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Patch: Master Thief

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Hey, looks like it's patch day errday, err... today.

Nowea suggested. BTB approved. I coded. Here you go: Master Thief!

What this does is allow a character's Speed to raise the chance of gaining the rare Steal from a successful attempt.

Formula is (Chance rare item slot will be checked) = Speed / 256.




;BNW Steal Function
;mod: Speed affects rare steal chance (Speed / 256)
org $C2399E
LDA $05,S       ;Attacker
LDA #$01
STA $3401       ;= 1 (Sets message to "Doesn't have anything!")
CPX #$08        ;Check if attacker is monster
BCS enemySteal  ;Branch if monster
REP #$20        ;Set 16-bit accumulator
LDA $3308,Y     ;Target's stolen items
SEP #$20        ;Set 8-bit Accumulator
BEQ failSteal   ;Fail to steal if no items
INC $3401       ;now = 2 (Sets message to "Couldn't steal!!")
LDA $3B19,X     ;Attacker's Speed
ASL A           ;Double it
BCS .success    ;Automatically steal if Speed >= 128
ADC #$70        ;Add 112
BCS .success    ;Automatically Steal if > 255
STA $EE         ;save StealValue
JSR $4B5A       ;Random: 0 to 255
BRA .skip       ;Branch past unused code
NOP #11
BCS failSteal   ;Fail to steal if the random number >= StealValue
JSR $4B5A       ;Random: 0 to 255
CMP $3B19,X     ;Chance for Rare = Attacker's Speed / 256
BCC .rare       ;branch so Rare steal slot will be checked
INY             ;Check the 2nd [Common] slot
LDA $3308,Y     ;Target's stolen item
CMP #$FF        ;If no item
BEQ failSteal   ;Fail to steal
STA $2F35       ;save Item stolen for message purposes in
                ;parameter 1, bottom byte
STA $32F4,X     ;Store in "Acquired item"
LDA $3018,X
TSB $3A8C       ;flag character to have any applicable item in
                ;$32F4,X added to inventory when turn is over.
STA $3308,Y     ;Set to no item to steal
STA $3309,Y     ;in both slots
INC $3401       ;now = 3 (Sets message to "Stole #whatever ")

org $C23A01
org $C23A09


Edited by seibaby

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Ooh, I understood that code! My ASM is getting better. Getting some ideas of what to look for in other games.
Interesting that for a X/256 chance, it doesn't need to divide at all; it just compares X to (0 ... 255). Now to learn where my game's RNG is located.

Oh, didn't mean to trail off-topic. This looks really fun!


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Man, I should have named this Pickpocket instead, since it totally doesn't grant a 100% Rare Steal. Is it too late to change it? :kappa:


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