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  1. 1) I didn't measure the dps, though you'd best pair him with Ninja Master for the analyze crit (de)buff and throw a lot of luck stat and crit gear on him.
    70~80% crit rate? forgot how high but at least 50%+

    2) no, I remembered wrong, the MP thing was a weapon design I thought of at one point but dropped.

    3) give him his final weapon and he'll deal around buffed Angela level of spell damage to later bosses if not more.

    4) only what is in the zip file


  2. The enemy needs to be level 60+, not necessarily you.

    At 0 godbeasts they should've been around 50-52. Goes up by 2-3 each defeated beast...
    I don't think the enemies were high enough so far?
    Unless you wear multiple Earth Bracelets?

    Sorry, I don't know I good farming spot; ideally a room with just 1-2 Lv60 enemies that can be petrified and have W/A seeds in their drop list.


  3. Well, you've access to all spell/skill shops before the stat boost event, so if you knew about it being a problem you could have reset just before.

    I found different CMs useful for different bosses; dark is least useful against the Sinistrals.
    I'd go with rank 4 light as the most useful CM in the final boss rush.

    Against randoms - dark or fire, yes, but not really against bosses.
    Dark does no damage there, fire dies in a hurry.



    weak to light, resists shadow, thunder, ice
    280 / 350 AGL, slightly outspeeds Guy unless he's basically maxed AGL

    his battle plan relies on his powerful Destructo-Wave; it has "split damage" = more damage the fewer targets live
    so he tries to thin your ranks with devastation and octostrike before going for the finishing blow of Undead -> Destructo-Wave

    turn 1
    Devastation, massive damage to bottom-left party member (chooses random victim if this spot is dead), MUST be guarding (remember that guard is only effective if you are faster)
            non-guarding takes too much damage thanks to row + base damage

    turn 2
    Destructo-Wave, split SOIL damage but very high, ignore rows; if ATP buff is positive base power increases dramatically (2.4k -> 3.8k)

    turn 3-5 randomly uses:
    -Octostrike, 8 random normal attacks
    -Undead, boosts his ATP, DFP and AGL; next turn skips forward to turn 2
    -Curse, drop target to 1 HP and 100% chance for poison
    -Deathblow vs all, 35% paralysis, pierce reflect, 1200 power, physical/dark

    loop back to turn1

    you can cancel the Undead boost either with resist or any debuff that lowers ATP



    drains non-elemental and fire, weak to ice
    he has 700 AGL on normal or almost 900 on hard

    Mr. Chaos has (ironically) a very strict script

    his battle plan resolves around confusion, obviously, both for the characters as well as the player:
    going first (except against the wind cm), so no hope to react, just predict
    reflect on everyone
    perfect confusion stat
    impossible moves (reflect spells off self to the other party is a FF thing, not Lufia, here reflect goes back to the caster)
    fake moves (those in quotes, they pretend to be regular spells but have quite different properties)

    1. Black Chaos - reflect on everyone
    2. Chaos Wave, 666 magic power, 40% confusion, pierce reflect

    turn 2:
    1. self-reflected single-target "Thunder" OR "Firebird" (you legitimately can't do that, those are fake skills that play the reflect animation on him and then use a reflect piercing skill)
    2. Galactic Lancer, either ST or MT; you need 2 Swordsplitter + 2 Forcefields or similar to survive the ST version on hard

    1. MT Firebird: intended to get reflected for heal
    2. selects one target that has no confusion (8 tries), then either:
    -"Confuse": inflicts sleep, poison, paralysis, silent, confusion 35% chance each and death 15% chance
    -Mind Game: just adds the confused flag + drains IP, no question asked, confuse immunity does not apply

    loop back to turn1



    weak to thunder
    AGL is low, you should 100% outspeed her

    she doesn't really want to fight, so she just kills one character per turn

    turn0 (not repeated)
    target CM, kills it; though the wind cm may be able to dodge

    S.F., hits party and has 60% chance of death

    Vanish against top-left hero, 1200 magic power, status effects death, sleep, paralysis, poison 100%

    Energy Break against top-right hero, deal target's maxHP*2 + 200 magic damage

    Fry against bottom left hero with 1500 INT

    Divine Weapon against bottom right hero, 7x attack, yes on the same target

    Dark Fry, high split damage to party

    loop back to turn1



    weak to water

    mostly as vanilla except trades Dragon for Reduce and normal attack is now Absorb

    Guard Daos


    neutral to all elements
    max AGL

    he's no real plan besides aoe spam but likes his little bit of boss banter
    he takes a few hints from Lufia3's final boss Zalbak
    attacks are against the whole party unless noted

    "Mortals...just perish!" - does nothing, last round of mercy

    turn66 (either you die or him):
    "This ends now!" - drops his own HP to 1
    Dark Fry

    if he drops below 50%, once:
    "We're not done yet!" - does nothing
    Clarity ["news" wasn't a spell that exists]

    Dread (lower DFP)
    Dark Fry, physical
    Hopeless Scream, target one hero, HP to 1, MP to 0, IP to 0

    spirit force, can poison and confuse
    Reduce, against one, dark magic damage, cancel mirrors
    dark reflect (Daos' move)

    otherwise 3 actions as follows:
    1. action, randomly regular tier2 magic:

    2. action, randomly:
    -Drain (HP)
    -Absorb (MP)
    -Quake: 200 dmg for all
    -Stun vs one
    -Buster Attack: 600 power, physical, no split

    3. action, randomly:
    -Crakamdite, hit-all (200+INT) power magic with split
    -normal attack vs all
    -Destroy vs all
    -flash vs one
    -Devastation vs all, 30% paralysis, pierce reflect, 850 power, physical/dark

    keeping the cm alive might be worth a lot as it weakens his aoe damage



  4. v0.710

    • added abilities for Crusader job
    • can now speed up spell animations by holding any of the 4 face buttons
    • changed HP display in !Scan, now displays HP per segment instead of total value
    • scan now shows if the target is undead
    • reverted save anywhere
    • changed the way defense is used in damage calculation from (atk - def) * m to (atk - defA) * m * (250 - defB) / 256
      for player defA=defB = regular def
      for monster defB is globally 100 if neutral and defA = (VIT * defB) / 256; VIT for monster is their unmodified level, capped at 70
    • reduced weakness damage from x2 to x1.5
    • increased attack power of weapons by about 80%
    • adjusted defense modifying effects
      defense piercing moves now ignore 50% defense and have -25% attack (works out to a break even on neutral defense)
      defense halving spells now decrease defense by an amount that would result in the target taking 20% more damage compared to before for each cast, capped at 0 defense
      axes treat defense as if one extra cast of guard off was used
      changed spellblade/tempr from 25% defense ignoring to flat -20
      changed spellblade/flare from 100% defense ignoring to only 50%
      elemental absorb keeps def = 0 but also gets atk/2
    • moved shop items around, including adding a wind type shield to the first shop
    • added several previously unobtainable items to shops, including slayer knife, legend jewel, hero shield, ...
    • adjusted several item prices
    • shields no longer add defense or magic defense; all standard elemental shields have fixed 15% evade
    • HP leak now provides damage numbers
    • HP leak is now blocked if the damage part of the original attack was absorbed
    • status effect duration for stop, stun and doom is now affected by the weakness to said element; e.g. if weak to water doom gives 15 "seconds" instead of 30
    • fixed certain status durations getting cut in half
    • single target physical skills can now use the regular weapon attack animation instead of a pseudo spell animation
    • changed Potion heal from 50-1250 to 60-1200, heal at 3x (starting value) is up from 64 to 75; old value = new value was at 68x
    • changed Hi-Potion heal from 120-2500 to 250-3000
    • increased attack power for unarmed attacks with brawl ability
    • increased cooldown for Hi-Potions from 5 to 7
    • replaced potion in beginner house with hi-potion
    • increased time for the karnak castle escape from 10:00 to 15:03 minutes
    • fixed a bug that made goblin punch apply the temper bonus twice
    • fixed a bug that turned damage randomly to 4 digits
    • fixed a bug that caused softlock on killing stopped enemies
    • fixed a bug that made physical skills target magic defense
    • fixed a bug in the end of turn calculation that could cause a variety of bugs, like soft potions not working or crashing the game
    • fixed a bug that granted shards on escape from random encounters after beating a boss
    • fixed startup time of !Jump
    • flagged Gilgamesh's jump attack properly as earth elemental
    • finesse/weaken now also lowers magic evade
    • heavy type enemies now add 2 field icons per action
    • enemies affected with mini/toad now keep their names
    • fixed an issue with displaying 4 enemy type names; ignored 4th+ name (only space for 3 names anyway)
    • altered monster speed curve by level, difficulty, species modifier
    • increased gold drop from monster in main game, reduced for ng+
    • increased monster exp gain at low levels, decreased for high levels
    • monster attack power modifier no longer varies by difficulty
    • increased influence of level on monster damage from 5 to 8 and reduced early game damage

  5. No, he'd be too similar to swordmaster then - also everyone has an element-less HP leech option with a specific weapon or an accessoire.

    The only team building advice I give:
    don't try to rely on the black market, the item prices there have gone up quite a bit.

    A pure melee team would at least need anti-magic to dispel physical immunity in a couple cases.
    Or spent a fortune on spell casting coins or the eyes that cast anti-magic from the black market.

    A pure caster team has more problems with enemies that are a little too touchy-feely (like werwolves, ninjas) or just are very resistant to magic;
    I'd be surprised if they could even deal notable double digit damage to a certain boss.
    Their options would then be weapons that use alternate stats and going for Lv2/3 techs (attack bonus through INT).


  6. 1) She is sorta a red mage, yes.

    The general idea is that spells have now proper scaling, even Lv1 spells deal damage late game.
    The difference is roughly +30% for each full spell level increase (so Lv3 is +60% over Lv1) in exchange for higher MP cost and longer cast time.
    GD with max AGL casts her Lv1 spells instantly. Which helps e.g. with random enemies to knock them back and this is godlike when enemies can kill you in about 4 hits.
    Meanwhile Rune Master and Magus take their sweet time to cast but then deal "you die damage" especially with Stone Cloud (because petrify on enemies is death).

    2) First of she uses PIE instead of INT making her more resilient to spell damage.
    Debuffs are typically less spread out compared to buffs, meaning only Lise has a class with all 4 basic buffs while several classes have access to all 4 debuffs; Charlie has one of them.
    Angela is more geared towards MT damage, Charlie stands better against bosses (PIE, debuffs, ST elemental spells).

    3) Leaf is now a real element, some enemies and bosses are weak to it. Plus he can use it on caster allies to support them for a change.
    Also his ultimate weapon runs on MP.

    4) The stats are so that you can max 4 out of 6 stats and have the other 2 barely above minimum; or a good mix of stats, depending on preference.
    So in a sense, yes, player choice.

    5) AI is stuck to strong attacks. In total the allies are too random for my taste so they keep to the attack that is less problematic in that regard.
    They already can't really dodge, just standing there waiting to be cut down, so I tried to patch that with a hidden evade bonus for AI.
    Plus the game already has quite a "lag" problem, having all allies spam the quickest attacks would just enhance that issue.
    And by lag I mean I can with just Hawk and Kevin under my control kill the AI completely if I try hard enough.

    Also if you miss a lot, AGL helps a bit and different weapons have different hit bonuses. Later speed up/down helps as well.

    The only thing you can really set on the AI is for them to not rush forward to their death at battle start by using the "most distant" AI option.
    Probably a favorite for caster heavy parties.
    Every other AI setting is just "lemmings"

    6) Yellow numbers show either Lv1 tech damage or criticals.
    You may have gotten a "counter" hit on your lv1 tech which has also increased damage. Counters are only possible on lv1 techs btw.
    But in general the gap between normal attacks and lv1 techs is much more narrow.
    About 1:2-5 depending on if you compare to quick or strong attack, if you get the counter, if your weapon has a good lv1 tech bonus damage, etc.
    Certain enemies even have extra damage bonuses on counter hits; one boss in particular is meant to be duelled that way.


  7. Well, technically you're not supposed to bother with the boss live mechanic.
    That's mostly for me so I can give more max HP and reduce the abuse power of certain skills and status effects.

    In other news, next job'll be Crusader, gained at the first crystal the starter set of jobs to 8:

    learns skills in order:

    Endure, !Esemte, !Slash, Heal Amp, Pierce

    !Esemte - again a set of 8 skills, this time the gimmick is that they are cast from HP (in %, not absolute numbers; the most expensive one costs 14%)

    • Cruzfire: physical attack that hits all enemies
    • Recover: Cure but a bit weaker
    • Execute: single target physical attack
    • Shout: hits all enemies for some ice VIT-based damage and lowers their magic power
    • Size Up: very weak physical attack that reduces defenses and evasion
    • Growth: maxHP x2 (same as one mix outcome, not stackable)
    • Shield Bash: single target physical attack, only strong with shield equipped; then it gains damage bonus based on defense
    • Cover: toggle Cover on or off on self

    new skills are unlocked based on current HP; get hit too much and you may forget how to heal

    (if you still can't guess what this references, blame Atlus for the inspiration)


  8. Steal should have the poison element - though that doesn't affect the action itself; the upgraded form uses your weapon's element because there it is part of the attack.

    I hope you read the beginner's house, it should explain the most important new things.

    I'm half sad that a visit to the town is almost required - and half not because that way the chance is higher that people get some info from the info dump beginner's house.
    This way Raptor is the most likely candidate to win the "hardest boss in the game" award :/


    Btw. which scan HP display is preferable?
    just the total HP, not hinting at things like HP break points


    or a proper split into effective HP and number of remaining segments (LP)


    there was quite a bit of confusion over the HP values so far...
    like the boss has 3k left, was hit for 2x 2k (x-magic) and then another x-fight - and he was only down to 1k HP.
    Turns out the first point of reference was about 500 HP from the next threshold, so 3.5k damage wasted from the x-magic.


  9. Even if I had wanted to, there's not really a lot I can do about CM squishiness/defense.
    STR can grow by level, AGL can grow by level, defense only has a flat bonus, so any try to give them more def makes them invulnerable early (high flat bonus) or too fast (AGL) or too strong (STR), ... yeah

    This was really problematic for the earth CM Sully since he's supposed to by tanky but slow.
    At Lv99 his original rank4 had 627 HP, 345 STR, 28 AGL, 316 DFP, 9 MGR
    now that is 770 HP, 581 STR, 182 AGL, 431 DFP, 23 MGR.

    and you don't want to know how long I had to adjust numbers to get Darbi5's Lv99 stats "right".

    I hope the differences between the Rank4 and 5 forms are somewhat notable, too.