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  2. Awesome,this hack is very amazing,thanks for your sharing!
  3. (related to 0.90a) Raics, Great work you've done here. I've been working on a rebalance of my own, having been ignorant of yours... I find we shared a lot of similar thoughts about several issues, though you've clearly ratcheted these things up to level 10 compared to where I'd taken it so far! Only found this mod this weekend, so haven't exactly done extensive testing... only two separate runs into the mid chapter 3 (one law and one chaos). Have not had the chance to play with beasts outside of griffon and octopus, or any of the "humanoid" faerie / gremlin / reptile yet. My personal play style is to start from scratch, run through the story to the end toying various builds in vanilla, pretty much never do POTD / CODA for context. And then doing it all over again from scratch (new save, no wheel). So, from a not-at-all min max situation blinding rushing through the story, I feel the following: Magic Damage scales really weirdly compared to weapons from a leveling perspective. Chapter 1 is the worst, at the start of chapter one magic is completely OP and does double the weapon damage. By the end of Chapter 1, though that has flipped and weapons similarly outclass magic. It would seem this is because weapons have received two fairly significant upgrades in the form of 2H variants of weapon types, and then another upgrade on top of that in the shop by the end of the chapter, meanwhile upgraded armor on enemies has effectively nerfed magic damage.. The introduction of the AOE spells halfway through helps mitigate this somewhat, but that's offset by strengthen becoming available around the same time. This only really starts to stabilize a bit towards the end of chapter 2 when augment element ranks start to make some headway, higher ranks of spells start showing up. By Chapter three things seemed to have evened out; and maybe this is okay because the casters have utility they can focus on until the later chapters make the magic damage more viable. Just feels unsatisfying to treat them as buff bots for half a run. Or maybe I was just doing something wrong. Knight does a good job at meat shielding / zoning, and has more utility in the form of access to "cleanse" spells. Terror Knights do a decent job of being the Yang to Knight's Ying. Similarly Dragoon and Beast Tamer, fill a role related to beasts (countering or enabling them) and have a degree of utility / flexibility built in there. Warriors at least have an option to use a ranged weapon. Spellblade has obvious utility, and Vartan is basically a flying spell blade with weaker damage on spells (El Colas Winds broken good). All of these have a fall back pattern, "if I can't reach the enemy to melee, at least I can do Xxx" that mitigate any movement or positional lackings Berserkers, however, feel underwhelming compared to the alternative early to mid game "melee" classes. Berserkers lack that fall back pattern, and innate wade does little on most terrain to help with that problem. So I find them twiddling thumbs too often. Would love to either see their movement increased to 6, or be given a Dash (move +3 this turn for using TP). Similarly, Rogues ability to lay traps and other things do give them a fall back pattern, and steal is a unique ability... though given my play style probably offers limited usefulness. That said, would also love to see their movement raised to 6, or given Wild Hunt (which I feel is entirely unnecessary on Ninjas and should be removed, Ninjas have enough of a fall back pattern and safety as it is I feel). Love the attempts to make the skill level ups more reasonable. However, I would suggest the following based on my personal expected frequency of action: Further increase the MELEE weapon skills to 128 (Not as bad as vanilla, but ranged weapon skills still leveling significantly faster than their melee counterparts even with counter). Further increase Beast, Dragon, Undead to 96 Further increase Sacred, Demon, Golem, Reptile to 128 Drop Anatomy to 64 Someone else comment that status effects were too easily remedied by the AI. I tend to concur. I like that the buffs/debuffs have impact, and would prefer to see them less easily remediated. TBH if Knight's and anybody XxxProof were the only people able to cure some of the debuffs that'd be fine by me. As it is, any debuff I land is more like "make a random enemy unit waste their turn doing nothing" regardless of what the debuff is as one of the AI will invariably cure it. Warlock I tinkered with but... weird class at the moment, still trying to absorb information in this thread about how to use it. Excited to get to play around with Necro, White Knight, and other "unique" classes... May actually do POTD and CODA again after all these years Disclaimer: I'm perfectly capable of applying these above changes myself, and I likely will in the future to my personal copy. But I will at least finish one of those runs through Dorgalua before mucking with your work. Great job!
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    Hi, new member of the community here and I wanted to share some thoughts on this project that might be of interest to someone thinking about playing it. I understand that the author is working on a new hack of Ogre Battle but it is not fully complete yet, whereas this one is (I think). This may contain spoilers; I assumed that anyone reading this would probably be someone who has played the game before, but that may not be the case. Again, POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD Sharom Border -observed AI doing things that I had never seen before E.G. reacting to the boss being threatened by heading back to HQ, showing preference for attacking a weakened unit -lack of dependable retreat significantly increased the need for tactics and unit choice, as well as diversification in unit types that I had previously found unnecessary. For example, in all previous playthroughs my units tended to have gryphons, hawk men, and wyverns in them to achieve good movement in all units. Now, the restrictions this placed on what my units were able to do appeared untenable, which was fun! I used units I've never even looked at before. -I underestimated the AI at first, garisonning my cities with just one unit and not paying attention to what the incoming formation/units were. I had a city taken for the first time in a LONG time. It was cool though, it made me say "ok, I better pay attention to whats going on." Which is how a leader should think I guess...? Again, the emphasis on strategic necessity feels light years ahead of the vanilla game. Sharom -better enemy formations became evident in this map -the AI showed the ability to strategically target unit leaders, which is far more difficult to deal with due to the far more expensive price for resurrections. Not only does this make sense within the game world (There is even one guy in a temple somewhere who says to "watch your pocketbook"), but it forces the player to strategize more and, along with the retreat option being unavailable sometimes, creates exciting drama! -there was one moment where I was heading off a unit by leading them with another of my units, and the unit changed direction, apparently in response to this. I immediately thought "uh oh" and had to reprocess the battlefield based on the change. A great moment as if playing a board game with a skilled opponent. -I noticed that amazons were noticeably better, and lethality in general appeared to have been increased. The kicker was that the AI appears able to replace units forever, while a unit death for the player is a big deal now. -The reputation system appears to require more of the player, although this could just be a result of the AI being more proficient at disrupting a player's reputation gain by taking cities and killing high ALI units and such. *BUG QUESTION* I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I noticed that the unit's alignment does appear to matter when taking hidden cities. Lake Jannenia & Pogrom Forest -sadly, I was drunk when I played these stages and I have no recollection of them. I noticed after I loaded the save the next time I played that I had apparenly rushed the leaders, because my units were significantly underleveled for the next few stages. Also, either I managed to conquer every town and temple ad get every treasure while rushing the leader with enough units to kill them or towns are now auto-liberated and treasures disappear when you beat a stage. I haven't had the chance to confirm either scenario, but I find it VERY unlikely that I managed to conquer the entire area while still rushing the bosses. -Ghosts can apparently no longer carry werewolves. I took this as a note that unit "weights" had been adjusted. While significantly less awesome (I always imagined the ghosts dropping the werewolves onto the foe lol) it makes a world more sense this way. The changes to unit weight I noticed encouraged unit diversity. On another note, one hawkman can still carry four human allies, which is also a kickin' rad mental image. General observation - Units now cost nothing, which at first diminished the need to take cities for me. In the first three stages or so, I just found the best chokepoint, left a couple units at HQ, and sat on a town switching units out to chew through their forces. However, eventually I noticed that Tarot cards matter more. Their desirability has increased to the degree that for me, they were enough incentive to take towns and risk additional vulnerability. The ability to block magic or do additional damage with cards replaced the frequent use of items and revives that occurs in the vanilla game for me. As is the theme, strategic thinking is encouraged because tarot cards are more useful, but also very limited. I'm unsure if these system interactions were planned by the developer, but if they were, bravo. I sat looking at a paused battle screen several times, contemplating my options before burning a tarot card. Deneb's Castle -As I mentioned, my units were underleveled at this point due to my drunken buffoonery. This made it extremely noticeable when that one unit led by a wizard with two fire giants in the front row absolutely kicked my face in. Just destroyed everything I threw at it. I eventually managed to get past them when I got lucky and drew Justice and Sun cards, which allowed for kills on these units. I walked away from this with two obervations. 1) The amount of attacks units get have been altered significantly; these flipping giants had four attacks, and each one did half of one of my units health in damage. 2) Each stage seems to have "elite" units. This was the first one I noticed it in, but in Slums of Z and Avalon there appeared to be elites as well, units that performed well no matter what, and generally required 3-4 units or tarot cards to take down. They appeared to funciton as mini-bosses, and generally provoked a reaction from me as the player whenever they appeared. Although challenging, they enhanced gameplay for me by breaking up the montony of holding cities by having to shuffle up my formations to cope with the elites. Slums of Zenobia -Special boss characters appear to go through an attack rotation now. I think it was Debonair's second attack that was capable of obliterating most of my unit leaders. This had an interesting feeling to it due to the nature of battle in OB. Since I can't control units directly, I had to time retreats and tarot cards to some degree to deal with the overpowering boss attacks. Bosses generally seem to have gone from regular units with special sprites to dark souls-esque titans that require an army to take down. A side effect of this for my play was that a stage posessed an extra stage of movement at the end in which I surround the boss with my units as if seiging the enemy HQ, and then ordering a charge, which may or may not work. Without save states, this style of play would have been untenable, as invariably half my army gets slaughtered and the success rate was pretty much 50/50 (with Debonair and Gares as example cases). -*POSSIBLE BUG* This may have been an emulation problem (I was playing on a modded SNES classic), but I had to restart from an earlier save once when Debonair used one of his attacks. I think it was the second one in his rotation, and it scrambled the screen to an unplayable state (but did not crash the game). Island Avalon -*POSSIBLE BUG* Noticed some enemy unit names that were the same as my own units currently in my army. The funny thing about this was that when I noticed it, I had to double check my own units to make sure that the enemy wasn't able to use charm items >o< At this point, I was through underestimating the AI lol -Noticed new behavior from some enemy flying units in which they appeared to garrison faraway cities. Although they were pushed off in short order due to lack of support, it was interesting to see. I also saw land units attempting sea travel without being pushed into the water by a combat loss, which I had never seen before. -I had undead units at this point, and I had the thought on this stage that maybe holy magic no longer has a miss chance because I hadn't seen a holy attack miss an undead unit since their introduction in Pogrom Forest. Still not sure about this. -I got a lucky princess crown on the previous stage, and Aisha was crowned on this one. The change to princesses where they don't increase their own attacks is a good one (as well as the shaman class requirement). Their increased number of attacks highlights a point I've been meaning to make, the utility of switching formations on the fly. I had never had to do that in vanilla, but now there is a lot of strategic choice in switching up the unit's formation just before entering battle, depending on what you are facing. Unit efficacy appears to be much more a factor of strategic choice on the player's part rather than unit levels or stats, which is pleasant, for the most part. Kastolatian Sea -This is where I'm at currently. The lack of all flying units really hurts on this stage. The units I can get across the sea have been overwhelmed several times and I've had to start over each time. One battle kills (on my units) with many of the enemy's unit formations are common, and this is the first stage I've found frustrating due to the difficulty of recovering from these. Some things I haven't tried yet are switching living soldiers between units to maintain full unit formations, and shuffling my powerful items around at each fight to acheive the best possible results. The reason I haven't tried these is that, although they might work, they don't seem that fun. I decided to take a break for a bit and retry later, but I wanted to post my thoughts for whatever purpose they might be useful. Overall, I've had a great time playing this hack and I can say it is a multifaceted improvement on the vanilla game.
  5. Sounds good! I'll be sure to be asleep when you do it
  6. Yeah, although the level cap is 100, at level 30 the game still thinks you're at max level for certain things.
  7. Pff, ha thanks. Just got Bowser to 31. Well isn't my face red.
  8. I see your a moderator now so that's pretty cool! I will let you know when I'm about to do a full run. It will probably be tomorrow around 7 a.m. or 8 a.m.
  9. I don't remember but I think you should still be able to level up even though it says you can't. Try grinding a bit to see if it works or not.
  10. Hi! I'm playing V8 Easy mode. Wanna start by saying this rom hack is fantastic, keep up the good work! However I've run into a problem. I was under the impression the level cap has been raised to 100. I just reached Booster Tower, and my characters can't level past 30. On the stat screen there is no "exp to next level", and on the special screen there is no "next spell learned at level X" I patched a clean rom, and everything else seems to be working just fine, so I'm not sure what's going on here. I'm using Snes9X 1.53 if it matters, though I don't know why it would. Let me know if you need more info. Thank you!
  11. Yay! That's pretty exciting! Now I run it again!
  12. I've been waiting to make sure the run got accepted before saying anything, and I just saw it did. Grats! Now what?
  13. Sure, generics start at c59aa and the race template table is 64 fields wide, on that address and the following one is the base HP amount, then you got the base MP amount, then growth for HP and growth for MP. After that you have the eight main stats in their usual order, first the base amount and then growth for each one, and after that is RT. All generic races have four templates and are listed in this order, human male, human female, hawkman, lizardman, lamia, orc, skeleton male, skeleton female, ghost male, ghost female, faerie, gremlin, pumpkinhead, dragon, hydra, gryphon, cockatrice, octopus, cyclops, golem. All unique and named characters have separate racial table entries.
  14. Could you by any chance point me to the hex address of the generic base stats in the 03E8.bin file? I wanted to try tweaking a few things (namely playing around with base RT a bit) but I'm finding myself a little lost.
  15. Definitely an improvement, although in the future it's better to have the video include the captions directly. Reason being they're not just for people with sound turned off... it's to make it easier to tell what's being said.
  16. @Mishrak I believe you had a different experience with this, yes?
  17. I've got 13 videos uploaded today!
  18. Last week
  19. @Doomsday31415 check this out - I added captions to one of my 10 minute videos.. It took almost an hour but I think it will be worth it overall. Just press the captions button at the bottom of the video! Tell me your thoughts since it was your idea!
  20. On an added note - people who are searching for end game content will enjoy this, whereas people who aren't may be more critical. I personally found that this game (among other hacks) lacked SERIOUS thread information and SERIOUS video information. Scouring endless stream videos just to find simple things out is annoying and usually ends with me back on Google - that is why I made these videos. As time progresses I will certainly invest in higher quality Cam and mics. I do appreciate yours, and everyone's, feedback.
  21. Although I agree with you, no one is going to close my videos on quality because on I'm the only real tutorial that exists for this game. Unless they Midway decide to search the deepweb in hopes (like I did) of finding information on stuff they don't even know exists... As far as sound quality.. I intentionally was quiet because my gf was sleeping - my day time videos will be louder. Funny story though, I had to remake two videos because she started snoring in the background haha. I personally enjoy facecam videos WAY more than raw footage only - and mandatory is a minimum of voice audio. I will look into adding subtitles additionally for people without access to sound , I do think that's a great idea.
  22. No, just facecams in general. Also, poor audio quality will make a lot of people close the video almost immediately. As far as the subtitles go, I meant actually having subtitles in the video, not adding them through youtube. There might be some capabilities on youtube itself, but I haven't used them.
  23. Does YouTube have capabilities to add subtitles? I can go edit them in if possible.
  24. Do you mean quality of facecams?
  25. So this is just based on personal experience, but youtube seems to hate facecams. On the other hand, having subtitles is a good idea (something I should have done for my tutorial videos). It'll be interesting to see what happens here with v9...
  26. Hey guys, I've added several More tutorials, including how to farm frog coins, where and how to capture the lake guardians, and where to get 4 more Pokemon. This is far from finished!
  27. Well, we're just going to disagree on this one. Whether or not there's an online database with detailed help does not justify forcing the player to use it.
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