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  2. Let's Play FFVII NT - 9 - Super Boredom World 1 Dang, I know how to attract them viewers with these catchy titles. But seriously, this episode is all flashback. If you're not curious about NT Sephiroth and you aren't excited to see me fight two dudes and a wolf, feel free to skip this.
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  4. I don't post there and would rather not so I wouldn't know.
  5. Pac Man is a great game to this day because you can play it several ways. You can play for score, leading the ghosts into the corners so you can eat them all with one power pellet. You can play for progress, ignoring the ghosts and focus on clearing the table. You can self impose challenges like stop moving after eating a power pellet so you don’t get the bonus points and extra lives. An RPG is boring if there’s one way to play it. If there’s really only one optimal build and anything else is wasting your time. BNW is very successful at this with the Esper system. Bosses are where this can come to roost, though. If there’s only one solution to the boss, it’s a bad boss.
  6. Hopefully this isn't something that's just out of the ballpark of what bnb&co are willing to do at some point. I'd be the first in line lobbing for a hard difficulty here, precisely because it's such a good mod and those are the ones where you really want to push it to the limit, as it were. Not to bash on the mod you mentioned but BNW could probably stand to have a hard more with just a tad more consideration and planning put into it than doubling enemy stats.
  7. thanks for the correction, and yeah I would like a more balanced 1.3 since everything went crash down once CH4 become a thing: Enemies with absurd speed/MA/PA/equipment and special units were a must unless you wanted to challenge yourself (bad idea on 1.3 to be quite honest) , a lot of options are either useless or inferior and finally, the player must play like it was a LTC since getting levels in a wrong class can easily ruin later fights
  8. Yeah don't get me wrong, I have faith that you guys have done a good job with this, but I won't know until I get to play through 2.0.
  9. FFhacktics doesn't seem to be down. What did they tell you over there?
  10. False. FFT's scaling depends on the highest team member on your party roster, including those outside the battle. So in 1.3, when you recruit a new character like say Marche or Agrias, they also join at a higher level, resulting in an inmediate increase of difficulty via enemy scaling. Lame in my opinion. I enjoyed 1.3 a lot, but its design in certain aspects is severely outdated. Sigh, I wish someone redid 1.3 in a proper manner, without doing something completely different.
  11. That's actually what's been happening in most cases, I just really haven't been discussing it much because I don't want to give anything away. The bosses who got HP cuts were the ones who REALLY needed it.
  12. I think a lot of people think that it's weird that Stamina is used in damage calculations. I kinda of like the spirit of the suggestion, that "Heart" (why Heart? What's wrong with Stamina?) would be a purely defensive stat, but I think you're going to find that it falls apart in application. Balancing would be a nightmare. It has to be very effective for it to trump a standard Vigor or Magic build, which means enemies have to become a lot stronger, which means the mod will become a lot more punishing to players who don't want or understand how to build a purely defensive Stam-Tank. And every party would essentially require one. I just don't see it working out. I also disagree with this: The animation shows the character throwing themselves in front of another character to defend for them. Why would they not attempt to use their shield or weapon to block said attack? As it is, I don't even like the 50% evade penalty. A lot of times it makes a cover character a detriment for the player, which feels terrible since the cover character required a an investment on the player's part.
  13. Nah, I've been saying the same thing. I'm also hoping that BNW doesn't become too easy. It's a tough balancing act because I want to recommend BNW to new time FF6 players and I don't want people to be put off by difficulty, yet I don't think BNW (1.9) is difficult at all. Hell, I've seen people seriously say that vanilla FF6 is a hard game. How do you win when people are that bad at a simple game? And those are usually the first people to start complaining. I've never even noticed that Inferno had "bugged" HP, fights have always seemed pretty normal and tense in BNW, as opposed to normal classic RPGs where the boss falls over as soon as you start figuring out the fight. I do agree that fights tend to devolve into a "rhythm" of using the same abilities on your characters for a few minutes straight, but I'd rather that be fixed with more dynamic scripting as opposed to just slashing HP values. Maybe at some point it might be worth branching off a "normal" version of BNW and a "hard" version of BNW. I realize that there's a hard mode mod for BNW already, but "enemies have doubled speed" just isn't a very interesting difficulty mechanic vs. different scripting.
  14. It was not rebalanced a second time.
  15. Also, I may have caught an error in the documentation: do Dart and Hand Axe really do the same damage (1.5 × LVL), or does Hand Axe do more?
  16. I decided to go with Vanadies and Arch Mage. Dark Carlie would work too, but I prefer Angela. If Hawk's jutsus worked against MDef I'd consider the Ninja Master, but Duran will have enough good weapons to choose from to justify sacrificing his equipment slots to max out his final weapon. Planning this team also got me thinking more about the Dragon Master. Propagating weakness to Moon Saber would be great for fighters to keep their HP up against bosses, though this would probably work better overall with God Hand.
  17. Sounds like you never got the Cricket Pie from the Mushroom Kingdom store, so I guess you need to do that first and then when you go to Frogfucious he should tell you to go to Star Hill, which I think doesn't show up on the map until after he tells you about it.
  18. What is he saying?
  19. Before it got "balanced", this fight was a total joke indeed, but now they over did it and now is impossible. So, I was wondering if it got rebalanced once again so that it's doable.
  20. I finished boosters tower and the subsequent part in marrymore. I went back to the castle got peach officially in party and told to go talk with mallows grandpa. I went to speak with frogfucious but nothing happens except the same repeating dialog as when you talk to him after mallow joins you earlier in the game. What do i do???
  21. Last week
  22. That WAS the rebalanced fight. Someone (definitely not me ) said the fight was a total joke in the initial release of normal mode, so it was buffed.
  23. So, it's been a while since I've played this game and I was wondering, has this fight been rebalanced yet? It did seem impossible in Normal Mode.
  24. FFT: WOTL Valeria 1.5.2 - Pillars of Magicks re-balance Hi everyone. I hope you enjoy FFT Valeria 1.5 update. There's a lot of changes that help us reacher to the ideal of every job and abilities are useful without game breaking balance. However, it seems balancing spells is yet to be completed. In my 1.5 run, I noticed a few things that needed to be addressed which are. 1. I never see Blind/Silence status infliction applied to my units. My best bet is Thief swinging Blind Knife/Mage Masher to inflict one but I haven't seen that yet from few story battles I can have 2. Summoner uses only basic spells because Titan has too long CT to cast on my units 3. Protectja/Shellja/Hasteja/Slowja spells are useless because it takes longer CT and MP cost for no effective gain to use over basic spells 4. Summon > Black/White Magicks in terms of HP damage/recovery and Toad/Death spell won't be enough to cover it Moogle and Faerie can heal pretty well and Summon has good enough damage and high level summon can outclass black magicks signficantly. The main reason I use White Magicks is for party buff and revive now. Some people also addressed issues about increased CT in WOTL's summon so I think this will be a good opportunitiy to re-balance magicks again for these four main jobs. [White Mage] Cure spells will have radius and vertical expanding on every tier for wider range of use. Curaga with 3 radius and Curaja with 4 radius that won't heal enemies will be very useful. In compensation of expanding radius on -ga and -ja tier, healing factor was changed from 30/40/60/100 to 25/35/50/100 and hit rate was changed from 255/240/220/200 to 200/220/240/255. I also changed Protect/Shell to have CT 4 with hit rate 180 and Protectja/Shellja to have CT 2 with hit rate 240 making -ja tier buff becoming more useful. Holy won't have chance to inflict Silence status anymore. Since permanent Reraise is no longer available, I decided to revamp revive mechanics to decrease MP cost of Raise, CT of Arise and buff hit rate/CT Reraise to be more useful fitting 1000JP to learn. [Black Mage] As Black Magicks already have spells like Toad and Death with strong status infliction, I decided to revamp spells in 4-tier Black Magicks with chance to inflict status and range as below. -Radius and Vertical will keep expanding on every tier like improved Cure spells -All 4-tier spells will have chance to inflict status (Fire - Blind, Thunder - Silence, Blizzard - Stop) -Specific boosts for Thunder (less CT) and Blizzard (more damage) will be removed This way, ja spell will hit at closer level to Leviathan with the same radius and vertical and have the same MP cost. Summon won't hit allies and have longer CT but Black magicks has chance to inflict status and have shorter CT. Since story battles has a few black mages too, you'll come across one of them casting spell to inflict Blind/Silence/Stop status more often making Echo Herb/Eye Drops being more useful to have. Since status infliction won't have high chance to trigger, there shouldn't be difficulty spike with these changes. Flare will cost 50MP and has 46 damage factor for effective re-balance too. [Time Mage] Haste/Slow to have CT 4 with hit rate 180 and Hasteja/Slowja to have CT 2 with hit rate 240 making -ja tier buff becoming more cost effective like changes I applied to White Magicks. Gravity/Graviga sems to perform fine so I'll leave as is for now. Meteor however was weaken a lot from PSX version with 60 damage factor so I'll buff this one up a bit to 45. [Summoner] PSX version has basic summon at CT 4, Titan at CT 5, and even Bahamut will have CT 10 only which make Summon a lot slower to use without Swiftness in WOTL. I thought it was finely balanced personally but some people who played PSX version before may find it too slow to use so I decided to decrease CT of most Summon abilities with some adjustments. I actually started from Summon re-balance first then apply re-balance to other spells later to make sure 4 main magicks are strong enough without losing to others. 1.5.2 -Added chance to inflict Stop status with 4-tier Blizzard abilities from Black Magicks -Added chance to inflict Blind status with 4-tier Fire abilities from Black Magicks -Added chance to inflict Silence status with 4-tier Thunder abilities from Black Magicks -Changed 4-tier CT scaling of Thunder abilities to 3/4/6/8 -Changed 4-tier damage scaling of Blizzard abilities to 14/17/23/32 -Changed 4-tier range scaling of Cure/Fire/Thunder/Blizzard abilities to 0-0/1-1/2-2/3-3 -Changed Cure spells healing factor ratio (30/40/60/100 -> 25/35/50/100) and hit rate (255/240/220/200 -> 200/220/240/255) -Changed Poison Strike/Oily Strike status infliction to be chance based -Changed Potions' price to 100/350/1000 in consideration with Auto-Potion being back instead of nerfing restored HP amount -Changed Protect/Shell/Haste/Slow to have hit rate 180 and CT 4 -Changed Protectja/Shellja/Hasteja/Slowja to have CT 2 -Changed Raise ability to have hit rate decreased (200 -> 180) and MP cost decreased (10 -> 8) -Decreased CT of Bahamut ability (15 -> 13) -Decreased CT of Carbuncle ability (5 -> 4) -Decreased CT of Faerie ability (7 -> 6) -Decreased CT of Ifrit ability (7 -> 6) -Decreased CT of Leviathan ability (14 -> 10) -Decreased CT of Salamander ability (12 -> 10) and increased damage factor (34 -> 36) -Decreased CT of Shiva ability (7 -> 6) -Decreased CT of Titan ability (10 -> 8) and decreased damage factor (28 -> 27) -Decreased CT of Odin ability (13 -> 10) and increased damage factor (34 -> 36) -Decreased CT of Zodiark ability (17 -> 15) -Decreased MP cost of Golem ability (40 -> 36) -Decreased MP cost of Quiescence ability (16 -> 8) -Decreased MP cost of Sylph ability (26 -> 24) -Decreased damage factor of Flare ability (48 -> 46), removed chance to inflict Blind status, and decreased MP cost (60 -> 50) -Decreased damage factor of Shiva ability (22 -> 20) -Decreased hit rate of Arise ability (180 -> 160) -Decreased hit rate of Revive ability (70 -> 65) -Decreased price of Remedy (350 -> 250) -Increased damage factor of Meteor ability (40 -> 45) and decrease CT (16 -> 15) -Increased hit rate of Reraise ability (160 -> 200) and decreased CT (7 -> 6) -Removed chance to inflict Silence status with Holy ability With introduction of more status infliction on Black Magicks and Auto-Potion becoming top rated reaction for beginners, I decided to increase price of potions to 100/350/1000 and decrease price of Remedy (350 -> 250). Auto Potion might seem useful to have but each trigger will cost you more especially if you don't grind much and want to save up money for Tynar Rogue. It's better to focus more on not taking hit and make effective turn. FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5.2 (PSP USA) - FFT: WotL - Valeria 1.5.2 (PSP EUR) - Now I've finished chapter 2 and I'm in preprations with errands and poaching for good weapons for chapter 3. If you have any suggestion after trying 1.5.2 update, please let me know.
  25. Dome dissppeared too.
  26. Replaying through Brave New World for a second time, and also I test out various build with each characters, I just wanted to share some thoughts. Last time I gave my vote to Stam Cyan, and I still think he is an awesome party member to have due to being insanely hard to kill, able to dish out good damage and keeping his ally alive through Cover and Cure 2 (which despite his crappy magic isn't to bad thanks to the Nirvana Band boosting it's power). But I have to take it back, now I will give this vote to Celes, it just occur to me last time I focus to much on her Magic, while that doesn't make her bad with this playthrough I just realise how much I didn't exploit her potential and miss the point with her, so the point of Celes is just she has the most balance stat in the game, so I decide to just do that giving 10 EL to Siren (10 Mag/Spd), 10 EL to Phantom (Vig/Stam) and 5 EL to Seraph (150HP/75MP). With this you just get the most versatile and flexible character of the game, due to her vast equipment selection you can gear her how you see fit depending of what you want to do, and just like that there isn't a single thing Celes can't do : -Offensive : Having access to Bolt and Ice spell selection makes already her deadly against all ennemies weak to these, but then she has a good selection of statut effect mainly Mute and Sleep for many randoms and Slow for bosses, she got Demi and Quatr for good fractionnal damage, Dispel for ennemies that buff themselves and then ???? comes to play in WoR (which I miss in my first playthrough) and OH Boy does she can dish some serious AoE damage with it, and then again comes Illumina with her consume MP for Crit bonus AND Holy as a Proc (there is only 1 Ennemy (outside of Wallchange bosses) in the game that absorb Holy and a lot of ennemies that are weak to it, and Holy ignore Defense) Illumina with a C/C set up and Oath Veil to boost the Proc rate can end up doing some serious damage. -Support : Her Cure 2 while not the best source of healing is still totally viable, she has Remedy and Life, she can apply Regen, Haste, Safe, Float and Rerise the only major buff missing is Shell, add to that she is resistant enough to Cover her allies (and as mention countering for some serious damage), Runic can protect the party from various spells if use right so you have a character that can protect allies from both Physical and Magical attack AND can heal them. So YEAH nothing to add there, there just isn't a single situation where Celes can't make herself very usefull, considering most character are better specializing in something havig character that can just do anything ad do it very well at that is just awesome. Want to add some other things in this second playthrough for other character : -Stam Relm and Stam Strago : I saw some people doesn't like these but in my case these are their best build by far, Relm and Strago share the same idea around their Stam Build, their base Magic Stat is already high enough to the point they actually don't need more EL in Magic, and their equipment already give them plenty of magic to perform well. As such their weakness is that they are fragile and don't have any HP's EL option, which is why Stamina is so good on them, it make them way less fragile as well providing them some usefull strong Regen ticks and a good Statut resistant. And as I mention they can still perform their magic very well with no EL investment. -Terra : So I test her famous Stam Build and... well while I can't deny it's good, I still think her Magic Build is her best build, with some Unicorn and Carbunkl EL to give her HP and MP (while still getting Stam, because regardless of the build she still needs it for Morph) and the rest in Maduin, thing is her spell selection is just to good to pass and by good distribution of EL and equipment she still get enough Stamina to make Morph viable and take advantage of the Regen and Statut protection Stamina provide, all of that while being able to destroy ennemies like nobody else buisness (which get ridiculous in Kefka Tower once you gain Ragnarok, enjoy the almighty over 8000 defense ignoring AoE Ultima) and awesome healing. -Gogo : I realise I didn't talk about him to much.... WTF was I thinking ? It just come down that Gogo's efficiency has so much variable into it but there is some things about, like I mention Mimicing Strong spell for Free Instant Cast, did I mention that this work with X-Magic ? Well it does so I just let you imagine how much destruction Gogo can cause when Teamed up with Locke casting Double Fire 3 or Strago casting Double Dark for instance, and also Stam Sabin and Gogo what's good about this pair ? Chakra, seriously just do Chakra with Sabin then Mimic it with Gogo it's an almost 100MP recovery for the 2 other, with these 2 your team will NEVER run out of MP pair that with Mag Terra destroying ennemies rank and Phenix Locke's healing and I let you imagine the result. There's also the classical Rage with a Rod, and access to anybody skills, just an all around good character.
  27. The enemies are in their high 30s because before each battle, the game calculates the enemy level via the party's average level (including Rafa and Malak which are WAY ahead of you). You either level up everyone on the team or just stop using them for a while Read above. Agrias and all specials have that trouble: Most generics will have the skills they need before you get the first one, so it's your call if you want to used them since they need some work Geomancers use both MA and PA to calculate damage, so it's a good idea to have a good score in both and samurais use MA or PA depending of the skill
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