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The espers were moved; the guy blocking off the auction house will tell you where to.


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On 11/9/2017 at 10:15 PM, thzfunnymzn said:

If it doesn't break BNW, I might actually do so as well. Looks very interesting.

Having Terra pick up Gau is actually interesting. Ties into her looking to the orphans of that town on the Veldt whose name eludes me.

Since I haven't seen anyone else post on here about having tried Divergent Paths with BNW, just thought I'd chime in and point out they don't mesh.

If you apply BNW first, the Whelk fight is either unwinnable, or at least unreasonably lengthy. I seem to recall seeing BTB mention somewhere that many bosses don't actually die at 0 HP, but are scripted to terminate when their HP reaches a certain threshold – I'm curious if this could have something to do with why Whelk just keeps on tanking hits (seemingly) forever. Whelk also announces "BAD TOUCH! I NEED AN ADULT!" before each time it hides in its shell...

If you apply BNW second, Whelk is no problem, but then the boss fight in the "defend Terra" sequence is super weird – he countered Locke's steal attempt with a coupe of Esper summons (that he didn't have enough MP to cast), and then countered any other attacks with a double Tentacle (sometimes MT Tentacle for a party wipe). Only way to get past this is to fluke out on a good Dance with Mog, or maybe get a couple of lucky crits in a row. Even if you get past this, the game eventually locks up when you talk to the guard at the entrance to Figaro Cave after Kefka's attack on Figaro Castle.

Regardless, it seems like Divergent Paths is less self-contained than the developer alleges in its readme, and definitely not BNW-compatible.

EDIT: it occurred to me that the breadth of BNW's modification may actually be the reason for these incompatibilities. For example, if BNW's Whelk/Marshal boss scripts now utilize any locations in memory that used to be utilized by something in the 3-scenario portion of the game in vanilla, and DP starts changing things in those locations in memory, then yeah, obviously things aren't gonna go as expected.

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That's not really that surprising. BNW uses a LOT of the available free space in the rom, so if Divergent Paths needs to expand it's reach into any of that same free space, something is bound to crack open. It's a little sad, though; if you could have gotten through the route split itself, that would have lent itself to playing BNW, swapping to DP for the route split, then swapping back to BNW to avoid the least amount of bugs. Sounds like that's not really much of an option, though. 


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Well, DP claims to make all its modifications within the same space as the sequence of events from the Returners' hideout through to regrouping in Narshe in vanilla. But BNW seems to do some serious reorganizing of spells/monster specials and enemy AI, so all DP would have to do is change an enemy's behavior  (for example, making the Barren Falls piranha frenzy less likely to steamroll an underlevelled Terra/Banon) to maybe introduce weirdness after both patches are applied.


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The route split mod & BNW both modify the events in the route split. That's more than enough for a conflict to occur in programming and for stuff to happen.

I fully expected that to be the case. Was putting out a fool's hope that it wouldn't. Oh well.

I really do like the idea from a story-telling perspective. As hilarious as it is to show off how awesome Sabin is compared to everyone else, it's bad form from a serious perspective to give Sabin so much whilst the other two scenarios are so thin in comparison. Locke's scenario isn't too bad. It's mostly how thin the Terra/Edgar scenario is compared to how meaty Sabin's scenario is. I do like how they cut off the Sabin (now Figaro) scenario after Doma. It makes the Figaro scenario nice and neat; it's the story of Cyan & Doma, that's it.

I echo artemi's sentiments on losing the trio of Sabin, Cyan, and Gau. Kind of a shame. Though this alternative does mean that Terra has a pre-established connection with Mobliz before the WoR.


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Gonna go ahead and repost this since 1.9 is right around the corner:

 • Added new hacks which allow stamina to influence counter-attacks and the possibility of "true knight"
   characters taking hits for healthy allies (critically-wounded characters are still always protected)

 • Fixed a bug where stamina would not protect against status ailments set by enemy "special" attacks

 • Added a hack to condense the in-battle spell menu (removes all empty spaces)

 • Fucked around with the spells that each character learns again (highlights: Relm gets Life and Stop,
   Mog picks up Haste, Celes learns Demi much earlier now, and Warp is again pushed back to the WoR)

 • The Life spell now revives to 250~500 HP instead of 1/4 maxHP; Phoenix Downs now revive to 1 HP

 • Raised Cyan's base stamina; lowered the power of the Dragon and Eclipse bushidos to compensate

 • Raised the chances for the Dragon bushido to set Stone from 50% to 66%

 • Raised the power of the Aurabolt blitz and swapped the levels at which it and Mantra are learned

 • Edited the GP Toss formula to do 50% more damage (note: edited Katanasoul's stats to compensate)

 • Lowered the power of the Blackjack and Solitaire slot spins

 • Lowered the cost of several spells, including Demi, Rasp, Dispel, and SleepX

 • Lowered the hitrate of several magical attacks to help make magic evasion more useful

 • Reworked & rebalanced swords to offer more (and better) choices for vigor-built characters

 • Swords that consume MP for critical hits now respect the "1/2 MP costs" effect of the Gem/Soul Box

 • Spears now inherently possess the "may guard allies" property instead of random counter-attacks

 • Adjusted the properties of the Wind Slash and Aero procs from the Kazekiri and Mutsunokami

 • Removed the Kagenui's speed boost and slightly adjusted the boosts on Shadow's other weapons

 • Changed Setzer's dice to boost stamina instead of magic and vise-versa for his other weapons

 • The Morning Star and Kusarigama now ignore defense instead of being anti-undead

 • The Demonsbane is now anti-undead in addition to holy-elemental

 • Raised the proc rate of anti-undead weapons from 25% to 50%

 • Fixed a bug where using items on undead characters would randomly kill them

 • Renamed the Diva Brush to Dali Brush and the Magic Brush to Monet Brush

 • Changed the animation of several weapons; also swapped the animations of the two "Blizzard" attacks

 • Corrected the Stormfang menu description

 • The BatPwr of the Soul Sabre and Omega Weapon now display correctly in the item menu

 • The Soul Sabre/Blood Sword are no longer ignored by the "Optimize" routine; the Omega Weapon now is

 • Switched the Colosseum opponents/prizes for the Masamune and Kagenui (and a few others)

 • Celes now starts with an Iron Cutlass instead of a Mythril Bolo

 • Gogo can now use Throw even if Shadow is dead

 • Interceptor now sets Sap

 • Lowered Golem's defense from 192 to 128

 • Made several changes to the Battle of Narshe

 • Made an important update to Atma Weapon's script

 • Fixed a bug in the Soul Fire script (Wrexsoul fight)

 • Enabled/disabled random encounters on a few maps for better consistency

 • Aquilas no longer have any MP as they do not use any attacks that use it

 • Phunbaba and Doom Gaze now give 10 spell points when defeated as other bosses do

 • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to run from all of the enemies in the New Mines

 • Rewrote Gau's tutorial to match how Leap now functions; also added a new line of dialogue for Gau

 • Added more screenshots, boxart with cart label, and enemy graphics to the unlockme image gallery


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Updated the Build Guides and Reference Text. Biggest new thing is Terrato Sabin has his own build now. I'm sure BTB is rolling his eyes at me.


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Posted (edited)

Here's a complete dipshit question...what does it mean when your ATB bar turns green?

And the dipshit answer: You are in Reraise status.

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