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  1. AuraOfTheDawn

  2. I'm clicking the link (even tested on separate browsers) and it is working fine. I'm a bit confused since I wasn't aware discord direct chat links could expire. I'm currently at work so I'll have to look into this later.
  3. Update: Had to remove the Lavos Awakening mod as it contained a ROM which is illegal to host. Sorry for any inconveniences. If someone finds a patch version without the ROM I'm more than willing to update it.
  4. I hate you.
  5. I played it and ended up stopping right at Calamity due to the same issues you are facing. It really didn't feel so much as a "let's bump the difficulty up" type of mod and more like a "let's torture you with ridiculously OP shit, even trash mobs" type of mod. It's a pity, because Xenogears is great but the vanilla game is just too easy. If this mod was toned down just a little bit it would be glorious.
  6. until

    Glad to see someone using the calendar function. If you are a regular streaming we can consider adding you to the streamer list on the site. Shoot me a PM.
  7. Sup

    Quad, me boy! Welcome. Will be great having you back.
  8. Also, I have a good friend that I usually play with. If we can find a 4th person that would be great so if we play squad we don't get matched with a random.
  9. I'll be on tonight. Most likely around 7PM-10PM EST.
  10. Just uploaded it into our downloads section. Not sure why it wasn't there to begin with. Here you go:
  11. Ninjasdf#1724
  12. Already posted this in chat but since that can't reach everyone in this community I figured why not start a thread. Anyone here play PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)? Looking to get a few more people to play with. If so, drop a line in this thread with usual play times (include timezone) and Steam ID so we can link up. There is only one rule that I ask anyone who plays a PUBG game with me: Your character must never wear pants.
  13. I'm locking this thread. Enough is enough.
  14. Welcome and glad to have you on board. May the old school live on