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  1. I meant in-game controls (config -> controller custom) - you can change in game which of the SNES buttons is used for what.
    It may be possible you accidently assigned menu to a different button and not noticed it?

    ZSNES would possibly explain it; they used some very wonky hacks back then to simulate the actual SNES hardware.
    It works for about 99% of the cases though it had some random-ish bugs,
    like in Star Ocean everything would work fine for me but on some map transitions (I think only 5 specific ones) the music would randomly stop (only 50% of the time) and the game would freeze after 10 seconds if I didn't get a battle in that time; weird stuff like that.


  2. Math, just... math >.<
    Base chance for the spell is 70% to hit. With your VIT and their MAG that is reduced to 55% chance to hit at all.

    Then they need to succeed the status chance which ... ended up in the single digits (high VIT compared to MAG, element resist, unfavorable field)

    This could theoretically succeed (something like 0.1%) but in reality it doesn't seem like the possible RNG states can reflect that.

    You should try a higher difficulty setting (increases enemy MAG), fill the field with poison element or even give yourself a weakness to poison.


  3. 50 minutes ago, Magpie said:

    Huh, those are kind of interesting. Pity the engine is limited in that specific way. Kinda have to wonder how GigaNova would react with the few void spells you can get.

    Eh, if I let this argument count 10 out of Arcanist's spells wouldn't exist or Brave, half the Tinker's arsenal, Blue/Crusher, Time/Shift, some more I'm forgetting.

    I just had to draw the line somewhere (the number of active and passive abilities has a similar restriction as items) - and at least 2 of those spells may appear on a different job at one point.


    55 minutes ago, Magpie said:

    Ah I see. I think 4x is perfectly fine, you got places to go and turboing your emulator gives you speed of light (and that includes super-fast input reading). Although are you supposed to run with boats and stuff? Because running seems to have no effect on vehicles right now.

    I'm not entirely sure on the internal workings, but the issue with 3x was probably that I ended moving something like a half pixel which throws the collision detection of.
    And then we get this:


    I could then leave the map through an unintended exit on the south and then enter the first town as a ship.
    Most fitting was that the NPC color palette was ever so slightly thrown off that everyone fittingly had pale faces.


    As for running itself - you should be able to run anywhere that isn't the world map, even with vehicles.
    I guess for the later that is only the canal.


    59 minutes ago, Magpie said:

    I'd say the poison bushes or Lenna getting poisoned are indeed kinda redundant. Poison on the field is a bit of a relic of the past where it was actually the most lethal status to obtain at a game's start, nowadays it's just limited to battle, which might just be the best solution. I'd opt for just healing all status after battle, because even wounded can be easily fixed once you have your first phoenix down, which kinda makes it redundant to revive.

    I don't auto clear status after battle as it can be used to set up certain strategies.
    Maybe you want to keep one char dead so they get behind in levels because of Lv5 death,
    maybe you want to start a certain boss battle under a ton of status effects to transfer them via Arcanist,
    or maybe you're crazy enough to do a solo char run here.

    Don't ask me - there are minds out there that have created strategies upon hearing which I could only think "wtf - how??"


    1 hour ago, Magpie said:

    I didn't try NG+ yet. I'm interested but also internally groaning at having to do the part without the wind crystal again. I kinda wish one could just start there every time with the first batch of classes already unlocked and the most important/missable loot. This time it was fun because I was playing with completely new and fun mechanics, but the next time it's gonna be a pain. That's kind of my major issue with rpgs, I guess that's why I love the concept of ancient cave so much, lets you replay things but you don't have to wait 2 hours to unlock <some feature or game mechanic that's locked by the plot>.

    In this NG+ you keep all you have except plot items and the party members (and names); so job change etc. stays enabled from the start.
    In fact the job cap rises from 30 levels to 70.

    It was mostly my solution to the problem "I've beaten Shinryu and gotten the strongest weapon - but there's nothing to use it on..."


    1 hour ago, Magpie said:

    I got a save nearby if you need, kept going a bit further on another slot, will go back if it's a fixable thing.

    Ok, please send again.


  4. 3 hours ago, Magpie said:

    Sylph I never see myself using, it's been reliably doing like 200 damage (thus almost no healing)

    give it a poison field, maybe poison boost from a venom rod or the like and a weak to poison enemy, maybe some poison type relics - maybe not enough to replace a pure healer but certainly an aid


    3 hours ago, Magpie said:

    Oooh I see. So when it doesn't have an effect it's because that's just how much the bar can represent?

    Which makes me wonder, does the cooldown increase per use? I found myself using two X-elixirs on the Cannon and when I tried to overload poor Galuf just popped out of existence with 32K self-inflicted damage, which totally clashes with the 1500 or so I normally get when just using one (also meaning what I said earlier was totally wrong, so...yeah).

    I can see where 16k would come from (maxed out cooldown) but 32k?
    also, no, the cooldown should stay the same for the same moves


    4 hours ago, Magpie said:

    Your reasoning isn't bad, either, yeah it's better to have a bunch of element+secondary effect than just elements for sure. I also like how some spells are essentially free, but doesn't quite give you full elemental coverage, so you aren't quite prepared for all situations if you aren't caring for MP. Kinda reminds me of the "Etrian Odyssey design logic" (from some interview: give your party options, but not all the options so you kinda feel like you are missing something for the ideal setup.) but it's nice for the caster classes to have at least one attack option if you aren't replenishing your power, which helps not needing to carry a !Fight all the time.

    Yeah, kinda like that; note how !Black e.g. can't deal too well with regular poison type undead (=weak to wind and light): no light damage spell and the wind spell is HP drain which gets reversed.
    Where as that is basically the main domain of !White with wind, light and cure spells.

    Alternatively to using the free spell, you could defend and gain some MP while subverting the usual trope of full-time squishy mages.
    This is in contrast to the other 3 stats which have direct defense benefits. (AGL = evade, VIT = HP&dmg reduction, STR = can easier equip heavier relics = more def)


    4 hours ago, Magpie said:

    I got to try out the Arcanist recently and I actually really like the options, got Lenna doing that full-time and it can be tricky but worth it. Makes me kinda wonder what was left in the cutting room floor, heh. Stuff like GrimWail or ChainBolt and SineShot are totally up my alley.

    -Feedback, damage (water+bolt) based on caster current MP
    -Meltdown, fire+wind, damage based on single digit of target HP and own MP (similar to FF5 predict)
    -AntiFlow, invert slow <-> haste on all
    -GigaNova, terrain set and LOCKED to void, nobody gets damaged...
    -Drain Sphere [name too long], gives *everyone* auto-HP leak (only while terrain is 5/5 poison?); stacks with regular HP leak
    -Balancer, takes HP of living party members and distributes them evenly

    I know I had more but I seem to have deleted those notes.


    4 hours ago, Magpie said:

    Well, all in all, and despite the manual's claims to have no balance, I think the changes are generally well thought out and very fun. I'm having as much fun as with something like a legit Etrian Odyssey game. I'm usually pretty open to romhacks but wow. I really like your style and can't wait to see the full class set.

    There's also availability of items, or the fun out of battle stuff:
    is it ok to allow 4x dash speed? (3x speed gave me a land boat that could enter a town, that was a fun journey)
    or the terrain obstacles - you've infinite antidots, are the poison bushes still relevant? is regular terrain damage too harsh now that you can't really heal it out of battle?
    what about the time limit in karnak escape? (why can I now imagine a FF5+Super Metroid combo-randomizer?)

    Or the (15) NG+ mode(s)? Well... they don't really need to be balanced.


    4 hours ago, Magpie said:

    Oh, talking blue magic, I've been trying to learn DoomClaw from the "Torrents" (heh, cheap romanizations) because I missed my usual learn spot earlier in the game due to time constraints, but they never seem to be able to hit with it and have been trying for a few hours...with turbo. It's because it's a bad choice of enemy for it or is something wrong with it? Should I go for Gilgamesh instead and stop bothering? I normally have it at this point in the vanilla version so I don't know if I'm wasting my time with these.

    EDIT: I've been trying controlling the RockMinds but while DoomClaw seems to work when using against enemies, it's never hitting anyone in my party, so I think something is wrong with it. I tried even stripping of all gear in case something was giving me resistance or something, but nothing seems to work.

    all attacks that target their own side auto-hit/succeed so that should explain what the controlled torrent could hit other monster but for the rest...
    DoomClaw has 70% base accuracy, Torrent has decent MAG which should help with landing status effects...
    do other status effects by enemies succeed at all?


  5. finally some comments from my side, better late than never

    On 30.11.2018 at 1:46 AM, Magpie said:

    I think the main thing is that while bosses are interesting and fun, regular encounters aren't any more exciting than in the base game.

    Interestingly, other people voiced the opposite opinion - that randoms were the harder fights than the bosses.

    Fact is, I don't really care much about the random battles at this point. You have around 50 boss fights during the whole playthrough, that should be enough imo, no need to pad everything with pseudo-required grinding of random battles.
    They are just there to give you ressources: exp, abp, blue magic, items (with first copy of rare drops now guaranteed)


    Summoner was one of the harder cases to make interesting; going by animations it comes with 3 "fire spells" in Ifrit, Phoenix, Bahamut and not many summons that lend themselves to anything that isn't damage. And ofc it has competition in the black mage for basically the same position.

    Anyway, I feel like 25 MP would be way too expensive. Summons now do lose some damage against multiple targets (in vanilla they always dealt 100% damage) but not as much as regular black magic spells, against 8 targets they would deal hardly double damage (25% vs 47%);
    Ifrit has 92 power at 9 MP, Fire is 100 power and free; in general with no extra effects I want 100 power at 0 MP (baring other modifiers same damage as !Fight) and about 1.2~1.5% more damage per MP (mostly just eye balled).
    The stronger increase from field effect is just a way to provide an alternative to X-Magic since that would just be the automatic go-to option for optimization.


    Load (and Time/Renew is 1:1 the same) may not show a difference if the remaining cooldown exceeds 20 "turns" since that is the max I can show but the cooldown can go up to 255 e.g. if you use a 1-stack elixir.

    WingBoot is basically a mini-haste; it sets the weight to 0 which would otherwise increase the length between 2 turns.

    Overload was the one skill I am most wary of turning OP; 2 users of X-Item elixirs and Overloading each other? ehhh... no, thx

    The issue with bombs is that they are really only meant to allow any party composition to deal with the 6 Puroboros bomb boss - any other use past that is just incidental.
    Making it not multi-target by default would just break the purpose of the item.


    On 30.11.2018 at 1:46 AM, Magpie said:

    Crusader -> I didn't play much with this one yet, but !Esemte is...a mixed bag. At low levels or damaged it only gives you Cruzfire and maybe Recover, but Cruzfire is...terrible. The damage is pretty low and it refuses to target more than 1-2 enemies, and doesn't even carry !SpellSwd elements. Execute seems like just a regular attack unless it has some instakill ability that I never managed to trigger.

    The fire-based recover I kinda love as a concept. Having healings in more elements is useful for managing field effects, so it's nice to have. As for the other !Esemte skills they sound like great utility in general and I like Shield Bash as a general concept as well. I have to see how the damage scales with the later.

    All physical techs should use the SpellSwd effects, just not show them in the animation.
    They also do not suffer from damage reduction based on number of targets - so I had to set the power and accuracy (more AGL helps) lower to compensate for full damage against 8 targets situations.
    In general I had a simple overall problem during the entire job design process:
    because of technical stuff, spell/skill sets need to have exactly 8 spells/skills.
    Physical skillsets basically only need 2 skills, one hit-all and one hit-one hard move - or I could even skip one of those to mix it up - everything else is just bonus; changing weapons takes care of the element part.
    Magic skillsets need only one spell no matter the target amount thanks to the damage penalty - but element is fixed, so I need one spell for every element the set should cover;
    and I don't want (up to) 8 spells that are just element swaps and otherwise identical. That would be plain boring.
    I had problems creating a whole 8 skills for physical sets without useless bloat and trouble keeing it down to 8 for magic.
    E.g. recently Arcanist got 2 full sets (so 16 spells) and I still had to drop about 10 spell ideas...

    So if a few physical skills are less useful? sadly to be expected.

    Execute is only 5% stronger than base, but it uses STR/AGL instead of whatever your weapon normally uses which is more useful for characters that had a lot of AGL heavy jobs in the past.


    On 30.11.2018 at 1:46 AM, Magpie said:

    Mystic -> It's a bit of a pain to figure out which passives will give you a !Fight to use !SpellSwd with, but the added elements and effects make it worth having a !Fight for sure.

    The passive itself doesn't matter.
    Skills should be added in the order: !Item, !Fight, !Brave, !Scan


    Snowstorm profits/suffers from the quirk of spells with status effects; the only spell types that can deal damage and inflict status are level-based instead of MAG-based.
    And that formula has no variable for spell power but instead has a fixed value for all level-based spells (mostly used by monsters, so changing that wouldn't be too smart);
    formulas can only have 3 parameter and they are needed for accuracy, status chance and inflicted status.



  6. 5 hours ago, Magpie said:

    If I could suggest something, some sort of item-based substitute to !Scan would be wonderful, even if it consumes a turn like any other item. At a certain point it's kind of a waste of a slot and at times it's a bother to go check the element chart externally when enemies have element combos, so it'd be a decent compromise for being lazy or not playing on a PC. Kinda like Etrian V that gives you the option to use a turn in exchange for not using your union gauge on scans.

    I can see where you're coming from - same with !Brave, really - but there's a tiny problem with that:
    I don't have any items left to use.
    The game is capped at 255 different items and they are already used.
    Weapons, relics, consumables all fall under that.

    The most I could do is replace something;
    want to get rid of tents? cabins? Omega medal? Dragon crest? 3 summons?

    5 hours ago, Magpie said:

    Some sort of ancient cave would elevate this to masterpiece tier, but don't take me too seriously, I think every story-based or linear/semi-linear game with good combat can benefit from one. I understand if you think it's like the worst suggestion ever, though, those things aren't easy to implement at all, even if there's already one for FF5 in particular, I don't think it'd be compatible at all after so many changes.

    I wanted more to go the FJF route, that's what the single job option is for.

    5 hours ago, Magpie said:

    Still pretty great stuff. If it's already this good at an early version without too much balance and missing some jobs, when it's more complete it's gonna be ridiculously good. Good job, really.

    Then start giving me some feedback - what works, what doesn't?
    There's already too many options for me to have an overview of which combinations are just way OP or what's 100% useless.
    Does a job get usable too late (too hard to unlock skills in contrast to !White) or is it too dominant early?
    Stuff like that.


  7. v0.780

    • altered several weapon elements, there should now be less off-type weapons (e.g. swords that aren't fire)
    • changed harps from fraction damage to regular damage
    • added new icons for certain relics
    • altered icons, names, stats and effects of relics
    • relic icon should now indicate whether it has a hidden effect or not
      -amulet grants either absorb or increased element resistance
      -rune grants that element's status resistances
      -rings hold all remaining effects
      -genji equipment is the only exception to the status resistance rule
    • increased weight and defense of lategame effectless relics by about 20%
    • added "Field" behind the field icons in battle for clarity
    • altered sorting rule to make axes and hammers treated as the same type (technically they already were)
    • fixed a bug in the abp gain for the 4th character
    • fixed a bug that dropped total exp to 0 on escape