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  2. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    Lets see... readme? changes overview list? the second sentence of the description of the hack? not enough?
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  4. Ahh, I thought I read that new characters have their levels averaged. Celes was 18 when I went to the World of Ruin and remained 18.
  5. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    I have 265 gold right now, I bought boomerangs for 100 but otherwise I spend no money. Therefore right now even if I wanted, I could only buy one single skill. I'm still in the learning phase, that's why the difficulty curve is way too harsh here. I'm still trying to learn which skills I might buy later, because I don't want to spend my scarce money for some useless skill. The stat boosts from these skills should by no means be the make it or break it criteria already in the very first real dungeon. Besides, how am I supposed to even know that ALL skills affect my stats at this point of the game? Aside from the description of the passive skills, there is no indication, and nothing really indicates that active skills necessarily work the same way. You should change the tutorial NPC dialogue texts to do the skills proper justice. As the skills are a big deal for gameplay, it should be something which really is unmissable despite players ignoring NPCs all the time. Like changing one of the elcid people on the outside - especially give that NPC are very distingushable sprite, like a siren enemy, so that nobody dares to not speak to that one. Again, the problem is: At this point of the game I'm still in sniffing mode. That is, I'm still evaluating for myself whether I generally shall try out the mod at all or not. And in that sniffing mode the worse thing you can do is destroying me that badly. Unless it's explicitly supposed to be a hard mod - which START mode definitely is not.
  6. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    It sounds like you bought no skills at all which affects your stats.
  7. Lufia 2 - Age of the Sinistrals

    Finally tried it out myself, but I'm not too fond of it, however, because the tutorial enemies are way too overpowered. I did choose START instead of hard, therefore I expected a somewhat smooth and non-lethal experience at the beginning in order to get warm to the next changes. However, basically every normal enemy almost brings me down to 0 HP - totally impossible if there are 2 of them. And stronger enemies like a spider are flat out impossible to kill for me right now. Also Lizard Man effortlessly can 2HKO me, so there's not really that much I can do. Aside from grinding. I'm level 4 now and honestly, I just don't feel like grinding. Especially not in the very first actual dungeon. I might have bought some of the new spells, which I didn't, but that's the same issue: I need to grind for money. And I don't want to really spend money before I didn't get a decent grasp about what might be good to buy. The balancing at the beginning just is terrible. The first dungeon should be more like a playground instead of a minefield.
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  9. I honnestly see no reason to skip him personnaly, as mentionned he gain no extra level from being picked in WoR, instead he will start with Lower EL, the only benefit I can see is he will have access to his WoR's Esper sooner so if you were planning a build base on them it's a little benefit, to save extra money by not having to reset him.... or you could just not spend EL until he get his WoR's Espers.
  10. Most character levels get re-adjusted to (I think) 20ish after the FC (Celes, Sabin, and Edgar start a little lower). Whether you recruit Mog in the WoB or not will have no impact on this (unless you recruit him and power level him like a madman to 21+, in which case he'll keep that level instead). In short, if you don't care about Water Rondo (though it's pretty decent), then it won't matter much either way. You'll just have some catching up to do on ELs if you wait.
  11. Think it's better to recruit Mog in the World of Ruin if I don't care about having all of his dances and don't want to use him yet? Figure he might end up at a higher level if I take this approach.
  12. Feedback and Suggestions

    Thanks for the feedback, it was a good read, glad you liked the experience. You can get some necromancer marks and spell during the campaign, but the number of undead battles in different routes varies a lot so the plan was to add some necromancer related goodies to phorampa, so if you're using undead you have the option to go in there and stock up on some essentials from act 2 onwards, necromancer was indeed meant to predominantly be a 'cleric for the dead' so you need to be using some to get good mileage off them. To rank up and use parry or deflect you need a melee weapon equipped in one of your hand slots, that's one of the fringe benefits of 1h weapon + melee, so a necro could use a book in the main hand for the int bonus, MP boost, and the ability to deflect, and use a crossbow in off hand for some ranged capability. Dragonborn does have empower dragon, yes. No plans for giving patriarch evil eye, the only reason they can technically use the skill is because gorgons share the same skill set. It's hard to hit a good middle ground with gauntlets, as most players love big numbers and everyone would run them on every unit if they weren't such a liability. The current state of using them only on units that can afford to seems ok, honestly. Got a few gear slots left so I could add a few more helms and leggings if I think of something useful. The loot tables are mostly the same for now, you can find the drop list for recipes and arcana here in the equipment table below and another player is maintaining an equipment drop list for the mod here
  13. Categorizing it as "nonsensically callous" is suspect, I'd argue it's just her being unequivocal & forward, and well within her character. I quite liked it. I understand your confusion more with regards to the latter part. The two sentences aren't necessarily meant to be taken literally. The first part is just justification for how he operates in the present. How I interpreted it is that Locke has made himself a knight in shining armor in order to redeem his guilt and what he does he does for himself - it's not actually about the women he saves and thus obviously doesn't necessitate him loving them, at least initially. Celes affirms this by questioning whether he just chose her to be a substitute token for him to protect and feel better about himself. It requires a bit of inference, but I guess that's why I liked it as well.
  14. Feedback and Suggestions

    Hi raics, I though I'd give some feedback, though you must have a lot already. Just finished doing the chaos route (I skipped cressidia and missed my timing on diego's quest though, also didn't touch POTD). Been testing the random fights (quite nice, can't wait for the other areas) and the one handed damage, the changes felt good, I think this balances out dual wielding vs 2 handed a bit better. I was mostly pleased with the balance (but the jump before going to brantyn felt a bit unnatural to me, I had to get some levels in phorampa), though I feel the need to say that battles with undead are very tedious . With archers being weaker nowadays, I feel like ghosts mage/warlocks lost their nemesis, and their insane mobility (which most classes won't have) makes them real hard to catch. It was specially noticeable in 2 maps, one of the vaasa temple maps (1st or 2nd descent? you start on the lower part with quicksand and fight against 2 golems+ 2skeletons with ramparts and 4 ghost warlocks, you can only be thankful they love lodestone SO much) and the one in hanging gardens with the 4 zombie dragons, 2 ghosts, 2 skeletons and that necromancer. I was actually level 28-9 while doing the gardens (and monsters were at 25, didn't really intend this but I had been getting the recipees and leveling some classes to test them out), and that fight was probably the one I spent the most time on. Maybe I could have brought more casters, but with the tigh layout to go up with the possibility of being thrown out of the map with the stones from dragons and archer knockbacks, you don't really want to take many chances unless you are using winged mans. Also animate dead costing 20 tp makes you want to instantly exorcise these guys so bad. Regarding classes, I have not yet tested the lich, lord, bucaneer, geomancer, summoner, dragonborn and shaman, but I feel they will most likely be good, I've checked a bit their available skills/gear on my savefile from the original game with most items unlocked. Humanoid classes seemed in a good spot, all have their niches with useable weapons, though I felt necromancer is too pingeonholed into his necromancer role, if you aren't playing with undeads on the field this feels like a second beastmaster, a subpar class (lower damage from lack of missiles than mage, worst support/cc than warlock, and the non undead related skills are expensive both MP or TP wise). I wouldn't really mind this pigeonholing if getting the necro spells were easier to obtain, but getting the good stuff like bewitch is pretty hard (in my case leonar didn't drop it sadly), and the mana costs are really hard in the early game (I can see how lifeforce in the endgame is more than enough though). Also, for some reason deflect won't work or level on them, I guess this is bug from the original? Last but not least, getting necro marcs is hard, and only necromancers can learn to recruit undead, so it's a pretty thorny path all in all, seeing as the rooster is already quite limited (whish it wasn't limited to 50 honestly), was a bit bummed about this because male necro has got to be my favorite sprite. I was very pleasantly surprised by warlocks, they feel like amazing units now, very useful to either support or cc, and they can help sustain others with more MP/HP, very versatile. Probably my favorite rework with the trickster umbra. Angel knights felt good, and it's one of these classes were I wish I had 2 or 3 more skillslots! I felt monster classes were in a good spot, though the dark and holy dragons felt weak to me. The magic they had access to made them lose part of what makes dragons so dangerous (durable enough to answer back if you don't melt them, and those 100 tp breaths hurt), albeit fear being such a powerful ailment made me almost consider using one for real, I still think the fire or earth dragon wins over as removing TP/RT is very powerful no matter what, and also sadly headhunter doesn't have the dragon empowerement (makes sense considering the character and his history), does dragonborn cover this? I tested the non human jobs, I felt like they were all very nice, both the hoplite, juggernaut, patriarch / matriarch (by the way, are there plans for evil eye? Or will it still be an enemy only skill?), familiar and trickster (this last one being insanely good in my opinion, has great sinergies between his unique skills and what he can learn, and the stats on umbras complement them very well). Magic schools feel good, with some having more upfront benefits (fire,earth,dark,light), and other requiring more advanced caster classes (lightning, water, ice), but there is no school I wouldn't consider using, they all have at least 1 or 2 spells that really makes the school shine (ice might be the weakest for me but the stop debuff is so strong this balances it out imho). Draconic is nice despite how hard it is to get the spells, and necromancy has 2 or 3 powerful spells (curse, brainrot/MP burn one with debuffs, bewitch). Lastly, on equipement, I like the changes a lot, weapons feel very balanced to me, all can find a good use with the appropriate setup. Regardign armors, I find myself avoiding gauntlets too much -maybe if they had 2 points of passive resistance to crush/slash/pierce more? I also feel their overpower bonus is not enough to sway me over parry or deflect bonuses, though maybe playing at high lvl vs high parry/deflect units might change my mind- as I feel I would be too frail with them on, with their already low defence and avd. Is there any plan (or even a way) to increase the amount of gear there is? I feel like the helm/legguard selection in the endgame is very limited by lot of the legguards being unique now (can't remember if it was the same for helms, I think they were already very limited). Jewelry wise, I think the balance is great, there are always tough and meaningful choices. After this feedback, I though I'd ask, does POTD and San Bronsa still use their original loot tables (asside from the recipes / spells as they are displayed in the documentation)? Will I be safe going down with old doc? Because I guess the droprates on the items is still as horrendous as it was in the original. Thank you for your time
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  16. This response of hers is nonsensically snippy and callous. What was the reasoning here? Locke's new line doesn't make sense either. Locke had never met Celes prior to rescuing her, so what sense does it make for him to say "I saved you because I didn't want to stand by and lose someone I love again"?
  17. Oh sorry I forgot one more - Gau was able to Leap on the first section of the starter continent (Narshe, Figaro 1, South Figaro) but couldnt on the second (Kohligen, Jidoor, Zozo, Figaro 2) Thanks again!
  18. Hi there Getting into BNW for the first time ever and super enjoying it. Just finished Zozo. I do have a bug though, I can't run from battles. I hold L and R but nothing happens. I've confirmed L and R work in the menus, so its not a key mapping issue. Any idea? I may have patched the file twice, once with non headered, then correctly with headered. So maybe thats part of my problem? Thanks for everything!
  19. Ross Brush

    To begin, I love this mod! I've played on and off since 2014ish and it just keeps getting better. I always make my rotations through mods and am always excited to come back to BNW, I'm a pretty quiet community member, but I'm starting to get into streaming more so maybe I'll stream some runs of BNW soon. Recently, I tried a new build where I focused on using Relm's brushes more this time. I have always used sketch a lot, but never used the brushes outside of the occasionally healing. This time I built her heavy Ifrit with some Zoneseek to try to maximize her speed and brush use. I gave her the radiant gown and ross brush and tried to build a party around reflect... and... it just didn't work out that well. I ended up using the Dali brush more, it's only -2 speed compared to the ross brush and rapid shell procs are just generally more useful than trying to keep reflect up on everyone. X-magic Strago gets an entire party set up with reflect faster than Relm does and it's not hard to get healing that bypasses reflect. I did try a setup with Vig Terra and Scroll-based Shadow which would have Terra open with Carbunkl and then Shadow would use a smoke bomb on her and Relm would reestablish reflect when it dropped, but this is something that Terra or Strago could've done just as well. I tried to find new strategies and searched for "Ross brush" in the discord and forums and mostly found that people consider Mutsunokami an auto-get weapon so most just trade the Ross brush in asap. I think this is sad that Relm's "ultimate" weapon is basically just always traded in for a good sword (I have nothing against Mutsunokami, I think it's a nicely designed end game weapon for what that's worth). I wonder if it would be too much to ask if maybe the Ross Brush could have it's stats changed to Mag +7 and Speed +5 so that it's comparable with other ultimate weapon stats (like Punisher) and I wonder if making it proc Refract instead of Reflect would be acceptable? I think way back in the day it used to proc Reraise (1.7 or maybe earlier) and that proved to be too good, but I think Refract would really distinguish it better as an ultimate weapon and at least give some competition to Mutsunokami. What do you all think? Is there a Ross Brush combo/setup that I'm missing? I'm happy to try it again!
  20. Well, at least now I know that lag problem isn't on my end...also got a playthrough on hold cause of it
  21. Tell me about it the last update has been really bad on this, the worst offender of this are Dragon Emperor the fight can last over an hour with how Bulky he is nothing worst than the game softlocking after you manage this guy for dozens of minutes, but at least starting from a fresh load (an actual true reset) and rushing to him up the odds of not getting softlocked significantly....... however fucking Dangaard on the other Hand is probably the worst boss for technical issue, no joke I don't think it's possible to beat him without speeding the fight with Silence without the game softlocking, I've tried 5 times in a row to beat him without Silence reseting my game each time prior and every time it end up softlocking (the First and Third phase seems to be the worst), and even with Silence it can still glitch out and in the worst way possible like getting a Black Screen after his death animation -_-. Whatever Prae tried to do to reduce the lag in the last update, I'm afraid due to this game wackiness it end up making it even worse than before.
  22. Character/Job Party Recommendations

    17 Angels Grails sheesh. Well I still haven't finished my run, I beat 2 GB, stopped playing the game at Mispolm due to the bugs again, like the item ring wont assemble and would freeze the game, happened to me twice in that fight. And it's not the same rom I used before, I downloaded a different one but still similar problems pretty much in all my runs occur. Despite how amazing this mod is, these bugs kills the enjoyment to me at the same time also.
  23. Alright Swordmaster, Warrior Monk, Starlancer run done a good party : -Swordmaster was basically my damage dealer for most of the game with Crit Build focusing on LCK then STR and once they are max out just focus on VIT and PIE (more PIE cause of Crimson Wizard and Dragon Emperor heavily focusing on Magic), altough for the endgame I decided to buy Pedan's weapon that allow to ignore physical resistance/immunity, as I found out there was a lot of mobs like this in the Final Dungeon, so for mobs I was using this weapon, and then swapping back to his Final Weapon. His damage were pretty could reach over 200 per Crit with Saber of corresponding weakness. Use the Fencer Armband for pretty much the all game obviously, since no Armor ehance Crit I just used the High Evade one, and then the Revive by consuming MP one near the end (and boy did this armor save my ass a couple of time on Black Rabite), the high Luck means also not much Crit from the ennemies. -Warrior Monk boy I love this Class for Kevin, a Healer that can debuff is fun by the end of the game with Max out PIE, Protect Earring, Mind Up, Holy Glove with Full TP he could heal the party for 700HP, since I max out his PIE and VIT and get a cumfortable LCK toward the end I decided to max his STR and there you have it a great healer with decent damage capability as well as debuffing, a great partner for Swordmaster with Power Up and Detect. -Starlancer typical Buffer I end up building her as a Tank investing primarly on VIT, PIE and LCK toward the end I also increase her AGL..... just because I needed someone with high AGL for Trap Chest (honnestly if you don't invest in AGL the Ring just get so ridiculous and he take forever to stop once you press the button, so really yeah having a character with AGL high is more than welcome for that), in any case typical buffing, Marduke is still an excellent crowd control spell thanks to Silence, Aura Wave synergise well to maximize Warrior Monk Tech Gauge fast in order to max out his Final Weapon effect, and Energy Ball allow for Swordmaster to not with having to cast it. On various subject : -LUCK importance : outside of Swordmaster which I obviously max out LUCK, I ended with 25-26 LCK with Starlancer and Warrior Monk, with Steel Bracelet to be safe and it paid off the Ennemies critting wasn't nearly as bad as my previous run and did say much less Crit from physical focus fight like Black Rabite, so I guess on Hard investing in LCK to around this value is very much welcome (until 2.0 bring the accessory to disable Crit at least ^^). -Black Rabite without Thorn Damage : I wanted to beat this little bastard without Thorn Damage from either the Armor or Curse, gonna say it this fight is really tough with Reflected Damage, but first off having invest in Luck he doesn't get nearly as much Crit this already help, then I used rpschamp strat of casting Saber of the Character Resistance, since Swordmaster and Warrior Monk are both resistance to Ice I cast Ice Saber on him he still deal a lot of damage but not nearly as bad, I ended up having to use 17 Angel's Grail, killed like 7 LV99 Great Demons (fuck this bastards seriously), Duran only died one I have some close call but the Armor that resurrect upon Death save my ass, this is a real rough fight without Reflect Damage but at least now I've done without it (next time I'll try Bigieu without it). -The Sabers on character resistance tend to work specifically on bosses that rely on Physical it was really good against Darkshine Knight notably, I guess I could have use it on some other boss like Dolan (since if you have a character with a Shield he will always target that character with his physical might be good to give him the Saber of this character resistance). In any case fun run, think I'm gonna redo a run of Dark Castle with the last update, I'm thinking of picking Lise, Hawkeye and Carlie and go Fenrir Knight, Wanderer and Bishop.
  24. Lufia Hard Mode (Complete) Leads to Google Drive, where there is a Download button near the top-right of the screen. Enjoy!
  25. My playthrough log

    Blitzes are pretty balanced against other options for most of the game. The fact that you have Fire Dance during Sabin's scenario suggests you are ahead of the level curve by a fair bit, so that may be skewing your impression of the balance a bit. It usually comes online when others are getting access to things like Bolt 2, etc. Nothing was changed about their ease of input, though there are some Blitzes with different input commands than vanilla. And yes, all the Skill/Item/Esper/Spell descriptions were hand-tweaked by BTB. Basically every bit of text you see was tweaked to some extent.
  26. Mod Updates

    I have two minor suggestions for the DQ8 hardtype. Firstly, I think you should increase the starting area monsters EXP (before getting Angelo/being able to farm metal slimes) to make it a smoother experience and less grindy. Second, I would make the first Timbrel of Tension available earlier to facilitate the harder boss fights. Only other suggestion is I wish this was a hardtype of the 3DS version instead, but alas I imagine that isn't possible. Also just wanted to say thanks Landon for the mods over the years, played a lot of them!
  27. Lufia Hard Mode (Complete)

    Hi! I've been trying to download your mod of lufia with no succes. It is my best childhood game and I'd really like to be able to play it. His there any way to help me plz.
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  29. Is this the PSP version? Where are the addresses posted? I can maybe whip up a spreadsheet you can use to edit some tables in the game.
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