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  1. Vanadise with shield would simply be Lord in better, and I can't do a class requirement of "any except LL".
    I can only do: any, any light, any dark, LL, LD, DL, DD - exactly what you would expect from the vanilla weapon/armor distribution.

    I think I'll go with 3 status protection shields otherwise Lise would get access to a def shield before Duran - which would be weird given that it is his gimmick originally.


  2. hmm...
    I could maybe fit 3 shields in there without removing them from Duran.
    In that case 3 shields (to be decided which) would be available in Byzel if you have Lise in your party.
    The loadout in Forcena would still require Duran.

    So if I go with that which 3 shields would you want on Lise?
    Dark classes only, light classes are good enough with MT buffs and potentially heals.
    So you might have to grab them via backtracking after Tzenker or after the island expedition.


  3. I honestly didn't look into that but I prefer it hitting once total over 2 hits for half damage where you are likely to miss the second hit because of knockback.
    Hawk and Kevin are already dominating enough, no need to nerf others more.

    And if it was 2 hits for full damage - that would be almost vanilla Kevin levels of broken.


  4. Jewel Eater's design was meant to scare player away from being purely defensive; at the time I edited him the most common play style was "just max VIT/defense".

    Tzenker was designed with getting 1 level after class change in mind as basically everyone learns something useful for the fight.
    You know, use the shiny new feature you just got.
    Duran: heal light or diamond saber
    Kevin: heal light or ... well, it is still Kevin
    Hawk: arrows or shuriken (both physical damage, one of Tzenker's weaknesses, the other being earth)
    Angela: she should already have diamond missile or even learn earthquake
    Charlie: heal light and/or holy ball, isn't too bad
    Lise: def up or speed down

    Otherwise the disparity of bosses is easily explained: I've no good guideline what the player really has at any point past Tzenker.
    the most I can expect the player to really, really have after Tzenker is Lv2 techs, everything else is optional.
    So I tried to hold a bit back in the early game and for the godbeasts I just said "screw it"; you should have enough money and potentially monster drops to have now access to mostly everything; so yes, hard required defense buffs and attack debuff as the bare minimum.
    Honestly, hard wasn't meant for a new player. Far from it.

    Gildervine though, was just a casulty, him and I have... history >.>
    so I just used him to feed the player exp so that you really have 50 around the time godbeasts arrive and therefor have access to all your spells.



    Also, did anyone try to poison Lugar? ^_^



  5. For that fight I mostly wanted it to be a "mirror boss" fight for dark Hawk.
    In vanilla he'll be just a thief (no class change) up against ninja masters (2 class changes up).
    Here it can be fresh ninja against 2 experienced ninjas.

    You may notice that Bill/Ben can no longer use fire or water jutsu at that point, which you can't have here either.
    The only thing Hawk shouldn't be able to do what they can is shadow dive - and that is just a technical limitation; there's no other lv2/3 tech that works for that enemy type.
    Apart from that, the options are identical:
    single target thunder/earth jutsu, shuriken
    double attack
    triple attack ~ Hawk's L1 tech
    running and cornering

    Honestly, you always profit from having a human partner, the AI is just bad, especially against "small" enemies (anything player sized).


  6. Spoiler

    -his anti-magic is even better! if you have any weakness, you become weak to everything; otherwise it only negates resistances
    -dragon's eye is a simple all stat buff, yes
    -archdemon has a bit above average phys. defense but low evade, the other 2 final bosses have both medium and low def but higher evade; I didn't want all 3 final bosses to be just copy pastas of each other; they have each different stats and battle tactics
    -final bosses are Lv99 btw but stat scaling after Lv90 is much flatter than before

    I've still no idea why you took so much damage...
    I've a Lv90 Duran with starter gear (so he gets weakness damage), the mixed def helm and 13 PIE (204 m.def) who only took 905 damage from Archie's tidal wave without any additional buffs...
    17 VIT, same gear (271 p.def), 547 damage from bigieu non-crit



  7. Spoiler

    Dare I ask what your Lv/VIT is at?
    This actually sounds like it is a bit low.
    She shouldn't hit nearly that hard.
    I remember I had to tweak her a lot so she doesn't 1 shot characters with her double hitting tech on hard.


    9 hours ago, Kei said:

    Tinkle rain only protects against status from basic attacks; spells are always 100% chance

    thanks for doing my job :$


  8. Dark Charlie has 2 exceptions as well, otherwise you indeed have 2 casters that can't do anything until the midway point of the game.

    Especially Angela could qualify for her lv2 spells before having had a chance to get the lv1 counterparts (fireball -> explosion).


  9. Do you have numbers for me how different the damage between the 3 was?

    The problem with boosting phys offense gear is just how much it can escalate between if you stack "nothing" and "everything".
    Magic has just magic up, m.def down, saber, maybe speed up for cast time, can hit one weakness.
    Physical... power up, def down, speed up, speed down, saber, energy ball, aura wave, analyze, weapon "strength",... I'm probably forgetting something.
    Can potentially hit 2 weaknesses, but also be resisted on the physical side and then needs anti-magic...
    And most of these are multiplicative with each other.
    The problem is, most parties will have about half of that?
    And that is not even getting into how simple magic gear selection is (just magic up) versus physical gear (atk up, crit up, tech up, ...)


  10. 1) Only when your HP drops to 0.
    Petrify only counts as "death" for the sake of triggering game over.

    2) No.

    3) Traps from treasure chests also add death penalty on higher difficulties (tough, starting at Lv36).
    This will ofc. also affect the "death" related items.


  11. On 30.11.2018 at 1:46 AM, Magpie said:

    !Brave -> It's great to borrow a turn now, but it's usually one of the first skill slots to go because it's more preferable to !Def and potentially get more than one extra turn eventually. It also kinda burns when the enemy gets to act between your !Brave-d turns (Byblos was a particular repeat offender).

    Since the Byblos thing trips people up again and again, here now again as an "official" explanation:
    Byblos counters 100% of the attacks against him.
    Other bosses may do that too, but Byblos is imo the biggest offender with countering.


    Also, since I've come to the conclusion that Monk is the 100% worst, most useless job (can only heal itself a bit and deal water damage, and that not even very well):
    !Kick evolves to !Blitz



  12. 47 minutes ago, Valenhil said:

    Duran's shield aggro mechanic has huuuuuge strategic value and completely changed some fights, like Bill&Ben. I'd recommend also giving Lise access to them so the effect is less exclusive.

    That's honestly something I wanted to do - specifically for dark Lise; but it isn't possible with how shops work.
    They are limited to 12 items at once; if the game loads 13+ slots it'll glitch around a lot.
    Any item can only have one condition.
    So "have Duran and/or Lise in the party" is not possible to set.

    If you have any idea how I should set shops up for that, we may talk.

    52 minutes ago, Valenhil said:

    A lot of gear available in the first part seem to only be useful for the latter half, like the elemental and status resistances (The only status resistance that sees use is Petrify because of Gorva, really). Maybe switch them with some crucial build gear that is only available in the second half, like cast time reduction and crit bonuses

    I wanted to have my basics covered, second half items are supposed to be heavily specialized stuff.
    This way I have less to worry about when I throw everything and the kitchen sink at you.

    54 minutes ago, Valenhil said:

    Speaking of Gorva, while not too hard per se, that fight does take an abnormal amount of time even with Angela casting. Melee only teams should be even worse, given its high evasion. I recommend giving it very low physical defense to properly reward hitting it when it's within range.


    57 minutes ago, Valenhil said:

    One mentioned Nightblade and Ninja Master's techs seem switched around, thematically speaking. Think I also said that once.

    I disagree, if only on the grounds that it is consistent with the enemies techs (B/B are ninjamaster and use shadowdive just like NM-Hawk, nightblades use split image slice like NB-Hawk)
    and in vanilla it works so that ninjamaster has his MT option in spells and nightblade his in the Lv3 tech while the other stuff is single target.

    1 hour ago, Valenhil said:

    I believe physical attacks could stand to be brought at least a little closer.

    and how would I do that?
    the big problem is how much more buffable physical is compared to spells.
    power up + def down is the same as mind up + m.def down
    but did you include sabers? only +10% for magic but +10% for physical and another potential +50% for weakness hits that didn't exist before
    energy ball?
    aura wave?

    also magic deals more high number but rarely occuring damage
    while physical is low to medium damage but all the time.
    how do you compare that?
    or is that just the same problem as with Duran's recovery? purely psychological

    45 minutes ago, Valenhil said:

    Bill&Ben round 2 died without splitting up

    You can perform the same in vanilla, for both B&B fights.
    The condition is HP below half but you can burn that down before the game is able to execute that action.


  13. Spoiler

    Yeah, Zable Fahr always inverted absorb effect but is not really undead.

    It also gets a few pseudo levels for the sake of using Death Spell so you can't negate it by overlevelling; your only chance against that is the ring with death protection.

    To clarify it before, the one head's fire breathing attack is not fire damage but dark as well.
    And the middle head has one more somewhat subtle gimmick.



  14. Spoiler

    I think all of his moves either ignore defense or target just magic defense, so you could gear up on that; do you have fire resistance?

    Heat Beam deals fraction damage but gets a bonus if the target is level wise above him.

    Lava Wave is non-elemental and ignores defense. So only mind down helps.

    The stove does heal fully. Likewise does ANY absorption (e.g. firesaber on you).
    Also don't bother with removing fire absorption, he gets it back every time he targets himself.

    You're almost done with him when he casts PowerUp.

    It is really the best idea to tackle this boss early.



  15. Might be one of those "too long ago since you reloaded ingame" memory leak bugs?


    Landumber is formost just a tank.

    Physical resistant which needs to be dispelled via Anti-Magic.
    Actual weakness hidden behind absorb, also needs to be dispelled.
    Casts Def Up which in his case stacks and also gives damage increase.

    Iron Claw should be the most powerful move in the game.
    You'd need some VIT, heavy armor, power down and def up to survive it.

    He was only easy because you knew to use Anti-Magic; without he is probably unbeatable since he'll just outlast you.