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  2. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    How should that work? I'd have at best: original 1.01e + SoM live version vs other 1.01e+ + current SoM dev version the ips patch would just create garbage
  3. Road to 2.0

    I can only have one and the same name for all of them, not one for each dunno, would be weird to have a proper weapon name and then 4x effect names instead of item names
  4. Road to 2.0

    Well some ideas : Duran : Paladin : Deadly Undead Lord : Free Counter Swordmaster : Critical only Duelist : Proxi Tech Up Kevin : God Hand : Counter Extend Warrior Monk : TP Heal Boost Death Hand : Armor Breaker Dervish : Berserk Wolf Hawk : Wanderer : Full Vanish Rogue : Critical Spell Nightblade : Desperate Tech Angela : Grand Divina : Painful Saber Archmage : Super Weakness Rune Master : MT LV3 Spell Magus : Full MT Damage Carlie : Bishop : Fighting Cleric Sage : Team Regen Evil Shaman : Weaken Ennemy Lise : Vanadis : Sabered Summon Star Lancer : Speed Cast UP Dragon Master : Antimagic 2 Fenrir Knight : Healing Counter No ideas for Ninja Master and Necromancer.
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  6. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Oh. Too bad then. It's still possible to make the ips file -- use the old 1.01e (post SoM patch) as a base, and use your new 1.01e (post SoM patch) as a goal, then use Lunar to create a patch. But would you be willing to do that?
  7. Road to 2.0

    Maybe "Ultimate" or "Unique Effect"? Alternatively just leave the original names since they'll be the only ones left with those
  8. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    short version: not happening long version: There's not enough ram to do anything fancy. The game only knows you have class X at level Y, not in which order those classes were gained or anything. Heck, I even had to remove the ABP count of individual jobs to fit the 10 additional jobs in. So with this I can't track if you should have +X STR from the first 30 job levels and the 40 levels after give no bonus. I could at worst do some nonsense where I take a weighted pseudo 30 job value but that would mean random stat fluctuation and destroy any semblance of planning on the players side. What I mean is for job levels 1-30 nothing changes and for 30+ stats are adjusted by: (raw stat bonus x 30) / total job levels e.g. at 40 levels you only get 75% of your total stat gains. If this was done we'd get into FF2(nes) territory and noone wants that. Even if that wasn't a problem I can't give you all of the abilities at the same time. You could only have about 74 abilities and all after that would be cut off. If you wanted every ability you'd need about 100 ability slots, so there'd be random losses as well. And any form of reset is right out. If it was only stats we could talk but the job abilities are a major game changer. Respeccing from a pure melee build for the first half of the game to a hyper specialized build for the final boss is not something I'll allow. If you've spent all your life mastering the sword and never even looked at a book you can't suddenly become an archmage. Imo FF5 should also be about the journey and not just disconnected challenges, i.e. your past (job) choices should matter. I hope that makes some sense. If you got other ideas for a 2.0 - have at it. I may look into making another update sometime down the road.
  9. Hey; signed up to say that I'm a big fan of the hack. I'm nearing the end of my first play through and think that this hack is by far my favorite way to enjoy FF5. I do have one suggestion for a new feature. Forgive me if what I'm about to suggest is already a thing and I somehow missed it. I was wondering if it would be possible for you to add a way to continuing leveling jobs past the 30/70 cap without gaining further stats? Perhaps a prestige system where you can optionally reset your job levels, removing all stats and skills in the process, but gaining an increase to the max job level. Levels beyond the original caps wouldn't gain stats, but instead only give skills. This would allow for people who want to "100%" the job system to do so, as well as add in a way for people who wish to respec to be able to do so.
  10. Road to 2.0

    The only thing I can't do there item wise is differentiate between the 24 class specific weapons.. so if someone has a better name than just "Champion" for those, feel welcome to write it. Char limit 15.
  11. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Sorry, can't do that. The only version of that translation I have left has been integrated into the main patch at this point. Forgot to make a backup before, lets hope I don't need it
  12. Road to 2.0

    OH My that such great quality of life here.
  13. Hey Lockirby, I'm sorry for not seeing your last post here somehow until now, but thanks! I'll take it all into consideration for the next version and look into those bugs. And very glad to hear you enjoyed the latest playthrough! That bad party merging issue on the Floating Continent used to be an issue many versions ago I'd always encounter, but I re-coded/fixed it sometime back and haven't had it happen since, nor seen it in any streams, so that sucks there to hear it is still somehow happening >_< I'm not sure at all what causes it to happen on a fluke, because I'm sure the event code is sound. But I'll take another look into it, I'd like to be able to see it happen again firsthand though, I doubt party members matter but do you somehow remember still what 2 selected party members (besides fusoya & oboro) you had taken there? If it's not that, I suppose some previous event code thing could stick and cause it to do that, but I'd have no idea at all what. But damn, thought I had it fixed 100%. As for Eiko's Summons, I agree it's a huge hit to her previous self, but those four Espers you listed I still feel are pretty darn abusable, perhaps not game-breaking, but being able to have the party so easily Clear or Golem status basically all the time I can't see how it wouldn't be imbalanced. Reflect is also something I've always felt really crushes much of 'the challenge', even the Reflect Ring I've thought about removing in the past. Being able to have the whole party Reflected at all times by way of Summon again falls into the realm of imbalance imo. Ark I suppose would be the least of the imo imbalanced Espers of those four, but still it is one that comes close to being cheesable I'd imagine on bosses... perhaps not though. I'd love to have my mind changed about those ones, but I doubt it would happen. I did in the latest version give her access to a new Relic, the Call Beads, which changes her Summon skill to Call, which functions just like the Magicite item in Vanilla where it calls a random Esper minus a couple such as Odin. It's obviously not as fool proof as being able to call the intended Esper over and over, but with Call she has once again access to those Espers to summon, so pending luck you can technically call them more than once that way lol. I seem to recall there was a bug with putting a monsters' Magic Point drop to 100, I'm sure I've done that in the past and remember there was some issue of it rolling back over or something, but I'll take another look into it.
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  15. Road to 2.0

    I take that as 4 weeks well spent
  16. FF8 Remastered - Extreme v2.0

    Another update: v2.0 halves Elemental Attack Junction power and Elemental Defense Junction power is now /4 of the original. Another change is you will learn Devour command from PuPu card again (wasn't happy with changing that) however now only the HP stat can be increased using Devour.
  17. Road to 2.0

    Oh boy, that looks handy as fuck
  18. Road to 2.0

    No idea. Instead I leave this here.
  19. Hey all, Ansehelm here, Some of you may remember me from the old Insane Difficulty forums, where among other things, I intended to make a Final Fantasy Tactics 1.4: My vision has changed substantially since those days, as the mod I created took on several other influences, such as FFHacktics TLW hack, but it also retains a sizeable amount of the features that I found enjoyable from 1.3. Anyway, I've put a lot of work into this mod, and while it isn't 100% perfect, it's at the stage that I'm ready to have it beta tested as I prepare to add the finishing touches. So, for those who enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics, and especially for anyone who participated on the old forums, I'd live to have your input on it. I've just hosted it on the FFhacktics forums, so go ahead and take a look at it there.
  20. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Jesus christ. I just downloaded 20+ ips/roms of 1.01 versions from all over the internet from many many sites. I even found 1.00 somehow. But none of them do what your version does. I'm aware you can't post the pre-patched rom, but could you please post the .ips file of the one you have? If not, a link to where you found yours?
  21. In addition to Charm and Rock Throw breaking the game in all sorts of situations (along with dual techs they're used in), the Sunken Desert sidequest seems to be broken. The hole in the desert doesn't appear on the world map so I'm not able to complete it. Also the description for Frog and Ayla's dual Tech Dropdown is "Inferno Toss" which seems wrong. All in all I liked the reduced speed on the characters. I didn't use any Speed Tabs or Haste on my playthrough and the Lavos Core was actually a pretty good challenge. Our damage output was so high with dual Techs that the Black Omen was trivial, but Lavos was certainly a challenge. I also remember Magus' Castle feeling pretty good as well (although Ice Water made the non-boss encounters there trivial as well). Thanks for the mod! Oh, one last thing. What happened to Crono, Frog, and Ayla's triple Tech?
  22. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Nope, she is Lise as she should be. It says the exact same as the other version there.
  23. Apparently, someone asked this question, and you answered this. There is v1.01 with bug fixes? Is this bug fix specifically for the translation errors, like the ones I mentioned?
  24. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    What da?! I sure would like that version. Is that the version where Lise's default name is spelled Riesz? And your translation version doesn't say whom it's by or anything like that in the beginning? For example, the 1.01e version says it in the character selection screen. If I knew who it was by, then I can search for it (hopefully) and download it myself. Unless, you're actually willing to post/send the translated ROM.
  25. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    I know of the Zable Fahr firebreath, Tzenker feather shot, Dangaard screaming, Gorva clouds, ... All of the following are behind item addresses but still "spells": Carmilla (Queen) bloody dance, Carmilla Queen heart attack, Slime Prince red glow, Harpy talon drain, Sea Dragon frost breath, Frost Dragon ice breath, Death Machine laser, Guardian laser, Cockabird 8-dir shot, Cockabird feather hail, Basilisk petribreath, Gold Unicorn K.O. attack, Chibi-Devil bubble, Grell dance, Grell Mage dance, Sahagin Bubble, Kerberos firebreath, Petit Dragon breath, Needlion needle spam, Golden Bulette armor buff, Petit Tiamat breath, Assassin Bug poison ball, Zombie breath, Siren song, Shadow Zero's nerf beam, Ruster Bug shot, Ghoul headless, Zombie Dragon breath, Firedrake firebreath, Jewel Eaters green spit, Lightgazer cloud for maximum confusion just look at Gildervine's Hammerbean. it is a spell and time freezing but does not darken the screen. Not 100% sure which exactly. I have the one that says: instead of 1.01e's:
  26. My playthrough notes

    Black Omen and Lavos notes I was certainly fatigued on this game by the time I got to Black Omen; enemy encounters just seem to have too much HP and everything takes a long time. The endgame sidequests felt very poorly balanced, but I suppose that's inevitable without overhauling the Magic Defense mechanics in this game. Balance was really good through the Black Omen. Bringing the right gear to each encounter made a big difference (and was often crucial to beating the encounter). The Black Omen itself is extremely long, so having some encounters take longer than they should contributed to my fatigue. All in all I think it was a strong finish to a mod that also started out very strong. Magus was definitely the high point of the game for me. Yakra and Dragon Tank taught me to expect very difficult boss encounters, and the game delivered on that in a few places (Magus and Giga Mutant notably), but the majority of the game didn't meet that high bar set at the beginning. I suppose the mechanics of Chrono Trigger only allow for so much challenge once you get to the endgame. Status effects are only relevant in that they remove Protect/Barrier. Healing is only relevant as to whether the spell affects a single target and the party, and whether it's a full heal or not. Magic Defense is only relevant as to whether you're maxed or not. I think that's why the start of the game (and Magus) felt so much more engaging than the end of the game; you don't yet have all your powerful Techs and gear. I think the base version of Chrono Trigger is in a pretty good place and I find it hard to imagine how I would improve the mechanics to make for a more engaging endgame. I wasn't wholly satisfied by the mod, but it kept me playing to the end. I appreciate all the work that went into it! Thank you, zombero.
  27. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Oh my. I didn't know that. Crap, I hope me screwing with some spells didn't screw up some of boss attacks (ex: I gave Rainbow Dust a non-damaging self-enhancements, and gave Ghost summon the Angel's Grail effect). Okay, I'll try that. I just wanted to see how to make the caster finish the casting animation before the spell animation comes out. That's really annoying for me. Btw, something neat I found out (that you may want to use for 2.0). The spell ID: F5 (it's called SBD) has a cool animation where the caster casts TransShape to the target, then immediately follows up with Thunder Jutsu. And the caster finishes his casting animation too. You may want to use it as a ST version of Double Spell. I know I am. Btw, which translation patch are you using for your SoM? You don't seem to be using NCorlett+LNFT patch, since you called Detect "Analyser" and Iormungand "Jurmungand". That means whatever patch you're using, you're using the more accurately translated patch. But someone already said that the official Trials of Mana is incompatible with your SoM, so that must not be it.
  28. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    No, I mean it exactly as I said. Some seemingly "normal" attacks are actually spells that don't freeze the game and may even have a different animation than expected or when used by you. hmm if you want to know... how about you put a read breakpoint on D7E204 and cast the spell in ST variant and then watch where it goes with that pointer? it may be a pointer but noone says it has to be the same bank or even a neat +0000 pointer; it could be added to C81657 for all I know to find the actual animation data at C8E241. No idea without looking at it, but really, does it matter? Just change the 2 bytes and see what happens.
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