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  1. well we will know soon
  2. i think the beta tester is Doomsday
  3. well i cant wait to the public relese
  4. thanks for the info
  5. when i was fighting the wing raptor i was low level 3 i noticed that item usage is limited becuse has a timer? anyways i am trying to say i noticed that every time i use the item the number of itens dosent go down it was 3 when i used 3 times and contined 3 you know why
  6. i mean bosses i think some had rare drops can you check?
  7. well i have a questionm the first boss has a rare drop is worth to get all rare drop from enemys right now im testing the game in the single mode witch means if i get to the first cristal i have to choose one job from my party members it will be dificuly to choose any tips to build up a party bacuse this is diferent than the origeinal i played years ago right?
  8. well i will try the game to know about the mechanics i like your idea