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  1. *insert smrpg victory theme*
  2. As a person who has never lost a family member I cant imagine what your going through. But you dont have to say sorry for leaving, your going through some tough times and we understand fully.
  3. wasn't that Rosilina? I havn't fought her yet but from Doomsday's video I can tell she took a lot of luck to beat.
  4. If youre too lazy to keep track or find out what your counter is, Gaz (The pink headed toad) will say different messages depending on the counter. I usually save state near her, went through 20-10 rooms in the forest maze. and if the message reset to the one when it is low I know I screwed up. Then I load that savestate and get every encounter in that area until I encounter celebi. though F14m3rz already said this. Use the master ball on celebi. She is far by the most useful pokemon as she is a infinite kerocola,hyper mighty guard, and red essence (item from the normal game that makes you invulnerable for 3 turns).
  5. Seen your art on the discord Yakibomb. Really good stuff!
  6. Which is why I am probably never going to do hard mode. I am already destroyed by easy mode :[
  7. Isnt Xion the ultimate boss though? (the boss that drops the oathkeeper) So you would probably be strong enough to beat Terra by the time you could get it. Great Video Though!
  8. Ozma was surprisingly one of the only bosses I didnt savestate abuse on. I never got 9999'd from his meteor surprisingly (might have been from demon mail, but I dont know if that counts as a mortal blow)
  9. armageddon

    Im talking about the mails from the dragons. not the superboss armours. I only know about the diamond mail and demon mail though so I might be wrong if the other 2 or 3 mails have different starts. ( I do know about the different abilities though)
  10. armageddon

    What beta are you playing. I'm playing the full release in v8 and all the armours have the same stats just different abilities
  11. armageddon

    Auctally state abuse doesn't work. As the golden flower I think is a outside drop. which are determined before battle. Also demon mail/ demon mail + is a much better all around armour, the thunder armour helps in ceirtain fights though.
  12. Hope things get better for you. Nerf Celebi so it has some exhaustion mechanic were you will have to rest or just not use her for a while so she isn't a infinite hyper mighty guard.
  13. Thanks!
  14. What is the drop rate for tonberry dolls from normal tonberries? I've killed about 20-30 and I haven't gotten a single one. I have the item collector from the general shy guy fight if that means anything. (also does any one happen to know were the last lake guardian is? The one that when you find it will go to the purple room in booster pass.)
  15. I just joined here, I've been on the discord for about a week and I see this place has a really good community! I found this place because of Smrpga and I hope to find a lot of great romhacks/mods here (Have been really wanting to play some)