Mega Man Battle Network 3 Randomizer 3.2.5 (with Open Mode Patches)

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About This File

This is a Python 2 script with a bunch of text files used for randomizing Mega Man Battle Network 3. I've taken some liberties to make it more interesting to use. Credit goes to Mountebank/Samfin, Dabomstew, Prof.9, Rockman.EXE, and potentially other people I don't know about/forgot for the original MMBN3 Randomizer I found on Github.


  • Supports both Version White and Version Blue! Thanks, Hart-Hunt!
  • The original randomizer featured randomizing of Numberman Code Prizes that give Battle Chips, Battle Chip Folders, Green Mystery Data, and Virus Formations. Those are still here!
  • Lots of text files. They hold a bunch of data that you can mess around with to some extent. Just be sure to back things up in case something goes wrong.
  • Various modifiers are asked of you right off the bat when opening the script. These include Battle Chip Damage and Enemy HP Multipliers and Variance Values, as well as a Custom Run seed and a "Chip Code Roulette" Mode!
  • If a Run Seed is not supplied, it will generate one based on the current time.
  • More details can be found in the included NOTES.txt.

Known Issues/Caveats

  • The rom must be a clean US copy of Mega Man Battle Network 3.
  • Messing with the text files in ways you probably shouldn't mess with can lead to errors, crashing, corrupt ROMs, etc. I take no responsibility for any of this. Make sure you read the NOTES.txt!

ROM Checksums

These checksums are from a clean, self-dumped MMBN3 White rom. If you're going to use this randomizer, you'll need a rom that has these checksums.

  • CRC32: 0BE4410A
  • MD5: 68817204A691449E655CBA739DBB0165

These checksums are from a clean MMBN3 Blue rom. If you're going to the use this randomizer, you'll need a rom that has these checksums.

  • CRC32: C0C780F9
  • MD5: 6FE31DF0144759B34AD666BADAACC442

What's New in Version 3.2.5 (with Open Mode Patches)   See changelog


I fixed the Open Mode patches some more. Note that I've only tested these on Blue, but it should work universally between versions.


  • Fixed accessing the Principal's computer in ACDC Elementary. However, the Blue Mystery Datas are, unfortunately, INVISIBLE. Keep this in mind.
  • Attempted to fix allowing Style Changes. They were permanently disabled due to never hitting that point in the story.
  • Allowed the Virus Breeder Viruses to be fought.
  • Allowed access to the hole behind the Alpha Security Gates that DrillMan.exe opens. However, a door visually exists and the hole visually doesn't exist. Ignore these facts and feel free to walk in there regardless.


  • Lots of visual issues. This game was not designed for this, but I'm making it possible, just not pretty.
  • You still don't have access to the elevator inside of the DNN. I'll be sure to fix this at some point. FIXED. The elevator is now accessible as normal.
  • With version 3.2.5 (with Open Mode Patches):
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