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Sabin Rene Figaro: Well Don't That Just Beat All...

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Sabin Rene Figaro
"Well don't that just beat all..."


Vigor: 48 / Magic: 24 Speed: 36 / Stamina: 42

HP: 136 / MP: 0   BatPwr: 48 / Def: 42 / M.Def: 42 / Blk%: 18 / M.Blk%: 12


Weapons: Claws
Head: Bandanas, Masks, Hats
Body: Light Armor, Robes, Vests


SKILLS (Blitz)

(Note: all Blitzes are untargetable)
Pummel (lv. 1) - physical attack (Vigor); sets Sap
Suplex (lv. 9) - stronger physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense, sets Slow/Muddle
Fire Dance (lv. 12) - fire damage (Magic) to all foes
Mantra (lv. 15) - restores HP to Sabin's allies (Stamina and current HP)
Aurabolt (lv. 20) Stamina-based (magical) holy attack; sets Blind
Chakra (lv. 25) - restores MP to Sabin's allies (Stamina)
Sonic Boom (lv. 30) - wind damage (Magic) to all foes; ignores defense
Bum Rush (???) - strongest physical attack (Vigor); ignores defense


Stray - Stamina+2 -------------  24 MP: sets Muddle/Slow/Sap on all foes
Golem - HP+20/Vigor+1 ---  56 MP: blocks physical hits for party (durability = caster's max HP)
Terrato - HP+60 -------------  64 MP: earth damage to all does (Magic)


Quake - Magic
Drain - Magic


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Posted (edited)

Sabin Rene Figaro

Hikes halfway across the world, recruits a master samurai, ninja, & wild child with magic to his cause, Suplexes a Train, and survives jumping into waterfalls and fast ocean currents. Why isn't he the main character? What were Terra, Locke, & Celes doing at this time anyways?


  • He's Sabin
  • Easy to use; High damage options are easy to find
  • Incredible defense-ignoring damage & elemental control
  • Very high HP, Incredible HP espers, Royal Jacket for HP+
  • Solid party support; Possesses unique party MP recovery Blitz
  • Great status control; Possesses unique never-miss Slow setting Blitz
  • High base stats, Claws give solid stat boosts
  • Good physical evade


  • Very low defense, low mg.eva, Average Equipment, cannot equip shields
  • AoE is highly limited; Just mid-WoB (Fire Dance) and lategame randoms (SleepX)
  • Poor healer
  • Defense-ignoring damage is untargetable & falls off by endgame
  • Potentially frail in mid-WoR if HP esper or Royal Jacket aren't obtained swiftly

Less versatile than his brother, but Sabin's raw power and ease of use secures him a spot as one of the best characters in Brave New World. He's almost always a very solid pick for team needing a high damage character.



The standard Sabin build; just lots of vigor and HP. Some people prefer raw Golem, some like to grab a little Terrato once he becomes available. Remember to use both Blitzes AND elemental claws - Sabin's potential damage is lessened if you ignore his elemental control. This build is awesome all game long, though he's trickier to use in the mid-/late-WoR. It's highly recommended to keep an HP booster equipped at all times.


Chakra Sabin, built with oodles of stamina and some / lots of HP. Very useful if you've got a team of MP users but you're struggling to maintain their MP. Also has some utility with mid-game Mantra & an ultra-high (near 100%) counterattack rate. He lacks big selling points outside of Chakra & counterattacks though.

I personally recommend the Red Belt (hybrid) build if you want to use stamina. It takes advantage of Sabin's strengths of "raw power and HP" and "solid WoB damage dealer," then boosting his counterattack rate & Chakra healing once his core role is firmly built.

Red Belt

Hybrid Sabin. The build's name comes from Final Fantasy 1's "Black Belt" and "Red Mage" class. Sabin's the "black belt" (martial artist) class from Final Fantasy 1, but this build is more of a hybrid, like Red Mage. Hence the name "Red Belt."

Build Golem levels first, then switch to stamina & HP levels when Chakra and Terrato become available. Like his brother, the hybridization works because the two stats (vigor & stamina) play two different roles for Sabin. This build's damage is honestly quite close to that of the full vigor build. The real catch is the reduced HP. A handful of Terrato levels are indispensable.

This build is about giving vig Sabin more frequent counterattacks and a more useful Chakra, sacrificing the raw damage/HP from pure Golem + Terrato.


  • Pay attention to the enemy's elemental weaknesses & defense stats. Sabin's claws have much higher damage potential than his Blitzes. If it's a fight for claws instead of blitzes, consider Berserking Sabin.
  • Golem is stupidly powerful, especially paired with Image, and you should abuse this powerful summon.
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Threads now actually have content and intro posts now, so tossing out the old joke posts >.>


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