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  1. It's just cheeky speak to cover their own ass, just grab a rom off of any site and apply the patch. You can't even legally buy most older games anyway, as in there's no opportunity to obtain them. Only the most popular choices get available digitally, but that is still only a minor percentage of the library so torrenting/pirating is the only way to keep a lot of these games in circulation and alive as a sort of archive.
  2. Oh no problem and yeah I've already played your Covenant mod hehe I'm kind of a pro lurker. That was quite a while ago though. I wish I could leave a bunch of tips but honestly I thought the overall balance was what I expected. Next time I play it I'll make sure to keep like a thought journal or something for minor things just so you can have more feedback. Gonna try and play Grace 1.3 this weekend. Hard mods are so great because you get to relive the game again in a fresh way, it's almost like a brand new game but familiar at the same time. Wish there were more, so many games I wish had a hard mod haha. Breath of Fire 2, Dragon Quest 8 and Suikoden 2 come to mind. (I know there's a Suiko 1 mod, it's pretty good too) Anyway, I'm rambling...
  3. Looking forward to this project! I personally think the game should be balanced in a way that keeps the "spirit" and game mechanics in tact as much as possible, so nothing super crazy. Here's a couple of my thoughts on some posts here and the game in general on what I'd implement. - I like setting a minimum draw amount of 9 per draw to speed up the draw process. Maybe raise the failure chance though to balance. - Another idea besides the above though is to remove the "quantity" part of magic altogether. Let me explain.. so basically you would draw say a Cure spell but instead of drawing say 4 Cures or 9 Cures you would just draw the Cure spell as is, in an unlimited quantity. How you balance this is by making each spell very difficult to draw with a high failure chance. On top of this you set a limit of how many times a magic can be used per battle. (Perhaps if a char is lvl 1-9 it is one time, lvl 10-19 two times and so on up to 10 times per battle at max level?) This would make players want to use magic in battle, it would remove the tediousness of drawing 100 magic and keeping it at 100 since you just do it once and also provide a reason to level up. You could also make Junctioned magic scale better according to character level. - I like the Card Mod ability being tweaked/balanced and made less overpowered on Disc 1. - I would much prefer the available magic selection be limited rather than placing some kind of level requirement. If you don't want players to have Curaga early, don't allow them to get it on Disc 1, much better than level requirement IMO. - I also like giving each character an innate element that they have an infinity towards. For example Squall could be Fire and thus cannot Junction Ice magic and cannot Junction Shiva and receives better compatibility with Ifrit. (Quistis could be Ice as an example too, perhaps Zell would be Thunder, etc) - I would make weapon upgrades more substantial/important and perhaps add a couple extra ones to flesh out the selection a bit. I would also gate certain materials behind specific events, so players can't skip weapons in favor of stronger ones. - Limit Breaks should definitely be toned down, with only one possible chance per turn (no abuse) and maybe only allow them one use per "critical state" so that there is an incentive to heal themselves? I don't know about this one, but I think players need a reason to stay full HP and not purposely put themselves to critical to spam Limit Breaks and break the game. - I would also give each character a natural affinity towards certain stats, with higher base stats than the others to differentiate them a bit more. - I would also prefer the system in which you earn Gil to be based on battles instead of steps taken, so I don't run around in circles in town lmao - I would also prefer if the amount of money you earn per tier is toned down dramatically, but in compensation your Seed Rank never lowers. Maybe you all could discuss this point further. I'll either edit this post or reply again if I think of other stuff. Can't wait to play whatever you cook up, I'm sure it'll be as awesome as FF7!
  4. Looking forward to giving this a try. Don't have much to say, except thank you for supporting lesser known games and giving them attention! Shadow Hearts is a great series, even the 3rd game was very fun to play and the additional challenge will only make it much more enjoyable.
  5. For my first post I just want to say I hope this website grows and finds more equally talented creators and fans alike. What you guys do here, cannot be found elsewhere or easily replaced. Godspeed friends.