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  1. I've managed to beat all the bosses in under a day. Even the boss rushes were pretty neat too. Great mod!
  2. uhhhh idk how to fix this empty box bug
  3. is saving over a file gonna work? I did that and the exact same file appeared when I downloaded another boxes were still empty.
  4. It led me to my previous save, are you sure deleting it will fix the softlock?
  5. No, the US rom I deleted because that's what softlocked me at the ship.
  6. I'm using Lunar IPS to patch the rom.
  7. I found a glitch in the doom cake boss where you're unable to target it, but you're able to target the special tab's text and character text?
  8. Is there a reason why most of the item boxes are empty?
  9. Does bad checksum mean something went wrong when patching? I went and got another download copy to patch and that happened.
  10. Yes, I am using Snes9x 1.53
  11. I am unable to move upon entering Jonathon's ship, softlocking me.
  12. Toadstool's Ultima special is broken. It did a loop of the animation forever and had to load state.