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  1. The game froze for me when hovering over "unequip all" in the equipment menu when playing vanilla, so the freezing here was probably connected to that. And yes, I followed every step in the readme. It was the greatest readme I've ever read tbh.
  2. I think I've found a bug: The game sometimes freezes when I enter clan centurio. It just happened a second time and it never happened once while I was playing vanilla.
  3. I haven't even played it yet but I can already tell that it's gonna be amazing, great work!
  4. Did you get the one in the palace of shadow?
  5. And his only rom hack
  6. So, When will the next beta stream happen? Also, Xion is a she.
  7. Does this mean that version 9 will be released shortly after beta testing is finished?
  8. Version 9 will be both hell on earth and the best thing ever at the same time.
  9. Those tree trunks are more buggy than a bug infested mansion.
    The blank spot under version 4 in the changelog is also version 4, Version 5 is the same as version 6 and version 7.7 is the original release of version 7. I hope that version 7.7 will actually be 7.7 and not 7.0 in the near future as it is my absolute favorite version.
  10. I'm positive that the one that Doomsday put up is one of the first stable releases of version 7. I know that version 7.7 had the special battle in it, and the one on this site does not. The only new bosses it has is the fight in the sea, the fight in monstro town, Ozma and Luigi. Ozma is even an early sprite that was replaced later on.
  11. I've been looking everywhere on the internet but I couldn't find it anywhere. If anybody has it then could you please distribute it? 7.5 and 7.6 would also be appreciated.
  12. Happening to me right now.
  13. When I take a look in the Lazyshell editor it looks to me like it's an earlier version than 7.7. I don't know exactly which one it is but it's definitely not 7.7. I'm pretty sure 7.7 was the first version that included the special battle (final fantasy boss rush) but there are barely any final fantasy bosses in the "7.7" in the download section. It also looks like version 5 is the exact same as version 6. I'm not familiar with version 5 however so there might not be anything wrong with that.
  14. 7.7 seems to be an earlier version 7. I really want to play through all available versions while waiting for version 9 and 7.7 is the only one left. If you could distribute the ips patch of 7.7 that would be very much appreciated, thanks.