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  1. Poll topics error

    Yep, we know. I've been bugging the admins to fix it, but... well, it's not easy >.>
  2. Crusader isn't at the Fanatics Tower. You bought Alexandr at the Fanatics Tower. If you're looking for Crusader, you might try looking where Alexandr used to be.
  3. EL reset bug

    This is rather amusing.
  4. It's an exit that was there in vanilla, and the only place that sprite was used.
  5. Loving the Humor!

    Glad you're having fun!
  6. Setzer's re-recruitment scene is my personal favorite. They say "write what you know" and apparently drunk and depressed is... pretty well-worn territory for me >.>
  7. Editing the mod

    Yeah, we need to break the ROM so that USME stops recognizing it. This keeps happening.
  8. Well, I suppose this is a testament to how much of a pain in the ass saving him was in the original game.
  9. Aside from the fact that it's ostensibly a bugfix, it counter-balances the fact that the new Dice math is effectively a buff to an already-powerful weapon.
  10. Several of our players are running on a SNES Mini and the only real problem has been that updating it is a huge pain in the ass.
  11. Dealing MP damage to Wrexsoul stalls him, which can prevent him from possessing you. The drop is always the same - this is why Shemp appears at the beginning of the fight.