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  1. Ok, so that leaves the mystery of the out of bounds menu.
  2. The main ideas were to make the battles more dynamic and give each character more, well, character. As a result of that every character has now access to an individualized job list of 21 out of total 31 jobs (freelancer is NOT available) while each job level now has a permanent impact on a character's stats. For example klutz Bartz can not be a chemist and Lenna hasn't in her to go Berserker. More dynamic battles are achieved via !Brave, !Def and field elements. Move a future turn to now with !Brave or take two turns at a later point with !Def while modifying the field elements to your liking with each skill or ability used. Changed field elements affect damage, healing and status effect chance. major features: all party members can be renamed at any time difficulty can be adjusted via in-game menu elements play a larger role extending to every item, ability, status effect and monster rebalance of equipment, spells, abilities and enemies instead of helm, armor and relic you can now equip 3 relics relics add a mix of resistances, weaknesses and power bonuses to same-element attacks spells scale with weapon power keeping them relevant until the end spell lists have been altered, e.g. Fire1/2/3 was reduced to just Fire and there are now new spells replacing the missing spells items are not consumed but introduce a cooldown on !Item, !Mix, !Drink and !Throw auto-heal some HP after battle victory (trade-off for disabled potions) ATB does not proceed until the currently active actor is finished with their turn, but then moves instantly to the next event most importantly - a New Game Plus mode!
  3. Did Faris' current MP plus the gain from ether sum up to exactly 100 MP? At least it sounds like it. I doubt the predict issue has anything to do with the area... do you use memory cursor or reset cursor option?
  4. the correct weapons are simply stronger, or rather the other weapon types get a penalty to their attack power. and this is not from her using 100 MP to get the extra turn? has someone reproducable steps for this?
  5. I meant the magic tab in the xls, it has several tables in it. What specifically do you try to figure out?
  6. did you have a look at misc_number_madness.xls and the magic tab?
  7. Current Version: v1.050, 2019/04/01 Sister thread (probably down forever) Major features: Equipment offers various bonuses instead of a simple attack and defense progression Rebalanced classes, stats and spells, almost everything is usable now Modified formulas that keep even high level techs useful Expanded inbattle options with running, regular strong attacks and counter techs Passive MP regeneration with high cost spells: be smart with your magic Extensive boss AI changes Accelerated level curve: from class changing at the earliest mana stone to facing the final boss at the level cap Transformed the shield slot into a second accessoire slot for everyone, shields count as regular accessoires Increased inventory capacity to 20 per item type instead of 9 Tons of bugfixes ranging from agility stats not working to Kevin's wolfform stacking attack bonuses 5 difficulties to choose from, covering the spectrum from "easier than vanilla" to "Atlus would be proud" Roadmap until v1.0 Potential ideas towards v2.0
  8. 1) bait out an attack so the enemy does his attack swing animation then hit with the lv1 tech within a couple seconds after that 2) hit with lv1 tech after the enemy has cast a spell in case of DKS you should see about 800+ damage with that
  9. Did you try to use counterattacks on him? On my end he's literally designed for that combat style. Note2self: update SD3 again and make DKS auto gameover the party if even one character hides in the coward corner and then delete all save files.
  10. that's the way it was in vanilla. here it does work on bosses but at reduced power
  11. strange, no idea why that is but that is not really a problem, imo. Mispolm is kinda like Dolan - know the 2 tricks or die over and over. Lightgazer is more of a problem when he lasts longer since he shaves off maxHP with each spell - or kill you with his opener when you are weak to a certain element that isn't light.
  12. should be vanilla behaviour the red dots stay until all 7 bosses are beaten admittedly I never checked the disappearance at the tower..
  13. I think it is +127 attack with maxed out penalty. Let me consult the holy book of armor_elements_stats.xls on that... "attack and magic strengthened by death" - yes
  14. v1.100 replaced reequip config option with "core rules" option -basic = default -expert = can't revive, damage multiplier is truncated roughly like in vanilla, enemies get [75..150]% damage variance and scale up when the party is too high levelled on difficulty 1 with expert mode bosses drop 2 void shards instead of 1 added diminishing returns to experience bonus from void shards; before ~300% at 99 shards now 150% automatic equip optimize after job/ability change is now always disabled battles get auto-reset after game over magic evade and rod element boost (NOT MightAmp) now affect status chance/damage changed rare steal chance from 10/256 to (AGL-10)/256 physical techs now profit from weapons that are more effective against certain creature types; bonus for techs is slightly higher against targets with high maxHP new skill sets now respect memory cursor (though they have to share the position among them) spellblade element attacks no longer auto-miss against greater resistance added new rod "Water" to Karnak escape, replaces an elixir edited typing and m.evade of several bosses fire rune now blocks HP leak status mirage ring no longer provides an image, instead it grants +35 evade reflect ring now refreshes on turn end enemies that reacted specifically to !fight now react to non-magical abilities fixed damage overflow against aegis parry in a multihit spell (e.g. reflected from barriers) fixed some text issues fixed Gilgamesh's exploder against Necrofobe not working properly fixed mimic'd !throw choosing an unrelated item as projectile fixed a bug that made damage often reduce HP by 1 more than displayed fixed a bug that applied the dual wield penalty to unarmed fighting fixed an overflow bug on high level brawl with kaiser claw and elemental amp reduced unarmed attack and m.attack growth unarmed/brawl no longer has damage variance equip menu now shows unarmed attack value for characters with brawl ability equip menu now shows dual wielding again as sum of values instead of average toad status now correctly blocks the new skills from being used
  15. He resists all elements, in a sense weak to neutral element.
  16. none of the armors are locked by degree of lighting
  17. I put the poto there way before I made the class change item shop, so kind of intended in case you missed it, INT also boosts damage of Lv2/3 techs so you could dump some points later into it you can only drain HP or MP, not both at the same time; in doubt saber has priority but they stack in the sense that one item increases the limit for HP drain - this also applies to moon saber
  18. yes it does this is a flat -2 to their character stats so it loses a bit steam later on when they reach 30+
  19. It is a separate effect from the regular debuffs, so yes they stack.
  20. well for a bit = 20+ I agree
  21. ok, yeah that'll do what made you grind that high? or did I screw the exp curve up that badly?
  22. no success in reproducing that could you create a savefile (.srm) where the issue exists so that I just have to get into battle to see it?
  23. I don't see how the patcher related to that, but if it works ok, found that one bugger.. just to avoid unnecessary insanity - this issue persists after switching the ips patcher?
  24. there's a problem with that. weapons have high values so reducing that by 25% doesn't produce too big rounding errors. relics have low values, some as low as 1. reducing that by 25% would be a 100% reduction thanks to rounding. also it wouldn't affect shields since they give 0 def (aside from the omega shield) also armor proficiency is something I wanted to do by character not by job sometime down the road - to make the characters that little bit more unique - but that is something I'm still not 100% convinced about; having a worse weapon just means the fight may last ~30% longer, having worse armor may mean it becomes unwinnable. you have to hold the L and/or R button while pressing X to open the menu or confirming load via A. that's from a technical limitation. all the new abilities don't really exist in the game's view. same reason why all those abilities are limited to 8 skills. ok, wtf happened there!? I don't get that result, what makes you think they stop working exactly? goddamn x-magic, mimic, dual wield, when will you three ever stop causing problems!? do you recall what exactly you had thrown at exdeath initially?