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  1. Weird formatting on your post, so I'm going to find/address as many of these questions/concerns as I can find: 1. woah Thieves are powerful. Or lucky? He one-shot Ramza with a Throw Stone. - Throw Stone was changed to randomize between higher values so that it's more usable throughout the game. Sounds like you just got unlucky. 2. Also, looking at Delita, what's "Arc" range on last couple attacks? - Arc range = targeting is the same as a longbow. 3. What's the equation on Potions? - 50% max HP, capped at 999. Does not reverse on undead. Ethers are also fractional (50% max MP). 4. though a duo of Self Destructs comes to mind; I tried to use one to take out all three Goblins when they grouped up, and it did... like 15 damage, though when one of the Bombs used it on me it did like 78 or something. - Self destruct's formula = Max HP - current hp. 5. Also, what's with Floatiballs and their Counter Magic damage? Mine randomly did like 172 damage on a counter attack? - Counter magic (also counter) recalculates the damage using the Flotiball's stats. Flotiballs have 255 ma multiplier, which is much higher than anything else. 6. Wait, they're Immune to ALL non-Dark damage types? They're immune to Nanoflare, even, which is non-elemental, but not Repel. - Jellies have Runic (like Blade Grasp, but for spells). They also have high magic evade and magic damage reduction. Repel is physical and non elemental, so it goes right through all that. 7. On the second try, I managed to scrape through, though I'm not honestly sure how to get around guys with MP-Switch and Move-MP Up, or Auto Potion. - Status effects are very important. Petrify and Frog don't care about the Move MP up/MP switch combo. Even minor statuses like Poison, Rasp, and Don't Act can help with that and more. 8. Also, am I supposed to not be able to see enemy monster skills? It's either blank, or it'll say whatever they have in vanilla which I assume are changed to FFMT values. - This feature was new to 2.53: Display improved to go along with random ability code and to make it easier in ch 1. On baby units that have no randomized/additional abilities in battle and are player controlled, the innate abilities appear instead of the action abilities, so that the player can tooltip these. Going to Unit List, the action abilities still appear so that the player can tooltip these. If randomized abilities exist, these will appear instead of the innates. Full example in the change log: http://ngplus.net/index.php?/files/file/19-monster-tactics/&changelog=17
  2. Not sure about Patty, but in case you missed it, Panga World was another fun couch. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/157295442?t=28h33m04s
  3. As was said before, maybe mention it in general or development. Also, maybe try to get its creator as part of the community? The more, the merrier!
  4. Copied from the FAQ: Mind Shield - Damage taken by this unit is reduced by 1% for every 2% of MP is lost by the unit. This is fractional reduction based on mp current to unit (it does not stack with itself). Division truncates, so the case of odd numbers in calculation will give the additional point of damage to the attacker. Only affects XA*YA based formulas. So for example, you have 800 max mp, and 600 current. You've lost 25% of your mp, so damage is reduced by 12.5%. If the damage dealt would have been a fraction, such as 90.4 damage, it will round up to 91.
  5. Looking forward to Saturday's runs for a couple reasons: 1. Super Metroid is on Friday so no more kill/save donations. 2. My 2 favorite non-MT streamers are running then. Unfortunately I'm working and will just have to catch the vods. My main recommendations are for the Panga World and MM runs on Saturday.
  6. This has been fixed several versions ago. There's no more post on the forums to announce new versions (i'm on 2.55 now) since this site's change log actually works, unlike ID.
  7. The Shinobi with ??? and immortal flag is actually a later game superboss. Extra battles have been primarily a place for experimental ideas I thought might be interesting to attempt. They have not gone through the same rigorous testing as the story battles, since they don't have to follow a difficulty curve/most of the same rules. Most of them I beat once in the version where I created them, and didn't touch again. For that battle, and one other extra battle I made, I had the idea of a very fast undead (superboss speed tier) unit supported by regular enemies. These were actually inspired by a random battle. **Edit** Forgot to mention that I made a lot of these bosses vulnerable to some statuses that are normally blocked by immortality, to make them easier to beat if you find them in random battles. This will carry over to extra battles if I didn't give them items/immortality there, as you saw.
  8. Aww no commentary on the video. Only minor thing I noticed is you didn't seem to clear cursed or realize what it did (since you tried buffing cursed units a few times). Cursed grants immunity to positive effects (does not include Faith, Reflect; or anything innate to the unit since that can't be cleared), and turns your characters black. Heal Bell, Prayer, Energy, Holy Water can cure it. Queklain is also vulnerable to cursed, but it's not 100% necessary to curse him since he can't buff himself. I frequently do it as a safety if I have support units vulnerable to confusion.
  9. Some of these ideas can't be done, or won't work exactly how you're thinking. However, thank you for the ideas. Innate Rasp on something might be kinda tricky if most of their set uses MP. As in, it would be too easy to stall them out and then use reaction abilities to deal with them if they're not given Boomburst or a similar attack. However if they just have a Rasp vulnerability, mid-level MP (around 800 max at lv 99), and a bunch of ways for the ai to rid itself of its mp (amplify, mana bomb, etc) that idea would be a bit more workable. Items are currently filled out but I can always sacrifice a useless item for a new one. Max bonus of anything that I can give it is 255 though, or 0xff in hex (thank you 20 year old technology!). Trust me, if I found a solution for playable monsters getting items yet, I would have allowed for it a long time ago. The reason that monsters currently can't equip anything is dozens of superfluous checks throughout the code. For example, the code will do a "check if unit is a monster" and then on the next few lines "check if item is equipped to unit". Why exactly would the first check even be needed if the monster class can't equip items naturally? I found over a dozen of these checks in documented code, disabled them, and it was still not enough to allow for monsters to equip items, which means there's more hiding in undocumented code. Monsters in battle that have items is done with a workaround. They are all humans with a monster sprite. Every ability that is not learned by the player (human classes) in any way has 0 jp cost and 100% learn rate, and several of the skillsets themselves are considered auto learn. The kinds of things I'm mainly looking for with battle formations is combinations of enemies that might be interesting. Think of ways that enemies can support each other or cover for each other's weaknesses. Minor spoilers:
  10. For those of you who have ideas for battles in FFT but don't have the time/dedication to work on a full mod, I need your help! Also if you've ever played MT and thought to yourself "this combination of abilities/enemies will be interesting/nasty/etc" but haven't see it yet, let me know! I need ideas for enemies, formations, new abilities that lend themselves to interesting battles... Extra battles have 23 slots left, these can be of any difficulty level. Easier ones can unlock as soon as after Mandalia 2. Chapter 5 has 49 event slots left (about 24 battles). Difficulty must be consistent with the game's difficulty curve (9-10 on my scale for ch 5, or between the ch 4 and dd average). The kind of thing I'm looking for here is less "generic hard shit" and more clever enemy/formation setups. Non-boss enemies should follow similar rules to the rest of the enemies of the mod (no true blanket immunities, pseudo-blanket immunities caused by 0 faith or abilities only, stat distributions of HP/MP/PA/MA/Speed/damage reduction similar to other enemies, etc). The kinds of things I'm looking for with clever enemy setups: innate ability synergy (such as Poison Heal + Marvel Scale), enemies with some kind of theme/role to them (offensive status setter, healer, etc), built in strategies (Berserk + Hamedo). For formations, things with synergy to the map (Poison Heal + the swamp, Arc ranged skills + a large hill, etc), enemies with synergy to each other (Haste + Sunlight on separate enemies), etc.
  11. Version 3.00


    This is the ASM pack used by Monster Tactics. Being in the same folder as the patch has caused some confusion, but I still want the patches available for documentation purposes and to help other modders/asm'ers. The test file and "disable game music" are not patched to MT, everything else is. Several of the hacks used in MT were created by other people, and several others were rewritten by me to work with other code I have. These are still included within the folder, but if you use them, please credit their creators and not me!
  12. This battle is unique in that it's heavy in damage. Fairies are pretty passive though, but do have a few moves that pack a punch. IIRC I lowered their MA since the version you played on. The rest of the enemies there have high PA and MA. The battle is set up in a way that most of them heal from and can spam ice moves, and reflect is fairly common as well for those across the map snipes. Boomburst can reach any unit from the top of the house due to its bow-like targeting. Innocent does not affect any of the damaging moves. If you use a bulky enough party that the AI starts to use Enslave or Confusion on you, or lower their stats, Innocent can help here. Dragons and Goblins are among the more fragile units of the game. Most of the more dangerous damaging moves are PA*MA or MA^2 based, with no faith in these calculations. Oh, and as you may have noticed, Olan death no longer is a game over and you can still control guests. This allows me to make a damage heavy fight that's still fair to the player, because you're not having to rescue something that's fairly fragile and would tend to rush enemies.
  13. Oh my.. First thought to come to mind = how will you beat Finath? (I guess you'll figure that out when you get there)
  14. In more recent versions, babies get directly replaced at ch 2 start. This was partly inspired by your post ch 1 talk video. IIrc you had most of ch 2 already recorded/not uploaded yet by the time I made that change though. This means that players no longer actually *have* to get new guys as the first thing they do. It's been said also that ch 1 is more or less the tutorial to ch 2, and ch 2 is the tutorial to the rest of the mod. Ch 2's main differences, as you mentioned: very few baby units, formations have more synergy, more harder to deal with status effects ("trap the soul" and "bad bracelet" first appear in ch 2), and the first superboss (Queklain). Enemy "tiers" no longer exist outside of the babies. I had to uproot them for more class slots, and for balance concerns. Trying to make, say 50 playable monsters each serve a unique purpose in a game where the player only gets 16 player slots isn't reasonable. And considering how much I've expanded the game as compared with vanilla, I'd rather have the difference in unique enemies than in redundant monsters. As it was mentioned, speed is directly related to survivability. The defense stats for 6/7/8 speed monsters add to 100/50/20, respectively; and each tier also has approximately 200 hp at lv 99 separating its average unit. Moves themselves are largely separated by their distribution. For example, most "basic" stuff like Revive and Remedy have very high distribution, while moves like Trap the Soul are exclusive to Dragons and a few specific enemy groups. A majority of most monsters' movesets are filled with medium distribution moves. Stuff like Heal Bell which is given to both Chocobos and Birds, and Stone Edge given both to the Sacred and Behemoth. This allows for enough move overlap to conserve space in the game and fill up skillsets enough that each monster has a minimum level of viability overall, and enough variety for monsters to have their own unique purposes as combined with their innates. For example, a Steel Giant has a much more powerful Life Drink than a Ghost, but the Ghost has much more speed and maneuverability; so due to different playstyles they have different uses from each other despite having a shared move. Some moves in the game I admit have awkward targeting. Smart targeting has largely been removed, to allow for both the player and the ai to have to be cautious of how to target their moves. This is also a balancing factor for Amplify and moves that have impractically large aoe. An amplified Meteor has a ridiculously huge AOE but in order to get the most out of the move, the player needs to be weary of the placement of his own units. Stigma Magic likely doesn't really serve a niche over Esuna outside of being usable on units with Reflect (a niche served by Energy/Remedy). I could likely switch around some aspects of it (targeting, status group, etc) or outright replace it with Esuna on the Tiamats.
  15. Yes. Squids have Siphon, which means they don't actually need to use MP to cast anything. As part of the balancing for MP as a whole, their MP is towards the low end to give them a weakness to invert. Full chart: Group A is the Ignite weaknesses/usually heals from Invert. Group B are secondary Ignite targets/primary casters. Group C is secondary Invert targets/semi-casters Group D is the Invert weaknesses/usually not targeted by Ignite.