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BNW 1.9 Bestiary Tool

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So I did a thing with things and made a BNW Bestiary tool.  Disclaimer:  this is with unlockme data, so if you want to avoid spoilers (enemy HP), avoid this.  Best opened with Excel. YMMV with Open Office or Libre Office.

The idea is to be able to select a particular area and see the enemies and the formations within said area.  As far as I’m concerned, this is finished. However I’m still open to some ideas. 

To save space, when there are multiple enemies within a formation they’re given a quantity rather than displayed multiple times.  Also, areas that don’t follow the 3/16 and 5/16 encounter rates are given a special tab. 

Lastly, areas are sorted (for the most part) by the way they’re organized within FF3usME and I named each one myself, with some help from BTB. The exception to this sorting is, I grouped some of the more obscure overworld encounters together, and added a few “areas” that don’t actually exist in the editor, namely Doom Gaze and Phunbaba.




 v1.4 Changes:

1) Cleared up bosses to only be listed in the specific area they're found in
2) Added 128 to Rail Car sequence
3) Added Phalanx to Sealed Cave
4) Cleaned up area list
5) Fixed Cyan's Nightmare encounters not displaying
6) Fixed Cave of the Magi Encounters because they were flipped
7) Changed Hidonites to display different HP for each one

Known issues:

1) Does not include encounters in the following areas:

-Beginner School
-Security Checkpoint during Terra/Banon Scenario
-Figaro Castle Magitek Armor
-Imperial Camp
-Bombs in Thamasa Fire House

2) Heartfire is included in "Thamasa Overworld"
3) Fanatics Tower encounter rates not included

To do maybe someday:

1) Leapable formations
2) Include sprites in the formation display
3) Rare Steals



Edited by BTB

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Thanks for making this, I've found it to be very helpful!  Given that it's a fairly spoiler-dense resource already, I've considered adding some rage/steal/lore information to it, once my own notes are reasonably complete.  I don't want to step on your toes, though, if you're still working on it.

However, I'm completely at a loss as to where the "Misc. Overworld Packs III" are to be found.  After hours of searching, I gave up and looked at the encounters in FF3usME, and those groups don't appear to be assigned to any overworld locations.  Of course, I don't expect FF3usME to necessarily be accurate when looking at BNW, due to the large scope of its changes.

So it's possible that those packs exist somewhere and I've just missed them; the other possibility is that they are missable and cannot be found after the sealed cave becomes inaccessible.

Or that it's somehow possible to re-enter the sealed cave, I guess?

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I have considered adding rage/steal/lore stuff, I just haven't had the time to do it yet.  

Those Misc. Overworld Packs are usually on the isolated islands scattered about the world.  You can always pop onto discord and ask BTB however.  I don't remember.

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I'd love to see  a web app that lets you track a few things. Encountered formations, chests, steals, rages and lores and such. Every time I've played this game I have had about 4 different notepads tracking some basic stuff from the unlock me.

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