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  1. There was absolutely no reason to drag out the Whelk fight, especially considering that the thing he was meant to teach (the active battle system) was coded out of Brave New World.
  2. Given that the colosseum is uncontrollable, I've deliberately scaled back on the difficulty there since it's mostly fake difficulty.
  3. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    The translation patch just goes on top of the base one, so you'd have to make a new one. Since it's just dialogue and names, there's no problem with switching up on an existing save file. I personally frown on the vanilla patch because it's something I spent 9 years writing made deliberately bland for people who like to bitch. It's literally BNW with a personality-ectomy misrepresented as something closer to the vanilla translation, whereas the only thing it has in common with Ted Woolsey's script is... well, just being bland. I hate the damn thing and I hate seeing someone who falls outside of the very specific target audience being made to believe that it's their best option for playing through the game.
  4. Either that script posted earlier is missing an FE or Gi is using a nested conditional - those should be avoided.
  5. I've been quietly gathering bug reports since the release of 2.0 for a minor bugfix update at some unspecified in the future. Sat down over the last few days to work up this tentative changelog: • Wagers are no longer lost at the Colosseum if you lose the battle (Bropedio) • Defending now doubles a character's chances to cover healthy allies (Seibaby) • The "Blind" status now affects your chance to successfully steal (Bropedio) • Celes now remains in her "Defend" stance as long as Runic is active (Bropedio) • Golem no longer blocks non-damaging attacks or inherits elemental immunities (Bropedio) • Elemental attacks which are nulled or absorbed no longer attempt to set statuses (Bropedio) • Fixed the exploit where status-prevention relics would cure negative statuses (Seibaby) • Cyan's starting vigor is now correctly set to 42 (instead of 43) • Bad Breath no longer incorrectly sets Sap • The Cursed Shield now correctly sets Sap instead of Condemned • The Kunai and Ninjato now correctly possess the "strong against flying foes" property • The Punisher now correctly grants the critical damage bonus to the Dark spell • Crawlers no longer use Magntidue on low-level parties • The South Figaro basement is no longer accessible prior to Locke's scenario (Bropedio) • Adjusted the timer in Phantom's script (should prevent "cheap" RNG deaths) • Changed the behavior of the Cyborg/Robot/Android enemy group when hit with bolt damage • Lowered the magic defense of the Wight/Wraith/Revenant enemy group • The "Ninja" enemy group can no longer re-vanish as a counter to having the status cleared • Behemoths are now correctly immune to Sleep • Slightly adjusted Atma's script to further reinforce the battle's intended mechanic • The Tentacles now have the correct (lower) magic defense • The Hoodwink and Windrunner enemies no longer always open with Blight • Curly now heals Larry and Moe more frequently • Wrexsoul now correctly drops Force Armor instead of Genji Armor • Removed the new Ebot's Rock save point as it could potentially softlock your save file • Fixed a minor targeting error in Hidon's script • All of the Hidonites are now properly flagged as undead • Changed the overworld sprites of the elemental dragons to correctly match their color • The White and Green Dragons now lose the sap status when healing themselves instead of gaining regen • A certain hidden boss is no longer mandatory once triggered and now better telegraphs its attacks • Fixed an oversight in Asura's script whiched allowed her to potentially use N.Cross twice in a row • Fixed an error in Kefka's script that was causing Meteor to be cast more frequently than intended • Fixed several other minor bugs --> The Lich and Kudzu rages are now listed in correct (alphabetical) order --> The Mute status no longer prevents Gau/Gogo from using Aqualung with the Chimera rage --> The 5x Chickenlip and 5x Anemone formations are now leapable and will appear on the Veldt --> Set the correct battle entrance animation for Zone Eater and Land Worms --> Corrected the value of a certain hidden rare item (0 -> 2) • Clarified a few pieces of advice in the dialogue and renamed a certain minor character • Fixed a display error with the physical defense indicator in the .xls version of the BNWCP
  6. Final Fantasy 6 Brave New World 2.0

    For the love of God, don't use the vanilla patch.
  7. I never really considered the fact that since the player is now greatly encouraged to head back north, they might stop by Kolhingen. More likely, they'll chocobo it up there and back, making the Kolhingen stop less likely. I never asked for Shadow to be removed or anything to be changed since it's unnecessary event work and I rather like the easter egg you get if you take him there.
  8. It's a 33% reduction. Safe is multiplicative with the back row. Both are overridden by defense-ignoring attacks.
  9. No Item Command run

    Nobody has. Obviously, you'll need to make an exception to recruit Gau. You'll also have to establish in battle/out of battle rules.
  10. That's why I changed its color to red. It was blue in vanilla >.>
  11. Shadow: Real Ultimate Power

    Plug some numbers into the damage calculator and see
  12. Shadow: Real Ultimate Power

    The flip-side of that is that higher vigor and stamina ups his survivability.
  13. No lores or espers are missbale, and your odds of actually not encountering a rageable formation are substantially low.