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  2. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v2.0

    I'm sorry for praising this version of the mod so high. I set the values of some late bosses too high and the random encounters in europe have too high magic stat in general. I'm gonna come up with new version of this mod at some point that's gonna be way better. I'm gonna tune the europe enemies strength up and lessen the magic. I'm changing Zhuzhen Margarete and Keith into characters that're able to take on later bosses with Yuri all having their pros and cons with different character combos. I'm doing the testing on final boss right now and I see I had it tuned too high. There will be lots of changes for the better in next version overall.
  3. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    Triggering the sun field effect hasn't been removing swamp damage for me. For expert level scaling, is the monster level used or the "Tier" listed in the misc. number madness?
  4. thzfunnymzn edition of Brave New World

    Posting because there's been a major update to Lol New World. The odds of Gau's Rage is now stamina-based. Base stamina Gau now starts at 59/41 odds for rages, and fully built, can get up to 92/8 odds for Rage. I removed the stamina-based damage Rages and even nerfed the stamina-based heals, because that is some NICE consistency coming from stam Gau. Rage Belt is there for static 50/50 Rages (like vanilla FFVI); a speed built Gau could perhaps play with that to gamble on Rages with good secondaries. I've also imported even more of Nowea Hard Type AI/boss edits, as well as extensively re-designed the elemental dragons. On top of various other minor and modest changes (as listed in printme). Enjoy.
  5. Hi and thank you for playing my mod. That old FtNW mod is grindfest and you've probably been constantly lower level than intended. I've seen plenty of problems in the past mod as I've worked on it and are working to make it much better overall. But I've also started working on new version for my updated Shadow Hearts 1 mod. The existing updated mod is great as it is but there are some things I wanna better in it. Most notably giving Zhuzhen, Margarete and Keith group damage / party heal to one of their later abilities to make them actually considerable characters to use in later battles/bosses. What a concept, right?!
  6. That's right, I didn't want to use every Soda Tab so that players aren't forced to collect every single one to get their character upgrades.
  7. Hello, I've been keeping track of your updates every 2-3 weeks just to see if anything's changed and I saw you were going to start working on SH:FTNW. I was playing with your Grace mod again recently, but gave everyone +2 to each stat with Seal of x via cheats. It made your mod a lot more manageable, and as I kept playing, the increased experience and cash finally kicked in at Roswell. So it's every area/dungeon beforehand that doesn't. Also the Pit Fight was arduous with the hard mod, particularly the fight where you have to defeat the boss using a 32 hit combo while having the enemy airborne. The enemy in question has 70 health instead of 30, so this became a chore. The mod was quite fun for the most part after using some cheats to make it more manageable, but it was really stressful racing against the enemy's turns because of how immense their Agility was compared to mine. I ended up giving everyone an extra 3 Agility later (on top of the +2, so +5 in total) via cheats to compensate this, which did help a *little* but not too much. I managed though, and got a decent ways through South America. One boss in particular, though, was literally *impossible* to fight. Kerufe already starts with 2 turns, and she begins by casting Gale on herself, so she's just constantly taking 3-4 turns in between 2 of my turns. I had to play on a vanilla disc just to get past her so I could continue the game. My only feedback/critique is that your mod is quite fun, for the most part, but tuning enemies' agility so high, especially in a turn-based game, is an incredibly risky decision in my opinion. When enemies are tanky, hit hard as a truck, and are also going before you *and* much more frequently, it just becomes more frustrating than it is fun. This was also an issue in the first Shadow Hearts, but was a bit more doable. I ended up losing interest in this one from having to spend too many turns in too many fights healing myself and buffing myself instead of just having fun with the fights; battles were incredibly cumbersome and less exciting due to how fast enemies were. Whether you are continuing editing this mod or not, I just hope you keep in mind about how much of an extreme difference giving enemies more frequent turns make when they're already made into dangerous threats. If anything, I'd rather they were a little more beefier because magic still one shots most of them.
  8. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v2.0

    Hi yaaas, it's Zed with new version of Imbroglio! This new release (v2.0) is the definitive edition and better than v1.3 in every way. So give it a go! Here's the update summary in a nutshell: - Probability of side effects from Fusion and character abilities decreased to 40% of og (etc. instakills and others) - Changes to random encounter enemies and bosses, making them better (especially giving them more magic power as the story progresses) - Exp and Cash gain is more even now (Up to Zhaoyang village og exp & cash, from Fengtian sewers to Kowloon Fortress 2x, from Kuihai Tower to Blue Castle 4x, from Rouen to Nemeton Monastery 6x. Optional dungeons same 6x, The Float 7x for having a bit more demanding enemies. Last portion of Float is weird so that goes with 5x exp and cash with enemies having less health) - Halley's 'Healing' ability gains more healing power. Seraphic Radiance's 'For Tomorrow' more healing and attack power. Sandalphon's 'Revive' healing increased from previous version. Good! Now I'll start working on better version of SH:FtnW. It'll take a long time so I'm not sure if and when that's coming out though!!!
  9. Super Mario RPG Remake releases

    The Mario rpg remake comes out.
  10. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    That's just a restriction derived from using the !drink item menu for !x-item. The biggest headaches with !x-item were obviously ethers and elixirs. A big hurrah for infinite action loops!
  11. Sorry for the confusion, I just wanted to play around with some of the ability availability between characters without resorting to the sage stone. Like getting might amp on bartz or something, and changing what abilities a job learns works well enough for that if I ever want to try something crazy. I just like tinkering with things a little bit when it's within my ability. One other small question, is it intended that x-item doesn't allow weapon swapping in combat compared to the normal item command? I'm guessing you had to hard lock every item you didn't want abused or breaking the game and the lack of swapping is a side effect.
  12. So, you got a limit? I reached the max potential. So now i can't grow my characters more? There is no point then to save more soda tabs?
  13. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    Most of the new job data should be somewhere in 31:xxxx I don't really understand what you're trying to achieve.
  14. Delete my account please

    Can someone delete my account on here please?
  15. Similar question, but would you happen to remember where you moved the ability data? or perhaps just its format? The original game had a list of 2 bytes abp 1 byte ability id listed per job in order, does the system you implemented have a similar list? Was wondering if I could use some of the unchanged abilities like learning and blue with their corresponding id's to find the new ability location.
  16. Cool hack. The changes are welcomed, and they do make the sibgle battles a littoe more challenging. I ├▒ike that there is more use to the multitechs, but i made some equipment changes to test differences in damafe and some techs do the same wether you have more magic or more power. So that is something to look out for. The og game had a really easy physical attack way of playing it. You cpuld go on most battles with ayla robo/frog and chrono and just press A. But now it feels like it's useless. I mean. I would like to be able to customize my fighter to be doing insane damage. I'm on tye ocean palace and the difficulty amp is a good addition. I like the fact that there is some new techs, i'm raising marle as a fighter so u want to try sky shot that i hope its phisical. I like the weird change in robo, but i struggle to see the benefit of him being a tank, since there is no indication or way of having him to get more damage, so it works as a proper tank as in most games that have that concept. Frog as a mage is, as much as i love the character, much more usefull than as an attacker. Water dual techs do lpta of dmg and heal is one of tye best healing spells. You amp his magic and he can maintain the party alive pretty well. Since buffs are moved in order and the attacks of rye enemies are stronger, it would be nice to have tye barrier and shield strenght back. To have some kind of strategy. Specially with the end of time fight. I'm afraid of fighting lavos since the last part is hard as it is, so now he must be insane. Been enjoying it a lot so far. So much that i stopped playing the other games and just dove into this. I'm a sucker for equipment configurations and customization. I love that concept.
  17. spoiler, chests

    Yeah, i figured the same for the other ones. Thanks
  18. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    The relevant values are somewhere in the ROM but don't ask me where I left them, don't recall. Summoner isn't relevant for ultima, that spell only counts which vanilla-category spells you have collected, not which the char can use. I think it was specifically where stats are derived from equip and everything, otherwise it would overwrite the old flag.
  19. Hey great mod, this is probably the most extensive romhack I've ever seen before. I was wondering though, would it be possible to change a characters job list with a hex editor? I have this weird vision of Bartz as a traveling sage but the min-maxer in me would want him to have summoner for a full strength ultima. I realize the sage stone is an option but if the job list is something I could toy with I think it would be fun, messing with character/job stats is simple enough but I'm not sure how the actual allowed job list is handled. Out of curiosity, was the permanent age thing accomplished with an on battle start script?
  20. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    Known issue, the game tries to load which skill to display for which char/class-combo and since I moved some stuff around and not adjust the credits, it is likely that it reads garbage that does whatever.
  21. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    Just beat the true final boss without casualties. The credits sequence was corrupted to the point that it abruptly sent me to a room of garbled tiles that I could move a little bit in, until I talked to a tile that caused a crash with a black screen. Not sure if that was supposed to happen...
  22. spoiler, chests

    That's right. The Red/Blue/White/Black Vests were removed. The stronger Mails remain. It's no longer possible to double up on Sealed Chest items by opening them in both eras. This is also true of the Hero's Grave Sealed Chests. This was done because doubling up on elemental absorption was too strong, and also to cut out the tedium of collecting them.
  23. Seiken Densetsu 3 - Sin of Mana

    Alright, I've been playing this hack on repeat for years now, it's a gift from the mana goddess herself. The only thing I wish could be implemented would be specific demon statues for slaying God beasts so I know who I've defeated when I come back to a save game or something similar like an npc in Wendel who can tell you.
  24. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v7.6

    New small update. v7.6 renames enemy skill "Catastrophe" into "Power Up" and removes its' Haste effect. GIM47N's Snipe Laser damage increased and Elite Soldier's Meltdown changes into Demi.
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