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  1. you did get a job level, not a character level, right? just making sure
  2. I have no idea what is going wrong on your end...
  3. what do you think single job mode is for? though in that case I'd keep it on normal difficulty (4)
  4. yeah, and then add the chance of only 1/16 to get the rare steal - very frustrating overall theoretically I could, but how would we decide which moves are worth 1 icon, which 2 (this would have to be a global decision, not per boss). but I'm not too fond of this option; there's already plenty of RNG in what certain bosses do (like 1/3 chance each turn to do nothing or grand lottery cross), this would inevitably end with cases of a 50:50 chance between low damage + 1 icon or massive/aoe damage + 2 icons, so bad luck would double penalize the player. one penalty per failed RNG roll I'm ok with but not 2+
  5. the enemy has to die by direct damage (though does not matter by whom), not HP leak, poison ticks, reflected spells or counter any lion fairy orc or one of the cure hares plant boss any plant girl any commander merugene any doomdealer palette swap skeleton any lamia any bone or zombie dragon darkmage or flaremage any unknown flayer siren gil turtle aoe before jobs: bombs and a full 6 enemy encounter is only guaranteed on difficulty 1 steal does not care about elements, the poison is purely for field icon purposes aside from that the base chance is still a measly 40%, same as vanilla, double with the thief gloves. well, you get a few extra % here with higher AGL or by being in the thief job field icons (karlabos) this is one of those things where it might not be possible to get a good solution. if the (heavy-type) bosses only got 1 icon you could flood them out to easily, you can always store turns or use brave to produce the mass of icons when you need them - but 2 icons as it is now may be a bit too much, and 1.5 icons is not possible. also getting 2 icons each is an option you have (later) as well, be it the fortress skill of knight or one of the mixes (both for heavy status) or the one !meta effect of sage.
  6. you tried the fix only patch? wherever I left that one.. either way I won't try to make that compatible, not worth it, got better stuff to do
  7. why should there be?
  8. I think most of that is actually answered in the beginner house 1. the equip weight works a bit differently here than in vanilla; in vanilla it was just a flat value, divide by 8 and that is how much AGL you lose for the purpose of ATB/turn calculation. here it is basically a % of your equip load relative to your STR value. in the 0-30 weight range you won't have much penalty to ATB. (monster are calculated as if they had 30 weight) <70 differences become more notable and at 99 you might as well never get an action with that character. Or in short: strong warriors can wear heavier protection 2. the stat ups are permanent for that character and independant of current job. 3. yes, but you can only gain up to 5 levels per job (15 for single job mode). depending on what you want to do with a character it may be better to dip only a few job levels in a given job for the abilities or go all the way for the stats or a mix of both. e.g. if you already have 2 levels of berserker you have !twin cut which is almost as good as !x-fight, so taking 5 level of ranger for the later is not as important. 4. the jobs each have different base stats, black mage has less str/more mag than a knight, etc. the character themselves have minor stats bonus, this is in the 0-4 point range which is not too much longterm. and don't worry: a certain character and the inevitable replacement are 100% stat/job identical. if you are really into stat min-maxing, equipping active abilities gives 0-3 points total depending on the ability
  9. Don't cast it on monster that absorb any of its elements or cast Anti-Magic on them before.
  10. ok thanks, I'll have both things fixed for next update
  11. only if you link back to here
  12. Ok, so not only is the tutorial sequence flat out wrong it also causes bugs - good to know >.>
  13. v1.005 fixed !Brave sometimes not working or triggering enemy reactions fixed Sandworm being unbeatable unless hero1 is dead fixed after battle recovery fixed issue with keeping single job mode choosing single job mode now enables job selection before getting the first crystal the controller change things sounds like a vanilla thing which I don't feel like tracking down currently Now is a good a time as any. I've still some things I want to do but that is mostly minor stuff. Also if someone wants to do me a favor: there's an outstanding bug in Bartz old home where on some playthroughs the bard is not there but a ! balloon instead or someone else had the dead mom on the floor there or other wrong NPCs in the house; and if you talk to any of them the game goes barf. So I know that the value of 7E0A96 is responsible. I just see on my end never change from the initial value of $8F/143 outside of the cutscene in the same house where it should change... I'd be super helpful if someone can run through the game with RAM watch on that address active and see where it changes where it shouldn't. I tried now three times through the first world and found nothing... In SNES9X that is simply: cheats > search for new cheats comparison type = compare to entered address data size 1 byte data type hexadecimal value: 7E0A96 then search for that, mark the result and put it on watch after that you'll have the value always printed on the screen.