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  1. PSA: FUCK DOLAN I dunno why we're having so much trouble with this dude. Probably I am drinking too much when I play this game. I think we're on to the 'strategy' but it just seems to take forever to whittle him down. One mistake and we're done, LOL. Again, this is awesome. Has us thinking of wimping out of the moonreading tower for now, but then we realized we only have lightgazer left after that so it's kinda like ehhhhh. Level 69 and having trouble with the regular enemies too, so maybe we're underleveled. Gonna keep working it. PS, cheers for hitting the v1.0 milestone. Will enjoy a Duran run... one of these days
  2. Final Fantasy 5: the brainstorming

    Looking forward to trying this. I've always thought FFV was the most forgettable of the SNES FF's, but based on what you've done with Sin of Mana, I'm down to try this one out too. The ideas are interesting and I will probably get my ass kicked, which is the whole point. Will be staying tuned. Cheers.
  3. I'm game. Just need a third person now. Valenhill??? (or maybe I can convince my room mate)
  4. Yes, we play with RetroArch and it's a freaking BLAST yo. Been a while due to differing schedules, but hope to finish it one day. I don't think I could handle going through this solo. Still a little annoying when P1 dies and all the controls get wonky - trying to figure out who's controlling who while a boss is nuking you can get interesting. We made it all the way to Dolan in spite of that tho, so it's not that huge of a deal.
  5. Seiken Densetsu 3 - Sin of Mana

    hype For people who grew up playing this game, it takes everything you loved about it and makes it challenging for an adult who still games in the modern era. You will find yourself thinking of the characters in ways you never did before, coming up with strategies you never thought you would think of coming up before, freaking out over dying like you never did before, and eating a lot of chocolate. Not fully complete yet from a features perspective (it's only gonna get better?) but I give this one my full recommendation. PS. find two buddies to play it with and apply the 3-player patch. Trust me now, thank me later. PPS. Play on hard mode. No balls.
  6. So we just got to Mispolm on our three-way playthrough (Rogue/Vanadis/Archmage), and we don't know what the HELL is going on. This is awesome. Fiegmund was pretty crazy too, nice one. Really looking forward to the AI changes on Bigieu/Jagan/Dark Prince. EDIT: HOLY FUCK CAN'T BELIEVE WE KILLED IT