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  1. neither should have that; maybe you confuse it with saber which gives +10% atk on top of the element?
  2. fireblaze modifies physical defense only but directly, repeatable until it hits 0 -25% for regular enemies -STR/2 for bosses -1 for bosses that are "immune" to this effect I've no idea what he meant by the -10; def up/down just slaps a x0.75/x1.25 multiplier on the damage saber only
  3. probably, I faintly recall someone wanting proper spiral moon on kevin - because that would totally make sense - and this would indeed by a way to give them what they asked for without giving them what they want.
  4. not a mistake, it is in really set as one/all lunatic - don't ask me what I with thinking with that. though I won't change that now. is that with the patch that lets you skip spell animations or without?
  5. technically he is supposed to be weak to non-elemental (he resists all elements) I think at this point I've only not yet read about esoteric team compositions that try to focus around the more niche stuff like Balmunk and Fireblaze. Go on.
  6. the description is to be taken literally - resistance and weakness are ignored, absorb is not
  7. Warrior Monk's final weapon: it is less meant to be a pure healer weapon, more like a assisting healer. Build up TP wait til you need to heal, do so, follow up with the Lv3 tech and build up again. WM shouldn't have enough max MP to just spam heal light so he can unleash his techs while you wait for that to build up again, possibly with a leaf saber. I get the following values with 16 PIE: random claw - 237 heal diamond claw - 350 heal holy claw, 0 TP - 237 heal holy claw, 5 TP - 300 heal holy claw, 9 TP - 350 heal with 2x protect earring random claw - 372 heal diamond claw - 485 heal holy claw, 0 TP - 372 heal holy claw, 5 TP - 472 heal holy claw, 9 TP - 552 heal Holy Claw just scales differently than diamond; HC adds your TP to PIE for heal purposes so it is better to get an incompetent healer into the competence zone. Diamand and the earrings increase the multiplier of heal light on PIE. very expensive though, not really a good replacement for a debuffer. Well, one dark Charlie already learn black curse herself the other has at least half of it in ghost road + demon breath. I mean, sure, if you are willing and able to burn that much money that would make Evil Shaman certainly the better of the two.
  8. The stone cloud thing is intentional - that's why he casts it on himself in the first place. The thorns take the last "spell" that the thorn-bearer was hit by and inflict status based on that; did you hit Mispolm with a lv2/3 tech before the silencing? Those count as spells as well - lv1 doesn't. I feel like I had that question like a billion times - that is still the same behavior as in vanilla. The AI runs its checks for what to do next faster than it gets to execute them because of spell queues, lag and stuff so it runs the same check 2-5 times before it gets the spell off and puts the spell that often into its queue. This is necessary else you could completely skip revenge spells or certain phases by pushing sufficient aggro at the right time. Or create an infinite loop by having an enemy that reacts both to negative status and low HP but queuing tinkle rain and heal light and overwriting each other. I swear I had the same issue with Landumber here as well - and Fiegmund as well in both this mod and vanilla; just like my nemesis Gildervine at one point in vanilla just refused to end his invulnerable phase transition in vanilla. I don't know what it is in this game; something can cause the AI to literally just die. I'd guess it is related to whatever causes other weirdness to creep up when you don't reload a save ingame for some time. But I could never find that out either.
  9. they stack and Fiegmund's freeze to death effect cancels HP regen
  10. just a leftover from how I distributed the jobs, you can ignore that I knew I forgot something... thx weaker actually; you can throw your legendary or other one of a kind weapons all you want without losing them. Underlying you still have an atb system here; you need X amount of atb ticks (based on AGL, weight, haste/slow,...) until your next action can get selected. At 0 (+x times 1024) ATB ticks since battle starts SineShot has 85 power. At 256 (+x times 1024) ATB ticks since battle starts SineShot has 145 power. At 512 (+x times 1024) ATB ticks since battle starts SineShot has 85 power again. At 768 (+x times 1024) ATB ticks since battle starts SineShot has 25 power. And ofc the fractions inbetween roughly like a sine curve. A player unit needs about 100 ATB per turn at 30 AGL and 30% weight. Aside from being the strongest attack - especially considering mp costs - and the protection gained from using !hide it has nothing else going for it currently. Also why I may add more options to the skill the fundamental mechanic will remain the same.
  11. there's no such option.
  12. v1.130 changed battle RNG so that more than 256 states are possible during the same battle !Brave now additionally grants +20 accuracy for that turn added a dedicated boss flag for protection vs death by poison/HP leak and status resistance monster now get a short time of increased status resistance after getting afflicted by a status (duration varies by status inflicted) changed monster %maxHP damage skills to be based on expected maxHP for the level instead of actual maxHP monster %maxHP damage skills are additionally subject to the target's m.def, m.eva, VIT and MAG edited AI of Sol Canon edited AI of Galura removed heavy flag from Ramuh again monster now use their magic stat as base stat for level based magic (e.g. snowstorm) instead of their level increased accuracy of monster specials berserk now increases crit chance and reduces accuracy and magic power fixed a bug with cursor position for new skill menues after opening !blue menu fixed a bug that made certain attacks deal double the intended damage on expert reduced NG+ expert level scaling reduced Terrain/SonicBoom from 3/4 to 1/2 damage Tule magic shop now additionally sells Time/Bleed and Summon/Chocobo spells - for single job or sage stone purposes increased cooldown of potion from 3 to 5 increased cooldown of hi-potion from 7 to 9 increased cooldown of ether from 5 to 6 reduced STR, MAG and evade growth of monster changed swords, lances, katana from STR/VIT scaling to pure STR scaling Istory now sells all 8 absorb/high resistance amulets changed prices of absorb element amulets to 30000 changed prices of high resistance amulets to 18000 replaced Jade accessoire with Guard Ring: auto-armor/shell buffs Protect Ring has increased regen ticks compared to regular
  13. Big Guard -> same as vanilla, Stingray in W3 ocean near Carwen I think, kinda on the rare side as well, need confuse or better !control mute nerfs accuracy and damage of all spells
  14. "super happy funtimes patch" - oh come on that name is super obvious! by default enemies can be randomly silently replaced when the map loads by enemies of similar strength. e.g. Goblin may become a Poron. that patch adds bosses to the pool berserker wolf form - more attack, less defense death spell - yes the final boss is 99, but so should you be you shouldn't see physical vs magic in the sense which is stronger, you are better off with both. some enemies are almost immune to physical, others will rip you a new one when touched by magic. also Lv1 tech counters prevent bosses from getting to their revenge attacks as soon, so in that sense physical is safer. btw. STR gives a few extra HP and more damage on "strong" attacks no matter what stat the weapon is based on
  15. Cali: -be undead or drain poison type damage so she kills herself with drain -stop or stun her so she can't counter -get enough magic evade that she eventually misses with the drain counter the issue is a clash of mechanics mostly; when you "kill" her by HP damage she gets to counter with drain which brings her back to > 1 HP Gogo: you have to get past X turns without hurting him, so... do the most natural thing and put your own team to sleep. sleep only wears off when you get hurt, he doesn't do that by himself, so the whole thing takes like 3 seconds.