) and go on our merry way.

    Next up is Ultira Town.


  5. 3 hours ago, TheRebalancer said:

    In fact one of the few people to also put together just how damning the communities responses were, got threatened with evidence that amounted to no more than the same domain (gmail is one of the most common) and the same date joined, possibly back to back.

    Do you not know how an IP address works? I can see your entire IP. I blanked it out in the screenshot I posted, you ignoramus.

    Part of me wants to ban you, but you putting your idiocy on display like this is far more entertaining.



  6. 17 minutes ago, TheRebalancer said:

    Edit: I FIGURED OUT THE QUOTING SYSTEM. Just don't "fight" the formatting. Use the multiquote add in the tiny "Quote 1 post" button pops up instead. Most forums' multiquote is kinda bad but this one is actually pretty good. The only downside is that you can't "do things manually" very easily. I wonder if I can delete my old posts to deflate the post count to its normal  6 or so.

    The quoting system is fine outside of mobile, where you can't move the quote boxes. It's a learning curve, though.


  7. 53 minutes ago, JKnox said:

    And apparently I came here "guns blazing" with my previous post despite just giving my view on the complaints the previous poster presented, and apparently I missed an unspoken or unclear rule that would have allowed me to present that point in a manner that wouldn't have been taken as aggressive. I used to post in Insane Difficulty long ago, eventually became inactive and still don't find myself motivated enough to become active here. The only feedback I wanted to give is that if, at any point in the future, you find yourself going through the site analytics, trying to understand why the community side of the website isn't growing as fast as the hack downloading side is, just know that tone policing is detrimental to any online community. Hope it serves as food for thoughts at least.

    I may or may not have confused you for the other guy.


  8. 3 hours ago, JKnox said:

    Now, this is still a non-issue, people can still post this info in other forums. The admins of this subforum can forcely regulate it in any way they want and players can choose to join the community based on that, but having The Rebalancer's perfectly reasonable posts be identified as "toxic", by an admin no less, speaks more, and not in a good way, of what the "traditional" posting etiquette is around here. Just letting you know.

    I'm not sure if that's his first post, but from ninjas tone I don't think it is. Even if it is, if you're toxic, we'll let you know. It's how we've always been. 

    BTB let's other people bludgeon his disruptive members rather than do it himself.

    Sorry for the double post. The quote formatting is troublesome for editing on mobile.


  9. 9 hours ago, TheRebalancer said:

    @Mishrak that argument can be reductio ad absurdum'd: why tell the player anything? They can have "fun" grinding out tests to reverse engineer the algorithms themselves. See timed attack and roll forumlae for Dark Souls to see it in action: the average player just shrugs and asks the guy doing the tests. 99% don't bother testing for themselves. They either look it up (like this thread is asking), or they complain about it. I prefer to be helpful (and funny) rather than pull things down. 

    I can and will edit your posts to make you sing "I'm a little teapot" if you're an ass though. You're a guest here, my man.  We don't know you yet. Coming in here guns blazing won't earn you any kind of desirable place here. This is our house. 

    Time you started acting like it.


  10. Alright, you've convinced me.

    I'd like to point this out for everyone: when you don't like something the staff does, this is how you speak out -- you make a reasoned argument against it. This is how you will get us to listen. That goes for all the Administrators, not just me.

    Bravo, sir. My hat goes off to you.


  11. As an update to everyone, I received word from FFTA, one of the other former Administrators of Insane Difficulty earlier tonight.



    Whatever happens from here on out, just know that this man was not to blame. He tried purchasing the site himself, but Archael would not have it.

    If he comes back here, I intend to welcome him back with open arms, and I expect all of you to do the same. He loved Insane Difficulty just as much as anyone else, and he tried just as much as the rest of the Administration to save it.


  12. 58 minutes ago, Augestein said:

    Yeesh. This seems like an actually difficult Pokemon game. I'll be honest, the idea of a customized party from Pokemon always intrigued me, but the games were so easy, that there was no point in theory crafting too much, and the Meta game isn't exactly fun to prepare for. So it's nice to see someone else having a hard time with this. Even if it's a challenge. 

    Yeah man, no kidding.

    I'll be picking this up again soon. Been on a serious World of Warcraft kick lately.


  13. At the request of @Aura Of The Dawn I will be putting story elements in spoiler tags.


    So! I've had a lot of progress since my last update. Let me just kind of get that out of the way first.


    Level: 41

    Bite / Dragon Dance / Twister / Wing Attack

    Boy, Aether, you've grown. Delta Pidgeot learns Dragon Dance, making him a powerful sweeper when given the opportunity. I gave him Wing Attack to hopefully mitigate his fighting weakness, as that's a pretty prevalent type in Insurgence.


    Level: 41

    Ice Beam / Calm Mind / Thundershock / Shock Wave

    Kyrie has grown a lot as well, into a beautiful bleach-blonde transvestite. She's a special monster, with Calm Mind and Ice Beam. Thunderbolt is soon to follow.


    Level: 43

    Calm Mind / Leech Seed / Psychic / Dazzling Kiss

    Look who it is! Saphira is pretty great defensively; her EVs allow her to have strong defense, while Calm Mind both boosts her sweeping potential and covers her special defense, though I've been considering giving her a screen instead. Dazzling Kiss, combined with Leftovers and Leech Seed, makes her a pain in the ass to KO.


    Level: 40

    Bite / Rock Slide / Dragon Dance / Chip Away

    Titan's getting there, but he's not quite fully grown just yet. Rock Slide combined with Dragon Dance has made him invaluable so far, and I expect that to continue, especially once he reaches his final form and can properly utilize his armor.


    Level: 41

    Flame Wheel / Iron Defense / Flame Burst / Iron Tail

    Veritas is kind of in the same boat as Titan. He's got Flame Wheel and Iron Defense, two very important abilities that lend themselves very well to the type of pokemon he is. This team is designed somewhat more defensive than normal, and it's starting to show in their movesets.


    Here comes a new challenger!



    Delta Torterra


    Water Absorb (self-explanatory)

    Adamant (+Atk/-SpAtk)

    6 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def

    Earthquake / Curse / Razor Shell / Recover

    This guy is an absolute monster. Earthquake, Curse (-spd / +atk / +def), Razor Shell (strong phys water), and Recover? Jesus. 

    I found out that I needed to change it up a bit, since Larvesta is pretty lacking right now. So I made a new rule: I can change out to other delta/armored pokemon. I'm not sure what limitations I'm going to put on this rule, but Hard Mode is proving to be much more of a challenge (given that I'm sort of breaking pacing with this challenge) than I thought it would be. I love the soft level cap it imposes based on story progression.

    There wasn't all that many noteworthy things that happened (I forgot to screenshot almost all of it because I didn't think there was any interest in this), but this was by far the best.



    This is why I was considering switching to Light Screen, because fuck this mess. It really outlined an issue with my team.

    But I'm gonna continue and post more stuff tomorrow! Just wanted to give you guys an update.