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  1. I have a non-complete archive, figured someone would ask this question at some point. If anyone has a version not found there, I could naturally add them to my archive. http://ge.tt/6KulMBm2
  2. To answer your question vaguely, I always find it weird when people wanting something don't seem to do a minimal effort to get it. I'm also being a little bit of a douche.
  3. As you don't even look around before asking for instructions, I'm unsure that you qualify as a closed-beta beta tester. *whistles*
  4. I don't know, but adding a new rom shouldn't be an issue. Meaning, you could use a normal FF3US rom file and upload that, instead of using the copy provided via the SNES Classic. BNW doesn't have platform specific releases, but aims to be compatible with the original hardware (and as such, should work well with most emulators/variations to play SNES games). This doesn't mean that it works on SNES Classic, just that it is very likely to work. Why not simply try it out? You could report your findings here, probably interesting information for more people around these parts. :] Answered to the best of my knowledge. Knowing full well that I'm no expert in the area, I welcome being corrected.
  5. Hmmm, better come up with something new to complain about now... Any ideas?
  6. I cook every day. I'm bad with recipes, though. I should more often write down what I do when I make mad creations in the kitchen.
  7. They work for me?
  8. Hello there! ...and if you don't have Discord, click "chat" to get it. ;D
  9. Fixed!
  10. @zombero should check in sooner or later
  11. I have not been around the past week, my activity is a bit on and off, so I give you a welcome and well met here! There's a lot of great hacks around, so just dive in and have fun.
  12. We hate you too. :]
  13. You are great. You really are.
  14. Context? Not needed for this one. It's just very nice as-is:
  15. Archael shut down the YouTube channel and most, if not all, social media pages/accounts related to Insane Difficulty, in conjunction with the take down of the ID homepage. I'm pretty sure the SSCC Archer videos were on such an account.