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  1. I have the same mindset regarding initial reactions with stat gains being a slippery slope as above, but regarding speed: And a 2nd one:
  2. V3 made, it's slightly less stupid now that there's no price hike on Warp and Warp Whistle.
  3. RC10, game time displays as 0:00. Also, Deschain's relic equip bug is in RC10.
  4. Some of us play blizzard games and were discussing sharing battle tags. I figure there's no reason not to just share them here instead of in the temporary nature of chat: Nowea#1583
  5. Trying to cast cure on Terra outside of battle results in the following:
  6. I love BNW. The script changes are mostly good. Scripts are really subjective and such. That being said, I do agree that people cop-out on script complaints while dismissing (sometimes rightfully so) the rest of the complaints.
  7. Definitely. But it... doesn't need to be build defining. Because the other 2 have other things to be doing. X-Magic still enables a few more things for the 2 without forcing the relic to be on them. I think that's actually a good place. "Mandatory for 1 build, supplemental for the others" Even if you don't think it's that great, X-Ice or X-Shell or mixing spells up has its uses. (X-X-zone? Osmose+X-Zone for random clearing?)
  8. Really with X-Magic on pretty much anyone else it's going to either be completely broken or useless. X-Magic is hard to balance around without making it required.
  9. I demand Sonic Suit or Sonic Shirt.
  10. Since nobody else has mentioned it. We do have an archive from about a month or so before the site went down: Check there.
  11. Putting cover on Katanas basically forces Cyan to be a bodyguard whether you want him to or not. I'm not fond of that.
  12. Gau is the hardest character to use well. You need to experiment and pick up what rages are good in what situations. It's worth noting that Gau gains access to things earlier than other characters, sometimes gaining near exclusive things. Example, Conjourer Gau is the only source of reraise in the WoB. In addition, Gau is easier to help keep up if you remember that Gau gains the elemental and status properties of the monster he is raging. He is difficult to use and he does get some better rages in the WoR, along with gaining the Fenrir Magicite. The spells on it and speed ELs are a great boon. If you want an outside guide on rages, in the character section I do have a spreadsheet for Gau, that might help to fully inform on all of the rages.
  13. Even with your correction, your statement clearly means "I cheated (either by modifying XP values, save editing, a game genie code, or simply by fighting an extra battle) to get more xp" wat? You're VERY focused on the whole turbo part of people's criticisms. You are acting as if using frame skip is the thing we're critiquing you on when that's probably the thing we're most okay with here. All you've really been doing is complaining about the differences from vanilla in an incoherent way while simultaneously saying "I compromised my challenge run to make up for the mod's changes" I'm going to assume, for the sake of discussion, that the formula above is accurate to the damage of the attack. 80/4*level = 20*level damage. Every level after 9 grants 20 or more HP, meaning that levels are an appropriate defense even against the attack that scales off levels. As an aside, if you're wearing a 12.5% hp booster you only need an 18 HP level for levels to be stronger than the attack scaling, so level 8. If you're wearing a 25% HP booster you only need 15 HP, so level 5. If you're wearing a 50% HP booster then you only need 14 HP, so every level past 4 would scale better than the attack does. Note that this also ignores damage variance for simplicity sake, but that's relatively minor. In fact, I can personally vouch that HP ELs aren't needed to handle that attack as my last run had 0 ELs used on HP or MP gain. EDIT: Also, let it be pointed out that Flare Star does the exact same level scaling that it does in Vanilla FF6. This alone invalidates your "Levels don't do anything bad in Vanilla" argument. And you're wrong again. Levels have an exponential effect on physical damage output, whereas Vigor has a linear effect on physical damage output. Levels and MagPow scale magical damage output equally. The only place you really have a leg to stand on regarding "ELs > Levels" is in HP/MP scaling. For reference... After level 9, levels give more HP than +20 HP ELs. After level 14, levels give more HP than +30 ELs. HP +60 ELs are the only ones that stay stronger than level gain for the majority of the game, only losing out to level based HP gain after level 29 (which is in the ballpark of what the end-game is balanced for). Do also note the HP +60 are limited to late-game espers only. MP scaling via ELs does remain stronger than level scaling, but that's a pretty minor thing. Levels grant benefits to HP pools, MP pools, Magic scaling, and Physical damage scaling, all at once. ELs only grant bonuses in up to 2 stats per EL. In addition, the player is (outside of extreme cases... more extreme than what you're doing) going to have more levels than ELs. So... you're wrong. Levels are a larger overall benefit than ELs. Because FF3usME exists, because game genie codes to gain levels exist, and because FF6 save editors exist. No, you didn't "decompile and hex edit" the ROM. Your run's far from the most hardcore one that's been done here. LLGs have been done multiple times under multiple versions, one player has played through the game blindfolded. Both of said runs didn't need to resort to ROM editing or game genie to accomplish them. Quit acting like you're hardcore. You clearly came into the game not knowing what you were getting into and just complained and asked for cheats to get around your own mistakes in your own challenge run. Edit to add: Do you go to FF7 boards and complain "The game really seems to be designed around equipping Materia" or go to Super Mario boards and complain "I really have to jump a lot in this game"? These are just 2 examples of things more 'extreme' than ELs... It's called design. If you don't like mechanics that are meant to be worked you probably don't like games, as that's kinda a central feature to them. There's a big difference between lacking research on what BNW changes and how before doing a challenge run compared to a desire to have... about 3 secrets that we choose to not have revealed where it can be moderated to have that be.
  14. For Defend: Selfless. For Image: Selfless. For Row: Compromise. Essentially, the covering character should always be covering. However, with the downside of the issues that brings (such as "I don't want you to cover right now because you're almost dead!"). In addition, covering would also deliberately forsake the benefits of row/image/defend WHILE they are covering. Interceptor being able to help cover is more of the balance choice of if Shadow, without benefit of image, ends up being an OP coverer or not.
  15. The xp curve and expected amount of exploration (e.g. getting items) is balanced in such a way where the player doesn't need the extra levels if most random encounters are fought. I wasn't aware that RPGs were balanced around the baseline of ignoring random encounters completely (e.g. the main source of power/durability for the characters through the xp they give). In addition, I was always under the impression that shops in RPGs tend to be balanced assuming that... you fight most of the randoms on the way. Essentially: Fighting some random encounters != grinding. Grinding is when you are ONLY fighting random encounters and doing the same movements/actions to cause more random encounters. Also, if you think that RPGs, especially older ones, are designed around the assumption of the player not needing to grind... You are very mistaken “Hi I'm TheRebalancer, and I'm going to introduce a strawman” Okay... Why introduce a cheat to do something that is literally in the config menu at the very start of the game? It takes less time to go to config menu and change an option than it does to put in a game genie code. This is what people mean when they are dismissive of your opinions due to you editing the game. First, the existence of an option to disable XP pretty much makes it so that players can make their run as challenging as you want. It definitely wasn't specifically designed to make challenges impossible. Second, you provided specifics but you didn't provide a good reason for them. What's the good reason for normal play (which is what BNW is designed for) to have most characters join two levels above the party and Mog to join FIVE levels above the party? Do also keep in mind that the overall level curve of BNW tends lower than vanilla FF6. Look at me, I responded to a bunch of posts in one post instead of spamming.
  16. It's difficult to remember Gau's rages well, and the printme doesn't really lay out the information in a way that's useful specifically for Gau use. Here is a spreadsheet of my own design that gives the full details of every rage Gau can do, when it can be obtained, and where the formation is. Edit: Updated for 1.9.0
  17. Did you just assume my species?
  18. As a rule of thumb, if a formation includes a non-rageable enemy (Antares) it's not leapable. There are some formations that are only leapable enemies that can't be leaped. With leap anywhere it might be worth making those formations leapable... I don't think any scripted fight can be leaped in.
  19. RC6 - Battle blackscreens on load, music plays still. Replicated by @seibaby
  20. RC5: Mt Koltz, Terra had Knight Cape on and had clear. Edgar had Spear. Edgar covered an attack targeting Terra. Just replicated, Terra w/clear and Locke covered (with knight capes on both)
  21. Updated for V2, fixing a boss-breaking overflow error and tweaking status timers.