Final Fantasy VI: Brave New World 2.1.0

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By far my most ambitious project to date, Brave New World began as a joint effort between myself and a coder by the name of Synchysi to completely overhaul perhaps one of the most beloved entries in the long-running Final Fantasy series. It's since grown into a massive community project that's exceeded every expectation I could have possibly dreamed of. The end result is the product of hundreds upon thousands of man-hours from dedicated fans and something I am extremely proud to have been a part of.

Brave New World features...

  • Individualized spell lists and multiple stat growth options for each character
  • Re-coded formulas that promote diversity and allow stats to function as they should
  • Completely re-balanced equipment, items, spells, and skills - and brand-new enemies to use them on
  • Fixes for all major (and most minor) bugs along with a vast multitude of quality-of-life enhancements
  • ...much more!

But even though much has changed, I think one player put it best when he wrote, "...the goal seems to be to celebrate what makes FFVI the game it is, rather than undoing it and making an entirely new game out of it." Beyond all else, Brave New World is everything I feel that Final Fantasy VI could have been had Squaresoft had all of the time and resources available to them that we have today. And now, thanks to the efforts of the amazing community that has grown around this mod, it finally has the chance to be exactly that.

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


 • Repurposed the Auction House in Jidoor as an "Advanced" Beginner's School

    --> This allows the one in Narshe to focus on general changes without overwhelming players with
          advanced details that are unlikely to be retained until they become relevant

 • Completely rewrote enemy AI with a heavy focus on more predictable behavior in random encounters that
   should be easier to exploit and more interesting/dynamic boss battles

    --> Enemies now usually use completely different attacks when their AI changes rather than just
          being more likely to use their stronger attacks, making their behavior easier to figure out

    --> Random foes are somewhat weaker now than before, doing less damage per attack and being less
          aggressive under normal circumstances, but become much more threatening when triggered

    --> Certain enemies can now counter melee (physical, row-respecting) attacks rather than in
          previous versions where counter-attacks were specific to the command used

    --> Enemies disabled by status effects can no longer counter-attack on death (Bropedio)

    --> Some foes can now be disabled or otherwise affected by being hit with an elemental weakness

    --> Special thanks to Madsiur for his modification to the "F2" AI opcode

  • Lowered the HP of many enemies and several bosses who were deemed to have more than necessary

    --> Notable nerfs include Tentacles, Chesticle, Hidon, Inferno (a scripting error had previously
          caused him to have 40,000 more HP than intended)
, Guardian, and the final battles

 • Added a minimum number of steps between battles, slightly lowering the overall rate (Seibaby)

 • Increased the pace of combat by doubling ATB fill speed during "empty" downtime (Seibaby)

 • Running from battle is no longer substantially more difficult than in vanilla (Seibaby/Bropedio)

 • Non-standard random encounters (back/side/pincer attacks) are more likely, but your party is now able
   to react faster to them and physical damage is no longer doubled from behind

 • The "Defend" and "Row" commands now only consume half of a turn (Bropedio)

 • Can now swap out weapons/shields in combat, but it costs half a turn per hand (GrayShadows/Bropedio)

 • When swapping equipment in battle or leaving the "rage" status, only previously-inherent statuses are
   now stripped
(instead of all of them); maximum HP/MP (from equipment) is now also updated (Bropedio)

 • Green Cherries will now cancel any action that the target has queued (Bropedio)

 • Greatly improved how the game handles resistance to multi-elemental attacks (Think/Bropedio)

    --> Immunity to a multi-elemental attack now requires immunity to BOTH elements; damage is half
          if only one element is immune and a weakness to the other will result in normal damage

    --> Resistance (half damage) to only one element has the same effect as immunity to only one

    --> Absorption of either element will trump all else, even a weakness to the other

    --> Mixing weaknesses and resistances to the same element on a character follows the above rules
          except that only resistance is cancelled by a weakness; immunity or higher will override it

 • Mug no longer ignores special weapon effects, but the attack will now miss if steal fails (Bropedio)

    --> Exception: Mug will still ignore the random "anti-flying" proc on thrown weapons

    --> Because of this, the Bserk status now removes Mug as a possible attack

 • Allies at non-critical HP can now only be covered when they are in the back row (Seibaby)

 • The "rflect" status now behaves like "image" instead of being on a timer (Seibaby)

 • Updated the "Status Display" hack to include "cycling" auras and be more intuitive

    --> Defensive statuses (Safe/Shell/Rflect) are now displayed as (cycling) auras (ls)

    --> Speed-based statuses (Haste/Slow/Stop) are now displayed on the ATB bar (Seibaby)

    --> Rerise and Regen are now displayed as text in the targeting menu (dn)

 • Status-setting attacks now provide more feedback if that status attempt fails (Bropedio)

    --> If the target resists the status with stamina, a "FAIL" message is displayed

    --> If the target is immune to the status, a "NULL" message is displayed

 • White/Black/Grey magic will now display their "dot" when used in battle (dn)

    --> This indicates when enemy attacks can be absorbed by Runic or disabled with Mute/Rasp

 • Can now toggle between "max HP" and "ATB" view in battle by holding Select (GrayShadows)

 • Shops can now display the "full" stats of of equipment prior to purchase (dn)

 • The Rage and Dance menus now display the attacks of each rage/dance (dn)

 • Combined the equip and relic menus into one screen (includes full item descriptions) (GrayShadows)

 • Replaced "Relic" in the main menu screen with a shortcut to the party overview screen (GrayShadows)

    --> Equipped espers now appear in yellow text here instead of white (Bropedio)

 • Redesigned the status display screen and clarified certain terms (Bropedio/Seibaby)

    --> Bat.Pwr is now "Attack"
    --> Mag.Pwr is now "Magic"
    --> MBlock is now "M.Evade"
    --> Mag.Def is now "M.Defense"

 • Redesigned the "Earth" and "Dark" (AKA "Poison") icons in extended equipment descriptions

 • Removed the unique item counter at the bottom right of the info panel in the inventory screen as it
    was taking up space and sometimes causing text overlap

 • Characters who join later in the WoR are now re-averaged to higher levels (Bropedio)

    --> Edgar returns at level 19, Setzer at 20, and everyone else at level 21 (past the "hump")

 • Lowered character HP/MP growth at high levels

    --> HP gains now cap at 60 per level (reached at level 30)

    --> MP gains drop to 1 per level after level 30

 • Tweaked the base stats for several characters, most notably buffs to all of Gau's attack stats

    --> Gau's attack buff effectively acts as a starting weapon; the Bone Club still maxes him out,
          but the jump is now somewhat less drastic

    --> Buffs to Gau's vigor and magic help balance him later on; combined with several rage edits,
          these changes keep his physical and magical damage more even throughout the game instead of
          the latter dominating the early half and the former overtaking it when you get the Bone Club

    --> Everyone else's attack was adjusted mostly for aesthetic reasons; only Cyan/Sabin/Edgar see
          any kind of noteworthy gain

    --> Significantly raised Mog's base HP (+36) and slightly raised Sabin's (+12) & Cyan's (+4)

    --> Lowered Cyan's magic since its only practical use is on cure spells, which he isn't meant to
          be very good at
(note: the Kazekiri and Mutsunokami wind attacks are now stamina-based)

    --> Raised Locke's stamina (Kirin/Atma Weapon Locke is apparently a thing now)

    --> Umaro's changes are all inconsequential: the Bone Club still maxes out his attack, a speed
          buff to one of his special relics offsets his speed nerf, and he doesn't use magic at all

 • Edited the Vigor/Stamina damage variance reduction formula to have a better effect at higher values

    --> More specifically, it no longer provides diminishing returns past 90; the effect of the
          change is present at all values, but the results are insignificant below 60

 • Updated the Regen formula to rely more heavily on a character's stamina than on their maximum HP

    --> In short, characters with low HP and high stamina (i.e. certain Strago/Relm builds) now get
          much higher regen ticks while someone like 25 Terrato Sabin now gets much lower ticks

 • Reverted the formula for poison damage to vanilla settings for player characters while enemies now
   take substantially more damage from it

    --> In vanilla, each poison tick would increment by the value of the original tick; previous
          versions of Brave New World halved this value for all combat participants, whereas poison
          damage on enemies now doubles with each successive tick

 • Simplified how evasion works for magical attacks; rather than a hitrate, the Printme now just lists
   the relevant evasion stat
(stamina or m.evade) for attacks that can be avoided

    --> The accuracy of magical attacks is now 101% - (target's evade/128)%, so any avoidable attack
          that previously had a hitrate of 120%
(i.e. the basic elemental spells) is now less accurate

    --> Generally speaking, I tried to make it so that the only attacks that are avoidable are the
          ones that look like they might be, so Storm/Flare/Meteor are back to being unblockable

    --> Remember that enemies don't have magic evasion; only your party can dodge magical damage
(the 101% accuracy is to eliminate the ~1% possibility of enemies evading such attacks)

 • Changed who learns which spells (and when) again, mostly the grey ones

    --> Life ------ to Kirin (was on Ramuh); Celes learns it now at level 18
    --> Demi ----- to Ramuh (was on Kirin) and Crusader (was on Alexandr; see below)
    --> Quartr ---- to Crusader (was on Alexandr; see below)
    --> Rasp ------- to Siren (was on Maduin)
    --> Bserk ------ to Siren (was on Fenrir)
    --> Sleep ------ to Stray (was supposed to be there already instead of Mute)
    --> Mute ------ to Maduin (was on Siren/Stray)
    --> Warp ----- to Zoneseek (is still on Fenrir)
    --> Stop ------ to Carbunkl (was on Zoneseek)
    --> Slow ----- to Shiva/Golem (was on Carbunkl)

    --> Terra learns Slow later (she no longer has it for the first Ultros fight)
    --> Celes learns Dispel at lv. 15 (might be useful against #24...)

 • Swapped the locations of Crusader and Alexandr with the latter now behind a cash gate instead of the
   former's old boss gate; also swapped their users, EL/equip bonuses, and moved Demi/Quartr to Crusader

    --> All that's really changing here is that Cyan learns Merton instead of Holy and Celes gets
         easier/earlier access to Holy and the EL/equip bonuses that were previously on Crusader

 • Raised Zoneseek's EL bonus to Magic +1/MP +20 (MP was only +15 before)

 • Swapped the equip bonuses on Carbunkl (now Auto-Regen) and Starlet (now +25% MP)

 • Adjusted the MP costs of many spells, summons, and lores - notably, there is now a much bigger price
   gap between the two water lores and Blow Fish no longer has an MP cost

    --> Break --- 36 MP (was 25)
    --> Quake --- 48 MP (was 36)
    --> Poison --- 18 MP (was 12; renamed from "Bio" - see below)
    --> Dark ------ 45 MP (was 32 - ditto)
    --> Rerise ---- 30 MP (was 24)
    --> Warp ----- 10 MP (was 3)
    --> Stop ----- 15 MP (was 9)

    --> Ramuh ----- 32 MP (was 48)
    --> Ifrit --------- 32 MP (was 48)
    --> Shiva ------- 32 MP (was 48)
   --> Carbunkl -- 24 MP (was 12)
    --> Fenrir ------ 48 MP (was 24)
    --> Shoat ------ 48 MP (was 36)
    --> Seraph ---- 80 MP (was 64)

    --> Aqualung --- 18 MP (was 24; renamed from "Aqua Rake")
    --> Blow Fish --- FREE (was 8)
    --> Refract ------ 24 MP (was 15)
    --> Tsunami ---- 64 MP (was 56)

    (Not listed: all changes of 5 MP or less)

 • Bad Breath no longer sets Sap (Blaze and Raze still do)

 • Blaze is now fire/wind elemental (was just fire)

 • Raze is weaker (power: 90 -> 75) and now fire/wind elemental (was fire/"dark"; see below)

 • Re-branded the "poison" element as "dark" and reworked its line of spells to be more useful

    --> Sap (renamed from "Poison") is weaker (-6 power) and now sets Sap (instead of Poison)
    --> Poison (i.e. "Bio") costs more (see above), is stronger (+6 power), and (always) sets Poison
    --> Dark costs more (see above) and is much stronger (power: 72 -> 90)

 • Per the above, Merton is now a fire/"dark" spell (instead of fire/wind)

 • Break and Quake are both slightly (exactly 1/9 each) stronger, but also more expensive (see above)

 • Mute is no longer multi-target, but is more effective than before due to resistance being much less
   common and enemies using spells more frequently

 • Scan is now a free action (Bropedio) and can no longer trigger enemy counter-attacks (Seibaby)

 • Edited several esper summons, notably buffs to Maduin and Bismark and Stray now revives allies

    --> Siren ----- Now respects stamina (instead of never missing)
    --> Shoat ----- Now has a lower hitrate (in addition to respecting stamina)
    --> Stray ------ Now a stamina-based heal that also revives dead/zombied allies AND remedies "Sap"
    --> Maduin --- Power: 90 (was 60; still ignores defense)
    --> Bismark - Power: 120 (was 90)

 • Major changes to Blitz: stamina options are stronger, but only physical blitzes now ignore defense

    --> Mantra ----- formula edited to rely less on Sabin's current HP and much more on stamina
    --> Aurabolt ---- is now stronger and learned much earlier, but no longer ignores defense OR row
    --> Sonic Boom - is stronger and now stamina-based, but no longer ignores defense
    --> Fire Dance --- is stronger
(power: 48 -> 60) and is now learned later
    --> Suplex --------- now sets Stop instead of Slow (as Sabin can now learn the Slow spell)

 • Several Bushido changes: stamina(ish) options are weaker and only Dispatch/Dragon now ignore defense

    --> Tempest ---- is now stronger on average (3/8x -> 1/2x), but no longer ignores defense

    --> Dragon ------ is slightly weaker (-5 power) so that stamina Cyan doesn't out-damage vigor Cyan
                               in the mid-game;
also lowered Petrify odds to 1/2 (was 2/3)

    --> Eclipse ------- is now magic-based so that it scales the same for all builds and doesn't compete
                               for damage with the (now stamina-based) wind swords

    --> Empowerer - no longer ignores row (Bropedio) and is weaker; while still mostly a full heal
                               from the front row, it's now noticeably weaker from the back

    --> Cleave ------ now respects both (physical) evasion and stamina (was previously just stamina)

 • Made changes to (or that affect) most Rages, including giving Gau a better healing rage (Soldier)
   right out of the gate and balancing end-game physical damage around 3x damage bonuses instead of 4x

    --> Adamantite - 2/3 to 2x Attack (was Cyclonic); 1/3 to Holy Wind (was Mega Volt)
    --> Antlion ------- 1/3 to Snare (was Doom)
    --> Belladonna -- 2/3 to Moonlight (was El Nino); 1/3 to Aqualung (was Blight, i.e. Virite)
    --> Brainpan ----- 1/3 to Rerise (was Attack/Stop)
    --> Buffalax ------ New Rage (replaces Dragon)
    --> Chickenlip ----- 2/3 to Attack +Muddle (was Net); 1/3 to Net (was Attack +Slow)
    --> Doggo ---------- (i.e. Spike) 2/3 to Attack (was Lode Stone); 1/3 to Step Mine (was Attack)
    --> Exocite --------- 2/3 to Rock (was Plasma)
    --> Eye Goo -------- 2/3 to Lode Stone (was Attack); 1/3 to Glare (was Lode Stone)
    --> Flan -------------- 2/3 to Life (was Regen); 1/3 to Life 2 (was Storm)
    --> Gargoyle -------- 2/3 to Sun Bath (was Holy Wind)
    --> Grizzly ----------- (i.e. Ursa Major) 2/3 to Cave In (was Magnitude); 1/3 to 3x Attack (was 2x)
    --> Hornet ----------- 1/3 to Blink (was SlowX)
    --> Kudzu ------------ 1/3 to RegenX (was Bio)
    --> Jinn --------------- Attack (1/3) to +Mute (was +Blind)
    --> Lich --------------- 2/3 to Rasp (was Elf Fire); 1/3 to Elf Fire (was Attack +Muddle)
    --> Locust ------------ (i.e. Cicada) 2/3 to Gale Cut (was SleepX); 1/3 to Mirage (was Gale Cut)
    --> Magic Pot -------- 2/3 to Cure (was always attack); Attack to 4x dmg (was 2x)
    --> Mantodea -------- Attack (1/3) to +Sap (was +Blind)
    --> Mesosaur --------- 2/3 to Holy Wind (was Sun Bath); 1/3 to Magnitude (was Landslide)
    --> Onion Kid --------- 1/3 to Attack +Bserk (was Discord)
    --> Revenant ---------- 2/3 to Holy (was Raze); 1/3 to Blaze (was Firestorm)
    --> Rhydon ------------ (i.e. Rhinotaur) 2/3 to 2x Attack (was Cure 2); 1/3 to Sun Bath (was 3x Attack)
    --> Rocky -------------- (i.e. Peeper) 2/3 to Harvester (was Rock); 1/3 to Rock (was Holy Wind)
    --> Scarab ------------- 2/3 to Starlight (was Avalanche)
    --> Scrapper ---------- (i.e. Brawler) 2/3 to 2x Attack (was Rock); 1/3 to Chakra (was Attack)
    --> Sewer Rat -------- (i.e. Wild Rat) 2/3 to Bio (was Poison); 1/3 to Attack +Poison (was Bio)
    --> Shokan ------------ (i.e. Orog) 2/3 to Dark (was Holy); 1/3 to Raze (was Attack +Zombie)
    --> Soldier ------------ 2/3 to Cure 2 (was Remedy)
    --> Templar ---------- (i.e. Defender) Attack (2/3) to 3x dmg (was 2x); 1/3 to Remedy (was Sun Bath)
    --> Titan -------------- (i.e. Colossus) 2/3 to Avalanche (was Starlight); 1/3 to 3x Attack (was 2x)
    --> Tumbleweed ---- 2/3 to Cure 3 (was Harvester)
    --> Tyrano ----------- New Rage (replaces Allosaurus)
    --> Tek Armor ------ 2/3 to Barrier (was 3x Attack); 1/3 to 2x Attack (was Tek Laser)
    --> Troll -------------- 1/3 to Refract (was Brown Note)
    --> Vagrant -------- (i.e. Punisher) swapped 2/3 (now Flash Rain) & 1/3 (now 2x Attack - was 3x)
    --> Vaporite ------- 2/3 to Plasma (was Blaze); 1/3 to Blind (was SlowX)
    --> Weedula ------ 1/3 to Razor Leaf (was Storm)
    --> Werewolf ---- (i.e. Cerberus) 1/3 to Regen (was Blink)
    --> Windrunner - (i.e. Sprinter) 1/3 to Blight (i.e. "Virite"; was Rasp)

    --> Griffin ------- (renamed from "Harpy" - the previous "Griffin" enemy is now named "Vulture")
    --> Vulture ------ (renamed from "Griffin" - see above)

    --> Absolute 0 -- (Nastidon) is stronger (power: 100 -> 120)
    --> Acid Rain ---- (Rain Man) is now just water damage (was also dark/poison) and may set Sap
    --> Atomic Ray -- (Io) is now non-elemental (was fire), unreflectable, and no longer sets Sap
    --> Blink -----------
(Hornet) now sets Haste (in addition to Image)
    --> Brown Note -- (Onion Kid) is stronger (power: 42 -> 60)
    --> Discharge ----- (Anemone; renamed from "Wavecannon") is stronger (power: 60 -> 75)
    --> Exploder ------ (Bomb) no longer sets Sap, but now does more damage when you use it (Seibaby)
    --> Firestorm ----- (Tyrano) is slightly stronger (power: 45 -> 50)
    --> Landslide ---- (Buffalax) now sets Slow
    --> Snowball ----
(Stray Cat) now sets Slow (instead of Blind)
    --> Starlight ---- (Scarab) is weaker (power: 75 -> 60) and may set Blind (instead of Mute)

 • Edited several Dance steps (most of which are also Rage attacks)

    --> Avalanche -- (Earth Blues, Titan) no longer sets Sap
    --> Blizzard -----
(Snowman Jazz) now sets Blind (instead of Slow)
    --> Elf Fire ------- (Forest Suite, Lich) no longer sets Sap
    --> Plasma -------
(Water Rondo, Vaporite) is now bolt/water damage (was bolt/poison)
    --> Razor Leaf -- (Forest Suite, Vulture/Weedula) is now earth/wind damage (was just wind)
    --> Snare -------- (Dusk Requiem) no longer ignores instant death immunity

 • Changed the 3/16 step on Earth Blues to Wind Slash (was Cave In)

    --> As Earth Blues is primarily a "boss" dance, Cave In was often a wasted turn

 • Rebalanced the main winning Slot spins: Blackjack is still the strongest against most foes, Solitaire
   is now the weakest since it also blinds your opponents, and Trifecta
 (3 chocobos) is your sap-setter

    --> Blackjack - no longer sets Sap
    --> Trifecta ---- is stronger (power: 75 -> 90) and may set Sap (instead of Stop)
    --> Solitaire --- is weaker (power: 90 -> 75)

 • The 7-7-7 Slot spin now both revives fallen allies AND heals live ones, but its power is now slightly
(10 -> 7) than a losing spin (Bropedio)

    --> This change was made to correct an animation bug where Setzer would not step back into his
          correct position after stepping forward for the attack

 • Raised the power of all vigor-based Tools

    --> Autocrossbow - attack to 180 (was 160)
    --> Drill --------------- attack to 200 (was 180)
    --> Chainsaw ------- attack to 255 (was 240)

 • The Bio Blaster is no longer for sale until after the Battle of Narshe (see below)

 • The Flash is weaker (power: 75 -> 60) as the Blind status is now more effective

 • The upgraded Autocrossbow now has perfect accuracy (in addition to being 50% stronger)

 • Set Ninja Stars to maximum ultimate power (were previously 240)

 • ??? is now slightly weaker on average, but now ignores defense

 • Desperation attacks no longer set Slow (they still set Sap)

 • Elixirs now remove most bad statuses (as a Remedy would)

 • Edited the wares of most shops, pushing back the availability of some items, making others available
   sooner, and
(most notably) fixing instances of items becoming unavailable at certain points

    --> Bandanas are now for sale in South Figaro (per the removal of Plumed Hats)

    --> The Bio Blaster is now sold at Figaro Castle after the Battle of Narshe

    --> The Kusarigama (now a weapon for Shadow; see below) is now sold at Jidoor

    --> The Hyper Wrist and Ichimonji (i.e. "Nodachi") now appear for sale later (Tzen & Maranda)

    --> Mystery Veils, Sprint Shoes, and Gale Hairpins now appear for sale sooner (Tzen & Albrook)

    --> Narshe now sells *all* of the elemental swords after the IMTRF goes 'splody

    --> Light Robes are now for sale at Tzen instead of Nikeah (they're also much cheaper; see below)

    --> Dark Hoods/Gear now unavailable until after you get the Falcon (both are sold at Jidoor)

    --> Many items previously no longer sold in the WoR are now at Albrook, Nikeah, and Kohlingen

    --> Figaro Castle now sells Warp Whistles in the WoR

 • Renamed several pieces of equipment; also swapped the names of the Dali and Monet Brushes

    --> Rune Blade --- (was "Rune Edge")        motive -- I removed the only other sword named "blade"
    --> Ichimonji ------
(was "Nodachi")           motive -- Mishrak kept bugging me about it
    --> Viper Darts ----
(was "Doom Darts")     motive -- they no longer trigger instant death
    --> Storm Belt ------- (was "Rage Belt")      motive -- avoids confusion with Gau's "Rage" ability
    --> Quartz Charm ---
(was "Death Ward")  motive -- it no longer blocks instant death

    --> Bracelet -------
(was "Star Ring")        motive -- too many relics are rings
    --> Talisman ------
(was "Jewel Ring")      motive -- what are we, a bunch of hobbits?
    --> Fairy Charm --
(was "Fairy Ring")      motive -- seriously, that's too much fuckin' bling
    --> Spirit Stone ---
(was "Spirit Ring")     motive -- even Mr. T thinks y'all need to chill out

    --> Dali Brush <-----> Monet Brush      motive -- seemed more thematically appropriate

 • Removed several pieces of equipment

    --> Omega Weapon --- was functionally (and graphically) identical to the Atma Weapon
    --> Storm Blade ------- was redundant with the Elec Sword as mechanical foes were weak vs. both
    --> Cards --------------- Setzer now begins the game with Darts
    --> Poison Rod -------- was just kind of shitty
    --> Plumed Hat ------- effectively replaced by the Bandana/Green Beret
    --> Head Band ------- effectively replaced by the Bandana
    --> Tiara -------------- effectively replaced by the Mystery Veil

    --> Silk Robe -------- Relm just shows up naked now >.>

 • Reworked the stat boosts on elemental blades and shields to all provide magic bonuses

    --> Flametongue --- Mag+3/Vgr+3  (Vig+3 was Spd+2)
    --> Icebrand -------- Mag+3/Stam+3 (Stam bonus was +2)
    --> Elec Blade ------ Mag+3/Spd+3  (Mag bonus was +2)
    --> Flameguard ---- Mag+3/Vgr+3  (Mag bonus was Stam)
    --> Thunderguard - Mag+3/Vgr+3  (Mag bonus was Spd)

 • The Scimitar and Falchion now enable counter-attacks to encourage pairing them with other weapons

 • The Demonsbane no longer deals Holy damage so that it doesn't beat out the Avenger vs. undead foes

 • Slightly lowered the attack of (-5) and Vigor boost on (-2) the Valiance

 • The earlier claws are now available sooner and the later ones are stronger

    --> Spirit Claws --- can now be bought at the start of Sabin's scenario
    --> Poison Claws - can now be bought at the end of Sabin's scenario

    --> Frostgore ------ is slightly stronger (attack: 140 -> 150)
    --> Stormfang ----- is much stronger (attack: 160 -> 180)

 • Changed the random spellcasts on the Spirit Claw (Stop -> Slow) and Frostgore (Doom -> Ice)

    --> Spirit Claws now allow Sabin to set Slow on the Soul Train since Suplex no longer does so

 • Overhauled the "magical" katanas: stat boosts are now +Spd/+Stam (stamina is now the "common" stat on
   all katanas)
, the Ichimonji(/Nodachi) is improved, and the "wind" blade attacks are now stamina-based

    --> Hanzo --------- Stam+2 (was Vgr)
    --> Ichimonji ----- Spd+3/Stam+3 (was Vgr/Mag); now has the Zantetsuken's insta-kill/crit effect
    --> Kazekiri -------- Spd+5/Stam+5 (was Vgr/Mag); wind attack is now stamina-based (power: 60)
    --> Mutsunokami - Spd+7/Stam+7 (was Vgr/Mag); wind attack is now stamina-based (power: 120)

 • Reworked the stat boosts on Shadow's ninja daggers to compliment the above-mentioned katana changes

    --> Sakura --- Spd+3/Mag+5 (Mag bonus was Stam)
    --> Kagenui -- Mag+7 (was Stam)
    --> Orochi ----- Spd+7 (removed Stam+5)

 • Added the "strong vs. flying foes" property to the Kunai and Ninjato

 • The Kusarigama has been reworked into a Zozo-era anti-human ninja weapon that can also set Stop/Slow

 • Overhauled Setzer's "casino" weapons: removed all stat boosts, "always hits" (except from Dice), and
   the ability to dual-wield darts in favor of making them better weapons

    --> Darts --------- slightly weaker than before (-10 attack), but stronger than the Cards were
    --> Tarot --------- now deals holy damage in addition to the "undead-slayer" effect
    --> Viper Darts - uses MP for critical hits (rather than instant death)
    --> Dice ----------- now get a "doubles" bonus and fair rolling odds (Seibaby/Bropedio)
    --> Fixed Dice --- the first two dice now roll fairly instead of low (same as regular dice)

 • Rods are more expensive (especially the Doomstick) and only the basic elemental ones can be broken

    --> Fire Rod ------ 2500 GP  (was 4000)
    --> Ice Rod ------- 2500 GP  (was 4000)
    --> Thunder Rod - 2500 GP  (was 4000)
    --> Quartrstaff ---- 5000 GP  (was 4000); can no longer be used as an item in battle
    --> Doomstick ----- 15000 GP (was 4000); can no longer be used as an item in battle
    --> Punisher -----------------------------------; can no longer be used as an item in battle

 • Larger rods (Quartrstaff and higher) now all possess physical evasion only

    --> Thus, the Doomstick gains evade and loses m.evade while the Punisher just loses the latter

 • Lowered the attack on the Punisher (180 -> 150) as it was too strong when dragooning

 • Added a new Colosseum-exclusive weapon for Strago/Relm that's basically a one-handed Mutsunokami

 • Brushes now hit twice to increase the likelihood of random spellcasts (lowered attack to compensate
   for the extra "damage")
; also added magic evasion (10) to all brushes and reworked their stat boosts

    --> Light Brush - attack to 60 (was 100)
    --> Monet Brush - attack to 80 (was 120); Mag+3/Spd+3 (Mag+3 was Stam+5)
    --> Dali Brush ----- attack to 100 (was 140); Mag+5/Spd+3 (Spd+3 was Stam+3)
    --> Ross Brush ----- attack to 120 (was 160); Mag+5/Spd+5 (Mag was +3)

 • The Ross Brush now randomly casts Rflect (instead of Haste)

 • The Magic Bone (a formerly hidden/theft-exclusive weapon for Gau) can now be won at the Colosseum

 • The Morning Star is stronger (attack: 100 -> 125) 2.0.0

  • 2.0.0
  • 2.0.0
  • 2.0.0
  • 2.0.0
  • 1.9.0
  • 1.9.0
  • 1.9.0
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.6
  • 1.8.5
  • 1.8.5
  • 1.8.5
  • 1.8.5
  • 1.8.4
  • 1.8.0
  • 1.7.4

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    · Edited by Hordequester · Report

    • 4
       6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

    Brave New World is an essential upgrade to an already fantastic game. I know we all tend to look at FF6 with rose-colored glasses due to nostalgia but, it definitely had its quirks. Many, many bugs and balancing issues. A great story put on top of an Attack-Spammable combat system with characters that are all identical aside from their sprites. The system was capable of depth, but you had to ignore large parts of the game to get it.

    Brave New World aims to fix all of those issues and more.. rounding out a great story with some really great strategic character design and scripted fights. The magicite character lock coupled with the varied learned and equipped boosts gives you the ability to highly tune characters to specific rolls. The revamp of skill bugs helps to round that out. I can't think of anything that hasn't been tweaked at some point and improved. Dance, Rage, Runic, Lore, Steal, Throw.. all character specific abilities have been improved and now they all feel useful and not bloated. This isn't so much of a mod as it is a expansion or upgrade.. it feels like it was supposed to be there in the first place and I can guarantee you'll miss its features if you go back to the original or a different mod. It really did ruin vanilla for me.

    During my 1.8.4 playthrough I did a run specifically choosing people that were not optimal (too low, not enough esper levels, incompatible abilities, etc) for each fight and it did show a few issues with some characters completely crushing others. Given that the original game had everyone able to fill every role.. I feel like this was an intentional design choice by the developers. My purpose in doing so was to get a feel for characters I never really got to use or didn't know how they'd do in some situations. There are definitely perfect characters for each role, good secondary backups for roles, and rounders to fill whatever you may need in a pinch. This fumbles a bit with a couple characters like Locke always being either one-shot dead, one-cast out of mana, or survivable punching bag. This is in part due to him being underleveled for 90% of the game (if you don't specifically stop to address it) and also because he doesn't really have anything to balance it out like Throw with Shadow or Raw DPS and rando buff-heals like Relm. He's just kind subpar at EVERYTHING and can steal things that have no impact. A bummer (and possibly my misunderstanding of the character) but the rest of the characters are great and keep improving.. like the Gown/Brush update or the Rage updates.

    The biggest criticism I can find while digging is that some of the new systems and scripts can be a bit overwhelming for first time players and people that come in thinking the old use-anyone method is going to fly. Not that they should expect that.. it's clearly right on the label. It's just a mindset that I see people fall into every time they come in. Not sure that's the developer's fault really. But, definitely something to keep in the forefront while playing if this is your first time. Second would be the heavy reliance on a lot of fights being turtle-friendly (sap and heal). I see a bit of work to try to mix it up with the latest patch and there are a few bosses that stop it.. just a shame there are all these new abilities and major confrontations result in button mashing again. Most of the current fights have two gears.. turtle-sap or random one-shots you have to clean up. There are definitely more interesting ones here than vanilla though.. at this point I'm just splitting hairs.

    That said, it is still the most extensive and improving mod for a game I have ever played.. and I've been through's entire library of full mods (Unsure if the fact I'm not joking is sadder than if I were or not). It was the mod that introduced me to Insane Difficulty and NGPlus and all the great people here. One of the most important, and usually overlooked, parts of a mod is the community surrounding that mod.. they are the ones that give suggestions, bug fixes, and test the mods that get released.. it doesn't matter how good your mod could be if it doesn't have the people to help get there. BNW has that.

    I really think it deserves 4.5 Stars but not an option. I can't do 5 Stars because.. that would mean it is perfect the way it is.. but I still want to see more updates! Can't recommend this mod more.. even if you weren't a fan of FF6 before, this would make you one.

    P.S. I do apologize if this review jumps around a bit and seems a bit scrambled. My 4yo loves FF6 and won't stop jumping all over me to mention things about BNW that are cool. If that's not an endorsement you can trust.. I don't know what is.

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    · Report

    • 5
       4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

    The original copy of Final Fantasy VI, to me, is broken. Once you've gained ultima, you don't need to think about your next actions. This fixes that, and takes the game to a whole new level.

    Unlike the original, where each character becomes a carbon copy of each other due to magic being unrestricted, this fixes that to a new level. The original game saw Vigor, Stamina, and Speed be marginally useful, while Magic was basically the only stat that truly mattered. Each stat has value and purpose now to allow for characters to be built in specific ways. Do you want to turn Sabin into a Regen tank that heals other characters? Maybe you want Locke to be your healer, so you pump his MP to new heights due to the Esper Level system. 


    Esper levels replace the "equip this esper and gain x bonus" that made gaining levels before espers feel like you were missing an opportunity to make your characters more powerful. This does away with tha completely by utilizing a second leveling system, called EL, or "Esper Level." Each character maxes their Esper level at 25, and each character can draw strength from the Espers they can equip. This means that characters like Shadow can only beef up his speed and vigor, while Sabin is focused on Vigor, Stamina, and HP.  It also does away with needing to learn magic to 100%, which speeds up the time you would spend grinding to learn the spells that each character has access to by creating a bank of spell points that you gain by defeating enemies. Even with these changes, the game doesn't lose or gain any difficulty. It completely changes the way you think of the game and each character has value in a way that's unique to them. Relm learns some of the most powerful magics, while Setzer learns the best healing spells. This changes how you build each character and subsequently, how you build each party.

    Making these adjustments it feel like a completely different game that doesn't distract or take away from the main story. It makes playing the original feel, incomplete by comparison. 

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    · Edited by S.Court · Report

    • 5
       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Final Fantasy VI is simply put my favorite game, but even when I have that esteem from this game, I recognize the game is broken. It gives you a ton of absurdly powerful tools which can make the game incredibly easy. I always wanted to know how this game would be with a proper rebalancing and then I saw this mod and I have to say it has even overcome the expectatives I had from it and I definitely enjoy the result.


    Calling it a rebalancing it's not making it justice. The new esper system adds a ton of strategy layers in the game, making each character versatile, giving them a good amount of tools, but keeping each of their roles diferenciated enough to make them unique. Balancing character versatility, role specialization and balance is something pretty complicated to make, but BTB and Synchysi have made an impressive work there.


    Of course, this depth would not be nothing without proper enemies and again, they have made a great work with them: even random enemies can suppose a threat if you attack them mindlessly, status effect are actually useful and each tool each playable character have can be put to an use. Bosses are challenging and requires certain level of strategy to be beaten without too much troubles, and that's certainly a great point this mod has.


    I have some complains with their personality choices from a couple of characters and language in Brave New World version, and there are some references here and there I feel them quite invasive, but honestly that doesn't matter too much because the main experience this mod offers -the difficult rebalancing and the strategy layers each character has- is definitely excellent. I would suggest anyone to play this mod if you want to see how much the original gameplay formula can be improved to create a way more engaging experience.

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