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  1. This is awesome! Thank you Nowea for your gift, and thank you everyone for participating! I'll be posting my gift tomorrow! I'll keep the recipient secret til then
  2. Sup

    Hey friend. I'm happy you're starting to get back on your feet. We've long missed you. Stop by the Discord whenever you can.
  3. One week til the dispersal thread! Remember to make your gifts, everyone!
  4. I've been out of the FFT scene for long, but nevertheless I've yet to play a good rebalance FFT classic mod. So I'll be following both FFT projects closely! I'll give my insight to both independently in the future as well.
  5. Yo! Glad to see you back in the community sir. Welcome back!
  6. I want to personally thank @Nowea and @seibaby for helping out with the event. Let's rock everyone. With these things, making the gifs soner is better than making them late, because one always tends to kick it towards the last minute. Important news: The dispersal thread will be made in the 23th! Gifts will be encouraged to be posted on that same day, but with these things, we know real life can get in the way, so we give a 3 day leeway afterwards, til the 26th. So, you guys have plenty of time to communicate in case you get late with the gift. Happy gifting!
  7. As with the intro stage's teaser trailer back in the day, graphics are all meant to be placeholder - I'm showcasing the design of the first half of the stage here. Enjoy!
  8. Late Friday night stream! https://www.twitch.tv/harthunt
  9. Dude, I totally forgot about that. That was so cool.
  10. Long and very productive stream! We finished the first two sections of the stage, fixed a few graphical bugs from 0.0.5, learned some more ASM in the process, and modified more enemies to be more evil! This stage makes has a feel of speed and movement attached to it, which is because of the amount of slopes and enemies chasing you around, giving you just enough time to learn their patterns and start moving in a dance to dodge, seek and destroy. ...To many hours in front of the screen, I'm talking nonsense now.
  11. Now streaming! https://www.twitch.tv/harthunt
  12. The prefered way are virtual gifts, like an image, a song, something that can be shared virtually. There's been various kind of gifts in the other years. The thing about physical gifts is that they'd cost money, so consider not giving out those because it's not the spirit of the event to actually spend money. Here's one old dispersal thread as a reference! http://ngplus.net/InsaneDifficultyArchive/www.insanedifficulty.com/board/index6df2.html?/topic/7179-id-event-2015-secret-santa-dispersal/
  13. Awesome! There's plenty of people already! Let's see how many we can have participating! That's the worst case scenario, because that means someone else wouldn't get their gift! So try not to do that everyone!
  14. Also needless to say, I'll participate myself! You don't need to get a bonus because all gifts are supposed to not cost any money! so be sure to participate!
  15. NG+'s Secret Santa 2017 is here!

    And we'd love to have you participate! This has been a tradition in our community since 2013, and it's a really fun way to be part of the community! So be sure to check out the main thread and register! Registration is up until the 10th, and from there on everyone participating will get a gift in the dispersal date! Link: http://ngplus.net/index.php?/forums/topic/418-ngs-secret-santa-2017-main-thread/
  16. Here are the rules of Secret Santa - New Game Plus, edition 2017! This is an event where all of the participants will get a person at random from their group, and they will secretly arrange a small gift to them! Since that's a very open definition, let me give you some context with said rules! Do not spend any money! This should all be home-made. Use your imagination! It might be an image edited, it might be a song, it might be anything! But the idea behind this is to have something that will cause a good impact, and that doesn't spend any money! And try to make it look nice, if possible! Remember that someone else will also work on a gift for you! Everyone will get their gifts! Do not share who you're giving the present to! The idea is for it to be secret! Also, do not give out your gift until the actual date! Me, or Nowea will be making a thread for the dispersal of the gifts, and everyone will be able to post the gifts from there on! It's a lot better if your gift is designed in some sort of way that fits the person you got! this is a young site, so you probably won't know much about the person you got, but you can always be creative, lurk what kind of things he/she posts, the mods he/she likes... Or you can just do something cool, regardless of who gets it. Lurkers be warned: You're invited to this! No one is obligated to participate in any sort of way, but these events make a community! It's a way to get to know each other and to integrate ourselves as a community! So don't be afraid to step in and say "Ah, fuck it. Let's do this!" Any questions? Feel free to ask below! Nowea and I will try to be as clear as possible!
  17. Hart-Hunt

  18. Chariot has already a soft cap of 50 turns, right? What about changing the soft cap to say 5 turns? That way, it's way harder to manipulate RNG and abuse the system, and it still has the good things about chariot.
  19. Stream was fantastic. Streaming is definitely the way to go for me when designing the platforming, because it really gets me motivated and forces me to be on the chair working. Chill Penguin's platforming is done, and the results are really encouraging - When playing through it, one can feel the fluidity in the design and the liberty to move and climb. the stage is all around climbing, combining a lot of horizontal sections with vertical obstacles, all while feeling really speedy. Here's the first section of the stage, as a sneak peek: Thank you for sticking around, everyone. We're getting a lot of results like this. At this rate, the stages will be designed a lot quicker than what I anticipated. Summer and vacations just started for me, and that means we're all getting some Hard Type Christmas gifts.
  20. Going live now! http://www.twitch.tv/harthunt
  21. Stream's delayed by about hours tops! Should be up at around 9:30 pm EST tonight! Be sure to ask in Discord chat in any case!
  22. Right. Now that I'm back in development, let's answer this and add something at the end that's unrelated. About Launch Octopus: The vanilla version of this stage is probably the one that has the least memorable theme. The minibosses are kind of engaging, but that's where the originality of the stage ends. The stage feels empty all around (if you see it in the editor or if explore it you'll see what I mean). And water physics can actually be fun to play with. My idea for New Hard Type is to direct the theme towards something more similar to Pirate Man's stage in Megaman & Bass (which, in case you guys didn't know, is one of my favourite designed Megaman games): If you watch the video, you'll see what I mean: Combination of open areas with hazards floating, and closed areas with water physics. And I've had an idea for a while with this stage: Having at some point a branching path, one that leads to fighting Octopus with no water, and another with the usual Octopus with water. We'll see if I can pull it off, I might not be able to due to the engine being hardcoded or something. I can't add new enemies like Geysers or anything like that. I'd be really nice, but I don't have any knowledge with all of the necessary things (sprites, AI, dealing with the game's memory) to do any of that. And, I actually don't want to do that either, because I want this mod to be a reimagine of vanilla's Mega Man X. You can see that in the intro stage, and you'll be able to see that in Chill Penguin. About Chill Penguin: There's two caves in the stage. One you can already see at the bottom right of the picture I shared above (it got polished, and it looks somewhat different but the concept is the same), and also at the beginning of the stage you'll have a descending cave with ice on the walls that won't allow you to wall jump. It will add some variety to the stage. And the other thing I wanted to mention. I streamed yesterday some of the development of Chill Penguin, and it hit me that the best order for me to design the stages will be to design all of the platforming in all stages first, and only then work on the bosses. That way, all of the platforming will be designed in a more cohesive manner, and all stages will feel like they follow a more similar thematic throughout the game. And, at the same time, designing the bosses afterwards will mean that the first boss that I mod and the last one won't be that much different (which was a case in ye old Hard Type, because I had learnt a lot more assembly when doing the last boss). That comes with the downside that stages will take longer to be 100% finished (that meaning, stage + boss), but it will make up for having a much better finished mod, and hey, platforming is also really fun to play. Also, it will be a lot faster for me to specialize in designing all platforming, and then moving on to the boss mindset.
  23. Absolutely! I'm glad to be back. It was on the back of my head this whole semester while I dealt with school. I did a test stream yesterday and made a lot of progress with Chill Penguin! I'll be streaming again, tonight, at around 7:30 pm EST! See if I can finish the platforming in Chill Penguin, and slowly start to add enemies! Be sure to check it out, everyone! http://www.twitch.tv/harthunt
  24. People are quick to jump complaining when they have no control over the outcome of their characters, but if that's the true nature of the gameplay that you're aiming with that system, then players should probably just try the system before jumping the gun to say it's probably bad. The project sounds well rounded and interesting (and needless to say fresh). I'll be playing it in the future.