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  1. Wolfblade and I have been speedrunning SMRPGA, but the version we've been using wasn't easily available. That's now changed! You can find the version we use here: The more the merrier, I say. Wolfblade and I have done quite a bit of research coming up with our routes, so feel free to ask us if you have any questions!
  2. It's worth noting I don't speedrun the game on emulator anymore... I use the SNES classic (which is also what wolfblade uses). Whether or not 1.54.1 or 1.53 for Mac are allowed, you'll have to ask wolfblade.
  3. The correct version is SNES9x v1.53+ on Windows. If you want one for android, you'll have to take it up with wolfblade (who will likely tell you to take it up with darkkefka, who isn't going to want to test the game again on android).
  4. Considering I and many others have used a controller with SNES9x in the past, I'd say you should reconsider your statement.
  5. If it's the same emulator, then you should be able to use the save states from one on the other.
  6. Yeah, it sucks. Even so, I stand by wolfblade's decision 100%. I hadn't considered the factor the emulator was different. But hey, it was an honest mistake - no harm no foul. I really hope you'll get the snes classic set up and try again!
  7. Just to clarify, most speedruns are broken into an emulator category and a console category since even the best emulators tend to have have different load times than actual hardware. However, the emulator category only allows certain emulators. For example, Super Mario 64 requires "Project64 v1.6 or OpenEmu". There are games that don't specify outright, like Super Mario World, but that's a mistake on the moderators.
  8. I know it's not the answer you wanted to hear, but it's normal for only specific emulators to be allowed. They have a specific timing and way they handle certain edge cases, not to mention load times may vary. ZSNES for example does certain things slower or faster than SNES9x. I can't speak for the emulator you used since I don't even know what it is, but it likely times differently. It doesn't make any sense to allow all emulators except certain ones, since then you're forced to play wack-a-mole if new emulators or new versions come out. As far as transferring savestates is concerned, it's unlikely to be possible. If it's any consolation though, everyone else will have to do the same thing in order to be competitive in the boss rushes. Also, you don't need any save states to do Smithy% or Xion%
  9. Didn't you say you were going to set up a SNES classic? That's a legal emulator.
  10. Would that be easier? Yes. Would that be better? Not even close. Not everyone who plays the game will want or even have the ability to check the forums for help. There's also no guarantee the forum will always exist. For example, try to find information on v7 now. On top of the above, it's just sloppy design to expect the player to use an external site just to find out where the next challenge is. It shouldn't have been the case in previous versions, and it won't be in this version.
  11. Indeed, the ones I have aren't very expensive, but they do get the job done.
  12. This is the microphone I use: And this is the camera:
  13. P.S.: @Darkkefka, if there's anything major I missed, please let me know and I'll add it above.
  14. Possible? Yes. Likely to happen? No. Unless DK decides that another beta test is needed before releasing the content (easy) mode of v9, this won't happen. On a positive note, the game's already been tested for balance, and it shouldn't be much longer! Once v9 comes out, feel free to stream it all you like.
  15. No problem! Unfortunately, I have no experience with OBS on a Mac, so I can't help you there.
  16. There's a few issues with adding more than 6 spells. The first issue is the Special screen. Unlike the battle menu, having more spells causes a buggy cursor that can scroll beyond the border of the box. The second issue is the FP cost. In case you haven't noticed, using a spell on the second page actually deducts FP based on the cost from the same spell on the first page. The third and biggest issue comes down to space. The game only has slots for about 30 ally spells, and many of those later slots have no existing animation. In v9, we actually worked around the first issue and fixed the second in order to let certain characters have 7 spells. However, that's the limit without a proper fix for the first issue.
  17. Now with a proper link:
  18. You mean Live Split?
  19. Most of these have actually be addressed in v9. Auto-life can be used to counter meteor, and mortality protection can be used to counter dark spells. The latter was already in v8 as well, though.
  20. Just practicing them. As far as the number of flowers, in my route you need a certain number of flowers in order to cast all the spells. There are backup flowers, but they take time to get. You just answered your own question
  21. Considering in the easy mode speedrun Punchinello is tough and Axem Black can just destroy you, I'm not surprised. The cake is also far harder, due to a combination of healing two candles per turn and using dark attacks... But yeah, once you've cleared that, you can just get the Siren and farm Gold Dragons until you're whatever level will be needed to set up for Smithy.
  22. I haven't played hard mode in years. If you were streaming, it might be easier to see what you're talking about
  23. Lack of competition, coupled with the length of the run. Not to mention I'm not speedrunning anything right now...
  24. Back before I switched to doing v8 beta, Mack was the first big place that would make me reset. The way I did it, I would tank a turn of damage and use a USS on the second turn. That's the only reason I'm confident you can use an USS on the first turn and rush Mack down.