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Major features:

  • Equipment offers various bonuses instead of a simple attack and defense progression
  • Rebalanced classes, stats and spells, almost everything is usable now
  • Modified formulas that keep even high level techs useful
  • Expanded inbattle options with running, regular strong attacks and counter techs
  • Passive MP regeneration with high cost spells: be smart with your magic
  • Extensive boss AI changes
  • Accelerated level curve: from class changing at the earliest mana stone to facing the final boss at the level cap
  • Transformed the shield slot into a second accessoire slot for everyone, shields count as regular accessoires
  • Increased inventory capacity to 20 per item type instead of 9
  • Tons of bugfixes ranging from agility stats not working to Kevin's wolfform stacking attack bonuses
  • 5 difficulties to choose from, covering the spectrum from "easier than vanilla" to "Atlus would be proud"

What's New in Version 0.925   See changelog


  • changed AI and stats of Darkshine Knight
  • changed AI and stats of Koren
  • Lord's final weapon "Sigmund" now strengthens Lv2/3 based on the target's attack power and puts the target into the counterable state
  • Duelist's final weapon "Deathbringer" now increases Lv2/3 damage based on proximity to the target(s)
  • Grand Divina's final weapon "Ganvantein" now grants saber effects when casting elemental spells on allies
  • Archmage's final weapon "Spirit Cane" now allows spells to hit weaknesses for 200% damage instead of 150%
  • added a variable bonus to counter attack power based on the target enemy, e.g. knights and crawler take a lot more bonus damage than mages
  • increased attack strength of Bulette and Gold Bulette
  • added magic damage to a couple status inflicting specials of regular enemies
  • changed Grell's Funky Dance from "energy ball" to self heal
  • changed Kerberos' and Firedrake's fire breath from inflicting dummy state to poison
  • increased Harpy's Talon drain from 10% maxHP to 20%
  • increased Carmilla Queen's Bloody Dance from 12.5% maxHP to 33%
  • reduced Slime Prince's red glowing attack from 50% HP damage to 25%
  • fixed a bug in counterattack timing
  • fixed a bug that gave some enemies 0% chance to hit with status ailments in trap rooms

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· Edited by Kanji · Report

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For people who grew up playing this game, it takes everything you loved about it and makes it challenging for an adult who still games in the modern era. You will find yourself thinking of the characters in ways you never did before, coming up with strategies you never thought you would think of coming up before, freaking out over dying like you never did before, and eating a lot of chocolate.

Not fully complete yet from a features perspective (it's only gonna get better?) but I give this one my full recommendation.

PS. find two buddies to play it with and apply the 3-player patch. Trust me now, thank me later.

PPS. Play on hard mode. No balls.

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· Report

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Been following this mod back on Insane difficulty, and man what a beautiful work Praetarus did. Definitely a wonderful mod, adds a thrill to the otherwise bland battles and keeps you in the edge, and forces you to plan ahead and create new strategies while giving you the options to do so. One of my favorite mods, everyone that had played the original Seiken Densetsu should play this one. 

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