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  2. Hi again. I'm sorry for jumping back and forth but I don't enjoy playing through this with the decreased exp so with v4.20 it's back to 4x exp for most dungeons and 5x for the final dungeon. I made the decision to decrease the exp cause of the Garvoy Valley place. But it's no biggie in big picture as I feel it's better this way. The other changes I made with the previous patches remain intact.
  3. Forgot to decrease Ninja enemy's exp, cash & soul like i did with the other foes. v4.05 does just that.
  4. Helllooo! Back again with new update. v4.0 might as well conclude the mod other than optional equipment being unsellable which I'm gonna do like I did in my Covenant mod. Here are the changes in v4.0: - Malice Killer health, str, mag, agl, exp & soul power increased. He is now supposed to be fought 72 levelled after the sidequests. - Malice Gilbert health, exp & soul power increased. - Final Boss health increased. - Sushi sidequest enemies health increased. Q the Great health increased, str & mag decreased. - The Jonin health increased. I will continue my playthroughs of these mods and change stuff if needed but things look good for now.
  5. Hi, Back to New World. I felt the 4x dungeon exp was a bit too aggressive so v3.75 makes enemies from Area 51 onwards grant 3x exp instead. Final dungeon enemies exp is now 4x. Soul amounts retain the same multiplier as exp and cash 1.5x of exp so the money and soul amounts remain the same if you're in correct levels. I will probably soon buff Malice Killer since I'm almost done with the optional dungeons and maybe check up on Gilbert as well.
  6. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Looks like the exp and cash raise on Sergeants wasn't enough. v3.70 raises them a bit more. It should be good now.
  7. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Hello. For some reason Sergeants in Shanghai ended up giving too little exp and cash. v3.65 ups them.
  8. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Hi and sorry for taking so long. v3.60 is continuation to previous patch that ups boss experience and cash from Shanghai onwards to reflect the stats. I've been hesitant to up boss exp in this game cause the cap is a bit over 65 000. So now most optional and Float bosses go with 65k exp.
  9. Shadow Hearts NTSC-U - Imbroglio v3.70

    Hello. Here I sneak a new update for Imbroglio. v3.5 rebalances the random encounter enemies stats, exp and cash between Shanghai and Calios Mental Hospital to make them better. I took careful look at the exp amounts and changed them based on the enemies stats. Most enemies now grant more exp & cash than before and some enemies that appear in smaller groups have more agility. Blue Castle enemies have a bit lower strength and magic but more health. Increased stats also increase the exp & cash. There's also another change that has to do with Silver Hand Item. Silver Hand now ups strength and magic for 5 turns on 1 character. This should prevent the cheese of late bosses.
  10. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    Hi people. First message in a while that's not related to new released patches. I'd like to give my insights on my playthrough of Godslayer mod after starting over from the beginning to test out the new changes. Now that I've leveled to 32 in Idar Flamme and are ready to take on the bosses of that dungeon I feel the Soul power amount for Yuri is pretty much perfect with the change I made to it in v7.0. Before taking Mother Filarias Yuri's 3 Fusions that're gonna be lvl 3 using the Soul Drops (Eartth, Light and Dark) are leveled to 8 which is the level they learn the Arc spells in. All other Fusions are leveled to 5 which was the level they learned their lvl 2 attack spells. The remaining Soul amount after leveling is a little over 300 which is not enough to level any to lvl 10. At lvl 10 the Fusions learn their most powerful attack spells which are good to be the disc 2 stuff. With that said I'm happy with how things have gone in my playthrough. I suspect very little changes if not at all moving forward cause I've tested the bosses before and the random encounter foes basically go with same form from one another.
  11. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    v7.4 lowers Peryton enemy's hp and ups the agility some. I had set its health higher and agility down cause there's always only that enemy type in the Hermitage dungeon. However these enemies cast defense spells so they go well with the default health multiplier for the story enemies. With this change they're insta'd with perfect Bright Crimes when their Barrier is up.
  12. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    I guess Amon needed a slight reform afterall. v7.35 lowers Amon's magic so it hits for less than half health with The End if Barrier is in place. To compensate the lowering he gains a bit more speed. Most things should be right in this mod but there might be some little changes here and there and I'm gonna always upload new version of the mod right away since my life is uncertain right now.
  13. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    Wrestling update. This should be last one in a while. Great Question goes with slightly higher str and bit slower agl. Great Gama 3 str down and agl up. So the 3rd fight is a speedy boi. He's meant to be done after the Koshoki and Shoki ordeals in Nihonbashi when also Eleanor bout becomes available. This should complete the Gama saga for the time being.
  14. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    Back again with small update. v7.25 decreases Petrograd's alien wolf's speed since I thought it was a bit too fast and also increases its attack and magic cause I tested the wolf with worse armor instead of that one you get from Goreme Valley. Dumb me. Another change is that Great Gama 2 is meant to be done after collecting Cure Plus magic from Goreme. His speed goes down but strength goes up to create slightly different experience from the 1st fight. I need to work my way to Gama 3 cause in my save I don't have Cure All and there's no way to go back at that point. It's no biggie though cause he also goes with the stats he has rn.
  15. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    I'm sorry for bombarding with these patches but the island needs a lot of attention and I gotta get this right cause there probably won't be new updates in a while. v7.2 simply lowers Stray Wolf's magic to same multiplier as the other enemies. There! It's done.
  16. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    v7.15 is another mini update that ups St. Marguerite Island foes hp a bit to compensate for going with slightly lower strength multiplier. Wolf random encounters hp remains the same cause their str multiplier is a bit higher.
  17. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    v7.1 is smol update that will make the wolves in St. Marguerite stronger (random encounter wolves and the 2 bosses). That is a special dungeon where I had to set the strength of enemies lower cause dev had set them higher than usual for some reason. I also had lowered the wolves stats which wasn't necessary so this is a fix to that.
  18. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    Hello there, big update here. v7.0 has lots of changes that make this mod better. I try to summarize in nutshell: - Semi-tank random encounter enemies gain hp and agility due to there being max 3 of them in battle. I did the same thing to the full tank enemies in previous update. With this change full tanks still have more health and agility thanks to there being max 2 of them in battle at the same time. - Soul power gains rebalanced with disc 1 enemies generally granting more while disc 2 foes much less. With this change you will have more soul power at the end of disc 1 than before and less in endgame. - Wolf Bout enemies are now different from one another based on their personality and background. So different buffs work better in different fights. - Exp and cash amounts rebalanced. Now all dungeons from Wine Cellar to Queen's Garden go with 2x exp. Optional dungeons give exponentially more exp with the right order to do them being Tiffauges Castle -> Dollhouse -> Black Forest -> Dog Shrine -> Neam Ruins Underground. Final dungeon goes with 4x exp and increased soul power. All semi and full tanks give 1.5x the exp multiplier amount of cash. So if exp is 2x the cash amount is x3. - Bosses and wolves hp increased a bit so they don't go down too fast. Also random encounter enemies agility increased by some on disc 2. - The accidental sell prevention of unpurchasable weapons, armors, items and accessories is better now with only hit area and strike area expands being sellable. I'm confident with this working out that's why I'm releasing this now even though I haven't tested all the way yet. I'll make possible changes in the future as I go along with my playthrough.
  19. Small patch so I can sleep at night while this game is on hiatus while I'm bettering my Covenant mod. v3.65 is random encounter enemies Soul Power patch which makes squishy enemies drop less soul, semi tank enemies more and full tank enemies the same amount with few exceptions. You will gain a bit more soul power in early game while significantly less in late compared to my previous versions. I'm working on change like this in Covenant too since it feels early game lacks that and in late there's too much when you don't even need it anymore. Actually I'm starting with the correct soul amounts right from the beginning while in both SH2 and SH3 the game starts with the right amounts kinda late. Edit: forgot to mention I also changed the final dungeon exp, cash & soul amounts. Now final dungeon enemies grant 5 x exp 5 x soul and 7.5 x cash. Basically exp and cash go up a bit while soul becomes 5 when it was 7 previously. Janus enemy exp & cash goes down a bit and soul power is 75 now when it was 120 previously. Also Purgatory enemies soul amounts were altered with 6 x soul becomes 4 12 x becomes 8 and 18 x becomes 12.
  20. Shadow Hearts: Covenant NTSC - Godslayer v7.4

    Hello NG+. I have started working on better version of this Covenant mod that will have improvements that should make the mod even better. Here are some things I'm gonna change: - Add more health and agility to the "semi tank" random encounter enemies. This is kinda the same treatment I made to the full tank enemies in previous update. They won't have as high health and agility as full tanks since there can be 3 of them in battle max where the limit for full tanks is 2. Semi tanks and full tanks will give 1.5 x more cash and a bit more soul power. On disc 1 you'll be able to level fusions more thanks to the soul increase. On disc 2 all enemies will give slightly less soul power so you'll end up with less soul than before in endgame. - Make wolf bout foes more personalized with stats based on their background. Idk why I made all wolves follow the same formula all these years. But this will change in the coming patch. There might be other changes too but these are on my mind atm. I know I'm slow and I apologize for that. But I'm trying to make these mods as good as I can. I'll continue with the rest of Shadow Hearts 3 after I've finished with Covenant. I have no estimate on when I get this released. I got hard times in life here and there but I try to focus on this whenever I can. Thanks for playing through my mods btw, that means a lot to me!
  21. Small yet important patch: v3.6 ups the potent of Cure Plus stellar magic. The spell power is upped from 150 to 225. With this change it heals slightly more than Thera Roots the moment you get it. Shania's Cure Plus is still alpha with the spell power of 250. Idk why they made Cure Plus stellar so weak, but it's fixed now. There are positives to using Thera Roots too since they give more turns so it's good like this. I'm currently leveling to 64 in Natan's dungeon to face the boss and everything seems good so far.
  22. Small patch: v3.55 ups Ninja village enemies agility by some and lowers Sushi house foes agility. With this change the 1st part of Sushi house (5 battles) are doable at the start of sidequests at around lvl 60. When it comes to the battles after that it's suggested to level up a bit further. Ninja village is suggested to do at the end of sidequests at around lvl 72. These are calculated changes and I still need to to finish the other optional dungeons to get 100% confirmation.
  23. Another really small update: v3.5 ups Daoros & Killer's agility and magic. Idk why I had their speed set so low before. That's exception boss cause they're fighting together. Most other bosses should be fine. Malice Killer needs more buffing since I'm planning to make him beatable only after the optional dungeons. For now he remains beatable right after Garland Residence. After I've gone thru the sidequests I'll set his stats higher in new patch.
  24. v3.45 is a small update which modifies Delget's stats (the boss in Aito Cave). He now has increased strength and magic but his speed is lower. This makes the Pitfight where you need to kill him in less than 3 turns manageable (wow such progress). It also creates variety when you have beast that is extra strong. His lower speed also fits the scene just before the boss. Also he is one big boy so he needs the power. I may be updating this mod even if I see only small misses instead of waiting for large chunk of changes. I think it's better that way.
  25. Another small update that I forgot to do with v3.3. v3.4 slightly increases final dungeon enemies hp and exp, cash and soul power. With this change they have more health than the last optional dungeon monsters and they're also worth more. Janus remains the same he was in v3.3.
  26. Back again with new version of the mod. In v3.3 everything has been tested except few bosses that I suspect to be correct anyway. Final dungeon enemies power was increased and the Janus enemy that always appears alone was made a dangerous mini boss that gives more exp, cash and soul power compared to the rest of the monsters. All Purgatory enemies have now been modded to give more exp, cash and soul power. All of the values have been checked in code to be correct. All that remains now is the Covenant mod treatment, making unpurchasable items weapons amors and accessories unsellable. Also I'll be checking the few remaining bosses as I go along with my playthrough.
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