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Terra Branford: The Power Of Love

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Terra Branford
The Power of Love


Vigor: 30 / Magic: 42 Speed: 30 / Stamina: 30

HP: 60 / MP: 45   BatPwr: 32 / Def: 30 / M.Def: 36 / Evade: 6 / M.Evade: 12


Weapons: Swords, Maces, Thrown Weapons
Heavy Shields, Light Shields, Elemental Guards
Head: Helmets, Veils, Crowns, Hats
Body: Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Dresses, Robes, Vests



Morph - 50% bonus to all damage/healing output, double damage taken (Stamina reduces incoming damage penalty to a minimum of 25%)


Maduin - Magic+1/Stamina+1  -----  48 MP: defense-ignoring wind damage (Magic) on all foes
Unicorn - HP+30/Stamina+1  ------  36 MP: restores HP to party (Stamina) and lifts most bad statuses
Carbunkl - MP+25/Stamina+1  ---  24 MP: sets Rflect on party
Bismark - Vigor+2  -------------------  32 MP: water damage (Magic) on all foes
Tritoch - Stamina+2  ---------------  64 MP: fire/ice/bolt damage (Magic) on all foes
Phoenix - HP+30/MP+15  -------  80 MP: revives all dead allies to max HP
Ragnarok - MP+40  ---------------  99 MP: 9,999 damage to one foe


Fire (lv. 4)
Fire 2 (lv. 10)
Fire 3 (lv. 20)
Ice 3 
Bolt 3

(All of Terra's black spells scale with Magic)
Muddle (lv. 6)
(lv. 8)
(lv. 16)

(lv. 1) Magic
Cure 2 Magic
Cure 3 Magic
Life 2 
(lv. 20)
Remedy Stamina
Regen Stamina
RegenX (lv. 30) Stamina

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The Main Character, the Esper-Human Hybrid, the Magitek Knight, the Caretaker of Orphans. (Oh, you thought "love" meant teenage romance? Haha, you're silly).


  • WoR Elemental Control
  • Primary Healer, has Life 2
  • High Base Magic with Magic+ Equipment
  • Tanky; HP Espers with Incredible Armor Selection
  • Good Weapon Selection; Weapons Complementary to Magic (providing weakness sniping vs. neutral damage, or vice versa)
  • Can Stance Shift to a Glass Cannon for Boss Fights (Morph)
  • Solid Status Control
  • Decent Party Buffs (esp. Regen & Shell)


  • Low Speed
  • Party Buffs are either single-target, niche, or very latecoming
  • Status control is limited
  • For almost whole game, AoE damage is niche, mediocre, or average
  • For most of WoR, no great neutral magic damage options (Fire 3 is average)
  • Offense uses Lots of MP
  • Morph may be Tricky to Use

Terra's role on the team is as a bulky attacker & cleric, who can optionally stance shift during boss fights into a glass cannon (& healer, still). Surprisingly, her job is not about being an all-around mage - that is more of a job for the Thamasa Duo.


Magic Knight / Battlemage

Vigor Terra, building vigor & HP to strengthen Terra's role as a tank & dps fighter. Grab one or two of many of her good weapons, Morph (for boss fights), kill things. Dual-wielding works especially well with self-Berserk (and Morph). Terra can also build a little bit of MP through Phoenix (HP +30, MP +15) to strengthen her healing (Life 2 & Cure 3 are expensive), and perhaps even her lategame elemental control.

Going without HP ELs is not advised. Even her Morph stance wants HP, so that she can at least survive one, maybe two, attacks. Also, if you're doing Apocalypse + shield for the endgame, Morph & Berserk are only half as valuable.


Jedi Esper Terra, built with HP & stamina (Unicorn & Tritoch), maybe some MP (Carbunkl). Grab the Atma Weapon, Genji gear, and hack things up with a lightsaber. Less potential damage than vig Terra, but much tankier. Your high stamina also gives you a very high counterattack rate, so don't forget to wear a Black Belt. You also still have Terra's solid magic selection at your disposal, as well as a stronger RegenX come endgame.

Thanks to all the stamina, Morph is a safe move with this build. You can ignore normal precautions & just rely on Morph Terra's absurd regen ticks for survivability. Berserk strats are also still a very real thing.

Unfortunately, Covering allies probably won't work as well, as it's anti-synergistic with Atma, Morph, & Berserk.

Cleric / Sage

Healer/magic Terra, built with some mix of HP, MP, & magic. The HP & stamina make her an excellent tank and potential bodyguard (Cover), and the MP & magic insures she's an excellent healer with her magics. Also still has her usual Wind magic & elemental sniping options, with more MP than any other build to actually utilize them. Best Ultima user for the endgame as well, if that's your thing.

While it might be flavorful & thematic to think of her as the "frail wizard with powerful magics," she's, again, more of a bulky healer & party tank. Her powerful magics are limited to either modestly powerful Wind magic or elemental sniping for most of the game. Also, Maduin isn't a good esper for building a "pure" mage. Still, if you just want to nuke stuff (and I don't blame you), an endgame respec into raw Maduin & Ragnarok for Ultima spam isn't bad.


  • Protect Morph stance with Image, Golem, elemental resistances, and HP ELs.
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Updated for 2.0

Loses Bserk/Rasp and gains Stop/Mute, but that's about it.

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I'm surprised to see that Cleric/Sage Terra is considered as more of a tanky healer build. With Maduin + Morph she'd outpace even Shiva Celes for magic damage. Of course, in reality, you'd need some Ragnarok and/or Phoenix levels in there, but still. She doesn't have to be sniping elements to see that one of Fire/Bolt/Ice will do decent damage, no? I've only played Stamina Terra before, so I was thinking I'd do a Maduin Terra this time and I definitely assumed I'd be nuking the hell out of things with Morphed Fire/Bolt/Ice3s...


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How can you NOT make Terra a mage??? Not only does it fit her thematically, but it just works for her on so many levels.

1) Her character locked esper gives her +25% magic damage

2) As you build +Mag with Maduin, you also build +Stam, which helps her Morph survivability

3) Being in the back row also helps her morph survivability and does not reduce her magic damage output

4) She has access to Ice/Fire/Bolt 3 and Break, so in almost every fight she can attack with an enemy weakness.

Battlemage/Paladin Terra can be a amazing too I am sure, but it feels like such a wasted opportunity to not use her amazing spellcasting. 

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With Morph, +Mag equipment, Ragnarok, and weakness sniping, she can still do roflstomp levels of magic damage without having to stack Maduin levels, freeing up more room for +HP and +MP alongside +Stam, so I can see the argument. I've built her both ways recently, and enjoy both. But if you wanna sit back and let Ultima rip on repeat, then stack Maduin with a side of Carbunkl and a dash of Unicorn, support with Image/Rerise/Battery/Chakra/Ethers, and have at 'er.

One thing I haven't especially enjoyed with Terra is her Vigor build options. More babysitting than I have the taste for, I think.

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