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  1. It's true that I have that version and the videos of when I streamed it. However, those are locked away in "the vault", never to be seen again. The next time you see version 9 will either be one final beta from DK or the actual v9 release. I know he's taking forever, but please be patient. He should be coming back to finish this soon To tide you over, have you beaten everything in the hard mode of v8? What about earlier versions? All the ones still around are available in the download section.
  2. If you have to ask... he's probably unbeatable. He's only supposed to have a few lives. P.S. That version is the v9 alpha, even though it might sometimes be called a beta. The v9 beta was never released publicly, although I did stream it earlier this year.
  3. smrpg:a

    The fix I gave makes her HP effectively 30,000, so that's not surprising. In v8, damage can be as high as 30,000, but will only display up to 9,999. v9 will display more useful information here
  4. smrpg:a

    No problem! I was confused by that at first as well. The UI for that editor can be pretty unintuitive sometimes...
  5. smrpg:a

    You need to select the check box to the left of the line, then click the X.
  6. smrpg:a

    So, the easy fix is just to remove the "If memory $7EE02 >= 1" line. This will cause Valentina to give up at 30,000 damage. I'd recommend just making this change for simplicity (and because of limited space). While it will be easier than intended, if you've gotten to the point where you realize she doesn't ever give up, it'll be easy either way. To go into a little more depth what's going on, there's two different "formations" that Valentina appears in: the one in Nimbus Land with Dodo (385) and the solo fight (236). Whenever Valentina is attacked, it runs the counter logic and does different things depending on the formation. For the 385 formation, it checks to see if her HP is below zero. If it is, it increments $7EE002, heals her for 9,999 HP three times, then checks to see if $7EE002 is at least two. Basically, $7EE002 is the "lives lost" counter. Most superbosses do something similar here. Once enough lives have been lost, they're defeated. The problem is in the 236 formation. Notice that $7EE002 is checked, but never incremented. Valentina is also never healed. This is why she's stuck at zero HP. As long as "Disable Auto-Death" is set, enemies will not be defeated even when they hit zero HP. The proper fix would be to do the same thing as 385, but limited space leads to the above recommendation. Hope that helps!
  7. smrpg:a

    Could you post the AI for the enemy that's the problem? Specifically their counter logic.
  8. Are you using Snes9X 1.53 or 1.54?
  9. Version 8.0c


    Super Mario RPG: Armegeddon is a difficulty and content mod for Super Mario RPG. It rebalances the entire game and adds a lot more post-game content, such as more FF bosses, two boss rushes, and even some special guests! This is the more reasonable version of Super Mario RPG Armageddon. Damage is greatly reduced, FP costs are lower, and battles are in general much easier. Patches should only be applied to the legally obtained 1999 US version of the ROM. Compatible with SNES9x 1.53+.
  10. smrpg:a

    I do agree that Armageddon has a power creep where anything that doesn't kill you isn't really a threat. That's not a result of the blocking, though. That's because of how powerful, cheap, and plentiful healing is. Any attempt to fix this power creep would have to make healing much harder. As a side note, attacks that are capable of hitting multiple targets can't be blocked for technical reasons.
  11. smrpg:a

    Better by what standard? Strategy is a major part of this game, and having attacks that are entirely predictable (i.e. not based on something that can't be known in advance like failiing to block) is part of that. Also, I'm not familiar with v7's damage reduction. Could you elaborate?
  12. Click "See changelog" and choose v7.7.
  13. Since that version is only a single difficulty, it's part of the main series.
  14. smrpg:a

    It's possible. Invincibility has been replaced with 50% damage reduction and status protection.
  15. smrpg:a

    To answer your first question, as far as I know, there are no missable chests/items/equipment in v8. However, there are certain pieces of equipment that you only get once, so don't throw them away or sell them unless you're SURE you'll never want it again. As far as where the hidden chests are, I'll just refer you to the following thread that ninjasdf was kind enough to bring back:
  16. Regarding the archive, obviously without the ability to log in, we can't see messages we sent the normal way, but do they exist?
  17. smrpg:a

    I believe you get a weapon for completing that fight, but I don't remember what it is.
  18. Nice. Logging in doesn't seem to work, though. Bug? Is it possible to get at the private messages that were there at the time?
  19. smrpg:a

    Yup, that fight's impossible in whatever version you're playing. Your only choices are to fix the fight yourself using the Lazy Shell Editor or abandon it entirely.
  20. smrpg:a

    Double turns will very much be in the final version. However, items that provide double turns have been severely nerfed and you can no longer defend on the "second" turn. Other than that, everything else said is basically correct. Note that this is much closer to an alpha than a beta. P.S. The other versions are in fact in the download section.
  21. smrpg:a

    There's three things to keep in mind here: M is 10, I is 11, the green numbers are 16 + the number (so green 5 is 21), S is 26, the blue numbers are 27, 28, 29, and 30, and the cursor is 31. Every monster can have at most 30k HP per life, after which any extra damage is ignored. So doing 10k+10k+10k will result in the same thing as 14k+15k+31k. The damage will be much clearer in v9, whenever that comes out.
  22. smrpg:a

    To be clear: I'm not saying they ARE unbalanced; I'm saying they MIGHT be unbalanced. Either way, I didn't fight them at all in v8. On a positive note, when v9 comes out, the balance (especially early game) should be much tighter.
  23. smrpg:a

    I'm assuming this is for v8. With that in mind... I never actually fought those enemies, so for all I know they're completely unbalanced. From what I remember, you don't get a Trueform Pin until the end of Kero Sewers, so you'll just have to beat them quickly and hope they don't scarecrow your entire party for long or just avoid them entirely.
  24. Like BTB said, it's unlikely it's ever coming back. Which is unfortunate for a number of reasons, but them's the breaks Regardless, darkkefka is currently having internet issues. Once he's ready, he'll likely start this up again on these forums.
  25. What sort of streamers are you looking for? If the answer is "any", my Twitch ID is the same as my username (doomsday31415).