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  1. The white/black spells are only used for unlocking yin and yang spells.
    The Yin-Yang score is specifically for the spells from the !Yin and !Yang sets and does not affect any spells outside of them.

    The meter goes like this (subject to change):
    15 20 30 38 47 55 63 72 81 90 100 110 115 119 122 125 127 129 131 133 135

    You start each battle with both at 100.
    If you use one of the sets, that's score goes one element to the left and the other one to the right per target - so if you use a multitarget !Yin spell against 8 targets you move the score for !Yin 8 to the left and for !Yang 8 to the right.

    The number you have while calculating the current target's damage modifies the spell power or accuracy.
    you cast !Yang/Crystal on 5 enemies; the first enemy takes 300 damage (100% of its spellpower), the second 270 (90%), third 243, forth 216, fifth 189.
    Next turn you cast a single target !Yin/Cyclone, it will then have 125% of its regular power.


  2. Sage
    !Meta, modify spells, does not consume turn, kinda like spellblade for magic; unlocked based on number of known spells (white, black, time, summon, blue)
    -Burst, increases magic hit cap from 130 to 160 and accuracy for magic dmg by +7
    -Hammer, spells that target m.def instead target p.def and gain +12.5% power
    -Blast, enable multitarget, same as passive ability
    -Needles, semi fixed-damage spell (def=0, M=constant) [imitate Lv25, 45Mag vs 100m.def]
    -Plague, spelldamage also adds +10 status damage
    -Flash, ignore reflect
    -Intense, add one extra field icon, does not stack with heavy status
    -Nova, reduce MT penalty by 33% (if it is x0.25/-75% -> x0.5/-50%), stacks with/applied after AreaCast

    in addition the sage has !Yin and !Yang; using spells of one type weakens that category and strengthens the other; differences is tracked in a Yin-Yang score which goes up to +/-10 and shifts per target

    !Yin, unlock by number of known white magic spells
    -Cyclone, one, wind damage
    -Whirl, one, water + HP leak (like Time/Bleed)
    -Stone, one, stalactite animation, earth
    -Inferno, one, fire
    -Vivify, one, cure HP; if score 2+ in favor also clear some status, at +5 it can revive
    -Morph, one, toggle toad
    -Syphon, one, bolt type, MP drain (deal HP damage and recover MP)
    -Ultima, one, void, 60 MP, spell damage based on number of collected white, black, time, summon and blue spells (maxes at 200 power for 99 spells)

    !Yang, unlock by number of known black magic spells
    -Crystal, one, ice
    -Plasma, one, bolt
    -Scourge, one, poison damage, def pierce
    -Fade, one, holy
    -De-Guard, one, def down
    -Undo, one, x-zone like death
    -Freeze, one, inflict stop
    -Paradox, one, turns target's Yin-Yang score upside down (e.g. +5 becomes -5)


  3. Magus
    !Taboo, unlock with number of slain enemies, except for Unleash which is unlocked by plot
    -Blast, one/all, spell but uses element of weapon
    -VoidBolt, one, void elemental "flare"
    -Swamp, set terrain to 5/5 poison and give *everyone* "half" HP leak until end of battle (stackable with regular HP leak, doubled against targets weak to poison)
    -Unleash, summon Gilgamesh, slash all enemies with a sword; 25% chance to do 1 damage (excalipoor), 25% chance to deal 9999 damage, 50% chance for "normal" void-type physical spell damage; also changes battle theme
    -SickMark, taken damage is increased based on status damage (+33% at 200 status damage)
    -Sap Mark, given and taken non-fixed damage is reduced by 20%
    -LifeMark, if killed (or loses LP) while that LifeMark is active, player party gets healed by 1/8 of victim's maxHP
    -Chain M., attacking the target over and over leads to increasing damage (max at 200 hits); if the target acts, bonus resets to 0 (basically a combo system)

    only one mark can be active at the same time on a unit


    !Mimic, all unlocked from the start
    -Encore, regular mimic, except X-Magic only gets first spell mimiced
    -Imitate, one, like !Time/Echo copy one recent enemy spell
    -Image, one, 1x image
    -Bore, one/all, inflict sleep
    -Bad Act, all, inflict confuse
    -Astonish, one, inflict mute
    -Curtain, one, heal status effects
    -Assist, one, 100 MP


  4. so not only will there be some new jobs next update, but some old ones will get some love as well, e.g.:

    !Drag-on (replaces !Lance), skills with a 0.3 turn delay; unlock by maxHP
    -Crescent, hit-all physical
    -Lancet, HP drain
    -F.Breath, fire breath attack on all enemies
    -Cold Air, ice breath attack on all enemies
    -Storm B., wind breath attack on all enemies
    -Roar, inflict mute
    -Barrier, inflict a buff on ally that reduces "variable" damage at cost of MP; max 10 MP, 3% reduction per MP
    -Sky Born, self-buff, jump damage increase x1.25


    !Rogue, skills unlock by successful steals
    -Steal, obviously -HP or GP, 50% chance to get Gil, 50% for HP drain
    -Dust, inflict blind
    -Con Job, inflict confuse
    -David, more damage if target has more HP than user (90 power, +1 per 64 HP deficit, max 170 power)
    -Raid, 75 power attack, consumes up to 90 MP, power increases by 2 per MP (max 255)
    -Buy Off, !GilToss but single target
    -Bribe, pay money (25% target ally maxHP), target ally becomes aggro target (as if they'd used Stomp or Taunt)


  5. some spoilers on the new jobs (copied from discord)

    Dark Knight
    semi-tank that gets stronger as his HP drops.

    !Dark, skillset with increased weapon tech damage by lost HP; skills are unlocked by having X HP lost
    -BaneWave, hit all, recoil damage
    -Taunt, all enemies, damage up, both def down; aggro up (like !Stomp)
    -Darkness, hit all, power depends on number of status effects on target(s) [incl. curse!]
    -Allout, drop target def(both) to 0, add lost def to target's attack (also both if dual wield)
    -FoulPlay, does not use turn; 20 MP, reduce user's maxHP by 1/8 (min 100), 37 power attack with chance to poison
    -Curse, same as from !Black
    -Oblivion, user loses 5 STR/AGL/VIT/MAG, 150 power single target attack
    -Enchant, select one enemy (or ally), add spellblade of target's weakness (one of them) to self, does consume turn


    undead healer/supporter
    unlocks his skills by beating specific monster types

    -Absorb, (already unlocked), Sylph effect (drain to party), ice one/all
    -Hunter, all, physical damage, can poison, recoil damage
    -DarkCure, HP+status heal, still hurts undead
    -EvilKiss, steal 2 STR/AGL/VIT/MAG, not below half
    -Entice, charm
    -Control, !control monster
    -Possess, exile self to boost target ally (add base stats/2)
    -Sacrifice, exile target ally to boost self (add base stats/2)

    -Skeleton, summon skeleton, earth phys damage, increase "golem" ward slightly
    -Lamia, summon Lamia, bolt damage + STR down
    -Z-Dragon, summon Archaesaur with poison breath
    -DarkMage, summon DarkMage, ice damage + paralyze
    -Unknown, summon Unknown to spit acid, water damage with HP leak
    -Flayer, summon MindMage, all, fire def piercing magic
    -Siren, summon Siren#2, all wind damage + mute
    -Gil T., summon GilTurtle, void-type quake


  6. This 0/1 flicker is a shroedinger state.
    The game knows you are dead but has yet to resolve certain actions that involve this character for which they need to be alive.

    In vanilla it was possible to cheat this death by queuing a spellcast on the dead character and have someone else heal them - self heal was too slow most of the time, the 0/1 would be resolved to 0 before the heal is applied.

    The death penalty is applied when the game would revive you back to 1 HP on victory or screen transition - though there are some cutscenes/events that trigger this "transition" in the middle of the map because it needs everyone alive to not crash.
    Deathless weapons use the exact same value as the HP reduction, there is no extra flag.


  7. Spoiler

    move around or fade out of battle for a moment
    Evil Gate or Anti-Magic
    move around or fade out of battle for a moment
    Evil Gate or Anti-Magic
    move to bottom center
    normal attack or cloud
    move to bottom center
    move up + Ghost Road
    idle on upper row
    Black Curse
    move to bottom center
    move around or fade out of battle for a moment
    Evil Gate (all)
    move to bottom center
    normal attack or cloud
    move around or fade out of battle for a moment
    move to bottom center
    Evil Gate or Anti-Magic
    move to bottom center
    move up + Black Rain
    move to bottom center
    Death Spell

    that's what his AI is supposed to do - but this is SD3, a game that does whatever the hell it wants


  8. Can't reproduce this.
    You sure you bought the correct one?
    I sometimes have problems that I buy the same item twice if I mash confirm too often; the buy menu has a kind of weird kind of momentum for me at least - hard to get started the transaction you want and then too easy to get a second purchase...


  9. On 21.4.2019 at 4:44 AM, Magpie said:

    Being able to equip passives separately is definitely interesting. I guess there were too many good ones to try to detriment of commands.

    That and most of the relevant physical "passives" were innate so that made magic comparatively weaker than intended;
    especially supporting abilities like !Drink and !Brave were hard to fit into.

    On 21.4.2019 at 4:44 AM, Magpie said:

    Also, looks like there are more menu descriptions than normal? Vanilla FF5 had a terribly sparse interface so having more text in there is always great.

    In vanilla job, !ability and ability description occupied the same space; I've since moved the job texts to a different space and I still managed to run out of space for ability descriptions...

    On 21.4.2019 at 6:30 AM, Aegis98 said:

    I am really fascinated by the addition of passives!  How hard was it to find the space in the game to be able to do that, and for that matter everything else you've added?

    Since ROM expansion is a thing, space in the ROM is abundant.
    But RAM? Yeah that was an adventure, especially for the stuff that also needs to fit into your save files.
    I've had to sacrifice tracking of individual jobs' ABP progress but compared to the end result that is a minor cost.


  10. If you leave passive slots empty you'll get nothing in them.
    Also you can't put passives into the active slots anymore; !job ability + 6 passives had too many shenanigans >.>

    But if you leave an active slot unused those will still be filled with !item, etc. just to prevent smartasses from softlocking themselves too easily.

    !Genome - like many other abilities at this point - is a set of 8 skills.
    Those are learned by defeating specific enemy types while you have a vamp in the party (kinda like FF5a necro but less stupid and 2.5 worlds earlier available)

    It'll have fun stuff like:
    Absorb - deal ice magic damage and heal your party by the split of the damage
    Hunter - physical attack with recoil damage
    DarkCure - heal HP + some status (remember that vampire is undead so would take damage from that)
    Possess - caster is removed from battle to increase all stats of target ally
    Sacrifice - target ally is removed from battle to increase caster's stats

    That set is accompanied by !Oath which has the same unlock method and allows you to summon certain enemies like Skeleton, Zombiedragon or Gil Turtle.