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  1. We hate you too. :]
  2. You are great. You really are.
  3. Context? Not needed for this one. It's just very nice as-is:
  4. Archael shut down the YouTube channel and most, if not all, social media pages/accounts related to Insane Difficulty, in conjunction with the take down of the ID homepage. I'm pretty sure the SSCC Archer videos were on such an account.
  5. So, I've made a light theme. I'm not proud, I've just semi-randomly shifted some of the color codes to its lighter counterpart. The result of this quick-fix is not great, but it's there, and it is usable. I'm gonna try and tweak it, but it's not super straight-forward what changes what, so there's a lot of trial and error needed.
  6. From announcements on Discord: You can reply in this thread, if so.
  7. Just wonderin'. I'm playing it quite some at the moment, but I have no in-game friends. D: I play on the PS4, btw.
  8. Simple answer: The game is good, the animations are fine. Slightly longer: If you want an updated Mass Effect 2/3, then you'll probably get a bit disappointed. The game would probably have been received better if the name was "Andromeda: The Initiative" instead, with no ME affiliation. The multiplayer part of the game is quite a lot of fun, if you ask me. I came to the game late (Hi, I'm Patient Gamer), so I never experienced any of the animation glitches myself. Both the graphical style and the game play takes a little time to get used to, but again, that's most likely because I compare it to the Shepherd Trilogy. All in all, it's a good game and the campaign is worth at least one play through. I don't know how long I will enjoy MP, but I don't see me being done with that for some time.
  9. Yeah, it was just an idea, I play FFVI (and BNW) too little to have a good understanding of what would work where. Carry on! :]
  10. The logical balance would be that you could turn off overworld random battles, but all caves, castles, dungeons, whatever -- "zoomed-in places" -- still have them. If that is anything that they can code without spending 1000 hours of reverse-engineering? Is bob you uncle, @Synchysi?
  11. Heya, nice to see you here on NG+! Welcome. :] Most of the ID community made their way over here. :]
  12. Overhaul in what way? Reorganize with different/more categories, or something a completely new look? Of course, trying to improve the current layout instead of replacing the download section with a different solution is preferable.
  13. Low RNG skills are only really a good thing to add if you plan on them being used when you have control over the situation (so a miss doesn't mean that much). Like, invite is a good example -- it's not really to be used in a hectic battle where all your moves matter, but I wouldn't want it removed completely just because it's a low percentage. But that's corner case more than anything, and has little to do with actual battle balance -- High RNG risk elements simply isn't a smart way to go.
  14. If there is a will, there is a way, but mod requests have never worked out in the past, simply because nigh all mods are created because the creator felt like creating it, not because there was a request for it. What I'm saying is that the biggest chance for you to get a FFX-2 mod is if you make the mod yourself. But you never know.
  15. I listened to it the other day and did my very best to try and figure out what you sang, but no luck there! I'm gonna give it a couple more tries, I had a good laugh the first time around. Thanks a lot.
  16. Actually, it's not a temporary link, but I'll upload it again to another service if you have problem with ge.tt. This, however, is temporary (though 30 days, so should be ample time to get the file): https://ufile.io/9vdli
  17. My gift is for @Polaris: A little choir of Kaffes wishing you happy holidays! http://ge.tt/7PKZBqn2
  18. Sup

    Nice to have you back!
  19. Yeah, it was introduced with one of the newer versions of Google Chrome. I don't know if Chrome is rendering it wrong, or if it's the theme that doesn't use standardized code. Either google must fix it on their side, or we have to update the theme. For the time being, be patient and maybe try browsing NG+ with a different browser. We'll investigate further when we have more time (probably after the holidays).
  20. Heya, welcome to NG+! Nice that you found your way here. Have fun browsing the forum and playing the various mods, and feel free to join us on our Discord chat for the complete community expreience!
  21. In the past, I've made a song for Angel (not the one currently registered on the site, but an old member we now haven't seen in a while), an opening video to use for FFTA:X AI Tournament for FFTA, and designed a holiday greeting in Terraria for AuraPlatonic. And this is only what I've done. There has been all kinds of submissions -- Hart-Hunt made a chip tune out of one of my songs with a band I used to play with, and a lot of holiday greeting pictures have been made, either with ties to what has happened in the community, or just with a general greeting. ...you can do pretty much whatever, just do something nice.
  22. Secret Santa always stresses me out a little, but I'm always in. x]
  23. I understand most of the concerns, but it is still an interesting idea that definitely is worth trying out to see how it works in real life. If it works at all, it's a pretty fresh approach. Side-note: save scummers gonna save scum. Never design to try and block that. Only worry I see being, from my perspective, invalid. Edit: OK, the worry would be having to deal with those people on the forums/chat... >.>