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  1. does the mod works if i add a translation patch?
  2. Hey man, is there a way to reset job levels? I did a dumb job combination, i think i can fix it with a new game+(max job lv increases), but i just wanted to know if there is an option to reset job lvs to re-grind again
  3. That's a lot of work done haha, the esper bonus system alone would already make me wanna play this. I'll be basically a new game for me
  4. I never played any ff6 hacks this will be my first one , i guess I'll wait to start with 2.0 Idk what it is all about since I've only played the original game with different translations patches
  5. On Games & Bad Design

    When i first played ff6 (final fantasy games were my first rpgs ever played) i didn't know about the rpg genre, i had no knowledge about many things in the game(stats, equipment, etc) took me a while to understand but i had fun playing it. I got to know about "rom hacking", "bugs in the original games", "useless stats" recently so i can tell the bugs are only a problem when u know about them lol and yes i had fun playing original/bugged versions of the games and now im having fun playing mods/hacks We have to understand that these games were made years ago, in a different time with different concepts and even so the games are rly good and that's why people are always looking for new mods/hacks of these games, i myself have played ff5 many times with different patches and im currently playing ff5 void divergence hack and im looking for ff6 hacks too You guys should never stop with Rom hacking, it's a great work for the people who love old games and for people who will get to search about it after getting into old rpg games(like myself)
  6. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence

    I downloaded this hack few days ago and im having fun playing it, thanks for the great work. Edit: i made this account just to comment about this hack haha cuz of how good it is compared to any other hacks I've played
    Best ff5 hack I've ever played