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  1. All of those moves have been nerfed to no longer randomly insta kill, with the possible exception of Meteor.
  2. To be fair, I said less because I don't remember if anyone still has Meteor besides Ozma, and I don't remember if Meteor was nerfed.
  3. Let me preface this by saying v8 is the first version I played, so I don't know what healing was like before. I did play through v7.9 eventually, but it just wasn't as interesting. First, some theorycrafting. There are three general states a player will be in during an RPG boss battle: Offensive, Defensive, and Critical. Offensive means that the player can ignore the actions of the boss and just do the same thing every turn. For example, if all the damage the boss deals can be healed by the healer every turn and the other two can attack freely to beat the boss. Defensive means the player has to pay attention to the the boss's actions and react accordingly. They can still deal damage and potentially defeat the boss, but any mistakes can result going into Critical or even an outright Game Over. Critical means the player is backed into a corner, and unable to deal any significant damage to the boss without facing a Game Over. When this happens, the player needs to work to get back to Defensive. Ideally, the player will spend most of their time in Defensive, with occasional jumps to Critical from minor mistakes and certain, infrequent attacks. Being in Offensive for brief periods is fine, but beyond that will just be boring. The problem with the healing in v8 is that it's almost impossible to be in Defensive. If the boss doesn't deal enough damage to outright kill a character, Peach, Regen, or Kerocola can fully heal them every turn. Furthermore, equipment is overloaded with too much status and element protection, meaning there's no threat from those either. This necessitates that bosses use very absurd attacks, such as constant insta-kills, just to remain a threat. Sure, sometimes a character will die and you'll have to deal with it, but until that happens, you can just ignore the boss's attacks. Celebi then compounds this problem even further, since invincibility counters not just insta-kill, but everything in general. It's why the hardest bosses have "Celebi counters": it's the only way to remain relevant. To be clear, I'm not saying v9 will completely address the healing creep. In some ways, it makes it worse: there are now items that fully heal and revive, or don't even cost a turn to use. This will result in an item creep where the player will either have to grind for items or fight at a severe handicap. Fortunately, invincibility is now only 50% reduction, status efffects are harder to block, and equipment in general has more weaknesses.
  4. What's a lie? The fact is that healing became so effective that the only way to threaten the player is to insta-kill them with something that can't be blocked without invincibility. Even THAT gets countered by some of the end game fights, leaving an unblockable, random insta-kill. And yeah, I can't imagine beating the trio without Celebi's invincibility. The only thing able to counter their broken attack pattern is Celebi's broken invincibility.
  5. The 9999 power creep is what happens when you overload the player with gear that blocks too many things at once. Fortunately, it's been scaled back considerably in v9. I think only Ozma still has it, although I don't remember at this point. P.S. The pokemon battle is what I was thinking of as the "hardest" fight, although Rosalina and Terra are close seconds.
  6. That's simply not true. There's no difference in the boo logic there between early game and later.
  7. What do you mean "nothing happens"? The Ultima Weapon should be there unless you beat it already.
  8. She's infinitely strong. That is, there's a bug that causes her to have infinite HP. See
  9. While it's true that there's very limited space for music, I'd sooner attribute that one to laziness... (to be fair, DK adds all these songs manually, and it's really impressive how good they come out)
  10. Darkkefka could answer this better than me since this was a change I've only heard him explain a few times in the past, but the battle music was removed for technical reasons. It's definitely normal and not a bug. I liked the music too, but I believe it didn't work right with the revival or something. I hope you enjoy the game regardless
  11. Of course! The lack of healing spells (group or otherwise) is what makes everything before Star Hill harder.
  12. Unusable? I used her plenty in the beta...
  13. Right, I think it would be better to release a public demo for the purpose of hype rather than to find balance issues. If something comes up from the demo, you can adjust the balance before the release anyway. Everything else should be done first, though.
  14. A public demo wouldn't be a bad idea, although I highly doubt it will be useful for determining balance. Some people will think it's too easy and others will think it's too hard regardless. Another consideration is that you'll want the savestate to be compatible with the final release, since otherwise everyone would have to go through the beginning again.
  15. It's complicated. I can't say I have all the details, but here's what I can point you to:
  16. You made it! Good to have you back I've been holding the fort here while you've been away. People are just itching to play v9! On that topic, what's left?
  17. Ah, you mean the v9 alpha. I know at the time it was called the beta, but at this point it's better referred to as the alpha. The beta was only given to me to test (I streamed my test of it). It's very different from the alpha, and much closer to what the release will look like. Someone already posted the v9 alpha a few days ago actually. With that in mind, I don't see any reason to say no to someone wanting to make some videos of it. Just remember to mention in the video that it's the alpha, not the final release.
  18. Assuming you're talking about the videos of me playing the beta, I think it's best for everyone involved to not watch those videos. It will spoil some of the experience from actually playing v9. That's why those videos are staying in the vault... nothing would be gained by watching them now.
  19. Considering the most powerful attacks in the game (Crystal Stars, Riot Blade, and Xion in general) all deal physical damage, you'd do well to go all or almost all HP. The extra magic attack isn't needed to deal enough damage, and the magic defense is hit or miss. Also, a no Celebi run? Good luck with that.
  20. Huh, neat.
  21. It's true that I have that version and the videos of when I streamed it. However, those are locked away in "the vault", never to be seen again. The next time you see version 9 will either be one final beta from DK or the actual v9 release. I know he's taking forever, but please be patient. He should be coming back to finish this soon To tide you over, have you beaten everything in the hard mode of v8? What about earlier versions? All the ones still around are available in the download section.
  22. If you have to ask... he's probably unbeatable. He's only supposed to have a few lives. P.S. That version is the v9 alpha, even though it might sometimes be called a beta. The v9 beta was never released publicly, although I did stream it earlier this year.
  23. smrpg:a

    The fix I gave makes her HP effectively 30,000, so that's not surprising. In v8, damage can be as high as 30,000, but will only display up to 9,999. v9 will display more useful information here
  24. smrpg:a

    No problem! I was confused by that at first as well. The UI for that editor can be pretty unintuitive sometimes...
  25. smrpg:a

    You need to select the check box to the left of the line, then click the X.