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  2. Use galaxy blast. I haven't fought them in a while, so I don't remember how I beat them.
  3. What do you recommend? Peach's Morning Star hits them both but heals Schala
  4. Use attacks that can hit both Magus and Schala, and use found illusions. If one is defeated before the other, they will be resurrected after a few turns as always, but this time, only with one life left (30K HP) so don't worry if you don't kill them at the same time.
  5. Hi I just released patch 1.1 of this mod that ups the hp of the 3 early bosses (Igornak, Ronwei & Procyon). This is one of the few things that were amiss from what I can see. I will be updating this mod if need be as I go with my New Game+ playthrough of the game.
  6. Well, this is a bit awkward. For some reason, I'm having some difficulty beating Magus and Schala, even though I have played v8 and v9 beta and I beat them with no problems. Can someone give me some advice on how to defeat them? Notes: my main team is Mario, Peach and Geno, all level 100 and over 9000 (lol) HP. I beat all of the superbosses except Magus and Schala, Red and the ultimate boss. Heck, I even finished Trial Mode (but didn't do the final battle cuz I'm a coward) Thanks
  7. Reflect working on a timer made it entirely pointless as a deliberate defensive effect since you never knew when it was going to wear off and it would often do so before being of much use. Changing it to behave like Image guarantees that it will defend against at least something before going away.
  8. In this version, you will unlock more spells after certain events.
  9. Yup im about to fight Smithy and all my characters at lvl 100 have the same Specials as you. I have Royal Guard on Mallow because thats your reward for beating the Valentina solo fight as the only difference.
  10. Has there been a change to the way spells are acquired or to the spells available? Do the levels and spells below look correct? Mario 93: Jump, Fire Orb, Ice Orb, Thunder Orb, Holy Orb Mallow 91: Shocker, Wishing Star, Snowy, Holy Star Geno 100: Geno Beam, Geno Boost, Geno Whirl Bowser 90: Fire Breath Peach 90: Royal Guard, Group Hug, Wishing Star
  11. You can probably put it in a zip then or rename it to .txt.
  12. Based on these listed patch notes, my only complaints so far are thus: -The Reflect/Rflect change. I liked how it worked on a timer. (|=^( -Death Ward/Quartz Charm no longer blocks instant death. Arg. -Royal Jacket is no longer fireproof. -Big frowny face to Ribbon nerf. I also understand this is done in the name of balance. Mind you, this is a small list compared to the stuff I liked changed or didn't object to being changed.
  13. Surely, but how exactly do I do that? The file type is not accepted.
  14. Well, I'm glad you've enjoyed the game all the way up to boss rush and actually used the supported emulator unlike some people... Does it always crash in the same spot? If so, could you send me your save state from before entering FF boss rush? It's the .00# file in the Saves folder.
  15. What emulator are you using?
  16. So, I switched to the .sfc ROM and I'm still running into the same issue in the FF Boss Rush. What's strange is that I tried it earlier with the same ROM and it worked fine. Tried it again just now and the second battle won't load.
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  18. Let's Play FFVII NT - 3 - Air Busters In this video, I complete the Sector 5 Reactor raid and defeat two Air Buster enemies for the price of one. I never particularly figured out why their attacks hit for 2x damage sometimes. Something to do with weird Pincer Attack mechanics, I guess? IDK, I was throwing around a ton of wild theories throughout the video. Regardless, figuring that out is less important than using the menu to manipulate the turn order so that they never attack together. Then I just need to heal Cloud/Tifa when they go below ~220 HP. My first attempt at Air Buster was more of a scouting run than a serious attempt. I tend to do that a lot with bosses unless they're far from a Save Point. Knowing the fight you are going into opens up a lot more possibilities.
  19. Apologies for the double post, but SFF 1.4 is out! A full changelog can be found below, but the update can be downloaded here:!Hf40GaSQ!q_Uz5dZ_uxHCY1FHbOfGYazyVYGnaEzuVEvjL1yD8Rs Changelog:
  20. Hi NGPlus community. It's me again with another difficulty modification. This hard mod is called "Grace" and it's for the NTSC-U version of Shadow Hearts: From the New World. This mod ups enemies' HP, Str, Mag and Agl values. You'll need to be higher level than normal in order to progress in the game. You will receive more exp, cash and soul to help in that. In order to beat the game it's recommended to do all possible sidequests. When you have done all sidequests you should be around 72 levelled. I did the final boss at lv75 but it was hard as hell. You can level up further if you feel it's too hard but it can definitely be done 75 levelled even if you don't use any Seals. v1.1 has everything else modded but the Purgatory special dungeon enemies. Basically you need to play the game through once in order to get there cause you need to take Snaps of the final boss. I'm working to get there but it's gonna take a while. That dungeon is meant to be entered 72 levelled and Envious Jealousy is probably meant to be done maxed out. But yeah I gotta work my way there. To use this mod you need to patch your game image with the one in the zip file using "ppf-o-matic" tool. I hope you will like this mod. If you have any questions about anything that has to do with it or just want to discuss it go ahead and comment, I will be here. Here's the download link for the mod: This is the outdated version but I will include it here anyway:
  21. It's probably a better choice to use the patching method from moddb, you can use it on any iso version and it's perfectly fine to update an already patched one. With the patch I'm uploading here you need to keep a vanilla backup in proper size.
  22. I'm pretty sure that TWUE also runs on an expanded rom, which BNW is not. The rom expansion moves the text to an entirely different location IIRC.
  23. When DK sees all of this he's gonna cry.
  24. A few not so important bugs to report. Dying on Smilax moves you to a Rose's Way map to be greeted by Rosalina and then get kicked out of the map. Dying on Birdo moves you to Sea map. Another thing I noticed once is that a Pinwheel enemy in the left corridor from the main entrance in Nimbus Palace has a glitchy animation.
  25. Thanks for the answer.
  26. Last week
  27. also... i was playing in full screen in that moment i think its my pc ... i dont know
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