What would you say are the best JRPG difficulty mods?

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I'm so jaded these days, I can't play older JRPGs without hacks or mods if they are available . I literally haven't played vanilla FFVII since, I dunno, 2009 or before. Often the systems are really good - looking at you FFX  - but it's so easy and I can't stand self-imposed challenges like low-level runs. I want the game to force me to use all tools at my disposal, not for me to neuter myself by restricting things. Part of the joy of RPGs is watching the numbers go up.

Anyway, at this time, I have played:  FFIV The Darkness Within,  FFVI: Brave New World, FFVI: Return of the Dark Sorcerer, FFVII: Lost Wing (this was my first ever FFVII game mod. Good times), FFVII New Threat, FFVII Hardcore, FFVII HardType, FFVIII Requiem, first disk of FFVII Ragnarok Rebalance, FFIX Unleashed, FFIX Alternate Fantasy, FFX Punishment , FFX Sin Unleashed up to Mii'hen Highroad, Xenogears HardType.

I'd have to say VII New Threat is the best by a clear margin just due to the incredible number of changes done to it. And they're great changes, too. It really reinvents and spices up the gameplay.

I'm not sure after that though. That's why I made this thread, to hopefully get the opinions of posters here.  What are your favorites and why?


I really need to get around to playing Xenosaga HardType.

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I too tend to only play older JRPGs if there is some kind of mod, though for me it doesn't need to be a straight up hardtype but something to enhance the experience and make it different. Not a huge fan of LandonRays because I find a lot of his work to be not tested very well and usually has difficulty spikes. His FF9 mod however, is truly great. 


A few mods that I enjoyed a great deal that aren't on your list -

Not a hardtype but the game is slightly harder. I found the classes to be as unbalanced as the original, but the variety was awesome. Several new things added to make the playthrough different enough while at the same time didn't feel too custom. (other than the glitchy class selection menu, but you deal with it once and are done with it)

A great rebalancing mod to make you look at characters differently and change up how you normally approach the game.

Possibly the best FF4 mod for people who want an enhanced vanilla experience. Again, not a hardtype but offers lots more content that feels authentic and several QoL enhancements.

Same guy who did the BoF2 hack I posted earlier did this one. Basically, the definitive way to enjoy FF3. (i don't like the DS/PSP version much)

There are several Mother 2 hacks available, but this one was probably my favorite I've played. Slightly harder, some minor changes, small bit of stuff added. Great for a replay.

Fantastic hardmod for Suikoden 1. (there is one for Suikoden 2 as well, but I've yet to play that one so I can't recommend it yet)

DQ3 hardtype by zombero. Big fan of his, like all of his hacks to be honest. This one is well ... worth your time.

Lastly, my favorite romhack to my favorite game. So many great changes to improve the experience. 



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I also would recommend SMT : Nocturne Hardtype still by Zombero not does it increase the challenge but also make some really nice rebalancing, new skills and new mechanic that effectivly make the game more diversify (no longuer need the MC to a physical fighter in order to deal decent damage to the true final boss).

Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana is also a really good mod that rebalance the game, correct some glitches and effectivly make the games better all of that with 5 different difficulty setting depending of what kind of challenge you want.

If you can get your hand on an english version FFVI T-Edition is also a pretty amazing hack, adding a ton of contents to FFVI including new sidequest and bosses, new equipment, new costume system...etc... Basically this is like FFVII New Threat but with FFVI.

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Man, I just realized how hard it is to give a list of great JRPG mods without just listing off everything in the forums section of this site. >.>

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