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  1. blasted dream stone

    I found this post on our Forum. In the last spoiler tag, there's part 39 of Tenkarider's run and he mention in text under it is the segment where he found the Dreamstone. This is 2015 so unless it was moved you should find your answer in this video.
  2. Event Brainstorming!

    We did a screenshot contest at We wanted to make it as open as possible so you could only edit dialogues. But a variance requiring some modding skills could be "WTF Screenshot Contest" with no limitation and no specific game, meaning you mod a specific scene, event, battle, w/e or use existing elements and twist them. More than one submission per user is possible, community or admin team could vote for winner.
  3. I'd like to add if you miss the bundle deadline the ROM Hack book will be sold on Amazon after for a 10$ price. There will also be a volume 2 with a RotDS article. The author is new to the ROM hacking universe so his opinion are from a different perspective. There is also a possibility of a paperback version (w/e a paper book is called) but likely for a higher price.
  4. MP3 Soundtrack

    Yes I noticed you like the week before and another time right after I made the file moves. I'm the one who also updated your links on just now.
  5. RotDS Monster Gallery You can now view a RotDS Monster Gallery on the ff6hacking wiki. The page is also linked on the RotDS main wiki page. If you want to download all monster, an archive is available here. I've extracted the monsters with and utility I've coded (except GhostTrain) that work with any FF3us ROM but I'm not yet ready to release it. Note that monsters 376 and 379 are nothing as well as 415.
  6. Enemy Sprites

    I made a patch compatible with BNW 1.8.6 monsters: download Also the correct indexed 16 PNG file to import in FF3SE if you want to do this yourself:
  7. Retropie Setup Tutorial

    Nice one! You went farther than me. I just assembled the kit, mapped my 8Bitdo controller and uploaded ROMs. That is enough for me but themes and game images are cool too.
  8. Beta Testing Inquiry

    Yeah adequate or good balance can take some time, in the case of FF6. It's often not a 1.0 thing. The perfect balance is one of those endless quests so don't even bother reaching the concept. I think a good balance would be satisfactory in any way, especially if you have a definition of "good" in a perfectionist way. This made me thought about the damage calculator, there is at least 1 inaccuracy and I've never use it so I'm not sure if it really help for a complete mod. It may test some scenarios faster than triggering in-game or at least find a balance faster than 10 same changes in FF3usME and emulator ROM loading:
  9. Beta Testing Inquiry

    Unless you are doing changes to the battle engine, other moderate or heavy ASM changes or complex new event work, the thing left to test is balance. Anything else except things previously mentioned can be tested in a single occurrence or trigger. My two cents are for a beta test to be enjoyable you need: not a broken game and on your side things to improve. I don't have the free time to test mods but I can give inputs if needed. A playable 3 scenarios is a good first demo / beta IMO. Just try finding people that will give constructive inputs and know FF6 a bit before playing your mod demo.
  10. Personally, I would take the save where it freeze, set breakpoints on the event instructions in back $C0, one breakpoint for the event instruction that precede the freeze and one for the possible freezing event command. You would see where registers get corrupted or find a potential infinite loop.
  11. Thanks to everyone from NG+ who gave something. We'll accept donation for dn even after Sunday but in this case please specify somehow it is for dn because the official donation period on our forum is until Sunday and after this I won't be able to separate really if not specified donations to our site from donations to dn. You can see the total given by both communities here:
  12. FF6AE: The Poll

    Yeah you are right! Dialogue editor and Font were not so easy but since the game font is used in the editor for comboboxes or lists, I had to get the backend of it done so I've done the editor part too. Same for game string, I was aiming to do monster names edit in monster data editor but since we are into strings, while not doing the 3 game tables as well as all the string and its editor since game text is a single mega block of 25 000 entries (for 5 languages). Now there will be less and less stuff like this slowing me down since I have more and more done and most design problems were resolved (until new ones arise ) so hopefully if I'm not committing to other projects I should have a solid beta in 2017. I just feel stupid being the guy that is saying for the last 2+ years that a new version is coming but I get easily distracted by working on the FF6 wiki, forum or on small hacking projects and contributions.
  13. Nice list but for FFVI we have moved our editor pages: FF6 (SNES): FF6 (GBA): General: Lockirby list is also a bit outdated since some editors are no longer there and there are some new ones.. I will make a new list with editor name - short description for each one and send it to you in a few days max by pm so you can update the thread. Updated Lockirby list: