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  1. Site is lagging?

    Update: The ISP for the servers we're running on is having issues today. They're saying to expect lower bandwidth than normal. Everything on the server seems to be fine. I gave it a restart as well since it's been a while. If the problem persists for more than another day or two tops then I'll do some more digging.
  2. Site is lagging?

    Running an oldschool computer should not have any effect on the site, as it's all rendered through a browser. If your net connection was slow, that'd be a different story. As I'm typing this it took a good 15 seconds for the formatting icons to show up, so something may actually be going on. I have some free time today so I'll dig into it. For the time being make sure your preferred browser is up to date and understand that this site uses heavy javascript, so if you're running something like NoScript it'll pretty much make this place unusable. I'll update this thread after my investigation.
  3. AuraOfTheDawn

  4. I'm clicking the link (even tested on separate browsers) and it is working fine. I'm a bit confused since I wasn't aware discord direct chat links could expire. I'm currently at work so I'll have to look into this later.
  5. Download link?

    Update: Had to remove the Lavos Awakening mod as it contained a ROM which is illegal to host. Sorry for any inconveniences. If someone finds a patch version without the ROM I'm more than willing to update it.
  6. LandonRay's Xenogears HardType

    I played it and ended up stopping right at Calamity due to the same issues you are facing. It really didn't feel so much as a "let's bump the difficulty up" type of mod and more like a "let's torture you with ridiculously OP shit, even trash mobs" type of mod. It's a pity, because Xenogears is great but the vanilla game is just too easy. If this mod was toned down just a little bit it would be glorious.
  7. Bluerobin Continues FF6:BNW 1.9


    Glad to see someone using the calendar function. If you are a regular streaming we can consider adding you to the streamer list on the site. Shoot me a PM.
  8. Sup

    Quad, me boy! Welcome. Will be great having you back.
  9. Calling All PUBG Players

    Also, I have a good friend that I usually play with. If we can find a 4th person that would be great so if we play squad we don't get matched with a random.
  10. Calling All PUBG Players

    I'll be on tonight. Most likely around 7PM-10PM EST.
  11. Download link?

    Just uploaded it into our downloads section. Not sure why it wasn't there to begin with. Here you go:
  12. Battle Tag Sharing

  13. Calling All PUBG Players

    Already posted this in chat but since that can't reach everyone in this community I figured why not start a thread. Anyone here play PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)? Looking to get a few more people to play with. If so, drop a line in this thread with usual play times (include timezone) and Steam ID so we can link up. There is only one rule that I ask anyone who plays a PUBG game with me: Your character must never wear pants.
  14. Where are the forum rules

    I'm locking this thread. Enough is enough.
  15. Hello Everyone

    Welcome and glad to have you on board. May the old school live on