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Hey, there everybody. As most of you are aware, Brave New World 2.0 has been in development for awhile. And now, the beta is finally here. This is a thread specifically for the testing process and to track the bugs that occur. If you are interested in playing the 2.0 beta please hop into our Discord and request the tester role - you'll be notified when the beta is released and the role can be used to report issues/concerns and communicate with the other testers. Otherwise, the CURRENT STABLE VERSION OF BRAVE NEW WORLD IS STILL 1.9.

CURRENT BETA VERSION: RC-27-Bro --- (check the pinned post in Discord for a link)

(NOTE: editing the ROM in FF3usME disables all custom event scripting within a certain range at the end of bank CC, causing game crashes - DO NOT EDIT THE ROM in usME)


• The vigor/stamina variance formula breaks at 85, leading to characters taking much more damage than intended (fixed in RC-27-Bro - will require re-testing in RC-28)
Intangir's (AKA "SrBehemoth") mid-battle switch can crash the game if the "esper" spell select is being loaded at the same time (fixed in RC26)
• Tier 3 in the final battle has the incorrect stats, making death mostly an inevitability (fixed in RC-25)
RC-22/23: The fight ends prematurely during Intangir's transition to Intangir Z (fixed in RC-24)
If Intangir is imped when transitioning to Intangir Z, the latter's sprite will not properly load and can cause softlocks (can't be duplicated)
• RC-21: Steal does not seem to be working properly (fixed in RC-22)
• RC-19: Mind Blast is looping for every possible status, making any boss that uses it (Atma Weapon) essentially unbeatable (fixed in RC-21)
• RC-19: the Imperial Camp sequence is (practically) unwinnable due to Soldiers having corrupted stats (fixed in RC-20)
• Cleave and X-Zone were very buggy and could potentially softlock the game (fixed in RC-18)
• Rages are not listed alphabetically in battle and some are not displaying out of battle (fixed in RC-18)
• Sap damage is much lower than it should be on player characters (fixed in RC-18)
• RC-15 would crash if the Imp effect was ever applied (fixed in RC-16)
• RC-14 was missing an important piece of code for bosses (fixed in RC-15)
• RC-13 was cursed (solution: skipped ahead to RC-14)
• All outgoing damage from players is ~10% higher than it should be (fixed sometime between RC-11 and RC-13)
• Items are sometimes not dropping from enemies as they should (fixed in RC-13)
• Unusuable "dummy" items randomly populate in the player's inventory (fixed in RC-13)
• Damage/healing numbers occasionally/frequently do not show up (fixed in RC13)
• There appears to be some pretty heavy lag after most/all attacks (fixed in RC13)
• The third fight with Ultros is unwinnable due to an error in his script (fixed in RC-12)
• Game just crashes in battle for no reason (RC-9 only; fixed in RC-11)
• Blackjack (the slot result, not the airship) crashes the game (fixed in RC-11)
• Enemies do not seem to be taking extra damage from fire elemental weaknesses (elemental mixing hack removed from RC-9; re-added in RC-14)
• The game softlocks after any battle after obtaining espers (RC-7 only; fixed in RC-8)
• Game is randomly(?) softlocking after battle (fixed in RC-7)
• Terra softlocks the game in the intro flashback sequence (fixed in RC-7)
• Regen ticks are very low (fixed in RC-7)
• The crane battle never ends, thus softlocking the game (fixed in RC-6)
• XP gains are lower than they should be, significantly so at higher levels (fixed in RC-6)
• "Slots" crashes the game when used (fixed in RC-5)
• Whatever the fuck is going on here (fixed in RC-5)
• Damage is VERY low (ex. Dadaluma) in some cases (fixed in RC-5)
• The in-battle status display is incorrectly reporting several statuses (Muddle -> Rerise; Shell -> Stop; Haste -> Sap) (fixed in RC-5)
• If you save at the point after the minecart ride and relaunch the game entirely, everyone gets innate slow (fixed in RC-5)
• Characters seem to be taking much lower damage in battle than intended (fixed in RC-4)
• Melee counter-attacks are not correctly targeting the attacker (fixed in RC-4)
• Drain effects are not working properly (fixed in RC-4)
• Goggles (possibly other status relics) are not blocking the intended statuses (fixed in RC-3)


• The "unequip imp" in the scenario select screen is sometimes not being hidden when a scenario is selected (may be fixed in RC-28... or the game might explode)
• Some formations will look weird as pincer attacks (all fixed - thanks, Hero)
• Magic attacks have an effective 1% miss rate against enemies (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Intangir Z and Prometheus do not have Sketches assigned (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• SlowX has the incorrect targeting flags set (fixed in RC-27-bro)
• Jackpot and Stray are not correctly targeting dead allies (fixed in RC-27-Bro - will require re-testing in RC-28)
• Multi-elemental attacks (i.e. Giga Volt - Wind/Bolt) are not dealing half damage if one of the two elemental are resisted (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Aurabolt/Empowerer are not doing halved damage from the back row as intended (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• When the Rage status is removed via a Green Cherry, status resistances are not properly recalculated (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Dragon (the Bushido) does not have the correct rate for random petrification (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• The Witch enemy's special attack is improperly flagged and will thus always miss (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• The Ragnarok equip bonus (+25% magic output) is not functioning (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
Stamina dodging for MT attacks does not appear to work as intended (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Grav Bomb always misses on non-floating targets (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Seraph is not properly blocking the "Zombie" status (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Fenrir incorrectly adds +1 M.Evade (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• X-fight is disallowing MP auto-crits (i.e. Daryl's Soul cancels the special effects of the Viper Darts) (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Carbunkl, Seraph, and Phoenix are incorrectly giving 20 MP per EL instead of 25 (Carbunkl) or 15 (Phoenix/Seraph) (fixed in RC-27; Ph/Se are giving 14 MP, fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• The random encounter rate sometimes skyrockets right after the Mine Cart Ride for about eight battles (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
Edgar, please, not in front of the children (should be fixed for good in RC-27-Bro)
• Brushes re-target to enemies instead of friendlies on death (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• The Demonsbane and Tarot "kill undead" procs are not using the correct animation (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• The Chainsaw and Ichimonji/Zantetsuken death procs are not using the correct animation (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Kaiser's script has a nested conditional that is causing problems (fixed in RC-27)
• Lakshmi doesn't appear to do anything during her turns (fixed in RC-27)
• The Kagenui has the incorrect stats before recruiting Shadow (purely visual bug; fixed in RC-27)
• Puff Goo incorrectly hits itself when blinded (fixed in RC-27)
• Manticores do not have MP to use Aqualung in the Colosseum (fixed in RC-27)
• Face and Short Arm (final battle, Tier 1) have swapped positions (fixed in RC-27)
• The solution to the Tombstone Puzzle in Daryl's Tomb is backwards (fixed in RC-26)
• The in-battle "Rage" scrollbar stops one quarter of the way down the window (fixed in RC-26)
• Mudcrabs are not properly flagged to not appear on the Veldt (fixed in RC-26)
• ??? is not properly flagged to ignore defense (fixed in RC-26)
• Intangir Z is dropping 2 Kagenui's (fixed in RC-26)
• Behemoth/Diablos are incorrectly vulnerable to Bserk (fixed in RC-26)
• Chimera/Manticore/Sphinx are incorrectly vulnerable to Sleep (fixed in RC-26)
• Scan will sometimes spit out garbage after appropriate scans (could not replicate)
• Ultima hits itself with Full Force (fixed in RC-25)
• The "unequip" NPC in the scenario select screen does not unequip Cyan after Sabin's scenario
(fixed in RC-25)
• Final Kefka's script has an error causing his counter-attack routine to cease after the first cycle (fixed in RC-25)
• The "Blind" status is causing the "Jump" command to do half damage from the back row (fixed in RC-24)
• Imped enemies are not properly reverting to their original sprites when cured (LeetSketcher's hack was not working; removed for now - RC-28 will have a fix for Tonberry/Master T)
• RC23: the Noiseblaster is (randomly?) Chainsawing enemies to death (fixed in RC-24)
• Bouncy Balls do 0 damage (fixed in RC-24)
• An error in their scripts cause Asura and Isis to never enter their final attack phases (fixed in RC-24)
• Landslide will still inflict the "Slow" status on floating targets that it misses (fixed in RC-23)
• The "Hobo" line of enemies may attempt to use a Tonic on dead allies instead of properly re-targeting (RC-23 has healing items re-target on death)
• The Soldier rage has Cure 2 as the uncommon attack instead of the common (fixed in RC-23)
• There is a small error in the Sphinx enemy script that affects its behavior (fixed in RC-23)
• The Diablos enemy in Kefka's Tower is using the incorrect targeting for Cyclonic (fixed in RC-23)
• Inferno's arms are less aggressive than intended due to a scripting error (fixed in RC-23)
• Incorrect dialogue appears in the Guardian and Final Kefka battles (fixed in RC-23)
• There is a small error in Kaiser's script which may make it more difficult for players to figure out how to fight him (fixed in RC-23)
• The "unequip" NPC in the scenario select screen appears on the same tile that Mog spawns on (fixed in RC-22)
• The Tzen relic shop has the wrong wares in the WoR (fixed in RC-22)
• The Tentacles will not correctly update the position of characters when grabbing them and will drop them off to the top left of the screen (fixed in RC-22)
• The chest that should contain Setzer's Viper Darts instead contain a second Tarot (fixed in RC-22)
• Tentacle B has the wrong elemental settings (fixed in RC-21)
• 024 does not properly respond to having Dispel cast on it (fixed in RC-20)
• The Atlasphere enemy is not correctly updating its AI (fixed in RC-20)
• The Royal Jacket still blocks fire damage (fixed in RC-20)
• RC-19: a certain zone in the (WoR) Serpent Trench has no enemy encounter data (fixed in RC-20)
• The Haste status (invisibly) cycles through with the Safe/Shell/Reflect statuses (fixed in RC-19)
• MP damage is incorrectly triggering melee counters (fixed in RC-19)
• The select button acts as L/R for multi-targeting (vanilla behavior, but it conflicts with the HP/ATB view hack; fixed in RC-19)
• Exploder is randomly targeting the entire party when Gau rages Bomb and is also doing the wrong amount of damage (fixed in RC-19)
• The Bserk spell animation is slightly buggy (fixed in RC-19)
• Green-D's timed attack is misspelled (fixed in RC-19)
• Antlion's special attack is not correctly flagged to deal no damage (fixed in RC-19)
• The 777 Slot spin has the incorrect name (fixed in RC-19)
• Lv. 9 Mages, Didalos, and Phunbaba have no Sketch attacks assigned (fixed in RC-19)
• Tiny Tims have no common steal set (fixed in RC-19)
• Banshees have the incorrect status immunities (fixed in RC-19)
• The Mantra formula is broken (fixed in RC-18)
• The Monet and Dali brushes have the incorrect spells (fixed in RC-18)
• The armor shop at Thamasa sells two sets of Gold Armor (fixed in RC-18)
• The 7-7-7 Slot spin is not targeting live characters as it should (fixed in RC-18)
• Chesticle incorrectly drops two Frostgores (fixed in RC-18)
• The guest in the Wrexsoul fight incorrectly spawns on top of a Soulblazer (fixed in RC-18)
• A bug in Zone Eater's AI causes it to hit itself under certain circumstances (fixed in RC-18)
• Mind Blast was causing issues with turn order after being used (hack removed from RC-17 for debugging)
• Chesticle has no MP to cast its spells (fixed in RC-17)
• One area of the Serpent Trench has the wrong pack assigned and another zone near Kefka's Tower has none at all (fixed in RC-17)
• The "Empty" inventory command did not work in RC-16 (fixed in RC-17)
• Shadow initializes with 999 MP (fixed in RC-13- will require a new save to be effective)
• The 3x Wasp formation is improperly flagged as leapable (fixed in RC-13)
• Bedevil (dance step) is missing the "redirection" flag (fixed in RC-13)
• Terra's attack in the flashback sequence has no name (fixed in RC-12)
• Fire Dance engulfs the targets in a cleansing warmth that soothes their wounds (fixed in RC-12)
• Two NPCs in the Beginner's School are calling the wrong captions (fixed in RC-12)
• Terra uses weird/wrong attacks in the flashback sequence with Kefka (fixed in RC-11)
• Terra and Celes learn several incorrect spells through leveling (fixed in RC-11 - will require a new save to be effective)
• The Rizopas fight can be trivialized by paralyzing with Suplex (fixed in RC-11)
• “Gauge: Off” config setting doesn’t work in battle (maxHP shows briefly, then switches to ATB gauge as default) (fixed in RC-9)
• The new save point in the Ancient Castle has no assigned sprite (basically: it's functional, but invisible) (fixed in RC-9)
• Weird graphical errors with the Bushido meter flashing (fixed in RC-7)
• The second (new) save point in the Cave to the Sealed Gate does not work (fixed in RC-7)
• The Apocyllumina event is broken due to a blank caption where a choice is supposed to be made (fixed in RC-7)
• Fanfare music plays in Terra’s flashback after killing soldiers (fixed in RC-7)
• Cyan cannot equip Crusader; can equip Alexandr instead (fixed in RC-6)
• Ghost Rings/Ribbons do not protect against Stop as they should (fixed in RC-6)
• Empty enemy formations appear in the Serpent Trench (WoR) and Cave to Figaro Castle (fixed in RC-6)
• The Magitek menu (appears in the first fight) has a bunch of "???????" options (fixed in RC-5)
• Antlions (enemies outside Figaro Castle) have no regular battle script (fixed in RC-5)
The Shell spell sets Stop instead of Shell (fixed in RC-5)
• Fire Dance (Blitz) does nothing (fixed in RC-5)
• The special attack on Gau's "Soldier" rage does nothing (fixed in RC-5)
• Kefka uses the wrong line if beaten at Narshe via an alternate win condition (fixed in RC-5)
• When Giants use Magnitude on death, the targeting is incorrect (fixed in RC-5)
• The armor shop at Narshe starts selling Antidotes post-IMTRF (fixed in RC-5)
• Banon is wearing a "dummy" item instead of armor (fixed in RC-4)
• Zeigfried is dropping a "dummy" item after he dies (fixed in RC-4)
• Several NPCs in Mobliz are exhibiting... odd behavior (fixed in RC-4)
• Spirit Claws are randomly casting Stop instead of Slow (fixed in RC-4)
• Characters with the "Vanish" status may have it randomly removed for no reason (fixed in RC-3)
• Terra, Biggs, & Wedge do not properly have the MagiTek status in the game's intro (fixed in RC-3)
• The config menu is displaying the wrong version (BNW 1.9.0) (fixed in RC-2)


• All of the special MagiTek commands are gone except for Tek Laser and Heal Force
• Whelk dies in one round; there's no need to drag this fight out to "teach" players about ATB
• The ATB bar no longer turns yellow when full; rather, the design of the end-caps will change
• Enemies beyond the ones outside of Narshe/Figaro Castle no longer counter Steal by murdering Locke
• You no longer wear MagiTek armor in the third segment of Cyan's Nightmare
• The Cranes have no death animations (RC-24 adds text boxes to indicate that they have been disabled)


• Banon will show up in the back row if Wedge was placed in the back row during the opening sequence
• Rizopas can be skipped entirely if the last Piranha is killed with a counter-attack
• The "shop preview" hack looks a little wrong for tools and causes some slowdown
• Enemies will not counter dual-wield melee attacks if one of the weapons involved ignores row OR if the last weapon strike procs a spell
• The new save point at the Ancient Castle is grey for some reason
• Certain enemies can die individually under certain circumstances instead of simultaneously; can be annoying if they appear in large groups (*)
          *This is fixable but requires scripting space; therefore, only the most egregious cases will be addressed; please post any that you think need it


• Character ATB bars start half-full in back/pincer attacks, which is actually a stealth buff to slower characters (fixed in RC-27-Bro)
• Blackjack (the Slot spin) is a little overpowered against most randoms (RC-27-Bro lowers its power back down to what it was in 1.9)
• Many random encounters in the mid-WoR are a little too easy to steamroll with AoE damage (RC-27-Bro bumps up enemy HP in some places)
• The Autocrossbow's low hitrate makes it scale poorly in the later game (Schematics now also set it to perfect accuracy - I have no idea when this got added in)
• Shadow is a tough sell for Zozo because of the hiring cost (RC-27-Bro lowers his asking price to 1,000 GP)
• May need to edit the scripts of the "Rain Man" line to make it more obvious when their AI has been changed (declined)
• Intangir's tendency to counter with Meteo can be bad if the RNG is streaky (dealt with... sort of)
• The "Robot" line of enemies respond extremely negatively to being hit by an elemental weakness (declined)
• May want to (slightly) increase the HP of the "Jinn" line of enemies (declined; the Blackjack nerf addresses the possibility of OHKOing Jinns)
• Sun Bath/Harvester are very weak when regular enemies use them (addressed in RC-27)
• The Nightshade/Belladonna enemy group is too easily disabled by hitting an elemental weakness (addressed in RC-27)
• The Ninja / 2x Dactyl formation on the Floating Continent has too much AoE damage (RC-26 lowers Dactyl's magic power)
• Atma/Ultima counter Raid/Osmose/Empowerer as they would any other MP damage (addressed in RC-26)
• Dullahan's S.Cross does a lot of damage (RC-26 lowers Dullahan's magic power)
• Enemies on the Southern Continent are overtuned (Wyvern and Chickenlip are nerfed in RC-24)
• Kaiser can be (somewhat) cheesed through a particular strat (fixed in RC-24)
• Heartfire casts Regen on itself, but cannot be sapped (fixed in RC-24)
• Ultros 2 may need lower HP (declined)
• The Flan rage needs nerf (RC-23 changes the secondary attack from Life 2 to SlowX and move the Flans to after the Ifrit/Shiva battle)
• Celes can be back-attacked during her solo segment of the WoR (addressed in RC-21)
• Back attacks and pincers are still very overpowering even without taking extra damage from behind (RC-21 increases party's starting ATB in pincer/back attacks)
• All incoming magical damage is lower than it should be (this was an error with in my damage calculator, RC-19 adjusted enemy magic power to compensate)
• Shiva and Ifrit use Ice 3 / Fire 3 too frequently (addressed in RC-6)
• The Telstar fight is a PITA (addressed in RC-11)
• The Phantom monster-in-a-box in Locke's scenario (addressed in RC-5; further edited in RC-6)


• RC-27-Bro: Celes/Edgar/Setzer/Sabin to re-average to level 18 in the WoR, everyone else to 21
• RC-23: Healing items now re-target on death
• RC-26: Enemies that can counter ANY attack no longer counter Scan

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[2:17 AM]BTB: @Julford in the thread works



(Fixed with RC3) Magitek bug - Known, continue playing

Awkward text box in beginners school, see screenshots.

(Fixed with RC3) Antlion Fight counter only targets top party member

Weirdness with Tools stat displays in shop hack, otherwise hack works properly.

Edgar/Locke combined dialogue during "Terra can use Magic" battle cutscene looks... weird

If alone, Rhyhorn changes to Bash followed immediately by normal Attack

(Seems to be fixed with RC3) Vanish oddities:    Alright following up on weirdness with Vanish on party members, fighting 4 Mechanix, all muddled, their actions in order were:
-Cast Vanish on Locke
-Cast Vanish on Terra
-Attack self, removing muddle, after this action the game removed Vanish from Locke, who is 2nd in party (Edgar/Locke/Terra)
-Step Mine on newly un-Muddled Mechanix

(Seems to be fixed with RC4) Raid counters, Empowerer do not properly heal/reference the caster, and instead default the Slot 1 party member as caster for healing purposes, even if the target of the attack

(Seems to be fixed with RC4) Counterattacks are wrong, always default to Slot 1 party member as target. Untested if this is true for Black Belt counters, only had monsters counter attack me. Notably Ultros' Ink counter on Terra's Magic fired as normal, suggesting it's the melee counter hack to blame

Magic Orbs in spell names look off, need further revision

(Seems to be fixed in RC4) Enemy damage is pathetic, looks to be about half of expected damage.

Regen ticks are extremely shitty, 5 hp on level 10 Locke (44 stam) and 9 hp on level 19 Sabin (50 stam)

Suplexed Kefka at the first fight in Doma Camp, he fell over as though dead, characters did victory armpumps, screen faded to black with no cutscene. Second fight I used Fight from Sabin and Shadow, doing more damage (207 Suplex to ~250 total Fight damage), Kefka fell over then the "Wait/Waiter" cutscene played as normal

Conjurer's have Dark on a timer and it's terrifying, even with low damage output they did 155 and 127 to Spook and Shadow, respectively.

(Fixed in RC4) Spirit Claws casting Stop, not Slow

Gau's Rage list is wrong, it's not sorting the rages like normal

Mobliz people are rioting in the streets. Specifically Duane, Katarin, and a guy just east of the item shop have different movement routines.

Muddle is showing as Rerise during the in-battle status screens. Haste is showing as Sap.

Mog and the Unequip Imp spawn in the same squares during the scenario choices

Unequip Imp does not seem to be removing Cyan's gear. I initially reported Sabin's gear being stuck too, but I double-checked and no, he's getting removed.

"Unequip Guest" glitch discovered by secondadvent, found out Banon is wearing an empty item slot on his body (Used to be Silk Robe)

After finishing the scenarios, Unequip Imp is showing on the black screen where narration takes place

Soldier Rage's 'Blow' attack always misses. (BTB confirmed it has "No Physical Harm" flag)

With saves borrowed from Nowea, confirming that loading from save point after IMTRF Mine Cart gives the party innate-slow for some bizarre reason. This goes away at the start of the Cranes fight.


Fire Dance does not work. It displays the name, Sabin glows as though using a Blitz, then he immediatly returns to his normal position and battle continues

Ultros 1 - (forgot to check, Terra had Fire 2 though)
Soul Train -     12/11/11
Hell Angel -    11/10
Kefka@Narshe -     11/13/11/10



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The following glitch should be resolved. 

Alright, so this is a fun one. It seems that if you equip an Esper while on the Airship, any character with an Esper equipped will get +25% HP. This will persist when the Item Menu is opened, but reset when the Skills menu is opened or after a battle. Here's a terrible video, back to testing.



Ok, to sum up: 


First I show everyone being naked.

Then I take off Strago and Gau's Espers.

Then I board and land the Airship.

I take Shoat off of Setzer.

I get on the Airship.

I put Shoat on Setzer.

I land the Airship.

Setzer and Relm have +25% Max HP. I top them off with Dried Meat.

I fight some Ravens, Setzer and Relm still have high HP. I kill the Ravens.

Setzer and Relm have non-boosted HP.

ETA: The rabbit hole goes deeper.


Here's what (I think) I know:

1) Opening the skill menu for a character with an Esper while you're on the Airship deck gives that character a 25% boost (only checked that math once, but it looks right).

2) Landing the airship sometimes gives all characters who have an Esper the +25% HP boost.

3) Looking at a character's Skill menu while on the overworld map will clear the bonus for that character.

4) Entering Narshe clears the bonus for all characters

5) Same for finishing a battle.

Would love if another beta tester could confirm any of this I'd love that.

And deeper...


In Narshe, I fiddle with Espers for a bit and HP stays the same. Then I enter the Beginner's school. On the entrance, I open the menu and look at Setzer's Skills, his HP goes up. I exit from the Beginner's School to Narshe and everyone's HP is boosted. Go to world map and HP is instantly back to normal.

Another addition:


Ugh, I missed something. I think that it's affecting everyone with an Esper as soon as I close or open the menu while it's affecting one character with an Esper. 
In other words, with everyone's HP as it should be, I look at someone's Skill Menu (while they have an Esper equipped and I'm in a zone where it's happening) and they have boosted HP but no one else does. I close and open the menu and everyone with an Esper has an HP Boost.

Nowea has confirmed the basic premise here. 
(Fixed in RC-5)

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World of Ruin, Serpent Trench occasionally has encounters that are empty. South Figaro Cave, last room before Figaro Castle, has the same issue for every encounter I had in it.
(Will be fixed in RC-6)

In addition, something seems to break for XP upon reaching level 20. An encounter with Celes/Sabin granting 525 total XP only took her from 121 xp to level to 108 xp to level. 
(Added to bug list)

Some formations have monsters partway off the screen during pincers. One example: FC 3x Djinn formation
(Will need to start a section documenting all weird pincer formations - keep these coming)

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This reads awkwardly. Not sure I have a better solution. 

NPC in the Beginner's School second room. "Spears and some relics allow characters to guard their allies from physical attacks, but only if they are in the front row."

It reads awkwardly. I can't think of an equally brief way to word it
(Rewritten in RC-6)

Same room of the BS. "Weapons and/or shields..."

The "/or" seems unnecessary. 
(Will be rewritten prior to final release; waiting to see if GrayShadows gets the hack out)

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3 minutes ago, ff7hero said:

This reads awkwardly. Not sure I have a better solution. 


It sounds ambiguous as to whether "they" is referring to "characters" or "allies", I guess. Maybe change to "...allows you to guard your allies...but only if you are in the front row."

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Interacting with airship controls in RC5 (WoR) hardlocks the game.

(Synchysi: This is caused by the usME issue mentioned below.)

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Cranes do not die. When enough damage has been dealt (About 5k give or take 1k, I was not keeping careful track of the numbers), they simply become untargetable and continue attacking as normal. When both are dead you can no longer use any command that defaults targetting to the enemy (Fight, Fire 2, Autocrossbow), cannot move a cursor to any enemy (Cure 2 and try to move left/right), and if you use a skill that attacks the opponent without showing a targetting cursor (Blackjack for example) the spell aborts when trying to cast.

EDIT 2 THE PRE-SEQUEL: Hero confirmed that RC4 has the same Cranes issues, so I broke down and looked at the script for Crane. You have the battle set to end when VAR036 is 3, but when a Crane dies it either sets the VAR to 0 (If Crane 1) or 1 (If Crane 2), so the battle continues with no way to end it.


Julford: Untargetable is not working how you assumed, the game still treats the cranes as alive and triggers Magnitude

Julford: Because of that you never see half this script, so even if you were incrementing VAR036 properly it would still never reach 3
(Will be fixed in RC-6)


EDIT: Whole reason I'd loaded up that save file: The party no longer has auto:slow at the start of battle after loading from the IMTRF save point after the mine cart. Also, Slots no longer consumes all reality when used.
(Good to see that got fixee in RC-5)

Edited by BTB
added addendum

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RC4 (due to RC5 hardlocking at airship) As soon as one of the doors changed this happened. Getting a random encounter fixed it. Movement did not seem to be altered, only graphics.


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I'll just use this one post and edit it for things I've found throughout the RCs from now on in regards to edits, bugs, and so forth.


RC 26 (lulz I've been lazy):

I was level 7/8 fighting Vargas, found his wind slash and his bears to be tolerable, and by the time his first wind slash came around, one bear was down and the other was about to follow. Nothing special to this fight of note.

Late River went well, use of the noise blaster here makes the fights more tolerable, and keeping Edgar on standby to do just that helps keep it that way. If Sabin or Terra can get damage in before the initial noise blast, great, but I otherwise waited with Sa and Te to knock down an unmuddled enemy. Bannon healed as needed. Ultros was bog standard, still doesn't like being jumped on, doesn't present a threat as long as you are paying attention.

I made such quick work of Terra and Locke's scenario's that I came out of them about 9/10. 

Like to note that Edgar did not come equipped with his dried meat in the scenarios, I had everyone unequipped before going in on it.

MoiB also seems on point, opened with Doom, got three demi off before I killed it. Got a runic in before the doom, but I feel even with raising whoever got killed the player should be able to see what's going on and survive.




RC5: It was found the Phantom Monster in a Box was using Doom far too often. I happened to kill it before it rattled it off in this RC, took three rounds, probably about 15-20 seconds.
(will be Addressed in RC-6)

Got Mindblow for Cyan, noticed that the 2 in the Bushido menu started rapidly pulsing when it was highlighted and 1 remained lit up. Still executed Mindblow when I selected it. His 3 also starts flashing, and the 2 doesn't stop.
(Added to "unconfirmed/weird bugs" section)

Rizopas seems to be skipable, but I've yet to replicate how the hell that happened.
(Not a bug, or at least not a new one. This has always been the case and the last time I tried to fix it, the fight became unwinnable. Officially a "feature".)


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It doesn't seem to be the airship itself that's broken: saving ANYTHING in USME seems to break events. I just took RC5, edited the formations after 60 to mostly be pincers, saved it, and the resulting rom softlocks at the first red save point in the Narshe mines and after the cutscene after the whelk fight.

Edit: Turns out editing anything in USME breaks all event scripting lol

Edit by Synchysi: For clarification, usME breaks most custom event scripting within a certain range. Vanilla events are still intact, aside from where they were directly modified - which is why even seemingly vanilla events will crash the game.
(Added to bug list)

Edited by BTB

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Game freezes here during the first Terra flashback on RC5. If I was forced to guess a why, I'd wonder if it has to do with the "???????"s being gone from the MagiTek menu.
(Will be fixed in RC-6)



Edited by BTB

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I will do my best to keep these items up to date as I work through the RCs. Apologies up front if any of these items are already present in 1.9, or are too nit-picky to be useful at this stage.

Script/Text Typos and Suggestions
Status Menu: Still calls magic evade “MBlock”
(Status menu redesign is still pending/up in the air, and the label changes along with it)

Arvis to Locke: “She needs our help and we may need her’s” --> no apostrophe in “hers”
(Are you sure? I see an apostrophe here.)

Beginners School: “it’s particularly reccommend” to do this for the “base” weapon… --> typo
(Will fix)

Beginners School: “Observe enemy behavior and learn whether it’s better to attack them directly or by disabling them before they can hurt you.” --> “ attack them directly or to disable them before they can hurt you”
(Will fix)

Beginners (room 2): “Doing so cost a turn, however” --> should be “costs”
(This whole line will be rewritten before the final release)

Beginners (room 2): “Characters in the front row take more physical damage from physical attacks and deal less damage with their own.” This is not true.
(Well, fuck... that's one hell of a typo)

Before Kefka arrives in Figaro: “A general of the Empire has requested an audience of you” --> “an audience with you”
(Technically, this one is Woolsey's fault. Will fix.)

Edgar, after Figaro submerges: There’s a cave east of here --> This is misleading, since the cave is South by Southeast from where you gain control of the Chocobo
('eh... might fix this, idk.)

Bugs (maybe?)
“Gauge: Off” config setting doesn’t work in battle (maxHP shows briefly, then switches to ATB gauge as default) (RC4)

(Bug confirmed)

Bushido charging numbers (after 1) look wrong -- lighter, flickery (RC5) [I'm using OpenEmu on MacOS, which uses SNES9x]
(Known bug as of now; Synchysi has an idea about the cause, but not sure about a fix)

Killing Kefka (Imperial Camp) w/ Suplex bypasses “waiter” dialogue (RC5)

Fanfare music plays in Terra’s flashback after killing soldiers (RC4)
(Bug - will fix)

Sabin joins with no headgear (RC5)

Trillium appears to use Raid to counter non-ranged physicals, but does not counter Locke using Butterfly+Boomerang. I would have expected the counter to trigger unless both weapons were long range (RC5)
(Not being fixed; combining short and long-range weapons is suboptimal in most cases, so this is a "feature".)

Edited by BTB

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7 hours ago, Bropedio said:

Arvis to Locke: “She needs our help and we may need her’s” --> no apostrophe in “hers”
(Are you sure? I see an apostrophe here.)

I think there's the point. "Her's" is an incorrect form of "hers".

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RC10, Bushido works but cyan explodes. Using the provided save 19, IAF. Espers obviously have been unlocked

Edit: This is RC10-2

Cyan's build at level 19



Iteration One ( killed enemies via counter and then Dragon Bushido). First screenshot is dark because I paused the game to take it. Both times I've fought Leafer formation, reraise was learned and the same glitched graphics happened. Also, after the rerise text appears, it require a button press to move to crash.



Iteration two (Cyan killed with regular attacks and counters). Unlike the previous iteration, no button press is required. The game crashes without a button press after the "Status: Beserk" appears. Also while it is part of the emulator, this is when I noticed the FPS counter was dancing by squishing and then reverting back to normal, not sure if that is important or not, so I'll include it here. Also the bugged out screen changes regularly, and music continues to play in the background.



Iteration 3 (Using Sabin lv 19 with no equipment or relics, only attack)



Iteration 4 Sabin against a formation that I already did with Cyan.



Iteration 5, A full party (Terra lv 20, Edgar lv 20, Locke lv 21, Celes lv 17) all without equipment or relics. This time the text box is blank but auto exits like the Beserk text did. Oddly the FPS counter on SNES9x does not do the squishy dance, it just stays squished down. Music continues to play.

edit: Tossing espers on everyone changes nothing.



Iteration 6 (Going back to nake Sabin and seeing if his character slot changes anything. Didn't seem to change much, the glitch bomb graphics might be a bit different but it's hard to tell. I don't think it has anything to do with what's causing the problem though.



Iteration 7, using the save 11 post Narsh Kefka battle. Only equiped kotetsu to Cyan. Use soldier rage. The Fail message with move on to GP without a button press. Battle ends normally afterwards.




Edited by Pink Mawile

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RC8, Blackjack is crashing the game. All other abilities seem to be fine, Solitaire/Chocobo/GoFish/!Jackpot all worked properly, even the random summons seemed to be working. Attempting to use Blackjack causes the glitched mess below, which lasted about two minutes with fast forward held. I could still use Terra's menu during this period, and once the "spell animation" ended damage was done. Saw exp and gp screens (Including Terra leveling to 12 and getting Regen), but the game hung on the black screen after battle with no music playing.


Further testing required to see if the same happens in RC5, when Slots were first fixed.


EDIT: The same thing is happening in RC5, so it seems to be an issue with whatever was done to fix it then and had just gone unnoticed. Blackjack caused the same distortion in my test there (Osteosaur in Daryl's Tomb, who is a real bastard for a random btw), with the map distorting the same way and lingering animation effects in the same spot. Combat continued in that case as the monster hadn't died, I eventually had to run away and the game froze on the black screen again.

Screenshots and comments below




RC8 - Blackjack on Trilium and Mammoth in Mt Kolts


RC8 - The aftermath (Terra was blinded before, it's not a side effect of this)

FF6 BNW 2.0 - 023 Kohlingen, Daryl's Tomb, Chesticle_00000.png

RC5 - Blackjack vs Osteosaur

FF6 BNW 2.0 - 023 Kohlingen, Daryl's Tomb, Chesticle_00001.png

RC5 - Damage from the Blackjack attack, screenshot took right as monster flashed

FF6 BNW 2.0 - 023 Kohlingen, Daryl's Tomb, Chesticle_00002.png

RC5 - Osteosaur's turn, physical attack (four lines - scratch animation) on Celes, notice the changed garbage by Osteo's feet and on my party

FF6 BNW 2.0 - 023 Kohlingen, Daryl's Tomb, Chesticle_00003.png

RC5 - Sabin's turn, combat is normal after Blackjack as far as I can tell.

FF6 BNW 2.0 - 023 Kohlingen, Daryl's Tomb, Chesticle_00004.png

RC5 - Aurabolt fired as normal, just noting the change in the garbage graphics though.




EDIT 2: Terra naturally learns Stop at level 16, is listed in the Printme as Slow. She has no other method of learning Slow, but can learn Stop through Carbunkl esper. She's also missing Imp entirely, which should have been learned at level 8.

EDIT 3: Further investigating, Terra is learning Mute at level 8 instead of Imp, and Celes is missing Slow from her spell list in a save just before IMTRF (level 17), though he has Ice 2 instead.
(Confirmed bugs; will be fixed in RC-10)

Edited by BTB

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I want to document an issue we noticed in the elemental mixing patch that would break elemental weakness if a target had both a resistance (+1) and two weaknesses (-1, -1). After the first DEX, the zero flag would be set, causing the loop to break before handling the second weakness.

The bug can be resolved by adding 2 to the BRA arg, so the loop repeats at the LSR, two bytes after the BEQ.

Edit to clarify: This bug would only affect attacks with 3 or more elements, so it is unlikely to manifest unless more such attacks are added. As it is, Tritoch is the only attack that would be affected (I think), and only if the target had resistance to one of the elements and a weakness to the other two.

Edited by Bropedio

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Fought Brown-D for some damage numbers. This was my team. Numbers are from RC8. I'm assuming that Brown-D's Water weakness is working.


Shadow was level 23, 11 ELs in Fenrir. Sabin level 23, 11 ELs in Terrato. Edgar was level 23 with 12 Palidor ELs, and Strago was level 28 with 17 Odin ELs.

Here's some numbers:


Sabin's Pummel was expected to do 1102-1226, it did 1278.

Sabin's Ocean Claw Attacks, I think the damage calc is saying 2146-2389. I recorded individual swings which ranged from 1168-1268 so possible range of 2236-2536 for two attacks (22 attacks recorded).

I'm not sure what the expected damage is for my Shadow's Water Scroll, see my note about the Damage Calc below. I think it should be 3496-3811. Between the 7 scrolls I recorded, damage ranged from 3594-3910.

Edgar's Trident Jumps were expected to do 5298-5893, they did 5644-6216 (five Jumps total).

Tsunami should have done 2923-3252. The two I used did 3060 and 3188. I threw a Raze by accident, it should have done 1461-1626, and did 1631.

Regen should heal Strago for 175-195 a tick. I caught 11 ticks that were between 174-196 *headdesk*

Brown-D only hit my party, by which I mean Strago, with 3 attacks. Normal attack to backrow Safe Strago did 549 (513-572 expected). D-Claw against Front Row Strago (Polarity's a bitch) did 1071 (1026-1145 expected). Then Strago ate one more regular attack while Safe and in the Front Row for 734 (684-763 expected).

Not sure how to check the following numbers, but Brown-D took 228-252 damage from Sap. His Quakes healed him for 1224-1352 and his Landslides healed him for 609-666

Small Potential Spoilers for Brown-D Fight


Brown-D used Landslide three times. The first and third time, it healed him and he "sped up." The second time it didn't seem to affect him at all.

A note on the Damage Calculator:


Shadow's Elemental Scrolls section is using Def instead of M.Def. It's usable, but the arrow points to the wrong value.

Also, if Fenrir's going to have a secret +1MBlock, just include it in the BNWCP so I don't spend 5 minutes trying to figure out why his MBlock is off by one.

Is Gogo supposed to be holding a Mythril Knife and nothing else when recruited?

(Yep. Also good catch on the damage calc thing. I'll fix that at some point.)


Nastidon uses Absolute 0 on itself.
(Fixed for RC-10 along with several other enemies with the same targeting issue in their scripts)

Edited by BTB

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Posting some quick Zozo numbers BTB requested in the Discord last night. I ended up doing minimal testing with the 42 magic setup, as the numbers were clearly high enough to do the job.


Lvl 11 Edgar
30 magic:
Slamdancer: 526 - 580
Hobo: 540 - 594
Junkie: 352 - 396

37 magic:
Slamdancer: 654 - 694
Hobo: 628 - 668
Junkie: 420 - 452

42 magic:
Slamdancer: 684 - 718
Hobo: 682 - 768
Junkie: 472 - 498


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Damage test from the Baran Falls Piranhas:

Level 12 Sabin, Front Row:

-Gear: Spirit Claw x 2, Bandana, Karate Gi, Knight Cape, Black Belt

-Stats: 63 Vigor, 288 BatPwr

-Damage per Strike: 212 - 233

To be clear, there was only one instance of 233 out of around 12 total attacks for the entire chain (he got off a lot of counters from Black Belt). They were mostly 220 or lower.

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Confirming and posting that the Crane's sap ticks are breaking 255. Just saw a 270 tick.
(We now have an explanation for this; it's tied to the enemy variance formula)

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Pic : Battle started with this formation, 1 bird, 1 dog on the right, nothing on the other side.
(Can someone start compiling a list of b0rked pincers? Thanks.)

Gained EP pre zozo in a pre emptive side attack battle with Fighter/Poison Vine/ Buzzard enemy combo. Only time so far it's popped up.


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