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  1. So was the lvl cap put back to 30? I hit 30 in Rose Forest and there's no longer level up or "new technique learned at lvl xx" info. Is it just that I'm essentially playing 'easy mode' with the Content Version?
  2. thank you for answering. i'mma give content mode a playthrough just to get back into things and then i may go for normal mode.
  3. it DOES seem a bit easy, but is there a difference between what you can find and do in the two modes? And yeah, i hopped on the Toad standing guard on the side hallway and found a chest.
  4. hello~! I played SMRPG:A v.8 a couple years ago....i think i downloaded it off of Insane Difficulty...Anyway, I decided to go looking into the game again and saw V9 here. I just downloaded the content mode version i believe, but i;m wondering what the difference is between Content Mode and the regular v9? P.S. was the hidden chest in Mushroom Kingdom (above the doorway heading to the Chancellor's room) removed?