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  2. because light removes the dark ah dang, yeah right, HP regen is blocked by his debuff
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  4. thx for tips <3 but why earth? dark saber is useless for LIGHTGAZER? btw HP regeneration accessoires never work at LIGHTGAZER fight
  5. resist light and air attack with earth HP steal or HP regeneration accessoires buffs, debuffs, standard stuff
  6. that is thing i m trying to do lol i have spend two hour for that and failed do you haveany tips?
  7. yes, win the fight
  8. there is anyways to clear out LIGHTGAZER's heal reduce debuff?
  9. I believe you're referring to a beta for v9 where full break was indicated by the numbers flashing. This relied on an emulator bug in Snes9X though, so it was replaced with the shield icon.
  10. Dont know if this is the right place to ask but here goes. How come in some copies/versions of V9 Normal Mode show blinking damage numbers and others dont. Ive seen most of Nitros videos and his copy shows them but mine doesnt?
  11. Yes, but it won't be easy.
  12. Thanks Doom. Going to grind for Light armors then take on terra after. Ill record my battle with her and upload it. Its going to be hard, but well see what happens. You think its possible to beat Rosalina with Mario/Peach/Geno?
  13. Nice job! You're getting to the most difficult battles in Normal mode now. All I can say is... good luck
  14. By far one of my favorite battles in this game coming from a big Pokemon Crystal fan. Just thought id share my first time beating him. Going to farm for Galaxy Coins now lol.
  15. ah ok!! I dont think ive seen them get up once theyre down. I like this battle a lot, sucks you can only do it once. I like this battle and the battle against Trainer Red the most.
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  17. Morph is increasing the restoration of items when used on characters other than Terra. Prometheus' Sketch is empty.
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  19. Thanks for the input, it's always welcome 1. Sure, I can pinch it a bit, maybe remove the ward altogether. 2. That would make sense, I'll likely do it in some patch. 3. There's a consolidated changelog linked in the readme, that might be easier to read but there were too many changes to list every little detail. 4. Some like their vartans in different elements (lightning usually, maybe fire), and that would nudge people a bit towards air, I don't like element locking unless that's what the class is about, like necro or cleric.
  20. Hi raics. Thank you for making this great mod. I played the vanilla version until the beginning of the palace of the dead(finished the game on the 3 routes before going there), dropped because of the class imbalance and the crafting system mostly. The main improvements for me are the following: 1 - The crafting system is better with fewer ingredients required and without that chance to fail. 2 - The auction provide better items. (Thanks about the glass pumpkin from the cyclops, a reliable way to recruit deneb in her special class) 3 - The overall balance between the classes is way better when compared with the original PSP version. 4 - About the classes the biggest standouts for me are the hydra(Amazing offensive monster with cool skills and special attacks - I love disembowel with empower dragon!!! - for example), the terror knight(My favorite class in the vanilla) is better with more defense and stronger offense and thanks to the skill system, now the skills slots are not wasted with strengthen and spellstrike for example and the wizard is pretty good as a offensive caster(all of the unique skills of the class are useful for that). 5 - The skill system is another great positive(I favor removing those -ourology skills if it means classes with fewer unique skills like the ranger can get new ones). 6 - The spells are way better too, specially those status removal spells being AOE now, they are great. And the imbalance between the elements was reduced(ice is great for example); 7 - The changes made to equipment are great, and looking at the equipment chart i think you were trying to make it so that no equipment of the same class completely outclasses the others in endgame. This means that in most cases elemental weapons with cool effects don't combine well with the strongest finishers(this is good because the choice of equipment is meaningful). The suggestions are the following: 1 - The notable exception about weapons in the chart that I noticed is the mordred's song dagger that is dark elemental(combine well with mesmerize), strongest attack, great ward and great effect. That weapon is too ahead of the others i think, maybe a improvement would be to make it a different element and lower its attack power. 2 - The way draconic magic is limited in the cases of most of the unique classes is great, i think something like that could be done with necromancy as well. For example the wicce and heretic classes should not be able to cast all necromancy spells, only the non-undead related. I think the lich, the lord and the necromancer should be able to cast all necromancy spells as it is now. 3 - If possible would you make a spell chart detailing what you changed about the spells, it would be a better format to read than the patch notes. 4 - Can you make the windshot spell air elemental for the vartan? I noticed that spell was not air elemental in the skill section That is all i can think for now. Sorry about grammar erros, english is not my primary language.
  21. Ah ok, I didn't know it was that limited. So you can't really extend or modify the functionalities much, but only make combinations of existing ones? One other addition that I really liked was the new use for Trajectory. Small but meaningful changes to skills used by many units are very welcome, if you ask me. Regarding sprites and portraits, I am happy to see Donnalto reverted to the original. I have nothing against having new portraits and palettes for semi-generic or semi-unique units.
  22. They can't fire through destructable obstacles, they would go through a wall or set of stairs but not through anything with a HP bar, sadly, vertical tolerance for line attacks is hardcoded so there's nothing I can do about it right now and you can't just slap piercing on it. The whole system is pretty limited as a lot of things are implemented with one specific use in mind, it isn't very modular and modding-friendly in general. It's a situational weapon of sorts and I can't relax the conditions but I could try increasing the reward when you are in a situation to use it, I suppose.
  23. Good point, it didn't occur to me. I have also been trying to use the crossbow sidegrades (the ones that have 14 range and can't shoot diagonally). They are really bad. The trade-off of having a longer range is worthless, mainly because the vertical tolerance is so poor. I believe that improving the vertical tolerance a bit or adding a pierce effect (like spears have) would make them more usable and much more fun. Or even maybe adding a new gimmick to it, like status on hit or something. The documentation mentions that they can fire through some obstacles, but it does not seem to be the case with the usual obstacles found on maps. As they are now, it is necessary to come to an almost melee distance of the target in order to shoot, unless the map is very flat (there are maybe a couple of such maps) and there are no friendly units in the way. By comparison, a fusilier with a 2H fusil and course correction does all of the above and much better. The skill is cheap and allows the unit to safely snipe from afar, saving RT on move and gaining insane amounts of TP every turn.
  24. To my knowledge it's normal, cuz they heal while they are down to get back up. I could be wrong though.
  25. README: If a Lv1 tech hits an enemy shortly after they start their attack or cast a spell, you've performed a counter-attack which deals increased damage (depending on weapon).
  26. Right, about those 1. Charm and Bewitch are very powerful and cheese-prone status effects so there's a chance the target will snap out of it on its first turn, that's intended. 2. That's the way that interaction works, not much I can do about it. 3. Slow in sludgebind is the same as all other sources of slow, other effects that it inflicts are separate from it. 4. That's because if float gets cancelled by leaden you just drop down into the water, if you drop into the lava you'd probably die so it's understandable that it works this way. 5. Formula is same as area spells, however they also have a crushing damage component so are resisted more easily by heavily armored units (which is also why light burst doesn't do extra damage to undead and dark is still able to damage them), they're mostly intended to finish off a unit near death and hit another one so they aren't meant to be stronger than normal attacks. Properly covering the whole game with just two spells isn't the best scenario so the first burst will get outdated by the time you get the upgrade, not much that can be done about that either as the ability space is very limited, especially so for spells. 6. Yeah, there were a lot of complaints before that they aren't worth the trouble. 7. The AI was a bit glitchy with it so I ultimately reverted it close to what it was in vanilla. 8. Beast master is a heavily specialized class, fairly simialar in that regard to dragoon. However, if you haven't been looking at guides you have no knowledge or control over whether the next battle will have any monsters or not so I made dragoon more widely useful, bringing a beast along is your choice so it's perfectly fine if using a beast master is pointless if you don't. 10. Sure, I'll add more if I get any good ideas but the space in equipment list is very limited too. Thanks for the feedback, it's always welcome
  27. Another thing that I looked everywhere both in your hack and the original...just what is Counter Attack?
  28. My God, found him...he was totally outside the walls, didnt think it was possible to go there. Thank you
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