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  1. 3 hours ago, TiraflechaPR said:

    Was going off of Google Translate detecting Chinese, my bad. Thanks for the tip! 



    This is what the file contains:


    [kaffe@kaffe-noc] [~/dls] unzip bnw_2.0.zip 
    Archive:  bnw_2.0.zip
       creating: Brave New World/
      inflating: Brave New World/Lunar IPS.exe  
       creating: Brave New World/Translations/
      inflating: Brave New World/Translations/[h]Clean New World.ips  
      inflating: Brave New World/Translations/[h]Vanilla New World.ips  
      inflating: Brave New World/Translations/[h]¡Espanol Nuevo Mundo!.ips  
      inflating: Brave New World/Translations/[n]Clean New World.ips  
      inflating: Brave New World/Translations/[n]Vanilla New World.ips  
      inflating: Brave New World/Translations/[n]¡Espanol Nuevo Mundo!.ips  
      inflating: Brave New World/[h]Brave New World 2.0.ips  
      inflating: Brave New World/[n]Brave New World 2.0.ips  
      inflating: Printme.pdf             
      inflating: Readme.txt              
      inflating: Unlockme.rar

    As the review you wrote is based on a user error while trying to inflate the archive, I suggest you amend it or remove it. I'll remove it myself if it's unchanged a few days from now. You're of course welcome to leave a proper review once you get it to work and have played the mod!

  2. The tip for any future attempt, for the OP or anyone else reading, is to not ever use ePSXe for any bug testing and go with pure mednafen (just fyi, there are add-on guis for mednafen out there, like mednaffe to name one).

    Choice of format is not an issue, bin/cue vs iso makes no difference. However, know what version you are modding. I can't remember which version that is most common, but I'm guessing ntsc-u release.

  3. @nightmare9913256 -- He is referring to this guide, which is in the file you download to get the patch:


    Seiken Densetsu 3 - Sin of Mana, v1.050


    The patch is for an unheadered ROM, use SNESutil or similar to remove an existing header.
    NEVER patch over an older version of this hack, get a clean ROM!
    Whether the ROM has any other patch (e.g. translation) on it shouldn't matter.
    Apply the main patch "Seiken Densetsu 3 (J)_sinofmana_v1050.ips" first; you may need LunarIPS for this.
    Afterwards you can apply any of the difficulty changers from the "difficulty_changer" folder if you wish, default is set to hard.

    The "misc_patches" folder includes some bonus patches.
    1) "bonusfight__BlackRabite_Bigieu_DKS"
    replaces the random enemies in a dead end room to the right of the very final savepoint with a Black Rabite, Bigieu and Darkshine Knight.

    2) "ghostship_savepoint"
    allows use of the ghost ship savepoint that leads to savegame corruption if used with only 2 characters. USE AT OWN RISK!

    3) "super_happy_funtimes"
    The name says it all.

    4) "3_player"
    Turns on option to use a third human player. Already included in the main patch.

    5) "hardcore_death_penalty"
    Death that is not removed via Angel Grail now also permanently reduces one random stat. Enables death penalty on all difficulties.

    6) "skippable_spell_animation"
    Hold the X button an any controller while the spell name is displayed on top to skip the spell animation.
    Must be done before the animation starts.


  4. I think you took that a bit too seriously. @Mishrak can speak for himself, but my guess he just found it amusing, or at least that is how I see it looking at his post.

    This community is actually very alive and healthy, but it is now a days primarily experienced on our Discord server, with the homepage more acting in a supporting role, albeit an important one.

    You are not being shut down. :]

  5. If anyone felt like creating 1.4 and base it on 1.3, I would suggest starting from scratch and then manually porting over the changes, instead of trying to rework the existing 1.3 patch. But however you look at it, it's a whole lot of work, and I doubt any one would be willing to see such a project through. :P

  6. I don't know, but adding a new rom shouldn't be an issue. Meaning, you could use a normal FF3US rom file and upload that, instead of using the copy provided via the SNES Classic.

    BNW doesn't have platform specific releases, but aims to be compatible with the original hardware (and as such, should work well with most emulators/variations to play SNES games). This doesn't mean that it works on SNES Classic, just that it is very likely to work.

    Why not simply try it out? You could report your findings here, probably interesting information for more people around these parts. :]

    Answered to the best of my knowledge. Knowing full well that I'm no expert in the area, I welcome being corrected.

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