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  2. It's a really minor bug, but after you get you can inspect the chest again and it gives "Nothing!", after which you can't interact with it. The chest even closes again if you open the menu or goes back one screen (if you didn't check it twice and got the "Nothing!" message). And, also, can someone please help me with the clock puzzle in Zozo? I've talked to every npc, but I can't get it right.
  3. Nice! You've gotten a lot better at doing the max jump, and it also looks like you've figured out some faster strats (like Smithy). I've got a tip for you that might help you reach that 3:20. Several of the later bosses have "lives". What this means is you'll reduce their HP to zero, then they'll heal back to full. Once you do this enough times, they'll be defeated. The important thing to note here is that damage from one life doesn't carry over to the next. In other words, for a fight like Smithy, you should be aiming to do 30,000 HP four (?) times, not 120,000 total damage. Keeping this in mind should help you avoid wasting turns doing an attack when the next character would take the life either way. Good luck getting to 3:20!
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  5. I missed them in World of Balance. Wondering if I can still get them from the coliseum guy in WoR.
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  9. For the record, the in game hook issue isn’t a BNW bug, it’s an FF6 bug. It’s listed in the compatability issues on the sd2snes website.
  10. We hate you too. :]
  11. Except now. Im doing an all in one test 😁. I'm reporting the MSU-1 bugs back to the 'Dancing Mad' guys. I havent found anything really game breaking yet. The MSU patch is pretty good just a few fading bugs at the moment. I'll turn off the hooks and see if I encounter the same issue again. Gonna have to get up off my fat arse to reset the game now😑
  12. It's worth noting that BNW hasn't really been all that tested with the MSU-1 patch. The in-game hooks thing is a known issue (with SD2SNES, I don't think we've had anyone play and report anything with Super NT yet)
  13. No worries. The Super nt has them aswell, so it may have been a double whammy. Funny how it took so long to show up. I thought it may be a hardware thing. Good to know these things are known.
  14. Hey SegaChief! Really enjoy the changes to 1.5 so far! I flew through the game, but am currently I'm stuck trying to get the White Materia. Whenever I beat the mimic at the temple of the ancients, the experience and items screens load correctly, but the game crashes immediately afterwards. I've had this issue before when I fought Jenova Life, but was able to bypass it by shuffling my party around. So far, I've tried over ten times with various iterations, reinstalled the game, patched with latest updated from QHIMM, and am still getting the crash. Any suggestions?
  15. In Game hooks are used to do thinks like soft-reset button combos in game. They're known to interfere with some games, like BNW. They're a feature to SD2SNES so you'll want to look around in the options of the cart to disable them. I've been told that there's a system menu before you load a game that'd let you disable them.
  16. Speed sorta has a soft cap now in terms of its raw effectiveness, with the example used being: Strago (31 speed) == 4 turns Terra (48 speed) == 5 turns Celes (71 speed) == 6 turns Shadow (126 speed) == 8.4 turns So I guess as far as speed is concerned you could try and aim for around 90~ as just a general min-max amount. (Though looking at the example it looks like you consistently get about 2 more turns for every +40 speed over 30, so it's not falling off too hard even if you commit to it.) Also keep in mind equipment makes a big difference in stats as well, a good example here being Shadow, as just putting 20 levels into Fenrir puts him at 82 speed so then if you feel like you don't need more speed than that you can equip him with Genji Armor to boost his Vigor and Stamina more and just ignore speed boosting gear. In short, you have to really go all in with both EL and equipment in order to hit numbers over 100 on a single stat, it's not like some games where the soft cap is something you can trip over easily just because you're investing in a preferred stat, and even if you do reach into the "soft cap" you're still getting about 90% effectiveness from it as opposed to something like only 50% effectiveness for investing past the soft cap. (Dark Souls comes to mind in this regard with how its stat soft caps hit hard once you get past them.) The Readme already covers much of this, but Stamina is in a somewhat similar boat, though some of its defensive benefits have a soft cap of around 90-96 for some like lowering Magic Damage variance and lowing the damage taken penalty that Morph suffers from, other things like the chance to Cover or the damage of special attacks that use Stamina such as Aura Bolt or the Atma Weapon will continue to get stronger as you put in more Stamina. But again though you have to really push your whole setup to break past 100 Stamina, as most Stamina setups will hit around 80-90 anyway because of certain pieces of gear you might want to use like a Black Belt that benefit from Stamina, but don't necessarily give Stamina themselves. So I guess the quick and dirty TL:DR of it is the soft cap for Stamina and Speed is about 90-96, but most setups won't break far past that unless you purposefully put all your gear into maxing out a specific stat.
  17. Make sure In-game hooks are turned off, and try it without the MSU-1 mod.
  18. In the IMRF I had the equip screen turn black once a slot was selected to be equiped. Once the the equipment was selected the screen returned to normal. This may be because I am using BNW over the top of the Dancing Mad MSU-1 mod. Or it may be a hardware issue, usind SD2SNES in a super nt. It happened a few times but not all the time, and it hasn't showed up in any other area yet.
  19. I hate you.
  20. You are great. You really are.
  21. There's a large amount of "It Depends" with those stats. It's very dependent on what the character's doing, their equipment, their opponent, whether they'll hit the damage cap, etc. Pumping speed as someone's primary stat is typically best for healer/support characters, as they aren't as reliant on vigor/magic for being good at what they do. In addition, characters like Gau don't even have a vigor/magic option and it's 100% viable to just put every EL he has into speed. This doesn't work quite like an MMO where you just "raise stat to <x> for softcap then raise a different stat"
  22. HAHAHA... OK... @thzfunnymzn, what are your thoughts?
  23. Well, at that point you probably want to talk to @thzfunnymzn
  24. This made me laugh and is fitting reference . You're correct in that I haven't played through much of the game yet, only up through the Battle of Narshe, however, I have spent A LOT of time reading through all the documentation, and know of the overhaul that's been done to the Esper level system and Esper Bank, as well as what Vigor, Speed, Magic, and Stamina now affect in the game. What I'm really interested in knowing is what are the "best bang for your buck" numbers to shoot for when choosing to increase those stats? As another example to the one in my previous post, if a character has 50 Speed and then is Hasted, would that same character with 60 Speed and then Hasted be faster enough to justify the 10 Speed points added through Esper levels or equipment? Because if not, then I could increase other stats or use that Speed increasing piece of equipment on a different character.
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