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  1. i understand
  2. i understand i think he will revise the script like squall dont be dumbass most of the game and like he open his feelings more to his friends like at the begining with quistis talking about her demission and squall conforting the story of the game is confusing i think he will fix that like more laguna dreams to explain more of the past and ellone and how squall and company end got arested some history elements i like to see on the mod that dont have in vanilla to explain more and why rinoa comatose status happend they dont explain this i would like to see
  3. I think Edea has to rejoin too like you can have the opition to take her with you she can go to the lunar base with squall and like she can be at the ragnarok to be permanent party menber like she can say i dont have my sorcerres powers but i can still fight along with you that would be nice. you are thinking Laguna kiros and ward can go too?
  4. i think in this mod will have a way to bring Edea and Seifer back to the party becuse the slot missing on the party selection and expended events like Edea coming with you to the lunar base on space that would be awsome instead of leaving her at esthar think in some way to Edea to become a permanent party member like the party on vanilla a cast 6 is too small do like expand the cast like Edea Seifer laguna ward and kiros to be on the permant party to give more variety to the party selection that would be pretty awsome to put on your mod did someone think like this too?
  5. well we will know soon
  6. i think the beta tester is Doomsday
  7. well i cant wait to the public relese
  8. thanks for the info
  9. when i was fighting the wing raptor i was low level 3 i noticed that item usage is limited becuse has a timer? anyways i am trying to say i noticed that every time i use the item the number of itens dosent go down it was 3 when i used 3 times and contined 3 you know why
  10. i mean bosses i think some had rare drops can you check?
  11. well i have a questionm the first boss has a rare drop is worth to get all rare drop from enemys right now im testing the game in the single mode witch means if i get to the first cristal i have to choose one job from my party members it will be dificuly to choose any tips to build up a party bacuse this is diferent than the origeinal i played years ago right?
  12. well i will try the game to know about the mechanics i like your idea