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  1. Hey there, I'm Jively!

    I recognize you from popping into my stream a few days ago. Do you have Discord? If so, click the "chat" at the top of the screen here. Most of us hang out in the Discord more than talking on the forums. Definitely when you're done with 1.3, check out Monster Tactics for something totally different.
  2. Calculators don't exist, and the game is plenty beatable without mimes. It's OK to not know vanilla inside and out, because you're going to have to relearn everything anyway. Ps1 and psp versions are 2 separate mods. They were made by 2 different people, and thus do different things to the game. I don't know which has better sound, but most mods are made on ps1 version so if you just get that version of the game, it means you can play other mods when you decide you're done with this one.
  3. emm0ji

  4. Was that screenshot taken before or after ninjasdf worked on whatever was causing the bar bug on the site?
  5. Anything with a charge time, if the AI uses it and moves, moving will cancel the charging of that move. It is something hardcoded to that skillset that I figured out the fix to fairly recently. I put this fix in the spoiler tag below. And it's these "balance issues" that I'm challenging here. Why not be more creative in how you handle bosses? Having it be faith based can allow you to set it to pathetic/0 accuracy with a low faith enemy, having an enemy using non-charge or having no moves with a charge time means that the enemy will be effectively immune. Of course, you shouldn't be doing this to every boss and the move needs to have a use against some bosses. Why punish the player for having access to a useful move by making the enemies immune for a reason that the player won't understand?
  6. Don't forget also that I had made br/fa changes no longer permanent, and 1.3 did not. The reason I did this is so that if enemy uses chicken race on you, it's not automatically a reset; while in 1.3 it is because you can't buff it back and too many battles rely on the rng of reactions going off. Pretty much all the useless jobs need to be rehashed from scratch. I like 1.3's approach to Archer, it however both needs the bugfix fix I made for charged shots, and its status effects need to be more accurate and relevant to more fights. Interrupt (i forgot what 1.3 calls it, but it's what MT calls Interrupt) needs to actually work on bosses or there needs to be a reason intuitive to the player for it to not work on everything. Tying it to Faith is one approach, or you can give it a charge time so that it has a tricky CT to line up. Something that'll make it actually worth getting and not confuse the player (past not knowing game mechanics) when it doesn't work. I also don't care for its roulette like move, when I'd rather have something that is a 100% or nearly so of a minor status that would be useful to use at range. Poison, Blind, Silence, Oil are good choices here, since they can lead to interesting strategies when combined with party compositions. Lancer is an easy fix with my fix. Autolearned jump, and actual skills in the real skillset. Literally anything else in the real skillset would be an improvement.
  7. The reason I downvoted the post that I did had nothing to do with disagreeing with it. There are plenty of things that people say, in this thread and any other FFT balance/theorycrafting thread that I disagree with, some of which I actually upvote due to the person arguing his points in a way that contributes to discussion. When you said something to the effect of "I said it's my opinion" and nothing else in your post, coincidentally that's the exact kind of thing that makes me not want to read anything else you say. I know it's your opinion because you're saying it, and very few things in these topics are actually facts. And since you had nothing else in the post, it didn't contribute to discussion. Yes. You still need to turn skillset 0x12 into a regular skillset, and whatever you put into skillset 0x34 is autolearned. And yes, it will follow equipping the skillset. Any time you have 0x12 as a primary or secondary, you will have 0x34 for free as well.
  8. That kinda requires someone taking real action to make something like this. It won't be 1.3. I hope whoever does it, does so as their own project and not as some kind of legacy project; because with the insane amount of work required, you don't want to be married to decisions made in 1.3 that you don't agree with or that break decisions that you make.
  9. Some amounts of RNG is fun. For example, randomized brave and faith, zodiac signs, and randomized monster stats between male/female variants (the way MT does it, not the way vanilla does it) can make it so that the ai doesn't always choose the same things first. However, having to rely on accuracies below 50% too frequently shouldn't be a thing in a strategy game.
  10. Some Random Comments

    Velius is actually a bit bugged in that version, to where he's *MUCH* easier than he should be. Reason is when I changed things' skillsets, somehow he ended up with the squid set instead of the set he's supposed to have. This'll be fixed if/when I release a new version. You are right in a lot of things not fully being cohesive. You can blame having to learn ASM as I go and plans for things being made as I figure out if things are possible, as opposed to having the coding skill right away to be able to come up with a cohesive plan from the start. This is part of the reason why I share my stuff - I would like to see what someone else could come up with if they have 100's of things to to pick from in the start instead of the make up as you go strategy. Zalmo was something I ended up nerfing around 7x due to complaints about difficulty. Izlude was always one of those "hit or miss" battles where people either struggle with or wreck it with 0 in between.
  11. Well, most of the problem with status effect rng is that in vanilla, debuffs were evadable in addition to the faith based check, and evasion was stupidly high. When something has a 50% chance to cut through evasion, and another 50% check even if you hit the unit, why bother with status when damage is out of control and you can just kill the guy instead? Get rid of that evasion check and make it faith based only, and you have something that has reasonable chances of hitting in addition to something that a player could feasibly increase those chances further with use of faith status and/or faith increasing moves.
  12. You can have better scaled spells without resorting to making fire 1/2/3/4. The main issues with spell scaling: 1. Spells are linear, physicals are quadratic; yet magic and physical attack growth scale the same way on characters. Let's simplify a spell's formula to ma*15 for this example. A spell like this will outpace ma^2 at ma < 15, and be outpaced by ma^2 at ma > 15. Spells are frequently broken amounts of damage at lv 1, while barely/not at all worth the action to cast vs. using physical damage by mid level. Solution = fix all formulas so that they are always linear or always quadratic. 2. Spells have a charge time, physical attacks do not. Since charge time is the best balancing factor for skills that isn't properly utilized in 1.3, my proposed solutions: Give some physical skills a charge time (something like MT's Flare Blitz makes sense to have a charge time, since it's a physical skill that deals more damage than a direct attack, and also has an aoe), fix speed scaling to allow ct to be used (this can either be done by freezing speed growth, capping level much lower, or making spells faster as a character gains speed). 3. Spells have MP cost, most physical attacks do not. Why not balance MP costs differently? MP costs and character MP growth in MT are entirely balanced upon new statuses (mist/rasp); weakness/strength to Ignite and Invert; use of passive abilities such as Amplify, Siphon, Mind Shield, Pressure, Hollow Mind; use of MP milling skills like Mp break, etc. As such, characters can have thousands of MP at lv 99, yet MP as a mechanic is still important. What you get in 1.3 is "fuck mp, I'm just going to use physical attacks" or "as long as I have enough MP to cast Meltdown with each character, that's all that matters." 4. Range and AOE of spells doesn't matter as much when your characters can have 9 move and you only need to kill one target. Solution = balance movement better, eliminate assassinations. Elemental stuff can be better balanced with more interesting equipment choices, different procs on different elemental spells, different shaped spells (Fireball/Lightning Bolt/Cone of Cold). I don't think vanilla is too hard for early game, however my main issue with vanilla is that early game is much harder than late game. Difficulty should scale upwards as the plot progresses, not downwards. Assuming no excessive grinding, in chapter 1, you're essentially even with the ai. Ai gets units with few relevant abilities, bad equipment, etc. You get units with few relevant abilities, bad equipment, etc. Now what happens in ch 4? You get ninjas, calculators, Orlandu; and the vast majority of your enemies are still knights and time mages with linen robes and only Haste and Antidote learned. I would advise against removing CT altogether. CT is the main thing that makes FFT unique when compared with other strategy RPG's, and is one of the best balancing factors to exist. You're better off finding a way to make it work.
  13. Some Random Comments

    Panthers have No Guard, which turns everything they use and everything used on them that has non-0% accuracy into 100% accuracy. The checks for abilities like Blade Grasp, Runic, Concealment, Bulletproof happen independently of No Guard's (so a character with No Guard will still benefit from those abilities). There are quite a few fights where that ability comes to bite them - evasion is really nice to have in some fights, and some moves like Venom and Baleful Polymorph, you do not want enemies to have 100% accuracy with those on you.
  14. Weird glitch on site

    I'm sure it has to do with Chrome's new version. I let everyone know a few days ago.