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  1. Road to 2.0

    This will be the final update. Current plans: prepatch english translation Lv60 capstone inbattle item usage requires 4 TP misc. patch to disable pop up messages for (de)buffs and ailments change damage colors to make it possible to differentiate between Lv1 techs, counters and (enemy) crits only gain once TP per attack instead of per target/hit invalidate the entire job discussion topic expand on cursed item mechanic expand on stat requirement for spell learning and limit known spells to 10, maybe add some spells to classes that have less than 12 spells to add some choices replace accessoires that remove a single weakness, their effect gets roled into the add resist accessoire finally get rid of the low attack scaling weapon
  2. Road to 2.0

    Or I can just accidently find a way to fit in the 24 weapon names, that works too... Get out of my head!! How'd you know enough of the changes to plan a team at this point?
  3. Road to 2.0

    Considering the history of this project I should go with something like "RTFMN" as those titles
  4. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Not possible since the current dev version is already a fusion of translation and my work.
  5. The main ideas were to make the battles more dynamic and give each character more, well, character. As a result of that every character has now access to an individualized job list of 21 out of total 31 jobs (freelancer is NOT available) while each job level now has a permanent impact on a character's stats. For example klutz Bartz can not be a chemist and Lenna hasn't in her to go Berserker. More dynamic battles are achieved via !Brave, !Def and field elements. Move a future turn to now with !Brave or take two turns at a later point with !Def while modifying the field elements to your liking with each skill or ability used. Changed field elements affect damage, healing and status effect chance. major features: all party members can be renamed at any time difficulty can be adjusted via in-game menu elements play a larger role extending to every item, ability, status effect and monster rebalance of equipment, spells, abilities and enemies instead of helm, armor and relic you can now equip 3 relics relics add a mix of resistances, weaknesses and power bonuses to same-element attacks spells scale with weapon power keeping them relevant until the end spell lists have been altered, e.g. Fire1/2/3 was reduced to just Fire and there are now new spells replacing the missing spells items are not consumed but introduce a cooldown on !Item, !Mix, !Drink and !Throw auto-heal some HP after battle victory (trade-off for disabled potions) ATB does not proceed until the currently active actor is finished with their turn, but then moves instantly to the next event most importantly - a New Game Plus mode!
  6. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    How should that work? I'd have at best: original 1.01e + SoM live version vs other 1.01e+ + current SoM dev version the ips patch would just create garbage
  7. Road to 2.0

    I can only have one and the same name for all of them, not one for each dunno, would be weird to have a proper weapon name and then 4x effect names instead of item names
  8. Final Fantasy V: Void Divergence - Discussion

    short version: not happening long version: There's not enough ram to do anything fancy. The game only knows you have class X at level Y, not in which order those classes were gained or anything. Heck, I even had to remove the ABP count of individual jobs to fit the 10 additional jobs in. So with this I can't track if you should have +X STR from the first 30 job levels and the 40 levels after give no bonus. I could at worst do some nonsense where I take a weighted pseudo 30 job value but that would mean random stat fluctuation and destroy any semblance of planning on the players side. What I mean is for job levels 1-30 nothing changes and for 30+ stats are adjusted by: (raw stat bonus x 30) / total job levels e.g. at 40 levels you only get 75% of your total stat gains. If this was done we'd get into FF2(nes) territory and noone wants that. Even if that wasn't a problem I can't give you all of the abilities at the same time. You could only have about 74 abilities and all after that would be cut off. If you wanted every ability you'd need about 100 ability slots, so there'd be random losses as well. And any form of reset is right out. If it was only stats we could talk but the job abilities are a major game changer. Respeccing from a pure melee build for the first half of the game to a hyper specialized build for the final boss is not something I'll allow. If you've spent all your life mastering the sword and never even looked at a book you can't suddenly become an archmage. Imo FF5 should also be about the journey and not just disconnected challenges, i.e. your past (job) choices should matter. I hope that makes some sense. If you got other ideas for a 2.0 - have at it. I may look into making another update sometime down the road.
  9. Road to 2.0

    The only thing I can't do there item wise is differentiate between the 24 class specific weapons.. so if someone has a better name than just "Champion" for those, feel welcome to write it. Char limit 15.
  10. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Sorry, can't do that. The only version of that translation I have left has been integrated into the main patch at this point. Forgot to make a backup before, lets hope I don't need it
  11. Road to 2.0

    I take that as 4 weeks well spent
  12. Road to 2.0

    No idea. Instead I leave this here.
  13. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Nope, she is Lise as she should be. It says the exact same as the other version there.
  14. Current Version: v1.200, 2020/04/24 Sister thread (probably down forever) Major features: Equipment offers various bonuses instead of a simple attack and defense progression Rebalanced classes, stats and spells, almost everything is usable now Modified formulas that keep even high level techs useful Expanded inbattle options with running, regular strong attacks and counter techs Passive MP regeneration with high cost spells: be smart with your magic Extensive boss AI changes Accelerated level curve: from class changing at the earliest mana stone to facing the final boss at the level cap Transformed the shield slot into a second accessoire slot for everyone, shields count as regular accessoires Increased inventory capacity to 20 per item type instead of 9 Tons of bugfixes ranging from agility stats not working to Kevin's wolfform stacking attack bonuses 5 difficulties to choose from, covering the spectrum from "easier than vanilla" to "Atlus would be proud" Roadmap until v1.0 Potential ideas towards v2.0
  15. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    I know of the Zable Fahr firebreath, Tzenker feather shot, Dangaard screaming, Gorva clouds, ... All of the following are behind item addresses but still "spells": Carmilla (Queen) bloody dance, Carmilla Queen heart attack, Slime Prince red glow, Harpy talon drain, Sea Dragon frost breath, Frost Dragon ice breath, Death Machine laser, Guardian laser, Cockabird 8-dir shot, Cockabird feather hail, Basilisk petribreath, Gold Unicorn K.O. attack, Chibi-Devil bubble, Grell dance, Grell Mage dance, Sahagin Bubble, Kerberos firebreath, Petit Dragon breath, Needlion needle spam, Golden Bulette armor buff, Petit Tiamat breath, Assassin Bug poison ball, Zombie breath, Siren song, Shadow Zero's nerf beam, Ruster Bug shot, Ghoul headless, Zombie Dragon breath, Firedrake firebreath, Jewel Eaters green spit, Lightgazer cloud for maximum confusion just look at Gildervine's Hammerbean. it is a spell and time freezing but does not darken the screen. Not 100% sure which exactly. I have the one that says: instead of 1.01e's:
  16. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    No, I mean it exactly as I said. Some seemingly "normal" attacks are actually spells that don't freeze the game and may even have a different animation than expected or when used by you. hmm if you want to know... how about you put a read breakpoint on D7E204 and cast the spell in ST variant and then watch where it goes with that pointer? it may be a pointer but noone says it has to be the same bank or even a neat +0000 pointer; it could be added to C81657 for all I know to find the actual animation data at C8E241. No idea without looking at it, but really, does it matter? Just change the 2 bytes and see what happens.
  17. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    I don't know those. Sorry, but you are wrong here. Just check Zable Fahrs side head - the firebreath one of them uses is actually the Gremlin spell (or that is one of the bugs the translation I use added) Please read it again.
  18. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    There are no text pointers you can use without asm. The pointers that exist vary by translation and version of translation. Sky Attack and Feather Blizzard should be used anonymously by Tzenker. Gas Cloud should likewise be Lightgazer's "normal" attack. Spined Kelp is Gildervine's. For Bomb and Bloody Axe I wanna say Ogre Chest has them. Revenge Spike - isn't that on Mispolm? 100 Tentacles, Squid Ink and Tidal Wave should be safe. Then it likely works like the escape rope by having the actual effect in the animation.
  19. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Just no. Anything involving texts is WORSE than the Kevin wolf bonus^3, no joke there. Anything involved text is like compressed twice. Can't undo that manually. Your best bet to make "new" spells is taking existing enemy-only spells and working with those - but keep the target side the same or those enemies will do dumb stuff like heal/buff your party or kill themselves.
  20. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Only if you are willing to dive into asm. Though I wouldn't know where to start with animation editing.
  21. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    do you have an options button to the bottom right of the post? I can delete it there. items are still "spell IDs" $101+
  22. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Exactly that. Had it a billion times that a battle suddenly ends while I was about to perform a tech and that hurls me into that menu because there was 0 delay between a monster hitting 0 HP and the game checking for the menu.
  23. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    What I have for those is: type flags: 00 damage spell; respects stat1-3 for (de)buffs and status ailments 01 heal, variable (Heal Light, Regeneration) 02 does nothing 03 does nothing 04 saber spells, no extra options... 05 debuff, set POWER1 1-5 to ORA respective resistance by spell's element, POWER1 6+ to reset all resistances 06 does nothing 07 tinkle rain, Bottle of Salt 08 buff, set POWER1 1-5 to ORA respective resistance by spell's element, POWER1 6+ to reset all resistances 09 counter magic, aura wave, energy ball 0A fraction damage (enemy-exclusive damage spells); deals no damage vs bosses; damage is target maxHP / POWER1 0B fraction damage (half vanish); deals no damage vs bosses; fraction set by POWER1 0C was same as 0A but without boss check 0D was same as 0B but without boss check 0E does nothing 0F does nothing 10 unknown but used by some (dummy?) spells, seems to do nothing 11 does nothing 12 fixed 162 damage? 13 heal, fixed (items); use both power flags for exact value 14 does nothing 15 MP restore; use both power flags for exact value 16 does nothing 17 analyze, but bugged 18 exorcism 19 Lv2/3 tech damage (only consumes TP when used as tech?) 1A escape rope 1B ...dunno calls same stuff as map transition 1C revive; use both power flags for exact HP value, MP is always full? 1D EXACT same routine as 1B, NOT a copy 1E reinitializes variables 1F does nothing 20 does nothing 21 does nothing 22 does nothing 23 toggle status ailment (chibikko hammer, moogle badge) 24 does nothing 25 anti-magic 26 does nothing 27 death (&roulette) 28 from here on crashes the game I doubt you'll manage to do with spell animations what you set out to do but give this a try: the animations are at 17E200+4x spellId, 4 bytes per entry, first 2 bytes are the ST animation, other 2 the MT animation if you try to set an ST-only animation as MT the spell will crash the game and blindly guessing is right out since those 2 bytes are our "friends" pointers.
  24. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    For now it doesn't matter what kind of LDA or STA is used; look to the right columns. LDA $something takes the value that is in the variable $something and puts it to A (the value is update for the next line). STA $something takes whatever value is in A and writes it to the variable $something. Whether it is LDA $34,y or whatever is not relevant for now, just follow the actual displayed address in the [] brackets. There may also be a lot of space between the reading and writing, in that case you have to follow the value at the right side; it may get doubled (ASL A), halved (LSR A), incremented (INC A), decremented (DEC A), or something and it may be transferred to a different column, e.g. TAX copies the value of A and writes it to X, TXA does the opposite. The simple way is - don't. The game tries to run the HP steal from normal weapons but this part is not intended for spell routines which interpret some values differently, so any attempt to fix this quickly will 99% break weapon logic.
  25. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Check the middle of the last two entries in the window. LDA 7ff753 -> it takes the value from that address and puts it into A (shown to the right of that) STA 7ff743 -> it takes the value of A and write it to that address