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  1. Road to 2.0

    Only the regeneration ring (cursed) so far. Since learning a spell should be a big(ger) deal now any item that teaches a spell would have to be cursed anyway. And imo no spell is as big a change as healing. More or less. For 2.0 I wanted to cut down a bit on mechanics that are "just there". Like you technically have a limit of 12 learnable spells but also 12 spell slots max, neither of which really matter in the game; as long as learnable <= spell slots one of those values is meaningless. Same with stat requirements for spell learning, yes it is there but in the end it doesn't really encourage a choice for the player, like most of Angela's spell require INT to learn, a stat she'd want anyway, so the learning "just happens". Does this change lead to more viable variants of the same class? Maybe, maybe not. Some spells are simply less valueable so it is very possible that for some classes there is an obvious "best". Same with the cursed attribute, it is present on one ring and that's it. That concept gets a little rework and a few more items that use, plus a potential Lv60 bonus that profits from the number of equipped cursed items.
  2. Road to 2.0

    No, Monk only gets Power Up if you beat the desert area before doing the class change. So if at all it matters for one area (desert -> snowfield -> class change). Not happening. There are already WAY too many buffs. Especially since everything stacks multiplicatively. So mind up? Considering a potential auto-buff armor is still on the table - nope.
  3. Road to 2.0

    Not sure, it'd kinda ruin Bashkar's uniqueness. That would change not too much. Fireball is INT which is better on a Lv2/3 tech guy, breath AGL for L1 tech. Don't care either way. He's already Mind Down, Aura Wave, Power Up, Life Booster, Protect Down and Counter Magic which is a lot options for support. Mind Down + Counter Magic is already maxed magic defense. I don't think he needs more. Apart from not having a non-crashing spell animation - nope, he already has more support option than I feel he should have.
  4. Road to 2.0

    I don't want Lunatic on GH since he already has Life Booster. And Holy Ball would make him too similar to Paladin. He's a martial artist, OF COURSE he needs a proper breathing technique. Kevin learns Flame Saber. I'm not ok with him getting such a good caster combo (L2 spell based on AGL which helps him in melee AND same element saber). For D. Breath you need Anti-Magic way more often and it runs on PIE after you have invested about 10 LUCK, 1/6 th of your total stat gain, just to unlock this one spell.
  5. Road to 2.0

    As I said, I've no idea what to do with Kevin. There's only so little that fits him thematically. I didn't want to give all 4 classes the same spells and "god"hand having say over the elements doesn't seem too far off to me. Also its mostly meant as a penalty for going for high heal power early. Kevin was imo good enough as he was and with the change he gain up to 4 extra spells for free. I needed some garbage to fill his spell slots, really. Kevin gets bonus spell damage from PIE. But yeah, trading Rockfall and Dark Force makes sense, Power Down and Water Jutsu as well. So take 2:
  6. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    I'm quite certain it was done on purpose. They knew that magic was OP in Secret of Mana so they tried to be cautios here, too much really. Go ahead. Very complicated, and it stays where it is.
  7. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Def change was 25%, magic I think 25% for damage, 20% for defense. They all use the same value, so yes.
  8. Road to 2.0

    Kevin I'm not entirely sold on this. Since most Kevin classes have like 6-7 spells currently going up to 10 (out of 12) is a major buff. So I made his stat requirement much steeper than anyone else's, like usually it is 2-3 point between each spell here it is up to 5. And anyone that sees the sets of Godhand/Deathhand or W.Monk/Dervish as obvious counterparts is surly imagining things.
  9. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Just a fix for the crash caused by attacking in chibikko state.
  10. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    1A, 1C, 18 - I don't see anything. I'd be more helpful to know "when" that happens so we can track down the cause.. Tbh, not at all.
  11. Seiken Densetsu 3 Sin of Mana - Discussion

    Yeah that sounds like it'd be that effect I found. Anyone else had this? I've no idea what to look for here.
  12. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    In the window where you set breakpoints there's in the middle a section with the header logging. Check the box next to CPU and all instructions will be written to <rom name>_0000.log. The logging ends when you uncheck that box.
  13. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Better try the .log file.
  14. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Energyball sets your crit rate to 50, in this case ~20%. The saving happens at D0/E580. If you want to look where that value came from you may want to put a breakpoint execute there, check Logging:CPU (preferably only close to the end of the spell animation) and then check the output log in the log folder.
  15. SD3 Spell Balance patch

    Sure. I meant the value that is in A when we get to the JSL, so the LDA is the right one. Yes.